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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 31 - Song Chuyi, I’m not going to talk to you anymore Part 1

Chapter 31: Song Chuyi, I’m not going to talk to you anymore Part 1

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Song Chuyi trod softly into the room and picked up the blanket that had fallen to the floor. Just when he was about to cover Changqing with the blanket, Changqing suddenly opened her peach-blossom eyes with her eyes looking dazed. Her pupils stared blankly at Song Chuyi for a few seconds then as if she remembered something, she shifted her gaze downwards and looked at her own body with a stiff expression...

“Ah... You, you, you...” Changqing screamed at the top of her lungs, her face was flushed red as she covered herself with the blanket rapidly. After she wrapped herself up like a polar bear, she stared savagely at him with indignation and embarrassment in her eyes. “You... stinking ruffian... randy old man.”

She was so ashamed she could die from embarrassment. Her unsightly appearance had been completely revealed to him.

Meanwhile, Song Chuyi’s suave-looking eyebrows twitched. How dare she call me a randy old man. Am I really so old? This impudent girl. Song Chuyi thought to himself.

The man’s expression was calm like a lake. He pondered for a moment and decided it’d be best not to tell her what Robben did. “I wanted to help you with the blanket as I returned home a short while ago and noticed you kicked the blanket to the floor.”

Changqing was taken aback. It seemed she had a habit of kicking away the blanket whenever she slept.

Damn it.

The more she thought about it, the more embarrassed she became. She burrowed her face into the blanket, while her small and extremely bright red ears were exposed outside the blanket. This made her look identical to a small tortoise.

The color of Song Chuyi’s pupils turned darker, and he couldn’t restrain himself as he said: “Besides, you don’t have to be so nervous. I’ve seen everything that’s below your belt.”

Changqing’s small brain reached boiling point in a flash.

When she met Song Chuyi the second time after she had that particular medical checkup, the most annoying thing was her fear of him mentioning that incident again. An overwhelming amount of blood congested her face and heart vessels as if the air was scorching hot. This time, she burrowed her entire head into the blanket until it was buried deep inside and only a blurry voice resounded from within the blanket. “Song Chuyi, you’re a big baddie. I’m not going to talk to you anymore!”

Looking at the curled up lump, a trace of a smile appeared underneath Song Chuyi’s eyes because of Changqing’s ridiculousness. “Alright, don’t suffocate yourself by covering yourself with the quilt. I’m just here to change into a new set of clothes. I have to go to work later.”

After he was done talking, he got up and closed the door while he was on his way out of the room.

Changqing wormed her way out from the blanket after she heard him leaving the room. Looking at the closed door, her face grew desperately hot.

She lazed around on the bed for an additional half hour before she slowly climbed out of the bed and walked out of the room. Once she was out of the room, she noticed there was steaming hot corn, soybean milk and cooked eggs on the dining table.

Is the breakfast for me?

Changqing was unsure.

Right at that moment, Song Chuyi came out from the master bedroom. He had changed into a pale gray sweater and wore a V-neck t-shirt as the inner layer. He even styled all his hair including his bangs in a trendy fashion. His entire face looked incredibly crisp and clean. However, fatigue could evidently be seen in his eyes. 𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢

While looking at his face, Changqing’s face uncontrollably grew hotter by the minute. She repeatedly kept stealing glances at him and looking away rapidly.

When Song Chuyi saw Changqing’s shy reaction, it surprised him as well. He couldn’t believe that he had spoken those words earlier to Changqing. Aside from when he was still studying, he rarely flirted with women like that after his personality became prudent.

“The breakfast on the table was bought by me. I’m off to work now,” Song Chuyi said as he walked towards the door.

Changqing was astonished. Unable to conceive that Song Chuyi would be heading to work again, she asked, “Don’t you need some rest after working through the night yesterday?”

“I have no choice. I was assigned to day shift duties for the past few days, and the reason I worked the night shift yesterday was merely because I swapped shifts with someone. If I was to rest during the day, I’d have to work the night shift again today,” Song Chuyi replied while putting on his shoes.

After he left the apartment, Changqing sighed. If she was the one who had to work for a consecutive 24-hour shift, she’d surely be unable to prevail.

In the morning, Changqing had to rush to the TV station for a meeting as well. The breakfast was brought along and consumed in the car. The taste of the corn and soybean milk were pretty good. It never crossed her mind that Song Chuyi would buy her breakfast. She felt that this husband of hers was fairly good.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 31 - Song Chuyi, I’m not going to talk to you anymore Part 1