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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 467 - Other than The Class Reunion, How Many Times Have You Met Her Behind My Back?

Chapter 467: Other than The Class Reunion, How Many Times Have You Met Her Behind My Back?

Changqing nodded silently. The onlookers couldn’t see most of the story. If she were in this situation, she might be even angrier and more upset than Ruan Yang. However, since she wasn’t part of it and Li Shaobin also wasn’t Song Chuyi, she could see a lot of things from a calm perspective.

Li Shaobin and Ruan Yang were about to get married. Even if he didn’t have a faithful heart towards marriage, he wouldn’t be so stupid to cheat at this time. Besides, Song Chuyi, who knew Li Shaobin since he was young, sometimes thought he was gay. That meant there rarely were women around him unless he even hid it from Song Chuyi. That would also mean he was exceptionally scheming.

“Brother Shaobin, even if I were to believe you, I can’t... agree to help you,” Changqing said hesitantly. “Firstly, you don’t have proof. If I were to talk to Ruan Yang with just my gut feeling, she wouldn’t buy it. Secondly, she would also think I’m on your side. There are some things that I can help mediate, but there are other things that could affect my friendship with Ruan Yang. I’m very sorry.”

Li Shaobin felt deeply disappointed. “Then I’ll look for Jiang Duoyao...”

“You don’t know Duoyao even more. If she were to find out, she would definitely give you a lashing out,” Changqing told him. “Actually, Ruan Yang is also a smart person. She might’ve just been in a fit of anger last night. Some things might change after she calms down and thinks about it. There are some things you two have to resolve on your own. You need to know that Ruan Yang is someone who’s very insecure and doesn’t really believe in love.”

Li Shaobin pouted. After all that, she just didn’t want to help.

Actually, he also knew that Changqing had helped him several times, but he really didn’t know what to do about this.


In the dining room, a bowl of plain porridge with an egg sat quietly on the marble dining table.

Long after the steam had disappeared, the porridge was only stirred slightly and wasn’t touched again. The egg was also only peeled halfway.

Ruan Yang sat in her dining chair without moving. Her entire body was enveloped by darkness.

She was hungry but she had no appetite.

She made breakfast but she didn’t really feel like eating it.

She was thinking about what kind of person the Li Shaobin she knew was. If he had always been wearing a mask, that would mean he was really good at acting and he could even deceive her, the winner of the Best Actress award.

However, if he wasn’t, where did that thing come from?

The thought that Li Shaobin might’ve done the same thing he did with her in the car with another woman disgusted her. When she returned last night, she took a shower for an hour and she showered again when she woke up in the morning.

To be honest, it was the first time she experienced something like this.

When she was with Xin Ziao, all she needed to think about was Xin Ziao and Zhao Zhu, and also the problem of his family not accepting her. Besides, she knew very clearly that Xin Ziao didn’t like Zhao Zhu at all. Just the mention of Zhao Zhu would repel Xin Ziao. She knew very clearly that Xin Ziao loved her but that love wasn’t enough to make him forsake his family and his career to be with her. She was a failure in that aspect, but she was certain that even when she initiated the break-up with Xin Ziao, he didn’t do anything physically to let her down. If Li Shaobin really were to have another woman behind her back, not only would she have failed but she would be a complete failure and she wouldn’t even dare to bring up the topic of love.

If her past with Xin Ziao was a mistake because of her foolishness, then being with Li Shaobin was just bad luck. If he could cheat after less than three months of being together, she really wasn’t suited to be in love. She should just find a place to hide and stay away from men forever.

The doorbell rang. She knew who it was and she couldn’t be bothered to open the door.

After five minutes, someone opened the door with the key.

Li Shaobin saw the silhouette at the dining table and felt his heart shrink. Ruan Yang didn’t turn her head or speak. Her plain velvet pajamas made her look frail.

He changed his shoes and walked in slowly. He stood one meter away from her and said softly, from the bottom of his heart, “Yangyang, I also want to find out why that thing was in my car, but I’ve had the car for quite a while now and many people have been in the car. If you want me to find out, I might not be able to give you a clear answer. I can’t possibly pick everyone out to interrogate them one by one. Even if I did, they might not tell the truth. There are still some things I can’t do. If you want me to give you an answer, I really can’t give you one. The only thing I can say is that I’ve never done anything to let you down. If I really don’t love you, if I really am a player, if I really am so disgusting, I wouldn’t be begging to get you to marry me.”

Ruan Yang turned around to look at him in the eye. He was sincere and pitiful. Her vision became blurry.

If this was just an act...

But she really didn’t expect him to come over here with such an answer.

“What you mean is that you have no answer and you can’t explain yourself clearly but you want me to forgive you?” Ruan Yang frowned as she spoke every word clearly.

Li Shaobin opened his mouth. He felt his limbs turn cold and pain surged in his eyes. “Yangyang, think about the love I had for you lately. Sometimes, what you see might not be real. Maybe someone’s trying to break us up on purpose. After all, the news of our marriage did invite some jealousy.”

Ruan Yang stayed silent for a while. She had to admit that what he said was a possibility.

Li Shaobin continued to say: “Besides, if I really had something going on with another woman, something else could’ve been left behind aside from something like that. Look—every time we finished, you put it back on.”

Ruan Yang glared at him. The mention of it made her feel uncomfortable from head to toe. “Who knows what kind of disgusting fetish you might have? Perhaps she purposely didn’t put it back on.”

“In any case, I didn’t do it. There’s no point trying to reason about putting it on or not.” Li Shaobin was frustrated. “Yangyang, if I, Li Shaobin, was a fickle person, I wouldn’t have wanted to marry you. If I were fickle, why would I marry you? I could just fool around all day long. Besides, my family members don’t care about me. If I were fickle and had women everywhere, they couldn’t even do anything about it. There would be no need for me to hide it.”

Ruan Yang scoffed. “Most scumbags are like that. They pretend to be a saint even though they’re just a player. Otherwise, why would there be so many women who are cheated on?”

“In any case, I didn’t lie to you. I said I didn’t and I didn’t.” Li Shaobin couldn’t out-talk her, so he just sat on the chair beside her. “Yangyang, it’s just a pair of underwear. There’s no reason for you to give me the death sentence.”

Ruan Yang could feel that he was beginning to start his pester-attack so she glared at him.

Li Shaobin reached a finger out to hook her finger. Ruan Yang swung it away and he hooked it again as he said panderingly, “Yangyang, our wedding is just half a month away. Don’t be like this. Besides, look at how well my parents and my brothers and sisters-in-law are doing. My friends, Old Song, Old Yan, Old Zhan—they’re all good men. As a saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. If I were a player, a wolf in sheep’s skin, they wouldn’t be such good friends with me. Just like how your friends are similar to you. If Changqing and Jiang Duoyao were promiscuous and played around with me, would you have become good friends with them?”

Ruan Yang was actually stumped by him.

Li Shaobin saw that she wasn’t replying and smiled. He quickly sat closer to her and held her little hands tightly. “Yangyang, if you don’t believe me, I can be with you at home whenever I’m not working. I won’t go out to play at night anymore. You can even install a surveillance camera in my car. I’m fine with that. You can have all my money and cards. I’ll let you go through all my property and wealth. You’ll know everything clearly. That way, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to let you down.”

Ruan Yang stayed silent for a while and said lightly, “If we have to go to this extent in a marriage, what’s the point of us being together? I hope that two people in a marriage can be faithful from within and without a need to restrain each other and control each other. If a fly wants to get through a crack, it will always be able to find a way.”

“I know. It was just an example. I’m the kind of person who wouldn’t cheat even if you begged me to.” Li Shaobin stood up and walked behind her chair to hug her gently. “Yangyang, I love you. I love you a lot. Just believe me this once, alright?”

Ruan Yang looked at him with mixed feelings. To be honest, if he could get some sort of evidence to say it was done by someone else, she might not believe him. Instead, when he said that he couldn’t find any proof, she didn’t suspect him as much.

After all, any man would probably deny it to the end or even push the blame onto someone else, but he didn’t. He just said he didn’t know and that it would be difficult to find out. The probability of being framed was quite big.

Unless he really was very cunning.

To be honest, if he really were that cunning, she would also admit that she had lost and was unlucky.

However, she wouldn’t believe him like she did before.

“What about your first love then?” Ruan Yang changed the topic to something else. “Other than the class reunion, how many times have you met her behind my back?”

Li Shaobin told her about referring Zhou Shuyun for a job without hiding anything. “Actually, I’ve also thought about it. If she really had something for me, I definitely wouldn’t have helped her. But it was because she didn’t seem to be interested in me that I just gave her a helping hand.”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 467 - Other than The Class Reunion, How Many Times Have You Met Her Behind My Back?