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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 4 - Its an Honor For You To Let Him Examine You (Part 2)

Chapter 4: It’s an Honor For You To Let Him Examine You (Part 2)

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“What does your discomfort feel like?”

Contrary to her expectations, Song Chuyi didn’t ask her any redundant questions.

But Changqing would’ve much rather preferred him to ask more questions about her situation. If not, how could she ever tell a man that she was itchy and uncomfortable down there on her own accord without dying from embarrassment?

She was going crazy!

The hand of the wall clock moved a few times. Song Chuyi was used to patients like her. He stood up and opened the white curtain behind him, and with his back looking cold like water, he ordered, “Come here and get a checkup. Lie down and take off your pants.”

“That... that’s not necessary, right?” As blood surged to Changqing’s face, she could no longer keep her calm. “Don’t you have exceptional medical skills? Just asking me about my situation and writing me a prescription will do.”

With his back to her, Song Chuyi explained as he wore a pair of white gloves, “Miss, no matter how great a doctor is, the doctor will still need to apply the four methods of diagnosis to know what suitable medicine to prescribe for your illness. As of now, I’m not exactly sure what kind of disease you’ve contracted. But rest assured—I have no perverted thoughts for you. For the people who are in this line of work, it’s the same as looking at slabs of pork meat. I’ve encountered numerous female patients who have acted the same as you. They were hesitant and bashful about doing a checkup until they could no longer tolerate the pain anymore and it was only then that they went to the hospital. In the end, they ended up with infertility and some even had to go for an operation.”

Once Changqing imagined the terrifying scene of entering the operation room, her lips trembled. She threw her caution to the wind and walked towards the recliner chaise as she gritted her teeth.

It’s fine. He can’t be considered a man if he has issues with regards to that kind of stuff. I might as well be cool about this and let him examine me.

However, after she lay down, she found herself unable to remove the belt on her waist, no matter how much she wanted to.

After finishing his preparations of the apparatus, Song Chuyi turned to her and noticed she wasn’t moving at all. His pupils darkened with a trace of impatience and he remarked, “Miss Yan, can you please be quick about this? I’m on the night shift at the neurology department tonight, and patients may need my help due to unforeseen circumstances in the very next second. If you keep delaying my time, I have no other choice but to request another doctor to swap with me. But that doctor is a male as well. Furthermore, he’s unmarried and is more than 40 years old...”

Upon hearing his words, Changqing faltered. To her, the 40-year-old doctor was old and a pervert among perverts.

She would prefer to choose the handsome and young pervert if her choice for doctors was limited to the two of them...

Like a prisoner being sent off for execution, she removed her pants boldly and lay down on the bed. Her eyes were staring hard at the ceiling above her, and her heartbeat was accelerating so fast that she felt that her heart was going to burst out of her chest.

Her lips underneath the mask were clenched with great force, and her body was burning hot. She barked with a small voice of hostility when she felt that she was being touched, “Hey, what are you doing with your hand?”

“Examining...” Dr. Song responded without even lifting his head. “It’s swollen and slightly inflamed.”

He turned his body away from her, and Yan Changqing felt relieved as she assumed that the ordeal was finally over. Just as she was about to sit up, she found him bringing over a tool that looked like a duck beak. On the verge of breaking down, she questioned him, “What’s that?”

“Don’t move,” Dr. Song commanded as he continued a more in-depth examination.

Changqing wanted to cry. It had never crossed her mind that ultimately, an abnormal male doctor would see her ‘little Changqing’ for the first time after she had protected it so well. And what’s more, it was seen by the ex-boyfriend of her dorm-mate in university.

She decided not to see anyone going forward.

For Changqing, the five minutes felt longer than five years.

“Alright,” Dr. Song said as he raised his head. The eyes of the woman who was laying on the bed were red as if she was about to cry. Under the mask, he couldn’t see her face aside from her ears that were bright red, like rose petals moistened by raindrops during the morning rain. The woman was shivering, and her current state evoked his desire to love her upon laying his eyes on her.

After the color of his irises unconsciously deepened, he immediately turned around to clean his tools. During that time, Changqing frantically dressed herself neatly.

Perhaps the examination took too long—when she put her feet on the floor, her legs quivered involuntarily. She held onto the bed next to her while exhaling softly as she lost her balance earlier.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 4 - Its an Honor For You To Let Him Examine You (Part 2)