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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 464 - F*ck, This Ruan Yang Is Really Cunning. How Scheming

Chapter 464 F*ck, This Ruan Yang Is Really Cunning. How Scheming

At night, while he was making his rounds at his winery, Li Shaobin happened to run into the boss of a clothing export company, Liu Qixian, who had brought Zhou Shuyun along to the winery to socialize with some foreigners.

Liu Qixian quickly put his arm around his shoulder when he saw him. “Young Master Li, what have you been up to recently? I haven’t met you for quite a while. Come, come, come, let’s have a few drinks tonight. I have to thank you for recommending such a good employee to me.”

“I’m the one who has to drink with you,” Li Shaobin said with a laugh. “She’s my high school classmate. You’re giving me face by recruiting her.”

Zhou Shuyun smiled slightly. “I have to toast to the two of you. If it wasn’t for Shaobin’s introduction, I wouldn’t have gotten to know CEO Liu and I definitely wouldn’t have the chance to enter CEO Liu’s company.”

“You’re good with your words.” Liu Qixian smiled admiringly and pulled Li Shaobin over to take a seat. After that, he introduced Li Shaobin to the few foreigners present.

Li Shaobin sat with them until after 11 pm. He saw that Zhou Shuyun had drunk quite a lot and recalled that Liu Qixian had a habit of sleeping around. In addition, there were a few foreigners around and he was worried, so he offered to give Zhou Shuyun a lift home.

Throughout the journey, Zhou Shuyun was semi-conscious. Li Shaobin helped her upstairs and on the way, Zhou Shuyun said with a smile, “Shaobin, you’re actually quite a meticulous person.”

“Haha, now you know what’s great about me,” Li Shaobin laughed and said jokingly. “But I’m getting married soon; don’t you have improper thoughts about me.”

Zhou Shuyun said in shock, “You’re getting married?”

“Yeah, I recently succeeded with my proposal,” Li Shaobin said with a grin. “It’s on the 15th of April. I’ll send you an invitation then.”

“That’s alright. We’re already old classmates. Then I’ll congratulate you first.” Zhou Shuyun smiled.

Li Shaobin saw her to her doorstep and quickly drove back to his villa.

When he returned home, it was almost midnight. When Li Shaobin saw the fragrant and delicate figure lying in his bed, he couldn’t help but take off his jacket and pants quickly as he dove right under the covers. He tried to take in Ruan Yang’s scent with all his might. “Yangyang, Yangyang...”

Ruan Yang was sleeping and when she got woken up by him, she kicked him with annoyance.

Li Shaobin grabbed her foot and seized the opportunity to get on top of her.


Ruan Yang usually liked to sleep in but she had been waking up later and later recently. It was almost 11 am when she woke up.

She was quite annoyed she had to indulge in merry-making with Li Shaobin every night. Although she gained immense pleasure from it as well, she really couldn’t do it every day.

She walked downstairs and saw that Li Shaobin actually didn’t go to work. He was playing with Charlotte in his arms and when he saw her coming down, he pushed Charlotte away with disdain immediately. He went up to Ruan Yang and caressed her. “Yangyang, are you hungry?”

“What do you think?” Ruan Yang glared at him. “It’s okay if you come back late at night, but can you not disturb me from my sleep?”

Li Shaobin felt guilty. He had a drop too much last night and was excited when he saw her. “Yangyang, I was wrong, but I’m going to Guangzhou later today. There’s been some progress in the farming partnership. I’ll have to head over for around four to five days.”

Ruan Yang nodded. This was something she liked about him. He might be a troublemaker and a spendthrift but he still managed to bring in money. “I’ll help you pack later.”

“Yangyang, you’re great.” Li Shaobin kissed her cheek. He really didn’t think that his Yangyang would be so virtuous.

... 𝑖𝓃𝓃r𝒆𝘢d. c𝘰m

The next day, Li Shaobin woke up in his hotel in Shenzhen. He opened the suitcase which Ruan Yang packed for him. The clothes inside were arranged in sets. However, when he took out the clothes, he was stunned because these clothes weren’t the ones Ruan Yang bought for him; they were the clothes he bought for himself before they got together.

Lightning print on a black shirt and dark red pants.

He was bewildered. Ruan Yang really despised his old clothes but she actually packed them for him this time. Did something happen to Ruan Yang’s aesthetics standards?

However, he didn’t mind. He was fine with wearing anything, especially if it was packed by Ruan Yang.

Hu Zhi waited outside for a while and when he saw Li Shaobin come out, he was a little dumbfounded. Ever since Boss got together with Ruan Yang, he hadn’t seen his boss return to the... flowery and gaudy look for a very long time. Of course, he couldn’t say this out loud, so he asked in a very subtle manner, “Er... Boss, why did you... wear your old clothes again?”

What he really wanted to say was: Do you not know how to match your clothes after leaving Ruan Yang?

“Ruan Yang paired these for me.” Li Shaobin was still in a very good mood. “She matched them up in sets so I didn’t have to do it. It’s great to have a girlfriend.”

After saying that, he sauntered towards the elevator.

Hu Zhi watched his back blankly for a while and quickly caught up with him. Hu Zhi seemed to have realized something.

F*ck, this Ruan Yang is really cunning. She made Boss dress up so awfully so that women wouldn’t look at Boss. Even if Boss is handsome, they would just think he’s an old-fashioned man who suddenly got rich.

How scheming.


In a skyscraper.

When a call from Wang Yuting came in again, Xin Ziao was throwing his temper at the manager of the public relations department. “Did the people in your department graduate on bullsh*t? You spent huge amounts, but how many things did you get done? What’s the point of you being in this company? To waste the company’s resources? Look at how much of this month’s expenditure you’ve cost the company. Do you think money falls from the sky? If this goes on, I don’t care whose relative you are—you’ll all be leaving the company next month.”

Perspiration formed on the manager’s forehead but he didn’t dare to wipe it.

When his phone rang, Xin Ziao glanced at it and felt even more annoyed. He put it on silent and couldn’t be bothered to look at it anymore.

However, not long after, the phone in his office started ringing. It was also a call from the house phone. He got the manager to scram with frustration and picked up the phone. “Mom, what do you want again? I’m at work now.”

“Ziao...” Wang Yuting was crying on the other side. “Ziao, Mom is done for this time. You have to help me. I don’t even have my savings now.”

“What happened?” Xin Ziao’s fingers pressed on the table hard as a bad feeling arose.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 464 - F*ck, This Ruan Yang Is Really Cunning. How Scheming