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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 463 - Men sometimes have weird habits, especially Li Shaobin. His habits are weirder.

463 Men sometimes have weird habits, especially Li Shaobin. His habits are weirder.

“You have to always be careful of men,” He Mingshan said.

“Mom, don’t worry. If Dad were to do anything to let you down, we would definitely ignore him,” Li Zhongchi said with a smile.

Li Xiaoxia nodded in agreement. “Grandpa, I would ignore you too.”

Li Congyang rolled his eyes. “Your mom is so fierce; I wouldn’t dare to even if you gave me the guts to.”

Ruan Yang glanced at this harmonious family and reflected deeply. With a complete family and none of that messy business, one would really feel comfortable here.

After dinner, Li Shaobin went to the washroom and was stopped by Li Zhongchi when he was on his way out. “What happened to the Xin Family? Did you do it?”

“Bro, I did pretty well, didn’t I?” Li Shaobin was full of joy. “They definitely won’t find out that it was me. At most, they could only trace things back to Uncle Hong.”

“You’re such a scheming fellow. Tell me—how big are you going to blow this up?” Li Zhongchi said helplessly. “Don’t tell me you want to see them get a divorce?”

“Bro, stay out of this. Xin Ziao plotted against me at the class reunion. I won’t let this matter rest just like this.” Li Shaobin laughed coldly as he walked out to the living room leisurely with his hands in his pockets.


It was around 9 p.m. when Ruan Yang bade the Li family farewell. After driving out of the Li Family villa, she wound down the window a little and looked out thoughtfully.

“What are you thinking about?” Li Shaobin freed up a hand to hold hers. Their hands were very warm, perhaps because of tonight’s deer meat soup.

“I’m admiring the moon.” Ruan Yang smiled at him and dispelled her thoughts.

“Oh, I thought you were thinking about the Xin family matter,” Li Shaobin said as he looked forward.

Ruan Yang was stunned for a while. She was thinking about that. She was thinking that if she hadn’t broken up with Xin Ziao, would he have planned to make her like his dad’s mistress and be with her secretively like that too?

Thankfully, she had never planned to get in between someone’s marriage.

However, the thought that she was with that person for several years actually made her feel terrible.

“Don’t bring up the Xin family; they’re quite disgusting,” she said after a while.

The corner of Li Shaobin’s mouth curled up. That was the effect he wanted.

The car entered Li Shaobin’s personal villa but he didn’t drive into the car park. Instead, he parked the car in the courtyard. Ruan Yang thought he didn’t have intentions of driving to the car park so she unbuckled her seatbelt and got ready to get out of the car. However, a burning-hot hand held her back. She turned back and saw Li Shaobin’s pandering and passionate gaze. She was stunned for a while and immediately remembered the reason behind buying this SUV. Her face suddenly heated up awkwardly and she pretended to not understand anything. “What do you want?”

“Yangyang, let me try it once, won’t you? I spent a few million on this car after all.” Li Shaobin buried his face in her neck coquettishly. Tonight’s soup was really very nourishing. Although Ruan Yang had already taken off her woolen overcoat and was only wearing a turtleneck sweater, she also felt pretty hot all over.

“Can your mind work a little normally?” Ruan Yang turned away her face to evade the intimacy. “We’re still in the courtyard.”

“I was thinking that we could admire the moon. This moonroof is very big. Besides, there’s no one at home during the night. It’s just the two of us.” Li Shaobin looked at her very pitifully. “Yangyang, just treat this as your bedroom at home. Look—it’s so spacious. All you need to do is lie down.”

After saying that, his hand started to lower her seat down.

Ruan Yang saw that she was reclining lower and lower and he had also moved over from the driver’s seat. She knew she definitely wouldn’t be able to escape it this time.

Men sometimes had weird habits, especially Li Shaobin. His habits were weirder.

However, like he said, it was really just a difference in space. Besides, his car was also parked in his own courtyard and there wouldn’t be anyone else around.

Ruan Yang wasn’t completely against doing it in the car. In fact, the novel feeling made both of them a little nervous and excited.

She squinted to look at the moon through the moonroof with difficulty. It was a crescent and there were a few stars around it. Slowly, the stars and moon started to become a blur.

Both of their bodies were warmer than usual and they were both covered with sweat.

Li Shaobin was complaining in a soft and hoarse voice by her ear regarding why He Mingshan made him drink so much of that ginseng deer meat soup.

Ruan Yang bit his shoulder and couldn’t hear what he was saying clearly at all. She felt as though she was semi-conscious.

Perhaps it was because the stars had aligned in addition to the supplementation of the nourishing soup that the two of them were more excited and had more energy than before.

Li Shaobin was very strong and fit to begin with, and tonight, he seemed like he was on a stimulant.

The went from the car, to the living room, and finally, all the way to the bed.

If their first time was a blunder on Li Shaobin’s part, he really used the many other subsequent times to prove that first time was really just a blunder.

After they moved to their hearts’ content, Ruan Yang could feel that her blood was still surging with passion and she couldn’t calm down even after a very long time.

Li Shaobin caressed her delicate face and grinned as he fished for a compliment: “Yangyang, am I great?”

Ruan Yang’s face was blushing and she couldn’t stop panting. She really wanted to kick him but she didn’t have the energy.


Li Shaobin had been living the life lately while Xin Ziao had a headache. Wang Yuting would call him from time to time, crying and kicking up a fuss. “Son, I don’t care—you have to persuade your dad to come back. Does he not want this marriage anymore? He’s been staying in Shanghai and hasn’t been coming back anymore.”

“Mom, I told you not to be so rash and not to look for that woman’s husband right from the start. I told you that I would handle this matter,” Xin Ziao said gloomily. “Great—now that woman is getting a divorce. Won’t that be even better for her? You even got someone to make trouble at her shop. All she needs to do is cry and Dad would feel sorry for her.”

“Then what do you want me to do?” Wang Yuting said angrily. “Do you want me to let that woman sleep by your dad’s side every day?”

“Mom, I do feel indignant for you and Dad is in the wrong. But at this time, the only thing that you can do is to soften your stance. As long as you don’t act so tough, act a little pitifully, and allow Dad to feel sorry towards you, he’ll return to this family,” Xin Ziao said helplessly. “I think it’s impossible to break things off completely between Dad and that woman. The only thing to do right now is to take things slow.”

“You’re my son. How could you say such things?” Wang Yuting said angrily.

“Mom, I’m trying to persuade Dad, but I still have things to do at the company. I’ll get going first.” Xin Ziao had been very frustrated recently, especially the past few days when he would always hear Wang Yuting scolding Xu Biping in front of him all day long. Her appearance when hysterical could be compared to Zhao Zhu.

To be honest, although he was her son, from the perspective of a man, he wouldn’t like a type of woman like his mom if he were Xin Zhanheng.

Men liked smart women who knew when to take a step back, not brainless shrews like her and Zhao Zhu.

“It’s almost time to get off work; what else could you have to do? Ziao, don’t go. Why don’t you give birth to a grandson quickly? Maybe that will make your dad happy and then he’ll come back,” Wang Yuting said as she pulled his sleeve.

“Mom, that’s enough. If you want one, give birth to one yourself.” Xin Ziao pulled her hand away with annoyance and walked out with large strides.

Just as he got to the door, he ran into Zhao Zhu, who was about to enter. When she saw that he was going out, her face fell. “You just came back and now you’re leaving again?”

“I have something to do at the company.” Xin Ziao couldn’t be bothered with her. 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

“Xin Ziao, don’t keep using the company as an excuse.” Zhao Zhu held on to him and refused to let go. “If you leave today, you won’t come back for a few days again. Don’t think that I don’t know you’re still thinking about Ruan Yang, that vixen.”

“What? You’re still thinking about Ruan Yang?” Wang Yuting had been very sensitive towards the topic of vixens recently. Now that she thought of the possibility that her son might still be pining for Ruan Yang, she suddenly felt that she and her daughter-in-law were in the same boat. She immediately chided: “That vixen doesn’t want you anymore and has hooked on to the Li family already. She has her eyes on your money. Do you think she’d return even if you sought her out? Li Shaobin doesn’t have any less money than you do.”

“That’s enough.” Xin Ziao couldn’t endure it anymore.

“It’s not enough,” Wang Yuting shouted loudly. “You’re not allowed to go out tonight. Stay here and keep Zhu-er company so you can make some grandchildren for your dad and I. If you dare to think about Ruan Yang, that vixen, then you’re no longer my son.”

Xin Ziao closed his eyes and he was clenching his teeth so tightly that he could almost smash them. “Stop using that to force me all the time. Even I don’t want to stay in this house, much less Dad.”

After saying that, he pulled his arm out and left without turning back no matter how much Wang Yuting and Zhao Zhu scolded and shouted at him from behind.

“Mom, look at him.” Zhao Zhu stomped her feet and wiped her tears as she cried.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry.” Wang Yuting hugged her. She was so angry she felt like hacking all the vixens in this world.


In Li Hall, Li Shaobin was eating a banana with gusto as he listened to Hu Zhi’s report. “So right now, Xin Ziao... isn’t going back home either?”

“He’s staying outside,” Hu Zhi said. “Wang Yuting and Zhao Zhu’s tempers are getting from bad to worse and they lash out at their servants for no reason.”

“Then it’s time to implement step three now.” Li Shaobin raised his brows. “I haven’t liked Zhao Zhu and Wang Yuting for the longest time. I have to do them in but would that make Xin Ziao think about Ruan Yang more and more? Sigh.”

“But Miss Ruan must be very repelled by the Xin family now, right?” Hu Zhi said with a smile.

“That’s true.” Li Shaobin thought about how Ruan Yang frowned when he brought up the Xin Family recently and was secretly delighted.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 463 - Men sometimes have weird habits, especially Li Shaobin. His habits are weirder.