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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 458 - Yangyang, It Was Uncomfortable In The Car

Chapter 458 Yangyang, It Was Uncomfortable In The Car

Charlotte circled around the tires for a very long time and realized that it had suddenly stopped moving.

After another while, she saw its owner come out, carrying a woman wrapped in his overcoat in his arms. One of her fair arms wasn’t covered by the overcoat. She huddled in her owner’s embrace, probably because she felt slightly cold.

She barked and chased behind them, but Li Shaobin ignored her and went straight up with Ruan Yang.

It was Ruan Yang who glanced at the dog following behind them and reminded him hoarsely, “Didn’t you say that you had to come back to feed your dog?”

“Oh, right.” Li Shaobin kicked the door to the master bedroom open and put her down on the big bed quickly. Afraid that she would catch a cold, he quickly covered her up with the blanket. “Yangyang, sit here for a while.”

He dashed downstairs to pour the dog food into Charlotte’s feeding bowl and she started eating happily. Li Shaobin said, “Eat nicely here; don’t go upstairs to disturb us.”

Charlotte wagged her tail with apparent understanding.

Li Shaobin ignored her and dashed back upstairs. He saw Ruan Yang adjusting her clothes under the blanket. He took off his shirt quickly and dove in, kissing her again passionately.

Ruan Yang lifted her head up with all her might. “Why are you...”

“Yangyang, it was uncomfortable in the car,” Li Shaobin lifted his head and said gloomily. “I knocked my head a few times.”

Ruan Yang thought of how sorry he was in the car and burst out in laughter. “A sports car is so cramped. You’re the one who wanted to do it inside.”

“Then I’ll buy an SUV.” Li Shaobin buried his face deep in her hair. His body stuck so closely to hers that there wasn’t a single gap in between them. “Then we can slowly...”

“You’re mad.” Ruan Yang quickly covered his mouth as she blushed. She couldn’t go on listening to him.

Li Shaobin took her hand away and said, as he suddenly thought of something, “Oh, no, Yangyang. I forgot to use a condom just now.”

Ruan Yang froze a little and said, “Forget it. We wouldn’t hit the jackpot with just one try.”

“What if you do get pregnant?” Li Shaobin kissed her cheek a few times again and said in a tone as soft as water, “Yangyang, if you get pregnant, let’s get married.”

Ruan Yang looked into his eyes deeply when she heard that. They were so close together that they could only see the reflection of themselves in each other’s eyes. His breath enveloped her as they exchanged gazes. She thought about a marriage certificate, staying together, living together, and being with him every day...

She suddenly didn’t think it was bad at all.

“Alright,” she answered softly.

Li Shaobin’s mouth opened slightly, dumbfounded. He held her in his arms and rolled a few times around the bed in disbelief. His pupils shook as though a ray of sunlight was about to burst out from inside. Even his voice sounded uptight. “Yangyang, you’re really willing to get married to me?”

Ruan Yang blushed slightly and said purposely, “When I get pregnant, I’ll definitely have no choice but to get married.”

A surge of disappointment flashed in Li Shaobin’s eyes. “So it’s like that. But Yangyang, even if you’re not pregnant, I’d still want to marry you any time.”

“Mm, I know.” Ruan Yang wrapped her limp arms around him and gazed into his eyes gently.

Li Shaobin exchanged gazes with her quietly for a while before he lowered his head again and started to nibble her small mouth continuously as he said, “Yangyang, then I’ll have to do it a few more times tonight and you might just get pregnant.”

Ruan Yang closed her eyes as she accepted his kiss, allowing them to make loving sounds.

Li Shaobin pouted as he whispered in her ear, “Yangyang, it feels better without the condom.”

Ruan Yang hugged him even tighter as she blushed.

If the Li Shaobin of the past was still an ignorant child in this respect, he could be considered a successful graduate now with the excellent learning capabilities of men in this respect.

Besides, Li Shaobin had nothing to do for the past few days, so he had studied various new skills and techniques. Ruan Yang was greatly satisfied, but slowly, it proved to be too much for her.

However, it seemed like Li Shaobin had taken a stimulant. Although he hadn’t seen Ruan Yang for five days, it seemed as though he made up for it all within a night. What made him even happier was that Ruan Yang didn’t stop him at all. At this moment, he felt like he was willing to even die for this woman.


The next day, Ruan Yang only woke up after 10 am. There wasn’t a single part of her that didn’t feel sore. Her throat also felt a little uncomfortable. It must’ve been because she caught a cold since they were kicking the blanket around last night and forgot to turn the air conditioner off.

She put on her pajamas and Li Shaobin’s overcoat casually before going downstairs. Just then, she saw a woman in her thirties mopping the floor. She said, “Miss Ruan, you’re awake. I’ll bring your breakfast out now.”

Ruan Yang didn’t think that there would be others in the villa and she buttoned the overcoat up awkwardly. As for the love bites on her neck, they were already out there, so she let them be.

As the woman brought breakfast out, she even performed a self-introduction. “I’m a part-time cleaner here. My surname is Lou.”

Ruan Yang nodded. “Where’s Li Shaobin?”

“Young Master Li went out early in the morning,” Sister Lou said.

Ruan Yang frowned. He tortured her to the point of death and disappeared early in the morning. Could he have gone to pick up the ceramic cups?

She had a few mouthfuls of breakfast and coughed a little. Sister Lou asked carefully, “Have you caught a cold?”

“Mm, a little. Is there any medicine for sore throat and cough here?” Ruan Yang asked. She didn’t want it to drag on and end up having a fever.

“There isn’t any here,” Sister Lou said. “Young Master Li never catches a cold. I’ll give him a call. He said he’d be back as soon as possible. I’ll tell him to get you some cold medicine.”

Ruan Yang didn’t stop her.

After having breakfast, she went upstairs to take a shower before she saw Li Shaobin in the bedroom when she came out. He was carrying a cup of brewed medicine and a pill in his hands as he said apologetically, “Yangyang, it’s all my fault. I must’ve caused you to fall ill because of my carelessness.”

“Glad you know that.” Ruan Yang glared at him and took the medicine. She didn’t know what kind of medicine it was but it was so bitter she had to take a few mouthfuls of water to wash it down. “Did you collect the cups?”

“No, I had something to do,” Li Shaobin said with his head hanging. “Let’s get the cups now.”

“Why didn’t you collect them before coming back?” Ruan Yang grumbled.

Li Shaobin didn’t say a word.

Ruan Yang said lazily, “Why don’t you get them? I’m tired.”

“Come with me; we’ll go to the airport to see Old Song off after that.” Li Shaobin sighed. “Old Song is flying off to the States at 1 pm today. Changqing will be crying her heart out then. You can go over and comfort her too.”

Ruan Yang thought that made sense and she nodded.

She lifted her energy, dried her hair, and was about to look for clothes in her bag to change into when she realized that they had all disappeared. Li Shaobin explained, “I got Sister Lou to wash them. Leave those clothes here. You can have clothes to change into when you come and stay over in the future.”

“How could you have let Sister Lou wash all my undergarments?” Ruan Yang said embarrassedly.

“It’s alright,” Li Shaobin said.


The sports car stopped in front of the ceramic shop. Ruan Yang unbuckled her seatbelt but saw that he was still sitting there.

“Yangyang... er, you collect it. I’m a little embarrassed,” Li Shaobin said as his ears turned red.

Ruan Yang was stunned for a while and found him funny. She became increasingly curious to find out what he wrote on that cup. “Sure, wait for me here.”

She walked into the shop and although she had half of her face covered yesterday, the shop owner was still able to recognize her immediately from her silhouette. “Here, your cups.”

“Thank you.” Ruan Yang accepted the box and was about to turn to leave when the shop owner reminded her, “Aren’t you going to take a look?”

Now that the shop owner reminded her, Ruan Yang also thought it would be better to check the cups in case there were any cracks or chips.

She opened the box and took the cups out. When she took out Li Shaobin’s cup, she saw that there were indeed a lot of words written on it. His words were squiggly, crooked, and ugly. “Yangyang, I will listen to you in the future and be your pig for an eternity. I won’t let anyone bully you and won’t let you be lonely ever again. I will care for you, dote on you, and love you. I know I might not be the best but I’m the one who loves you the most. Are you willing to let me take care of you forever?”

Ruan Yang’s eyes reddened. She told him not to write so many words. She knew it. He would still end up writing a lot.

Look at this cup, it was filled with words. It was no longer as pretty as it looked before.

Even so, she knew better than anyone how much sincerity was put into it.

But why did it feel like a marriage proposal?

She must be thinking too much.

“You can take a look inside the cup,” the shop owner said with a smile.

Ruan Yang’s heart thumped. In the cup lay a ring. This ring was chosen by a certain someone indeed. It was exceptionally extravagant and luxurious. There was a red ruby in the middle and several diamonds surrounding it.

What a high-profile proposal ring.

One look and she knew it cost a bomb.

However, it didn’t felt bad to receive such a marriage proposal.

The shop owner said with a smile, “Your boyfriend came over early in the morning to deliver this here. He told me to put it inside. You understand what he’s trying to say? There’s already a ring and mention of an eternity. Now, it’s up to you.”

“Thank you.” If Ruan Yang still couldn’t tell that this was a marriage proposal, it would be pointless for her to have a brain.

This was surprising. She totally didn’t expect a marriage proposal so quickly.

The two of them seemed to have only been together for a month.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 458 - Yangyang, It Was Uncomfortable In The Car