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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 453 - Ruan Yang, You’re Also A Very Smart Person. You Have To Find A Way To Keep Him Under Control

Chapter 453 Ruan Yang, You“re Also A Very Smart Person. You Have To Find A Way To Keep Him Under Control

“It looks like you still understand Xin Ziao’s motives very clearly.” Song Chuyi glanced at him. “I’m afraid you must’ve had bad feelings after hearing Xin Ziao’s words.”

“Since I decided to be with Ruan Yang, I already decided I would face anything no matter how bad it was.” Li Shaobin shook his head. “I did feel uncomfortable hearing it, but what’s worse was hearing him say that in front of so many people. Why’s there a need for a man to be so ungentlemanly?”

Yan Molun couldn’t help but tease him. “To think that you would suddenly become so gentlemanly. I’m not used to it.”

Li Shaobin glared at him. “You’re wrong. I can be ungentlemanly towards men but towards the person I like, I have to be gentlemanly.”

Song Chuyi held his laughter back as he nodded. He looked out the window and couldn’t help but lament, “I’m afraid there won’t be such class gatherings again. What a pity.”

“We might be nostalgic but others might not.” Li Shaobin scoffed. “In any case, I won’t go back again.”


When he arrived at the Rong estate, it was already past 12 midnight. Li Shaobin straightened his clothes and opened the door softly with his key.

The lights in the living room were still on but the lights upstairs were off.

He took a shower downstairs before tiptoeing upstairs.

He pushed open the door to the master bedroom and saw that Ruan Yang was already sleeping. He felt his way to the bed and just as he crept under the covers, Ruan Yang suddenly flipped over. Her voice had a hint of hoarseness as she said, “You’re back?”

“Mm, you aren’t asleep yet?” Li Shaobin felt a little guilty when he recalled the fight tonight.

“I heard you coming back not long after falling asleep.” Ruan Yang yawned. “You stayed out so late at your class reunion; it must’ve been fun.”

“Mm... it was alright,” Li Shaobin replied ambiguously and reached out to cuddle her intimately. “Let’s sleep?”

However, Ruan Yang didn’t sleep. She watched him with her beautiful eyes for a while and said, “Why do I feel that you’re a little guilty? Is it because you saw your first love?”

“Huh? I would’ve almost forgotten about if you didn’t mention it.” Li Shaobin was really reminded by her. It seemed like Zhou Shuyun left with Tian Yan and the others after the police arrived.

“You forgot?” Ruan Yang smiled.

“Mm, I really forgot. I did see her tonight but she’s a little different from what I remembered,” Li Shaobin said. “Of course, she did become prettier, but Old Song said she got face-slimming injections and her double-eyelids done.”

“Those are just minor surgeries in the entertainment industry,” Ruan Yang said softly. “However, it’s also quite normal to have plastic surgery even for normal people. Many women do double-eyelid surgeries.”

“Why are you telling me that?” Li Shaobin was already in a bad mood and when he heard that, he felt even more frustrated. “Ruan Yang, don’t tell me you also got yours done?”

“What if I did?” Ruan Yang asked with a smile.

“So be it. As long as it’s you, I’ll like you no matter what you do.” Li Shaobin buried his face in her neck. “Yangyang, didn’t you also have a first love? Wouldn’t you feel anything if you saw him again?”

Ruan Yang smiled. “My first love is about to get married. I heard that from some ex-classmates this year. I didn’t feel anything, I guess.”

“That’s true. You put all your feelings into Xin Ziao,” Li Shaobin couldn’t help but mumble.

Ruan Yang pinched his mouth. “Stop bringing up that person. What a wet blanket. Let’s sleep.”

Li Shaobin watched her close her eyes and sighed inside. He didn’t want Ruan Yang to find out about tonight. Otherwise, she would definitely be upset. After all, the words spoken by the man she used to like were so jarring.


The next day, when Li Shaobin was still sound asleep, while Ruan Yang was looking into the refrigerator to see what she should make for breakfast, she suddenly heard the sound of a phone ringing from the toilet downstairs.

She walked in and found a pile of men’s clothing on the toilet. She thought they must’ve been left by Li Shaobin when he showered there last night. She pulled out his phone from his pocket. It was a call from Li Congyang. She hesitated for a while but still picked it up. Before she could even say anything, she heard Li Congyang scolding angrily, “You brat—I thought that you wouldn’t be so much of a troublemaker after getting a girlfriend! Do you feel uneasy if you don’t cause trouble for a day? Tell me—how could you beat someone up at a class reunion to the point where he ended up in the hospital? Could you have even caused a bigger mess?”

Ruan Yang was stunned. “Er... er... Uncle, it’s me, Ruan Yang. Shaobin is still sleeping. I didn’t disturb him and took the liberty to answer the call.”

“Oh, it’s Ruan Yang.” Li Congyang quickly withheld his anger. “It’s almost nine, isn’t it? This brat just loves sleeping in.”

Ruan Yang hesitated before saying, “Should I wake him up?”

Li Congyang thought for a while and said, “Forget it. Even if he wakes up, he’ll just listen to me lash out at him. I can’t control him. However, Ruan Yang, you have to keep him under control.”

Ruan Yang was bewildered. “Did he fight at the class reunion yesterday? He seemed fine when he came back last night.”

Li Congyang snorted. “He smashed a classmate’s head with a beer bottle and he isn’t even awake right now. His classmate’s parents are part of the upper management of an aviation company, after all. They came to our company this morning to create a ruckus. Although I managed to press the matter down, we still can’t be too cocky about it, right?”

Ruan Yang was speechless. She thought: You were able to press the matter down so easily with a few words and even said that even if Li Shaobin woke up, he’d only listen to you lash out at him. I suppose he’s so cocky since his parents always give in to him.

“Get him to call me back once he wakes up.” Li Congyang sighed and reminded her once again, “Ruan Yang, you’re also a very smart person. You have to find a way to keep him under control. For example, don’t allow him to go to class reunions and don’t allow him to go out to play at night. He can’t cause trouble if he doesn’t go out at night.”

Ruan Yang pressed her glabella. The only way to keep him under control was to keep him company every night. However, that was difficult too. “Alright, Uncle. I’ll try my best to talk to him.”

“Mm, mm.”

She put his phone down and recalled the scenario when Li Shaobin came back last night. What a good pretense. He could still be so calm after smashing a person’s head. He was someone who roamed the underworld indeed. If it were her, she would’ve lost her sleep from the fright.


At around 10 am, Li Shaobin stretched lazily as he came downstairs. Ruan Yang sat quietly on her yoga mat as she did her yoga. Her posture was elegant and graceful and her lines and flexibility weren’t bad, so she was very pleasing to the eye.𝘪𝑛𝓃𝒓𝐞𝙖d. ᴄ𝒐𝑚

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 453 - Ruan Yang, You’re Also A Very Smart Person. You Have To Find A Way To Keep Him Under Control