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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 452 - Even If You’re Unhappy, You Should Still Act Like A Man

Chapter 452 Even If You“re Unhappy, You Should Still Act Like A Man

Xin Ziao tapped the cigarette ash off his stick and some of it fell on his pants. His gaze was calm. “Don’t throw a tantrum at me just because you’re in a bad mood.”

“Xin Ziao, you’re really sly.” Li Shaobin really wanted to rip his face apart. “You didn’t dare to do it yourself so you made someone else do it. Are you a man?”

“You just need to go home and ask Ruan Yang about that if you want to find out.” Xin Ziao scoffed.

Li Shaobin could only feel his brain buzzing and he picked up the ashtray on the table.

Song Chuyi tried with all his might to grab that ashtray and glared at him. “Don’t be rash.”

“Old Song, let go of me.” Li Shaobin struggled. His anger had already taken over all his rationality.

Xin Ziao continued standing there as he smoked his cigarette calmly. “Why are you so agitated? I was merely stating the facts. Since you wanted to get Ruan Yang to be your girlfriend, you have to accept the truth.”

“Enough. Xin Ziao.” Song Chuyi was using all his strength to hold back an out-of-control Li Shaobin while saying steadily, “Everyone should have a bottom line. Even if you’re unhappy, you should still act like a man. What are you doing now? Stepping on a woman’s dignity to humiliate another man?”

Xin Ziao smiled. “She’s just a woman whom I got tired of. Do I need to care about her dignity?”

“Old Song, let go of me. I have to beat him to death today!” Li Shaobin howled. His eyeballs were almost popping out from glaring so hard.

It wasn’t just Li Shaobin who wanted to beat him up; even Song Chuyi also felt like teaching him a lesson. However, there were still several old classmates around and even if it was Xin Ziao who started the fight, Li Shaobin had already beaten Xiang Qizhe to the ground and if he were to carry on like this and cause something to happen to Xin Ziao as well, no matter how powerful the Li family was, he wouldn’t be able to get out of this unscathed with so many witnesses around.

Just then, the sound of the ambulance siren rang from downstairs. The paramedics came in within a minute and the police followed shortly after. “Police, police. I’ve received a report that there are people fighting here. What’s going on? Hands up...”

Seeing how the situation turned out, it seemed like this class reunion wouldn’t be able to carry on. Besides, it looked like no one would want to take part in such a class reunion anymore.


Station Chief Yu, who was in charge of this area, rushed to the station in the middle of the night after jumping out of bed. Tonight, several of Northern City’s famous young masters were gathered at the station tonight.

When Station Chief Yu arrived and saw Li Shaobin sitting in a chair at the station with a long face, he felt his head hurt. He chided the policeman at the door softly: “Did you guys take the wrong medicine? You actually brought the devil here?”

Just a while ago, the new police chief was suddenly investigated and was surrounded by scandals. He might’ve seemed unlucky, but everyone knew he was so unlucky because this new police chief trifled with Li Shaobin. He actually tried to take on Li Shaobin but ended up trifling the Li family and that was how he ended his bright future. He was just a station chief and couldn’t afford to trifle with Li Shaobin.

The policeman covered his head and said, “The colleague who went out on the case joined us not long ago and didn’t know them, so he brought all of them back. Besides, there were a lot of people there and they all saw Young Master Li attacking the man with their own eyes. We still have to go through the procedures since there were so many onlookers. Furthermore, the condition of the man who was hit by Young Master Li is still uncertain.”

Station Chief Yu’s head hurt. When he saw Xin Ziao sitting on the other side, he only felt his head hurting even more.

When Xin Ziao saw him, he said, “You must be the station chief. Great timing. So many of us here saw this man hitting someone with a wine bottle. Why isn’t he handcuffed yet? Don’t tell me your station is planning to cover up his crime?”

“Xin Ziao, that’s bullsh*t!” Li Shaobin slammed the table at the police station. “If you didn’t plan to set up such a trap against me, humiliating me time and again, would I have hit him?”

“Li Shaobin, just because you had some grudge against me during high school doesn’t mean you can slander me. What happened today is between you and Xiang Qizhe. When you hit him, I was chatting with someone else. I was just there, like Teacher Wu and the others, as a witness.” Xin Ziao looked at his watch. “Station Chief Yu, according to my knowledge, hitting someone in a bar is considered an assault case. It usually leads to a five-day detainment. His case should be considered a serious case. Besides, if the victim’s seriously injured or dead, he could be jailed for more than 10 years, right?”

Station Chief Yu wiped the sweat off his forehead, and he said calmly, “Xin Ziao, Station Chief Yu knows that without you telling me. You’re just here to tell the police what happened. You’re in no position to tell me how to handle the case. Besides, the condition of the victim is unknown right now. We’ll have to wait for the hospital’s report first.”

“But of course. After all, Xiang Qizhe is my friend. I’m just worried that the police might not handle things fairly because of Li Shaobin’s powerful background.” Xin Ziao’s lips turned up into an apparent smile.

Station Chief Yu was crying out loud inside. If Xin Ziao insisted on meddling with this case, things would get tricky.

Li Shaobin couldn’t hold back. “Xin Ziao, you just want to see me end up in jail so you can be with Ruan Yang, right? Dream on. Station Chief Yu, since the case is clear now and you’ve asked what you needed to ask, isn’t it time for these unrelated people to leave now?”

“Yes, yes.” Station Chief Yu nodded quickly. ” Mr. Xin, it’s getting late. I think you’d better leave soon. Why don’t you go to the hospital to visit your friend? We still have to interrogate Li Shaobin here.”

“Sure, then I won’t hinder the police in your investigation.” Xin Ziao smiled lightly. “I still have to go to the hospital to see my friend. If something untoward were to happen to him, I’m afraid I might have to make more trips to the station.”

Li Shaobin tried very hard to hold back so that he didn’t kick Xin Ziao’s *ss out.

After Station Chief Yu personally saw Xin Ziao out, Song Chuyi told Guo Ming and some other classmates: “I didn’t think that the class reunion today would end up like this. Please express my apology to everyone else on my behalf. Go on back first and in the future... if there’s a chance, let’s meet up again.”

“No, no, no. Actually, we could all tell that Xiang Qizhe did it on purpose tonight.” Guo Ming felt very guilty. However, they were all friends so he didn’t know what to say. “You don’t have to apologize.”

After Guo Ming left, Li Shaobin lit a cigarette gloomily. He smoked sulkily and felt even angrier as he thought about it. “If I don’t do that Xin Ziao in, I... I’ll write my name, Li Shaobin, backward.”

Song Chuchu didn’t speak. Just then, Changqing called. “Chuchu, when are you coming back? Did you drink a lot? Do you need me to pick you up?”

“It’s okay, I’ll be back late. Don’t wait for me—go ahead and sleep first, ” Song Chuyi said softly.

“Alright.” Changqing thought he was still having fun with his friends. “But don’t stay out all night. Oh, right, did you see Brother Shaobin’s first love? Keep a close eye on him. Make sure nothing happens between them.”

Song Chuyi sighed. She had a lot to worry about. “It’s fine. I still have something to do here.”

After hanging up, Li Shaobin looked at him gloomily. “That must’ve been Changqing. That’s great. Ruan Yang didn’t even call to ask if I’ve returned.”

“We’re married, alright? We live together every day,” Song Chuyi said.

“Maybe Ruan Yang doesn’t really care about me.” Li Shaobin continued to feel dejected. “At least she doesn’t care about me as much as Changqing does about you.”

“Young Master Li, I’m sorry to make you wait for so long.” Suddenly, Station Chief Yu came back hurriedly. “After seeing Young Master Xin off in his car, I received a call from the hospital which said that Xiang Qizhe isn’t in any critical danger. However, the impact on his head wasn’t light and he needs an operation, so it’s still considered a serious injury.”

“Why didn’t I kill him?” Li Shaobin said ruthlessly.

Station Chief Yu glared at him and Station Chief Yu said with protest, “Young Master Li, if you were to kill him, Xin Ziao wouldn’t let this matter rest. Then it would be difficult to settle the case. Go back tonight first; I wouldn’t dare to detain you. However, you still have to go over yourself to settle this matter with the other party.”

“Sure, Station Chief Yu. Thank you for today.” Song Chuyi shot Li Shaobin a glance.


When they came out of the station, they saw Yan Molun standing outside with a cigarette in his mouth. “Say, didn’t the two of you just go to some class reunion? How did you end up at the police station?”

“Xin Ziao set up a trap tonight,” Song Chuyi said. “I wonder if he’ll keep harping on this case.”

“The person injured wasn’t even Xin Ziao; it was just Xiang Qizhe. This isn’t much of a threat to me. He won’t do that,” Li Shaobin said gloomily. “He just wanted to pick a fight with me.”

“Hop in.” Yan Molun unlocked his sports car.

When Li Shaobin got in and took out his phone, he realized that there was a message from Ruan Yang asking him if he was going over to her house tonight.

He felt a little better and replied quickly: I’m on my way back.

Beside him, Song Chuyi said, “I didn’t hate Xin Ziao in the past or find him repelling. Although he’s quite unscrupulous, everyone in the business field is like this. However, tonight was really an eye-opener. This person really has issues with his character.”

“See, I was right. And you kept saying I was petty,” Li Shaobin said in a huff. “No matter what, Ruan Yang was with him for so many years. Forget the fact that he abandoned her, was irresponsible, and selfish. He even disrespected her after they broke up. Even if the motive was to make me feel uncomfortable, I, Li Shaobin, would never be so unscrupulous in my life.”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 452 - Even If You’re Unhappy, You Should Still Act Like A Man