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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 97: Chaos Dance Of Hundred Ghosts

Chapter 97: Chaos Dance Of Hundred Ghosts

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Is there something wrong with this girl? What’s going on with her orgasmic expression? Li Xianyu thought that there was something wrong with You Mengyu’s personality. But he didn’t know her well and could not comment on it. During this period of time, when he joined the demon descendants community, he had met many messed-up people. Thus, a problematic personality was nothing. There was someone with holes in her brain sitting behind in the same car.

“It’s a little far, about two and a half hours away.” You Mengyu turned on the music, and a soothing melodious tone rang in the car.

“Handsome, you are new right? I saw that you were only a trainee staff in the documents. Why did you follow two seniors to take part in this mission?”

Li Xianyu thought about it and replied, “My ability is to heal myself, and I can block knives and bullets at a critical moment.”

With that, he suddenly found that the way You Mengyu looked at him changed. It was a very complex look, three points of envy, three points of vigilance, three points of excitement, and a point of finding someone relatable.

“Is it the kind of ability that you can’t be killed? Is it a superpower? Like you won’t die if your head is not cut off?” You Mengyu’s eyes sparkled. “I think this is the most powerful ability in the world. It’s a pity I have not been able to awaken such abilities.”

“Powerful?” Li Xianyu pursed his mouth and said, “I just have thicker flesh and is more hardy against a beating.”

What he yearned for were powers that could shatter a mountain with a blow and crack the earth with a stomp. Although self-healing was an excellent ability to save lives, it did not match the fighting style that masters had in his mind.

You Mengyu’s expression was obsessive. “There is no better ability than this. You can accept any whip lashing and ravaging. If the whip is not fun, you can change to knives. If the knife is not fun, you can change to using a toothed mace. Imagine yourself as a weak stalk of grass, desolate and helpless to endure the destruction of the storm, but still shouting: Let the storm come more violently. Do you feel the same way?” the woman said with an orgasmic expression on her face and gently rubbed her legs together.

“Sorry, not at all.” Li Xianyu replied. It turns out that you are a masochist. You look like a cheerful little girl. I did not expect you to be such a person. Instead of continuing to talk to You Mengyu, he leaned against his seat, listened to soothing music, and looked at the rapidly regressing scenery outside the window. His nervousness gradually relaxed and he fell asleep unwittingly.

Clink clink clink.

The shrill sound of gold and iron clanging sounded.

It’s so noisy. Who’s forging iron? Li Xianyu opened his eyes in shallow sleep, and saw a dazzling fire in front of him. The burning charcoal fire could only illuminate a few meters around. No matter how far away, it would be swallowed up by darkness.

On the side of the forging platform stood two men, one with his back to Li Xianyu, and the other who was facing him. The light of the charcoal fire lit up his face and he was exceptionally good-looking.

Demonic Priest?! It’s him again! Am I being dragged into his memories again?

He had once again entered into the Demonic Priest’s memories. Li Xianyu affirmed his guess that the ring should be worn by the Demonic Priest before he died. A ring that was so ordinary and not a spiritual device could be taken so seriously by Japanese. If he was not wrong, the ring hosted the remnant thoughts of the Demonic Priest.

Of course, it was impossible for him to be a vengeful spirit. If such a powerful master were to become a vengeful spirit, the justice camp led by the Buddhist society would be annihilated completely.

Thousands of people teamed up to defeat a top Boss. After incurring heavy casualties to finally win, they did not have time to catch their breath before the Boss stood up again, and said: “Fools, the second half has just begun.”

Li Xianyu stood in the distance, silently looking at the Demonic Priest. It shouldn’t be long since he saw him the last time in Zhongnan Mountain. He was still handsome and young. But it seemed that many years had passed, because he had white hair at his temples and vicissitudes of weariness in his eyes.

He was virtually unrecognizable from before. What exactly happened between the two memories?

Clink clink clink.

The Demonic Priest wielded the hammer and struggled to hit the iron. Every time sparks shot, the impurities in the iron would be eliminated.

Through forging, the iron gradually condensed into a sword, growing shorter and thinner. The form seemed good but the Demonic Priest was not satisfied, still struggling to wave the hammer.

They didn’t know how long the process lasted. Li Xianyu looked at the Demonic Priest begin to pant, sweat profusely, and tremble in spasms. At last, he couldn’t hold the fire pliers.

“Liu Ming, help me with the fire pliers.” The Demonic Priest gasped.

The man who had been back-facing Li Xianyu man responded, and held the fire pliers for the Demonic Priest.

“Liu Ming holding fire pliers...” Li Xianyu could not help but snark.

Unfortunately, the Demonic Priest and Liu Ming could not hear him. Two people who lived more than half a century ago could not get his pun even if they were to hear it.

Li Xianyu watched the sword shrink a little, just like wire burning in the fire, melting and being destroyed...

When the iron broke into two pieces, the Demonic Priest and Liu Ming heaved out a sigh of relief, and the latter smiled in surprise. “Yes, the sword of qi has been forged successfully!”

The sword of qi? The next moment, Li Xianyu saw the white light rising on the forging platform, illuminating the whole dark space.

It was only then that he saw that he was now in a huge cave. There was a forging platform in the center, and furniture and daily supplies on the edge of the cave.

This seemed to be a secret base. For a long time, the white light converged and condensed into a weapon similar to the light saber.

The Demonic Priest held the light saber, looked directly at its dazzling light, and said in a relieved tone, “First, the sword of essence is superior in being thick and heavy. The sword of intent is superior in its eccentricity and the sword of qi is superior in its sharpness. Essence, intent and qi are three swords in one. I can finally suppress it. I’m gradually losing control of it. Every day I feel that I’m on the edge of losing control, and would be eternally doomed at any moment.”

The Demonic Priest took off his Taoist robe and revealed his grotesque upper body. The black skin was wrapped in bright red blood vessels, and red magmatic substances flowed through them. The mutation had spread to his neck. ”

Li Xianyu had an instinctive throbbing in his heart, and his brain was frantically transmitting dangerous signals. What was that?!

As soon as the question arose, he heard the Demonic Priest whisper, “For my whole life, I have risen because of it. I have been subject to it, and now I can finally counter it.”

The Demonic Priest held the light saber high and pierced into the Baihui acupoint on the top of his head. With the light saber entering little by little, there was a painful roar emanating in the Demonic Priest’s body. That was not the sound he made, it was from inside his body.

Li Xianyu saw the terrible black mass recede like a tide and shrank into his core, as the Demonic Priest’s body returned to normal.

“Priest, you no longer have to worry about it,” Liu Ming said joyfully.

Demonic Priest nodded and sighed. “The sword of essence is heavy but not flexible enough. The sword of intent is strange and unpredictable, coming and going without a trace. The two seem to complement each other, but the foundation is unstable. Essence and qi are integrated, and one cannot do without the other. After forging the sword of qi, I also make up for the shortcomings of my core.”

“Priest, are you still going to annihilate the Cao family?”


The voices of the two men became softer and softer, and Li Xianyu gradually could not hear them. The forging table in front of him began to twist, distort, and everything went dark.

Li Xianyu once again saw the surrounding scenery and found that he was still in the cave. Two men stood in front of the forging stage, and one of them, Li Xianyu, knew Liu Ming, However, the night turned to day. There were two men standing in front of the forging platform. He knew one, who was Liu Ming who had just appeared. At that time, he held the light saber high and roared, nailing the Demonic Priest’s sword of qi into a ring.

Ring?! Li Xianyu’s face changed and looked attentively. The ring was ordinary, like stone and jade. It was exactly the same as the one on his thumb. So this was where the ring came from...

There was an inhumane roar in the grottoes, as there was splashing filthy black mucus in the ring. It crawled all over the forging platform, and the mucus was covered with red blood vessels.

It seemed so frightened that it desperately tried to escape from the forging platform. But when it covered the entire forging platform and was about to touch the ground, the ring produced a suction force and turned it into a vortex. The terrifying black mucus was sucked into the vortex and disappeared.

Liu Ming and another man sat on the ground with relief. They took the ring away and left the sword of qi on the forging platform to seal the unknown evil entity there.

By this time, the Demonic Priest should have died. Li Xianyu guessed in his heart.

“We’ll divide the map into two copies, one for you and one for me.” Liu Ming took the map from his arms and said, “The two of us and our family members are only guardians and cannot return to this place.”

Li Xianyu stood by and watched Liu Ming tear the map from the middle


“We are here!” You Mengyu’s voice awakened him from the memories.

Li Xianyu opened his eyes, as the soothing music played in the car. The car had driven to the entrance of a village. By this time it was dark as the night shrouded the village.

“Let’s just park the car outside. It’s too conspicuous to drive in, we’ll alarm them.” You Mengyu stopped the car engine and said, “Xiaoxue shared the position with me. It seems the remaining scourge of the Ancient Gods Clan has targeted a poor guy.”

As she spoke, she was about to push the car door open.

Just then, a pale face suddenly appeared outside the window. It lay in front of the window, its white pupils quietly staring at the group inside the car.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” You Mengyu screamed, her face flushed and she trembled in spasms.

“Don’t look at it.” Li Xianyu pressed her back to her seat and twisted her head to her side.

“Per-perfect shock, it made me terrified as I was caught off guard. This chilling feeling crawling all over my spine is really great.” You Mengyu lay in the driver’s seat, panting, showing an obsessive look: “Full, full marks.”

Li Xianyu: “...”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “....”

Li Xianyu cast a look at Thunderbolt Battle Lady: Is it really reliable for the company to send such people to help us?

With the tacit understanding they had nurtured over the days, Thunderbolt Battle Lady forcibly read his glance and responded, I don’t know if it’s reliable, but I think she will have a wonderful effect at a critical moment.

Li Xianyu cast another look: What do you mean?

Thunderbolt Battle Lady responded with a glance: In the face of danger, we can throw her out. She will shout no, while gladly blocking the knife.

Li Xianyu: I see!

After finalising the plan, Li Xianyu looked around: “We seem to be surrounded by vengeful spirits.”

There were countless vengeful spirits gathered at the entrance of the village. Some of them look ferocious, some look dazed, some were like Sadako crawling on the ground while some were hanging in the air. All their states of death were different. In contrast, the vengeful spirit peeping outside their car window can be said to be a fairly mild one.

Chaos Dance of Hundred Ghosts.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 97: Chaos Dance Of Hundred Ghosts