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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 99: Lady Who Pronounced The Full Name Of The Capsule

Chapter 99: Lady Who Pronounced The Full Name Of The Capsule

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“Is your partner really reliable?” Liu Kongchao expressed doubt towards this. Previously, when Xia Xiaoxue “saved” him, she dealt a sneak attack towards two people. However, the young woman with an enchanting figure did not strike at all.

The young man carrying two swords had injured Xia Xiaoxue just with his sword aura, when he unsheathed his sword.

Xia Xiaoxue’s expression was gloomy. The young man with a sword was not simple. Not only was he not simple, but he was unimaginably powerful. In the moment he was attacked, Xia Xiaoxue instinctively felt a crisis, only in time to stimulate the zhenqi to protect herself.

The man’s sword aura had roared and instantly broke her zhenqi protection, injuring her heart and meridians.

What was with this strong invincible strength? Even against Blood Devil who was ranked 40th, Xia Xiaoxue was also confident she could withstand a few moves before it was a Good Game (GG). But in the face of the young man with the sword, she could hardly fight back.

Although she was a preparatory member of Baoze, but her real strength was comparable to the middle-level staff. Middle-level staff are relatively competent members in the demon descendants community.

On the ridge of the roof stood three people, Blood Devil Chu Hanliang, a young man in a cloak, a curvaceous and enchanting Bai Jie’er. Bai Jie’er held a silent black iron bell. In the moonlight, the bell twinkled with evil light.

It could summon all the vengeful spirits within a hundred miles.

Chu Hanliang stomped his feet, and the golden light rippled under the impact. At the same time, he withstood the backlash of the golden light.

“The object in the house is a magic weapon used by a monk who has cultivated to the stage of being immune to tens of thousands of techniques. It cannot be broken by brute force, but can only be consumed by the force of filth. This object would be a spiritual device collected into the treasury in the seven major families. It can even be a legendary heirloom treasure of some smaller families.”

The Blood Devil harrumphed. “With such a treasure, the Liu family ancestors were indeed followers of the Demonic Priest. New Clan Leader, as the Demonic Priest’s inheritor, why not ask the guy in the house to join our forces?”

The young man with the sword did not respond and looked down at the golden light under his feet.

Chu Hanliang licked his lips and gave a chilling smile. “The blood of the little beauty in the room must be very sweet.”

“I don’t understand you outlaws. You can be as salacious as you like, but you like to court trouble and attract people from Baoze Group instead.” The young man with the sword on his back commented nonchalantly.

“Li Peiyun, since you have gained the remaining power of the Ancient Gods Clan, you should bear the corresponding obligations.” Chu Hanliang frowned and said, “Ancient Gods Clan and Baoze has an endless feud. If we can attract two senior employees, we don’t make a loss. If a S-grade member is here, it would be a great win.”

“It’s just that we have similar goals. I’m going to take advantage of your power to achieve my goal. You want to recruit new people in the name of my Gokudo Path Inheritor identity and make a comeback.” Li Peiyun pulled out one of the swords behind him, and the sword emerged from the cloak. It was a huge heavy sword. The tip of the sword made contact with the roof.

Ding! The golden light swayed violently, but it was not broken.

He frowned. “If the sword of qi is in my hands, I would shatter this with one strike.”

As the essence, qi and spirit swords were not three swords in one, this divine technique inherited from the Demonic Priest had a fatal flaw. Li Peiyun was from a relatively reputable demon descendant family in Jiangnan. He cultivated qi when he was five and awakened when he was ten and greatly surpassed members of the same age in his family.

His elders were delighted with his talent and thought he could carry the burden of the Li family. But no matter how good he was, his ancestors did not even spare him a glance.

It was not until he was fifteen that he was brought into the secret room by his ancestors, where he learned the top skill of Demonic Priest Wangchen. And then, he was expelled from the family.

In these ten years away from home, he had been wandering around. In ten years, he condensed the two swords, sword of essence and intent. Not to mention people of the same age, even the older generation of demon descendants can rarely match him. However, he could never begin to even learn the sword of qi.

It was not that his talent for practicing qi was not good. In fact, he was a rare talent for practicing qi, but after studying the sword of qi, Li Peiyun found that if he wanted to condense the sword of qi, the amount of qi needed was massive.

That was definitely not the amount of qi that an individual could cultivate.

How did Demonic Priest Wangchen condense the sword of qi at that time?

Li Peiyun had given up, until one day, the Ancient Gods Clan found him and brought information about the Demonic Priest’s treasure.

“The Gokudo Path Inheritor of Lianghua Temple have never emerged, while the Gokudo Path Inheritor of the Taoist Sect are not worthy of the name. Oh, it is said that the Li family Gokudo Path Inheritor has emerged recently, but his foundation is so shallow that he would take a long time to achieve something. You are missing a chance to make a name for yourself.”

The Blood Devil goaded. “After obtaining the sword of qi, are you interested in challenging Baoze’s boss?”

Li Peiyun was unmoved. “Wait till I enter the Gokudo stage.”

His ears twitched and he turned to look into the distance. “Here comes Baoze’s men.”

The golden light flickered and could no longer withstand the blows.

Li Peiyun’s heavy sword struck lightly, as a majestic sword aura shattered the ridge of the roof and rushed into the house. A man and a woman inside the house groaned in unison.

Whoosh! A brick hurtled through the air. Li Peiyun did not even turn to look, as the sword at his back flew out of the sheath and chopped the brick. The pieces fell on the tiles and crackled.

Ten meters away on the ridge of a roof, stood three girls, one of whom was carrying a basket of bricks in her hand. She should be the one who had done the sneak attack just now.

There was also a young man under the eaves. He took out a national emblem, and threw it over forcefully. The myriad of ghosts immediately shrieked and dispersed.

“Come on, get out from the house.”

Li Peiyun held his heavy sword and was unmoved, letting the male and female escape under his feet.

“Number Three!” Chu Hanliang glanced towards San Wu and was overjoyed. “Big Boss really foretold things accurately.” He cackled madly. “You’re really here.”

The coquettish Bai Jie’er covered her mouth and smiled gently. “Time to watch a good show again.”

On the other hand, Liu Kongchao and Xia Xiaoxue staggered out of the yellow mud house. Xia Xiaoxue was intelligent and knew that the national emblem was unusual. When she went out, she picked it up. The vengeful spirits were afraid of the national emblem and did not dare to pursue them.

But Liu Kongchao was still eroded by yin energy. When he fled towards Li Xianyu, he was already trembling as his teeth chattered.

Liu Kongchao saw the handsome young man who threw the national emblem take out a box of medicine from his wallet. Li Xianyu said, “Hey there hungry person, would you like a Snickers?”

He did not answer and glanced at the name of the medicine. He only knew the word “capsule” on the medicine box, his expression confused.

Li Xianyu explained, “The erosion of yin energy in the body can cause kidney and qi deficiency and other problems. Take this medicine, it can effectively alleviate the symptoms.”

Xia Xiaoxue remarked suddenly, “This is the Jiang Kun Yin Dao Weng capsule.”

Li Xianyu’s eyes widened in disbelief. He has been taking this medicine for a month and although his self-healing ability can resist Grandma’s strong extraction of his essence, but he still cannot live without this drug, resulting in psychological dependence.

He took it as a health care product to eat, and took two tablets a day, which made him feel great.

During his period of suffering from ancestral kidney deficiency, the world was cold. Only this capsule, which he still could not pronounce its name, could bring him a trace of warmth and comfort.

It was not only him that could not pronounce it, none of Baoze’s colleagues seemed to be able to pronounce the full name of the capsule. Today, he finally saw someone who could pronounce the full name of the capsule, with the exception of his great-grandma. She was even a beautiful and terrifying lady.

This lady was extraordinary and has a great demeanor.

“Number Three, my daughter, we meet again.” A deep laugh suddenly rumbled, as Li Xianyu looked towards the sound. In the night, a massive man slowly walked over.

If Lightning King and King Kong were bears, the guy who is approaching head-on was an elephant. He was at least two meters tall, bald and covered with muscle. Li Xianyu watched him come over and had an illusion that a massive mountain was approaching.

His breathing unconsciously grew heavy, which was from an invisible oppression. 𝑖𝐧𝓷𝓇𝙚𝙖d. c𝚘𝐦

This man was dangerous, extremely dangerous... Li Xianyu who had just joined the demon descendants community for just a month encountered the oppression from an extremely formidable master for the first time.

“God of War!” Xia Xiaoxue suddenly turned pale and murmured, “It’s him.”

Liu Kongchao asked blankly, “Who is he?”

Li Xianyu had the same blank expression.

“The God of War of the Ancient Gods Clan, an extremely formidable master ranked 15th on the demon descendants list. He was the first generation of Class A killers taught by the Ancient Gods Clan, and the instructor of this generation of Class A killers. I can talk about the information about this man for three days and three nights and won’t be able to finish.”

Xia Xiaoxue seemed to be proficient in intelligence. She gulped. “The Blood Devil, plus the God of War, and the young man with the sword, he is even scarier than the Blood Devil.”

“We are screwed this time. I heard that if a woman is a virgin before she dies, she will be reincarnated into the animal path after her death.”

Liu Kongchao glanced at her and said, “You definitely won’t be an animal in your next life.”

Liu Kongchao awakened many years ago, and his knowledge of the demon descendants community was limited to Grandpa’s stories, but he still knew what it meant to be ranked 15th.

There were tens of millions of Chinese demon descendants. Ranking 15th essentially meant one was close to invincibility. With the exception of a special area of 9 million square kilometers, it was difficult for one to find such a top player in a city or even a province.

Li Xianyu’s heart sank. At the beginning, they received the task of arresting the Blood Devil. When they arrived at Chungking, You Mengyu said that the opponent had companions.

Of course, this was within the scope of Baoze people’s consideration, so they deployed San Wu who was S-grade and Thunderbolt Battle Lady who was a senior employee. With him as a super nanny, they should be safe.

But now when both parties were about to clash, a super Boss suddenly popped up amidst the opponents.

He looked up at the ridge of the roof, just as Thunderbolt Battle Lady was looking down at him.

The long-legged beauty’s expression was complicated.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 99: Lady Who Pronounced The Full Name Of The Capsule