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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 457 - You Broke Our Eternity Just Like Tha

Chapter 457 You Broke Our Eternity Just Like Tha

Li Shaobin was blooming with joy because of that kiss. Actually, all he wanted was for her to be back. He really didn’t care about the gift, especially when it came to something like a cup. He didn’t think she would give him a cup.

Ruan Yang seemed to notice his bewilderment and her thin lips curled up. “A cup represents an eternity (1. Cup in Chinese “Bei Zi” sounds like an eternity “Yi Bei Zi”). Silly, didn’t you know that?”

An eternity...

Li Shaobin felt as though he was stepping on clouds, just like it was all a dream.

He turned to look at her blankly, in complete disbelief that he would hear “an eternity” come out from her mouth.

“Hey, be careful...” Ruan Yang hadn’t finished speaking when Li Shaobin suddenly felt himself stepping on nothing and his huge body fell right on the floor unexpectedly. Along with him, the things he was holding also dropped to the ground.

Ruan Yang was dumbfounded, and so was Li Shaobin. Although there were very few people there, some people still cast glances in their direction. He had never felt so embarrassed before. He quickly crawled up embarrassedly and picked up the things from the floor.

Ruan Yang helped him. She went to retrieve the bag that was flung the furthest away and pulled out a box inside. As she opened it, she saw the two cups lying inside in pieces.

Li Shaobin went up to her meekly and started softly, “These... are the cups you were referring to...?”

Ruan Yang glared at him. She really didn’t want to get angry. She picked this pair of cups with a special meaning behind them. In the end, they were in pieces before they even left the airport. This fool...

“You broke our eternity just like that,” Ruan Yang said through clenched teeth.

Li Shaobin shuddered and even got the thought to slap himself. “Yangyang, don’t say that. I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s because you said “an eternity” and I got too excited, so I didn’t watch my step. I haven’t fallen since I was young. It hurts so bad.”

“So you’re saying it’s my fault?” Ruan Yang really felt like kicking him but she still held it in. “Do you know it’s very inauspicious to break our first pair of cups?”

“Touch wood,” Li Shaobin quickly said. “Yangyang, don’t spout nonsense. I don’t believe that. At most, we’ll buy another pair right now. Let’s go; we’ll go right now.”

“I don’t want to...” Ruan Yang still felt gloomy.

“Let’s go, let’s go, Yangyang. Don’t be unhappy.” Li Shaobin coaxed her and put his arm around her, pushing her towards his car.

In the car, Li Shaobin felt depressed too. If it wasn’t for that incident, he would definitely be hugging Ruan Yang intimately the moment he got in the car. They might’ve even had car sex. He even picked a lot with a little privacy and few cars around. This was infuriating.

He felt his arm stinging and he rolled his sleeve up. He had an abrasion.

Ruan Yang took a look and spat out two words: “Stupid pig.”

“Yes, I’m a stupid pig. I’ll be your little pig, alright?” Li Shaobin leaned over to her and smiled panderingly.

Ruan Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. When she saw his face, she reached out helplessly to give it a rub then lowered her head to give him a peck on his lips. “Pig, get yourself a band-aid quickly.”

Li Shaobin felt like he was about to fly because of that kiss. “It’s okay. My skin is thick and rough. No need for that trouble. Let’s get our eternity first.”

Ruan Yang recalled that there were band-aids at home so she let him be.

However, when she thought back to his fall, she couldn’t help but break out into a laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Li Shaobin had a bad feeling about it.

Ruan Yang curled her lips up. “Nothing. It was just that you looked quite funny when you fell just now.”

Li Shaobin was embarrassed. Just thinking about it made him feel embarrassed. He felt as though the awe-inspiring reputation he built up his entire life had crumbled just like that. “Yangyang, you’re not allowed to laugh. That was so embarrassing.”

Ruan Yang pressed her lips together and she tried to suppress her laughter.


An hour later, Li Shaobin finally found a ceramic shop. The two of them went in and saw the various kinds of pottery on display. A woman in her forties was sitting in the middle of the shop, making ceramics.

“Ma’am, can we make our own cups here?” Ruan Yang asked curiously.

“You can’t do it here.” The shop owner lifted her head up while doing molding her ceramics. “Do you want to buy cups? You can’t make cups here but there are ready-made cups that you can draw on. After that, they have to be baked and you can pick them up tomorrow.”

“Yangyang, that’s great,” Li Shaobin said happily. “Let’s draw whatever we want. That’s even more meaningful.”

Ruan Yang also nodded with interest. “But can you draw?”

Li Shaobin was dumbfounded. He scratched the back of his head and answered honestly, “I can’t draw.”

“You can’t draw yet you still want to draw on them?” Ruan Yang facepalmed. “Don’t end up drawing something that looks like nothing.”

“I can write.” Li Shaobin pouted. “It’s meaningful anyway. Think about it—it’s our eternity.”

“Since it’s so important, you’d better draw it yourself,” the shop owner said with a smile. “Back then, my husband and I also drew on a pair of cups ourselves. My husband didn’t know anything about it either, so it was a mess. Even the words he wrote were twisted and ugly but I just loved the cup he made for me.”

Ruan Yang’s heart thumped. Indeed, it didn’t matter if it turned out ugly. It would be more meaningful than any cup that you could find on the streets.

In the end, the two picked a pair of light blue cups. The cups weren’t very tall. They had a wide bottom and a small opening.

Ruan Yang drew a pig on each cup. One of the pigs was wearing a suit and tie, holding a heart in its “hands”. 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

Li Shaobin blinked. “Wow, Ruan Yang, you’re really good at drawing.”

“Miss, you’ve got some basics,” the shop owner praised her.

“I used to learn a little for fun.” Ruan Yang passed the cup she was done with to Li Shaobin. “Go write your words.”

Li Shaobin held his male piggy cup lovingly and looked at it. “Yangyang, I’m a male piggy so yours should be a female piggy.”

Ruan Yang glared at him with slight embarrassment but she also drew a pretty, pink pig on her cup.

When Li Shaobin saw that, he felt reassured and sat by the side, thinking about what he should write. He wasn’t unhappy. Instead, he felt sweet inside.

When Ruan Yang was done writing, Li Shaobin moved over. “Yangyang, what did you write?”

Ruan Yang quickly covered her cup and felt a little embarrassed. “I’m not telling you.”

Li Shaobin was curious but could only sit back down, holding his cup as he continued writing.

Ruan Yang also went over to look at his but he quickly blocked it with his back. “I’m not done yet. I’ll show you tomorrow.”

“You’re written for a very long time. Don’t fill it up with words.” Ruan Yang was a little worried. She would be using his cup then. She didn’t want to use a cup filled with words.

“Don’t mind me.” Li Shaobin simply refused to show her.

“Why don’t I let you see mine and you let me see yours?” Ruan Yang tried to coax him.

Li Shaobin hesitated for a while but still shook his head embarrassedly.

After he was done, he even covered it up when he handed it to the shop owner.

The shop owner took a glance at their cups and smiled. “Please come tomorrow morning to collect your cups.”


When the two of them came out of the ceramics shop, it was already quite late. After having dinner outside, Li Shaobin said, “Yangyang, come over to my villa tonight. Charlotte’s at my place and there’s no one to feed her.”

Ruan Yang hesitated for a while before nodding her head.

Li Shaobin was elated and drove back to his villa immediately.

When his car drove in, Charlotte started barking and chasing behind the car.

Li Shaobin parked the car at the car park. Just when Ruan Yang was unbuckling her seatbelt, the man beside her suddenly tugged at her sleeve as he said with watery eyes, “Yangyang, we haven’t seen each other for days. I missed you.”

Ruan Yang’s heart thumped and her foot, which was about to step out of the car, retracted.

In just a few seconds, Li Shaobin pounced over just like a hungry wolf that had seen a piece of meat. He lowered his head and quickly captured her lips, attacking her mouth immediately. He was over-bearing and burning with passion, so Ruan Yang could only accept his kisses. His body was really very strong and hard that she couldn’t even move. However, she could clearly feel the longing in his kiss.

She thought about how he would rather be wronged than to see her get hurt.

Ruan Yang’s heart warmed and reached out to hold him.

Li Shaobin suddenly felt very encouraged. He slowly buried his face into her neck.

Ruan Yang took in a deep breath of air and pushed him quickly. “Let’s go in if you want to do it, alright? We’re already in the car park; it’s just a few steps away. Don’t do it here...”

“Yangyang, I missed you too much.” Li Shaobin repeated that line several times incoherently. “It’s alright; there’s no one at home anyway. It’s just... the two of us. We haven’t tried it in the car...”

Ruan Yang wasn’t able to say a single word because of his impenetrable kiss.

However, she understood. The key part was the last part.

What a weird preference.

However, seeing how impatient he was and since her clothes were already a mess, it was just a change of location, so Ruan Yang let him be. She was at the bottom anyway. It’d be his problem if he were to feel uncomfortable.

Charlotte sat by the car, waiting for a while, but she didn’t see her owner get out. She started to paw the floor impatiently and barked a few times. After that, she started to paw the door.

The sports car suddenly started rocking.

Charlotte was very bewildered. She went over and realized the tires were rising up and down and there were even strange sounds coming from the car. The sounds seemed to match the rising and falling tempo of the tires.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 457 - You Broke Our Eternity Just Like Tha