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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 466 - Dont Look For Me. Go And Look For Your First Love

Chapter 466: Don’t Look For Me. Go And Look For Your First Love

Li Shaobin was so anxious it was as though he was on fire. He had never felt so wronged in his life ever since he was young. Now, he was starting to feel scared.

He pulled his hair hard, as though pulling his hair out would help him understand what was going on. “Yangyang, if you want me to tell you, I really don’t know where this came from. I don’t have any other woman other than you.”

Ruan Yang scoffed. “How many men would admit that they’ve been fooling around outside? You love doing it in the car, so tell me—did you also do it with other women in the car behind my back...?”

She really couldn’t bring herself to go on. Just imagining it made her feel like she had swallowed a fly. To be honest, she didn’t believe in love as much as before. It was only because of him and because she saw how much he had given up for her. He was so nice to her, so she chose to believe in it. She chose to believe that never-changing love did exist in this world. She chose to believe that she could still meet a nice man. Perhaps, she wasn’t that lucky and the heavens hadn’t taken care of her just like before. “Li Shaobin, I think I’ve satisfied you enough in this aspect. No matter where you wanted to do it, I did it with you. Even if you came back late and wanted it while I wanted to sleep, I didn’t get mad at you either. And yet you still did this kind of thing outside behind my back...”

“Yangyang, I didn’t. I really didn’t.” Li Shaobin was so anxious he wanted to kneel down in front of her. “Think about it—recently, aside from the few times I had to socialize after work, I’ve been back very early to keep you company. I wouldn’t have the time or energy to do anything else with other women. I think I’ve lent my car to others recently as well. There were also many people who’ve been in my car. It might’ve been left by someone else. Right—Hu Zhi’s driven my car several times. I’ll call him right now to ask him.”

“Go ahead.” Ruan Yang turned back and saw that he was at a loss. Her troubled mind seemed to have settled down a little. “Call him in front of me, with the speaker on.”

Li Shaobin nodded obediently. Now, he could only hope that it was really Hu Zhi who did it. However, if it was really him, he would definitely have to teach Hu Zhi a good lesson. He dialed over and got straight to the point. “Hu Zhi, tell me honestly—did you have sex with a woman in my car... you better be honest with me. Ruan Yang is misunderstanding me already.”

He glanced at Ruan Yang secretly while he said that. She sat beside him without an expression on her fair face.

“I’m wronged, Boss. I don’t even have a girlfriend—how could I leave something like that in your car?” Hu Zhi quickly said. “Besides, I don’t have a weird fetish like you.”

Li Shaobin clenched his teeth. This pig. Even if he didn’t do it, couldn’t he just take the blame? Hu Zhi was really going to drive him to his grave. “But you’re the only one who’s driven my car. If it wasn’t you, who else would it be?”

“Could someone have accidentally dropped it there?” Hu Zhi asked hesitantly.

“Who would accidentally drop a pair of underwear in my car?” Li Shaobin was going berserk. He howled, “There are barely any women who’ve been in my car.”

Hu Zhi thought for a while and said, “Didn’t Zhou Shuyun sit in your car recently?”

Li Shaobin froze. F*ck. Hu Zhi, this pig—couldn’t he guess that he was on speaker? Hu Zhi said softly and uneasily, “Boss, that night when you took Zhou Shuyun back when she was drunk, did you not manage to control...”

“Shut up. How’s that possible?” Before Li Shaobin could finish speaking, he heard Ruan Yang’s scoff.

Ruan Yang didn’t continue listening to the conversation. She stood up and went straight upstairs.

“Yangyang, you’re mistaken.” Li Shaobin shuddered as he chased after her. He shouted at his phone, “Hu Zhi, you pig. How could I possibly have anything going on with Zhou Shuyun? You’re spouting nonsense. See if I don’t pull your tongue out.”

No matter how slow Hu Zhi was, he knew at this moment that Ruan Yang had heard everything from the side. It seemed like his boss was on speaker. His legs went to jelly and he only wished he could kneel down before him. “Boss, it was just a casual remark. I admit it—actually, I found a woman outside and she left it behind.”

“What’s the use of saying this now?” Li Shaobin threw his phone.


In the room, Ruan Yang was already packing her things with a cold face.

Li Shaobin rushed over anxiously and grabbed her arm. “Yangyang, please, don’t go. If I’m responsible, I’ll be struck down by lightning.”

“Don’t look for me. Go and look for your first love.” Ruan Yang didn’t even look at him as she tried hard to free herself from his grip.

“Yangyang, there’s nothing between me and her.” Li Shaobin was about to cry. “It’s just that she drank quite a lot that night and she was with a bunch of men then. I was afraid they would take advantage of her while she was drunk, so I offered to send her home. I came back immediately after taking her back. There’s nothing between me and her.”

“I couldn’t tell that you’re pretty meticulous.” Ruan Yang scoffed. She gripped the clothes in her hand so tightly that her joints were aching. “Was it because she’s your first love and you haven’t forgotten her? Or were you trying to make something happen in your car while she was drunk? Or should I say that something’s already happened?”

Li Shaobin really couldn’t explain himself. He’d always been very eloquent. But for the first time, in front of her, he actually felt like he didn’t know how to explain things to her clearly. “Yangyang, no matter what, she’s my classmate. If I were to still have feelings for her, I wouldn’t be begging you here and trying to explain things with you. If you don’t believe me, you can call Zhou Shuyun now and get her to tell you if anything did happen between us last night.”

“Who the hell would know what stage you’re at with your first love now? With your ability, isn’t it very easy to have a woman on the outside and force her not to tell at the same time?” There wasn’t any bit of warmth in Ruan Yang’s eyes. “Instead of spending time here to pull me back, why don’t you find out why women’s underwear would show up in your car. If you don’t give me a proper explanation, I’ll never forgive you. Also, I don’t want to stay here or sleep with you tonight.”

She had succeeded in pulling her arm out of his grip this time. She stuffed her clothes in her bag and walked out.

Li Shaobin chased after her while he broke out into a cold sweat. “Yangyang, it’s very late now. I’ll give you a lift.”

“I don’t need you to give me a lift. I have a car.”

Her car was also parked in the car park outside. She just hadn’t driven it out as often after they got together.

She put her things inside and got into the driver’s seat, driving off straight away without even looking at him.

Li Shaobin looked at the taillights of her car disappearing into the night and he squatted at the entrance of his villa blankly.


Hu Zhi got there after half an hour. When he saw Li Shaobin squatting blankly at the door, he felt his heart drop. He stepped out of his car uneasily. “Boss, did Miss Ruan leave?”

Li Shaobin suddenly stood up and gripped his collar tightly. “Hu Zhi, tell me, did you do it? If it was you, you’d better admit to it honestly. Otherwise, if I find out, I won’t let you off even though you’ve been with me for so many years.”

“Boss, I wouldn’t dare to do such things in your car even if you gave me the guts to,” Hu Zhi said honestly. “It’s almost been a month since you bought your car. There were also several people who were in it before. There are no surveillance cameras in your car, so even if you wanted me to investigate it, it’d be really hard for me to find out. I think it might’ve been someone who wanted to break up you and Miss Ruan.”

Li Shaobin’s heart shook. That was a possibility. However, the people who got to sit in his car were all quite close to him. Who would want to break up him and Ruan Yang?

“Boss, do you think it could’ve been Zhou Shuyun?” Hu Zhi said softly. “Could she have fallen for you after she saw you, so she resorted to such dirty tricks?”

Li Shaobin glared at him. ‘That’s impossible. I don’t think that she likes me. That day, she even said she wanted to attend my wedding. Besides... I don’t believe she’s such a person.”

Hu Zhi didn’t go on further. He knew that everyone would have a perfect image of their first love. They might not like or love them anymore, but they still wouldn’t want to taint that first love. “Boss, this is all my fault. I should’ve just admitted to it when you called just now, but I didn’t think that you would be on speaker. I can go up to Miss Ruan and tell her that it was me, but that would be a little fake.”

Li Shaobin felt terrible.

That piece of underwear appeared without a reason. He also didn’t know how to explain things to Ruan Yang.


The first thing Changqing did when she woke up in the morning was to carry Yan Wo up to feed him. This little fellow’s appetite had been getting better. He could drink very well each time. After feeding him for a while, she heard Auntie Zhang knocking from outside. “Changqing, Young Master Li is here to look for you. He said there’s something urgent.”

“Tell him to wait for a while.” Changqing waited for Yan Wo to have his fill before carrying him downstairs.

Li Shaobin was disheveled. His hair was messy and he had some stubble and dark eye bags. When he saw her, he stood up. One look at him and Changqing could guess. “Did you have a fight with Ruan Yang? Are you here to ask me to help put in a good word for you?”

“I wouldn’t be like this if it was just a normal fight.” Li Shaobin told her the entire story.

When Changqing heard that, her face fell. “Brother Shaobin, you really didn’t do it? If you did, admit to it. Ruan Yang is my good friend. Besides, she’s been hurt enough. If it were me, I would’ve probably gone crazy. That’s so disgusting.”

Li Shaobin said, “Changqing, I, Li Shaobin, am not a scoundrel. If I really did it, I guarantee that I wouldn’t even have the face to come and see you. Besides, if I had intentions of two-timing, would I insist on marrying Ruan Yang?”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 466 - Dont Look For Me. Go And Look For Your First Love