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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 98: Great Sage Monkey King, The True Man

Chapter 98: Great Sage Monkey King, The True Man

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Usually, even big cities with a dense population did not have so many vengeful spirits, let alone a small countryside. There must have been a demon in such abnormal situations. Li Xianyu thought of Shen Meng, the third master of the Shen family who wanted him dead. He wielded a small bronze tripod and manipulated hundred ghosts.

“We were discovered?” Li Xianyu’s scalp felt numb.

“Are we going to fight, are we going to fight?” You Mengyu looked excited, and was eager to try. 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

“They are not coming for us,” Thunderbolt Battle Lady said calmly.

After a careful observation, these vengeful spirits in various states of death seemed to be really just passing by. They stopped by the Land Rover for a short time, and then left in the same direction.

You Mengyu turned on her mobile phone and sent a message to her companion. For a long time, she did not get a response. “I have a bad feeling.” She frowned. “If she doesn’t return my message for three minutes, it indicates that something happened to Xiaoyu.”

“This matter should not be delayed, we should attack immediately,” You Mengyu raised her eyebrows and said. “Let us bring the remaining scourge of the Ancient Gods Clan to trial.”

Li Xianyu snarked, “You are going to go receive trial, or should I say, get ravaged?”

“Don’t say that, it’s too much. We don’t know each other well. I’ll get mad.” You Mengyu said.

You mean you enjoy it! Li Xianyu muttered in his heart.

The group of four got out of the car at once and followed the vengeful spirits quietly.

It was not very dark in the night, as every family lit lights. There were not many people on the road, and occasionally a few villagers brushed past a group of vengeful spirits. All of them suddenly shivered without warning and were confused.

After walking for more than ten minutes, there were fewer and fewer western-looking houses around, gradually replaced by the old houses. A mottled old house stood in the dark, silent and gloomy, and the vengeful spirits wandered purposefully in one direction. If someone came out of the house or pushed the window open, they would have been terrified to see this scene.

“There’s someone ahead,” Li Xianyu whispered.

The four carefully approached and found that it was two ordinary people who stood stunned in the night. Their eyes were dull, like puppets.

“Array.” You Mengyu said, “There is an array ahead and it’s scope is not small.”


“Well, looking at the looks of the two villagers, it should be an illusory array. In the scope of it, everyone will lose consciousness and become senseless.”

“Long Aotian’s illusory array?” Li Xianyu blurted subconsciously.

“Yes.” You Mengyu nodded. “But obviously it can’t be compared with the illusory array at our headquarters. It’s not at the same level. By the way, who cracked the illusory array at our headquarters? That person is so powerful.”

“What a coincidence, it’s me.”

“It’s you?” You Mengyu was taken aback, as if she had met Li Xianyu for the first time. “I thought you were just a sissy who looked good but was useless.”

“It’s better than being a perverted masochist like you.”

“I hate you, you are so mean to me. Can you say more?”


They stepped into the illusory array and walked forward cautiously and slowly. They didn’t know if the radiation range was too large or the essence of it was too low-level. Not to mention Thunderbolt Battle Lady, even Li Xianyu could easily resist those whispers in his ears.

“This low-level illusory array is the most commonly used means in the demon descendants community, where criminals envelop an area and then abuse and torture innocent victims as much as they like. We law enforcers can also envelop the area, that we don’t have to be afraid of being photographed and exposed.”

“Wait, why is it abuse? Can’t it be arson and murder?”

“Of course it can. By the way, are you a master of illusions?”

“No, my ability is self-recovery.”

“Oh, then how did you crack Long Aotian’s illusory array?”

Without waiting for Li Xianyu to answer, San Wu in front of him suddenly turned her head and chanted crisply, “Cuckold, cuckold, Long Aotian is cuckolded.”

You Mengyu was startled by her. “Oh my God, isn’t Senior San Wu famous for being an enigma?”

Li Xianyu said, “Please understand her title of Humanoid Mockery Machine. In addition, she has recently evolved in the direction of ‘Li Shizhen’s skin.’”


“My name is Liu Kongchao, which means Empty Nest in terms of old people who live alone. I am surrounded by countless vengeful spirits in Grandpa’s old house, but I am not panicking at all, because they cannot get in. The problem is that I can’t get out either. What should I do? I’m waiting online, it’s urgent.”

Liu Kongchao was an ordinary student of a third-rate university in Chungking. His parents were dead and he and his grandfather kept each other company.

A week ago, the old man died suddenly. He had no illness so it was a peaceful passing.

The funeral ceremony was also very simple. The Liu family was an outsider and only had one descendant for each generation. They also had no relatives in the village so all the people who came to the meeting were Grandpa’s old friends. That was the problem...

When people passed away in the countryside, the vigil was usually put in the old house. That day, when everyone left, Liu Kongchao was watching over Grandpa vigil, and fell asleep. At 2:00 A.M. in the morning, he suddenly heard someone call him by his name.

When he woke up, he saw an old man standing outside the door, his figure strange.

Liu Kongchao thought for a long time before he remembered who the old man was. Uncle Wang, who lived at the head of the village, and Grandpa’s good friend. Liu Kongchao, who was studying outside the country, came back rarely and almost didn’t recognize him.

“Uncle Wang, why are you here at this time?” Liu Kongchao greeted him.

“I couldn’t come. I could only come after 12 o’clock.” There was a smile on Uncle Wang’s wizened face.

After approaching him, Liu Kongchao smelled a strange stench, but did not pay attention. The elderly usually had an unpleasant smell.

Liu Kongchao found something very strange. Uncle Wang’s posture when he was offering prayers with joss sticks was very strange. He was very stiff, as if unable to bend over. He held the incense, stood for a while and left.

Liu Kongchao looked at Uncle Wang’s back and found that he was walking with his legs stiff and tensed up, and his knees were not bent.

On the day Grandpa was buried, Uncle Wang did not come. Liu Kongchao asked the old men who were here to send off Grandpa curiously. The answer was that Uncle Wang had died six months ago.

It was noon and chills ran down Liu Kongchao’s entire body in the hot summer.

“Kongchao, Kongchao, open the door. It’s your Uncle Wang.” At this time, Uncle Wang was banging the door, and the yellow mud house, which was more than forty square meters old, was shrouded in a faint golden light.

As Uncle Wang collided with the golden light, the golden light also dealt back to him the same degree of harm. At this time, his withered face full of spots was completely deformed. Black blood flowed down, as maggots squirmed in his eyes.

“No, get out of here!” Liu Kongchao glanced in the crack of the door, and restrained the desire to vomit. More and more vengeful spirits surrounded the old house and under the golden light, the usually invisible vengeful spirits revealed their forms. They charged against the barrier unflinchingly.

“Do something about it quickly. Aren’t you from Baoze Group? Shouldn’t Baoze people be able to catch atomic bombs and kick nuclear warheads?” He said hurriedly.

“That’s not a Baoze employee, that’s Superman,” said another girl in the room.

She was wearing a knee-length skirt, a T-shirt that revealed her shoulders. She was in white canvas shoes, and her hair was tied in a bun. Her face was bright and lovely, and she was bowing her head to fiddle with her cell phone. “I can’t send a signal. My partner must know I’m in distress. And the real danger is not these vengeful spirits but the people on the roof.”

She seemed hurt, her face deathly pale, staring at the golden bowl on the table. “This thing won’t last long. The magic weapon of a powerful Buddhist monk is indestructible, and the men above will not be able to break in for a while. But all things restrain each other, without the Dharma blessing of the golden bowl, the remaining Dharma nature will be wiped out by the vengeful spirits’ resentment and murderous intent. That’s when we’re really screwed.”

Xia Xiaoxue turned her head and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Liu Kongchao said exasperatedly, “My ass, if it were not for you, I would have handed over the map by now to save my life.”

This evening, suddenly two people came to him. One was in a cloak and had a sword on his back, and the other was a sexy young woman with an electrifying gaze.

The other party did not come with good intentions and was here for his Liu family’s treasure map passed down for decades. After careful consideration and rigorous analysis, knowing that the opponent was strong and he was weak, Liu Kongchao suddenly knelt down and begged, “You can take everything you desire except for my life.”

At that moment, a girl wearing a fluttering skirt charged out and dealt a sneak attack on the two. She grabbed Liu Kongchao and ran.

Liu Kongnest felt that he was a duck that was forced up the shelf.

Xia Xiaoxue sneered coldly, “You will also be dead if you go out now. You might as well wait for my partner to bring reinforcements. That’s why I still admire the Great Sage the most.”

Liu Kongchao asked, “Why?”

Xia Xiaoxue remarked nonchalantly, “Well, the Great Sage’s cudgel faces toward the enemy, other men’s will only face women.”

Liu Kongchao said, “...It’s not a good time for you to joke.”

He looked at Xia Xiaoxue’s beautiful face. The latter did not look like she’s cracking dirty jokes but as if she was explaining the facts, her face serious.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 98: Great Sage Monkey King, The True Man