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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 96: You Mengyu

Chapter 96: You Mengyu

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At 10:30 A.M., the summer sunlight shone through the floor to ceiling windows of the Law Enforcement Leader’s spacious office. Lightning King was sitting on the Norwegian leather couch, opposite San Wu, who adopted a student’s rigorous sitting posture. Thunderbolt Battle Lady sat cross-legged on the couch. And then there was Li Xianyu, who cradled his neck and kept bending it.

Lightning King threw Li Xianyu a cigar and asked, “What happened to your neck, a stiff neck caused by an awkward sleeping posture?”

Li Xianyu replied, “No, I just had a fight with Battle Lady. My neck hurts a little... If you can, give me a big fried chicken drumstick.”

Lightning King ignored him and threw an information file on the table. “Girls, we have a mission.”

“What’s the mission?” Thunderbolt Battle Lady opened the file, the most conspicuous was a tall and skinny man who was donned in white clothes. The first impression he gave off was a drug addict. His eyes were sunken in, and his face was pasty pale. This was a stealthily taken photo. He was incredibly tall and gaunt, like a bamboo pole.

“Blood Devil?!” Thunderbolt Battle Lady raised her eyebrows.

Blood Devil... The name was very familiar. Li Xianyu looked at the photos, and recalled them carefully. He soon searched for relevant information about this guy in his memory: Blood Devil Chu Hanliang, a surviving supporter of Ancient Gods Clan, ranked 40 on the demon descendants’ list, extremely dangerous.

The man’s ability was to strengthen himself by devouring blood, which the West called vampires. Many years ago, because of a coincidence, Chu Hanliang devoured the blood of a powerful monk and made great progress in his cultivation. He became outstanding in the Ancient Gods Clan, and later repeatedly committed murder cases. Not only did Baoze pursue him, but the major families of the Taoist Buddhist Society were also hunting him. However, after the Ancient Gods Clan was destroyed by Baoze, the man had disappeared for many years.

“It was him who killed the Lu family in Shandong Linyi last year. Even the company did not know that it was a demon descendants family before the Lu family was annihilated. The thirteen members of Lu family was sucked dry of blood overnight. The police cannot deal with this case, and transferred it to us, Baoze. As soon as the company sent someone to check it out, it was immediately confirmed that the killer was Blood Devil.”

“We dealt with this guy in the first place but Blood Devil never consumes the blood of ordinary people, because it is of no benefit to him. So the company carefully checked the background of the Lu family, and we found that it could only be traced back to three generations ago. Any earlier, and there were no traces.”

“But if we want to locate a person, even if his great-grandfather was killed by a Japanese when he was three years old, we can find out,” Li Xianyu teased.

However, no one paid attention to him, and everyone looked solemn.

I just wanted to ease the atmosphere...

Lightning King went on to say, “After some effort, the intelligence officers of the company collected an important piece of information. The Lu family’s ancestor was indeed of demon descendants origin. His original name was Chen Ye. He used to be the captain of the anti-Japanese team organized by the folk organizations of Shandong. Later, he conceded defeat and worked for them. At that time, the Japanese caught a group of demon descendants to work for them. The leader of this group of demon descendants was the Demonic Priest, Wangchen.”

Demonic Priest... The corners of Li Xianyu’s mouth twitched.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady raised her eyebrow. “So the Blood Devil should not be trying to kill the Chen family, just because they were traitors.”

Lightning King shook his head. “I don’t know about the specific reason but Chen Ye was the powerful subordinate of the Demonic Priest. After the death of the Demonic Priest, he had left behind nothing. His relics and treasure should be scattered in the hands of that group of people.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady asked, “Lightning King, you mean that the Chen family has the relics of the Demonic Priest, so it will brought onto itself annihilation?”

Lightning King replied, “Yes, the Chen family has hidden from the world for many years, and there is little possibility of killings due to hatred and feud. If we didn’t know what happened to the Chen ancestor, the company will mostly characterize it as an ordinary murder case.”

Li Xianyu raised his hand. “But does this old case have anything to do with our mission?”

Lightning King declared, “Your mission this time is to catch and bring Chu Hanliang back alive to the company.”

“Us?” Li Xianyu was in disbelief. “Lightning King, are you sure the mission was not sent to the wrong person? He’s ranked 40th on the demon descendants’ list and you let me, a newbie participate?”

Baoze’s God-like characters, seemed to be only able to rank in the top 30. Moreover, during this period of time, Li Xianyu joined the demon descendants community and understood this most deeply.

Lightning King encouraged, “You can act as a support staff, there is San Wu and Battle Lady taking care of most of the trouble, so unexpected chaos should not occur. Of course, we also have to take into account the possibility that the Blood Devil would have companions, so this time there are two reserve members of the Chungking branch to assist, and you can transfer colleagues over from other branches at any time.”

“Reserve members?” Li Xianyu opened his eyes wide and said, “How powerful can a substitute be?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady asked, “Chungking... Which two?”

Lightning King replied, “You Mengyu, also the person who secretly took this photo. The other is Xia Xiaoxue, both of whom are family reserve members.”

In addition to regular staff, Baoze had reserve members, who were divided into two groups, one was casual cultivators who wanted to join Baoze but were still in the inspection period. The second was demon descendants from all major families and clans.

Different from interns, reserve members do not have access to internal information about Baoze, but are assigned to carry out tasks with high risk factors. After passing the inspection period smoothly, they can then become a regular employee.

Lightning King said gravely, “Your blood is the best medicine, and everything will only be safe if you tag along. Li Xianyu, the company has great expectations for you.”

“Thank you very much for the organization’s care for me,” Li Xianyu said sarcastically.


The trio formed a temporary team and took the 2:30 P.M. flight to Chungking thousands of miles away.

The plane was flying over the white clouds, and the clouds were as if it had coagulated. Thunderbolt Battle Lady was scared of heights, but also liked to sit in the window seat. When the plane soared, the body tilted and shook. The woman enjoyed it while fearing it and held Li Xianyu’s hand tightly until the clouds blocked the line of sight. Perhaps she had forgotten, but she didn’t release his hand.

San Wu did notice Thunderbolt Battle Lady and Li Xianyu’s tightly held hands, and commented, “Holding hands is something that only boyfriend and girlfriend do.”

Li Xianyu glanced to hint at the lady who had holes in her brain. Don’t remind her. It’s a rare chance to hold a long-legged beauty’s hand. I haven’t interacted with a woman for more than a month.

San Wu seemed to have noticed something, and suddenly realized. “So, are you boyfriend and girlfriend? You are very sociable. Can you teach me?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady quietly let go of his hand.

Li Xianyu said awkwardly, “This is probably a talent and can’t be taught.”

San Wu nodded in approval, “There is no way to teach talent.”

The three arrived at Chungking empty-handed at 6:00 P.M. and searched for the people picking them up in the vast sea of people.

The operation was confidential and, as a last resort, the colleagues in the branch would not be notified. The staff on the mission, with the exception of Li Xianyu, had only two reserve members.

“Over there...” Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s eyes were sharp and saw the sign held high by the people picking them up.

Li Xianyu looked towards where she pointed. There was a tall girl holding up the sign, looking at the stream of people. She tried to tiptoe, as far as possible to make her sign stand out.

There were three big characters on the brand: Yucheng Branch Office.

Aware of the three approaching, the girl warmly welcomed them. Her face blooming with a bright smile, she was wearing denim shorts, a white T-shirt, and white jogging shoes. She was a very cool and refreshing girl, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

“Wow wow, Senior San Wu, one of the ten gods of Baoze.”

“Senior Thunderbolt Battle Lady, pleased to meet you.”

It was Li Xianyu’s turn, and she smiled politely and said, “Hello.”

“My name is You Mengyu,” she introduced herself.

A magnificent Land Rover drove out of the airport garage and left the airport along the viaduct.

“Seniors, shall we go straight to fight or wait and see for a while?” You Mengyu drove the car and her face was excited.

Li Xianyu, sitting in the vice-driver’s seat, could not help looking at her. The girl had a message written all over her face, “go fight them quickly” and “fight them now.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady looked at San Wu, and glanced at Li Xianyu, sighing internally. Although she was not the strongest combatant, she should be the leader of the mission.

“Let’s start with the situation.”

“We saw Blood Devil when we went shopping yesterday afternoon, because I happened to pay attention about the death of the Lu family last year, and we saw a picture of the Blood Devil. Blood Devil is ranked 40th on the demon descendants’ list. Xiao Yu and I did not alarm him, knowing that the company was searching for him. I took pictures and sent them to the company. I am in charge of waiting for news from the company, while Xiao Yu is in charge of monitoring the Blood Devil. Her abilities are good at tracking and are best suited for such tasks.”

“After a day of tracking, we discovered that Blood Devil seems to be looking for someone. His search area started downtown and radiated towards the suburbs. To this day, he is no longer in the city, but in Sanliban.”


“Oh, it’s a little far from here. It’s a village.” You Mengyu said, “Xiao Yu has been in touch with me. She has not been exposed so far, but the Blood Devil seems to have companions.”

“Companions?” Thunderbolt Battle Lady was surprised. “Why didn’t you say so in the report?”

You Mengyu threw her mobile phone to Li Xianyu. “Handsome man, can you unlock the phone for me? The password is xxxx.”

According to her request, Li Xianyu unlocked her cell phone and opened the photo album. There were two latest photos, the first photo was a man in a cloak, carrying two swords. The gender could not be distinguished.

The second photo was a sexy young woman, who exuded a foxy charm.

The background was the village in the countryside. Looking at the angle of the photo that was taken, the person who took the photo was crouching on the ground.

“This was the picture that Xiao Yu sent me an hour ago,” You Mengyu said.

Li Xianyu handed the mobile phone to Thunderbolt Battle Lady in the back seat. After reading it, her eyebrows knit together immediately. “Fox Lady Bai Jie’er, an establishing member of the Ancient Gods Clan. I can’t tell who is in the one in the cloak, but amongst the remnant supporters of Ancient God Clan, no one wields double swords. If it’s just these two people, it’s not a big problem.”

The most difficult thing about Bai Jie’er was her charm, which was an invisible power that can defeat opponents. But her strength of head-on combat was not strong.

“What are they looking for?” Li Xianyu asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s nothing good.” You Mengyu remarekd.

“If they act according to a plan, it is better for us to get there as soon as possible,” Thunderbolt Battle Lady said.

“Confront and fight them straight? I like it!” There was a strange blush on You Mengyu’s face, and her eyes were bright, “Blood Devil, I heard that he can drain the blood of a human being with a bite. It’s so sick, I want to get bitten by him, hehhehheh...”

After saying that, she shuddered with a thrill of excitement.

Li Xianyu was confused.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 96: You Mengyu