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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 460 - Yan Molun, You Haven’t Even Proposed. Why Are You So Worked Up?

Chapter 460 Yan Molun, You Haven“t Even Proposed. Why Are You So Worked Up?

Yan Molun was in quite a good mood actually, but now, he felt foul.

Li Shaobin patted his shoulder. “Old Yan, don’t be discouraged. Try harder and one day you’ll be able to get married too. However, don’t take it too slow and end up not being married when our child is born.”

Yan Molun glared at him. Ruan Yang felt like Li Shaobin would really be beaten to death. He really deserved it.

“Alright, I need to get going now.” Song Chuyi passed Yan Wo to Changqing and looked reluctant to leave. “Qing Bao, take good care of yourself and Yan Wo.”

Yan Wo reached out towards him as he babbled. The child was still insensible so he didn’t know that his father was leaving and he was even smiling brightly.

Changqing held her tears back and saw Song Chuyi to the departure gate. “Chuchu, give me another kiss.”

Song Chuyi felt his lower abdomen tightening. This little vixen was still seducing him even when he was about to leave. Luckily, his self-control was way stronger than before. Otherwise, things could get embarrassing at the security check.

He turned back and lowered his head as he kissed her hard. “Qing Bao, I’m leaving. Yan Wo, daddy’s leaving.”

Yan Wo continued to bite his fingers as he smiled foolishly.

Changqing sighed. She was really envious of children for not knowing anything.

When she watched Song Chuchu passing through the departure gate, her tears started falling again.

What to do? He hadn’t even left yet she was already missing Chuchu.

“Changqing, don’t cry anymore.” Ruan Yang passed her some tissues. “If you miss him, I can accompany you to the States to visit him.”

“Yeah, yeah, I can go with you too. We’ll treat it as a holiday,” Li Shaobin agreed. “It’s okay even if you want to go in two days.”

Now that they put it that way, Changqing felt much better. She broke out into a smile. “I don’t have the time in two days. I’ve thought about it—I’ll go once a month.”

“Actually, one month passes by in the blink of an eye,” Ruan Yang said. “Think about it. You can spend this half-year in freedom. There won’t be anyone stopping you from going out for suppers at night, you can sleep as late as you want and no one will care, and even if you go out for gatherings, no one will be there to constantly nag you to go home.”

Changqing thought about it and agreed. Ever since she got married to Song Chuchu, she was under tight control and it felt as though she had to type out a report if she returned home even a little later.

Hence, she didn’t feel so upset anymore. “Ruan Yang, you make sense.”

“Since I make sense, let’s go home. We’ll take you back and have dinner at your place.” Ruan Yang pulled her out.

Li Shaobin bade Yan Molun and Zhan Mingwei farewell and caught up with them.


At around 11 pm, Yan Molun was sitting on the couch smoking depressingly. When Jiang Duoyao dragged her tired body back, she almost choked on all the smoke. “What’s wrong with you? The entire house is filled with smoke.”

Yan Molun glanced at her and continued smoking without saying a word.

Jiang Duoyao was bewildered. What’s up? Is he on his period?

She put her bag down and walked over as she hugged his arm from behind. “Alright, alright, I’ve been a little busy these few days and I’ve neglected you. I’ll make sure to feed you well tonight, alright?”

Yan Molun glanced at her again and continued to remain silent.

Duoyao was unhappy. “Hey, I’m already dead tired but I still promised to feed you well. Don’t push your luck.”

Yan Molun exhaled some smoke and finally said hoarsely, “You know what? Today Li Shaobin succeeded at proposing to your good friend.”

“You mean Ruan Yang?” Duoyao was in shock. “Aiya, why are they so fast? I’m not even mentally prepared. No, I should give Ruan Yang a call. She should’ve taken the initiative to report something so important.”

Yan Molun snatched her phone away and looked straight at her. “I’m also not mentally prepared.”

Duoyao was stunned. Suddenly, she could really understand what he was feeling. “I understand. I really understand what you’re feeling. After all, Li Shaobin is your brother and you must’ve been shocked.”

“Yes, I am.” Yan Molun nodded. “In the afternoon, Li Shaobin even mocked us saying that we’ve been together for more than half a year, yet we’re still like this and he even caught up to us. Don’t you think there’s a need for us to rush things a little too and overtake them?”

“Overtake?” Duoyao was dumbfounded.

Yan Molun said, “Mm, let’s get married as soon as possible.”

Duoyao felt her head hurting. Suddenly, she shouted loudly, “Yan Molun, you haven’t even proposed, so why are you so worked up?”

“If you want a proposal, fine. I’ll do it right now.” Yan Molun stood up and reached his hand out towards her. “Marry me.”

Duoyao: “....”

“Go to hell,” she reprimanded him. “There’s no diamond ring, no fresh flowers, nothing. And you want me to marry you? Don’t think it’s so easy to marry a woman.”

After saying that, she went upstairs in a huff.


When she was taking a bath, she gave Ruan Yang a call. “What’s going on? You actually agreed to his marriage proposal? Don’t tell me you were afraid that no one would be there to be your bridesmaid so you wanted to get married early?”

“Yeah,” Ruan Yang said lazily. “How about you and Guan Ying be my bridesmaids then?”

“F*ck, you’re even going to get married before Guan Ying?” Duoyao felt unwell all over. “Ruan Yang, you don’t have to be in such a rush. You’ve only dated for such a short period of time. How do you know that you’re suitable for each other? I think you two should spend more time together first...”

“Hey, Jiang Duoyao, you’re not allowed to spout nonsense in front of Ruan Yang.” Suddenly, Li Shaobin’s howl came from the other side. “I finally got our Yangyang to agree to my proposal.”

Duoyao shrank guiltily. “Aiya, if you two get married so early, who will I have as my bridesmaid?”

“You have so many friends; you can always find one.” Li Shaobin had already interrupted the conversation. “Yangyang, it’s already very late. Stop chatting with her. Let’s wash up and turn in.”

Duoyao clenched her teeth. Can these two respect the other person who’s still on the phone? “Fine, I won’t disturb your sleep. You can sleep all you want.”

She put her phone down angrily.

The door to the bathroom suddenly opened and she shrieked as she quickly submerged her body in the water. “Yan Molun, can you knock before you enter?”

“Which part of your body haven’t I seen before?” Yan Molun pulled out his wallet and put it at the rim of the bathtub.

Duoyao blinked. 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

Yan Molun pointed at the wallet and said, “My wallet’s here. There are all kinds of cards in there: black card, gold card, credit card. It will all be yours in the future. Whether it’s a diamond ring or fresh flowers, buy whatever you want. Marry me. It’s all yours.”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 460 - Yan Molun, You Haven’t Even Proposed. Why Are You So Worked Up?