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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 454 - Since The People From The Li Family Told Her To Keep Him Under Control, She Would Use Her Most Formidable Method To Keep Him Under Control

Chapter 454 Since The People From The Li Family Told Her To Keep Him Under Control, She Would Use Her Most Formidable Method To Keep Him Under Control

Li Shaobin watched for a while before he went over to the yoga mat and squatted down as he said, “Yangyang, you’re so impressive. I would never be able to do a split even if I were to train my entire life.”

Ruan Yang swept him a glance and didn’t stand up. “Go and have breakfast.”

Li Shaobin nodded and walked to the dining table. There was only one egg. He was dumbfounded and was in disbelief. “Yangyang, you’re only giving me an egg for breakfast?”

To be honest, ever since Ruan Yang regained her memory, he had been looking forward to having breakfast with her because Ruan Yang had remembered how to make pastries, so she could think of different ways to make breakfast for him. He could have waffles today and a banana custard tart tomorrow. He could have some steamed dessert on occasion. In any case, breakfast should be great, yet today’s breakfast made him feel like he had fallen into an abyss all of a sudden.

“Yeah.” Ruan Yang changed into another pose.

“How can an egg fill me up?” Li Shaobin brought the egg over to Ruan Yang pitifully.

Ruan Yang stopped and looked at him intently. “Your dad called you this morning and I picked up. I heard that you injured your classmate at the class reunion and he was sent to the hospital?”

Li Shaobin’s handsome face froze suddenly. He didn’t want Ruan Yang to find out about it at all. “Mm... I did hit him once...”

“And that once time was a pretty severe blow to him. He has yet to regain consciousness.” Ruan Yang frowned.

Li Shaobin scratched his chin. “Aiya, don’t worry. His head just got injured. He must’ve undergone the operation. He’s not under critical danger.”

“You hit him so hard that he needs an operation?” Ruan Yang took another deep breath again. “How could you still come back so calmly to sleep last night? Do you think fighting is like having your daily meals?”

“No.” Li Shaobin quickly opened his mouth. If he were to say that the classmate said something horrible, would someone as smart and sensitive as Ruan Yang start letting her thoughts run wild?

He moved his lips for a while but ended up closing his mouth and lowering his head silently.

“If that’s not it, what is it? Tell me?” Ruan Yang asked.

Li Shaobin shut his mouth and didn’t speak.

Ruan Yang was angry. “You promised me you wouldn’t cause trouble outside. Besides, those were your classmates. Even if you didn’t like him or he made you angry, you shouldn’t have hit him with a bottle. That can kill a person. Li Shaobin, just because you come from an influential family doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. No one will be that lucky throughout his entire life. You come from a good family, but what if you were to really kill someone? Have you thought about how you would handle that?”

Li Shaobin scratched his head. “Ruan Yang, I won’t do it anymore. I’ll listen to you.”

“You say that all the time.” Ruan Yang’s face sank. “This time, as a punishment, you’re not allowed to come see me or come over to sleep for one week. Leave after having your egg.”

Li Shaobin pouted and tugged her sleeve. “Yangyang, don’t do this.”

Ruan Yang ignored him and turned to face the other side.

Since the people from the Li Family told her to keep him under control, she would use her most formidable method to keep him under control.

Li Shaobin looked at her profile for a while before going back to sit at the dining table silently. he peeled the egg slowly and ate it with some warm water before standing up. “Yangyang, I’m leaving.” 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

“Mm.” Ruan Yang continued with her yoga.

Li Shaobin sighed and headed to the door obediently to change into his shoes before leaving.

When the door was shut, Ruan Yang lifted her head. She felt very helpless. Even if he were to squabble and get into small fights, she could turn a blind eye to it, but if she were to give in to him all the time, she was afraid that one day, he would really kill someone.


Li Shaobin sat at Li Hall listlessly for a while. Initially, he had a bunch of New Year’s plans but now, he was no longer in the mood for them.

“Boss, don’t be unhappy. I’ve settled the matter with Xiang Qizhe. They won’t dare to cause trouble anymore and they won’t blow up the matter either.” Hu Zhi kept consoling him.

“I know that.” Li Shaobin sighed. “But Ruan Yang thought I was fighting for no reason outside and told me not to see her for a week.”

Hu Zhi was stunned. “You should tell her what happened. You fought because of her.”

“I can’t.” Li Shaobin shook his head. “If Ruan Yang were to find out what Xiang Qizhe said, she would definitely feel upset.”

Hu Zhi gave him a thumbs-up. “Boss, I suddenly feel that you’re a real man. Even I feel ashamed.”

Li Shaobin rolled his eyes at him in disdain. “You’re far worse than me, alright?”

Hu Zhi: “...”

Li Shaobin remained gloomy for a while. Suddenly, his phone rang. It was an unknown number. He picked it up with frustration. “Who’s that?”

“It’s me.” A weak woman’s voice came from the other side. “Zhou Shuyun.”

Li Shaobin suddenly stood up from the couch. F*ck, what is this situation? In the past, he would long for the day when Zhou Shuyun would call him, but that was just wishful thinking on his part. However, now, after so many years, Zhou Shuyun actually called him. But how did Zhou Shuyun know his number?

“It’s like this—I got your number from the class chairman,” Zhou Shuyun said hesitantly. “Actually, I just wanted to ask if you were alright. I heard from the class chairman about what happened afterward. However, I didn’t know if you’d be criminally charged and I didn’t know if you needed to be detained, so I was quite worried. After all, Xiang Qizhe only got the chance to say all those... nasty words because you spoke up for me.”

“Oh, that’s alright. Who am I? Do you think I need to be detained over such things? What a joke. That’s impossible.” Li Shaobin quickly laughed. “It’s none of your concern either. Xiang Qizhe had intentions of making trouble with me last night.”

“That’s great,” Zhou Shuyun said. “I’m glad you’re fine. Otherwise, I would feel really bad.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright,” Li Shaobin said.

“That’s great. I have nothing else to add then,” Zhou Shuyun said. “Alright, go ahead with whatever you were doing. I should get back to work too.”

“Work?” Li Shaobin was stunned and suddenly recalled the events from last night. “How is the job hunting coming along?”

“I don’t know yet. I just need to go on more interviews,” Zhou Shuyun said helplessly. “It’s hard to find a good job nowadays and even harder to find one with good employee benefits and good pay.”

“Mm... you said you do trading last night, right? I have a friend who’s in trading. I’ll help you ask him,” Li Shaobin said.

“Mm, sure,” Zhou Shuyun said with a smile. “I realize that after so many years have passed, you’ve become easier to get along with.”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 454 - Since The People From The Li Family Told Her To Keep Him Under Control, She Would Use Her Most Formidable Method To Keep Him Under Control