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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 461 - You Just Agreed To Brother Molun In A Bathtub Without Any Principles Because Of A Walle

Chapter 461 You Just Agreed To Brother Molun In A Bathtub Without Any Principles Because Of A Walle

Duoyao was dumbfounded.


This proposal was so wealth-flaunting, egotistical, overbearing, and compelling.

“Er... is there a need for us to talk about this when I’m having a bath?” Duoyao stuttered. “Besides, you’re just plainly using money to bribe me.”

“I’m using all my wealth to bribe you. Don’t you think that’s very sincere?” Yan Molun smiled sinisterly. 𝙞𝚗𝓷𝗿𝚎аd. 𝙘𝒐𝚖

Duoyao took a deep breath. “Er... can I ask how much money there is on this card in total?”

Yan Molun did some detailed calculations for quite a while before answering. “I think there should be more than two billion.”

Duoyao made some calculations in her heart. She had also earned quite a bit of money herself. With the addition of these two billion, well... “If I agree to this marriage proposal, do you think I can squeeze into the top 10 richest women in China?”

Yan Molun smiled slightly. “The two billion I’m referring to isn’t in CNY but USD.”

“U... USD?” Duoyao almost slid into the bathtub. She had to think carefully. What was the exchange rate for USD right now? It had to be at least more than six to one. Besides, USD had been rising lately. “Why do you have so much money?”

“When I was a mercenary, we were paid very well,” Yan Molun said lightly. “On top of that, I was involved in some investing and businesses as well. Also, the money I’m talking about is all cold, hard cash, not bank loans, and it also doesn’t include trusts and stock investments.”

Duoyao nodded. These days, there were a bunch of billionaires and millionaires but how many of them were actually wealthy? They were merely using other people’s money.

“Therefore, are you agreeing or not? I’ll give you five seconds to consider.” Yan Molun help up five fingers. “One, two...”

“Isn’t five seconds too short? Can I give you an answer tomorrow?” Duoyao felt unwell all over.

“Three, four, five...”

“Alright, alright. I agree. I’ll marry you.” Duoyao clenched her teeth and slapped the bathwater as she stood straight up.

Wasn’t it just getting married? It was going to happen sooner or later anyway.

Yan Molun stared at her body without even blinking. Under the white light, her fair, porcelain-like skin still had bubbles all over. The sexy part of her body was just like a beautiful red plum.

Duoyao regained her senses and shrieked as she covered her body and quickly slid right back into the water.

The corners of Yan Molun’s lips curled up. He started undoing his leather belt. Since she had already agreed, he should start reaping the benefits that belonged to him.


Five days later, when Duoyao was eating at Changqing’s house after she had finally finished her work, Ruan Yang and Changqing found out about this matter.

“So... all for that two billion, you just agreed to Brother Molun in a bathtub without any principles? This was all because of a wallet?” Changqing said as she fed Yan Wo.

Duoyao’s face heated up. “Can you not put it that way? Although I was deeply moved by that figure at that moment, what truly touched me was Yan Molun. Besides, we’ve been together for so long, unlike Ruan Yang. She moved as fast as lightning.”

Ruan Yang peeled the pomelo in her hands lazily. ‘If Li Shaobin proposed to me with two billion, I wouldn’t have agreed to it.”

“Fine, fine, you’re morally upright and you’re not materialistic. I know he moved you with a cup.” Duoyao pouted. “But don’t you think that two billion USD is a beautiful figure? Don’t you guys think so? It’s simply the best sound on earth. Although I don’t love money and I don’t lack money, it’s still very beautiful. Changqing, touch your heart and tell me.”

“Er... it’s actually still quite enticing.” Changqing pondered over the figure of two billion USD and felt as though she was about to float away. Why wasn’t Chuchu that rich? How saddening. If Chuchu were to say he would give her that much money, she would definitely turn dumb from the agitation.

“Right, actually, things like principles aren’t that important,” Duoyao said self-comfortingly.

Ruan Yang nodded and smiled. “I can tell that the two of you don’t really have many principles.”


That night, after Duoyao had left, Changqing sent Song Chuyi a message while feeding Yan Wo: Chuchu, Brother Molun gave Duoyao two billion USD. When are you going to give me that much money too?

The next morning, when she woke up, she saw Song Chuyi’s reply to her message: It might happen in your dreams.

Changqing replied to him a fuming emoji with annoyance. After that, she deeply felt that it was a very wise choice for Duoyao to just agree to Brother Molun’s marriage proposal without principles.


Ruan Yang had been sleeping over at Li Shaobin’s villa the past few days. After staying over a couple of nights, she realized that the landscaping at his villa was really poorly done. There wasn’t any greenery at all. Since it was the beginning of spring, she went out to buy some Japanese roses, peach trees, pomelo trees, and orange trees to plant.

After working a sweat the entire morning, she heard the sound of a car engine coming from outside and the engine sound was quite loud. She lifted her head and saw a brand new burgundy Land Rover driving into the villa. That car was even longer than a normal Range Rover—it was at least five meters long. She could tell with just one look that it was a lengthened version.

The car stopped at around 10 meters away and Li Shaobin jumped out of the car gleefully. “Yangyang, I got a new car. What do you think of my car?”

“Didn’t you get that sports car not long ago?” Ruan Yang somehow had a bad feeling arising from within.

Indeed, she heard him say: “Yeah, but a sports car is a sports car. It might be comfortable to drive in, it doesn’t have enough space vertically. We were very uncomfortable because of that restriction last time.”

The corner of Ruan Yang’s mouth twitched. “Don’t tell me you bought an SUV specifically for... that?”

“Yangyang, you’re really too smart.” Li Shaobin was smiling so broadly that one could see both rows of his teeth. “I spent a long time deciding the past few days. The SUV has to satisfy both spatial needs and comfort. I initially felt that the Cayenne wasn’t bad, but after thinking for a long time, I still thought that the length still couldn’t be compared to this lengthened Land Rover. But this Land Rover is quite comfortable too. When the seats in front are put down, it’s really long, just like a bed.”

Ruan Yang couldn’t go on listening to him anymore. She ignored him and continued to plant the trees.

“Yangyang, stop planting all these flowers and plants. Let’s go try out my new car.” Li Shaobin pulled away the spade in her hand.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 461 - You Just Agreed To Brother Molun In A Bathtub Without Any Principles Because Of A Walle