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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 95: New Mission

Chapter 95: New Mission

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Li Xianyu woke up in the morning and received a call from Huang Yicong. He asked Li Xianyu where he went early in the morning and Li Xianyu only said that he went out to run some errands.

Huang Yicong’s voice was weak and tired, which might be due the sequelae of mental shock last night. However, his tone was obviously relaxed. Li Xianyu pretended to ask if he had heard strange noises last night. Huang Yicong said no and he slept until dawn. He was alright other than having a slight headache.

Li Xianyu said, “I stayed up until 3 A.M. last night and nothing happened. Then I fell asleep. The water monkey and what not is obviously your illusion.”

Huang Yicong chuckled awkwardly and said, “I don’t know if it’s an illusion. I got up in the morning and felt that the dorm room was a little different.”

Li Xianyu dealt with the struggle marks in the dorm room quickly. He threw away the blood-stained books, but the scratches on the bed rack, tables and chairs could not be dealt with. But even if ordinary people like Huang Yicong could detect these small changes, they could not think of a reason.

So Li Xianyu did not explain but said he was neuro-sensitive.

After washing up, Li Xianyu went straight to the revolving restaurant as he was ravenous. Yesterday’s battle was a close shave, but he used two spiritual devices in a row and exhausted his zhenqi. In fact, he was already starving to the point of having gastric before he went to bed. However, sleepiness overpowered hunger so he did not run to the restaurant for supper.

It was breakfast time and there were many people eating breakfast. Li Xianyu looked around and saw several colleagues he was familiar with. Thunderbolt Battle Lady, Lady Killer, as well as two female colleagues were sitting at a table. Li Bai who was donned in patient garb held crutches, and Kato Eagle were sitting together; and at the edge of the corner, King Kong sat alone away from all female colleagues.

He also saw Victoria who had gauze wrapped around her arms and chest, and Ryder who could get out of bed.

Li Xianyu carried breakfast and squeezed at the table where Lady Killer and Thunderbolt Battle Lady were sitting at.

“Men don’t eat eggs in the morning.” Lady Killer used chopsticks to take the fried eggs from Li Xianyu’s plate and put them on Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s plate. He then glanced at her breakfast with satisfaction. “Alright, soy milk, fried dough fritters, and eggs are the exclusive breakfast of a woman.”

Li Xianyu was speechless.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady and two female colleagues were confused. She cut the eggs with a knife and fork and distributed them to the two female colleagues. “Is it because eggs enhances beauty?”

“It’s for breast enhancement,” Li Xianyu teased.

After saying that, his foot under the table was kicked hard by Thunderbolt Battle Lady, and he heard the sound of a fractured leg bone.

“I think I heard the sound of a fracture,” a female colleague said

“No, you heard wrongly.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady buried her head in eating eggs.

A fracture was nothing. He had no need to find an orthopedic doctor even his leg was broken. Li Xianyu silently fixed his own bone back and healed his fracture.

In just a few minutes, Li Xianyu witnessed the terrifying passive nature of Lady Killer’s superpower. All the female colleagues who came to eat breakfast, or those who left, had come to greet Lady Killer and flashed him a sweet smile.

In the virtual world, Thunderbolt Battle Lady told Li Xianyu said that Lady Killer’s superpower was the spiritual ability, such as mental hints and confusion of the mind, which were akin to game buffs power.

Li Xianyu concluded this attack was called the wisdom subtraction, which was something like dimension reduction attack.

Lady Killer’s ability was divided into active and passive techniques. Her active technique was wisdom subtraction, and her passive technique was similar to adding a charming aura to himself.

In the virtual world, Lady Killer has revealed his power, but the reactions of non-player characters were not enough to serve as a reference. Only now did Li Xianyu believe what Thunderbolt Battle Lady said. He was also deeply envious and jealous. Pfft, scum. No wonder this guy was wanted for sleeping with a gang leader’s lover.

After Thunderbolt Battle Lady finished eating, she scrolled through her mobile phone and said with a sad expression. “Oh, it’s repayment day again. Alipay ah, you are already a mature software, Mother cannot help you for the rest of your life. You should learn to pay back your own money, you know.”

“Pfft.” Li Xianyu turned his head and sprayed soy milk on the ground. “Battle Lady, you’re short of money?”

So Thunderbolt Battle Lady has times when she is cheeky.

“Who isn’t short of money?” Thunderbolt Battle Lady said exasperatedly. “I have a salary of 100,000 dollars a month. If there are missions, I have a bonus of tens of thousands, but I still don’t have 200,000 dollars. After buying a bag, imported cosmetics, clothes, and other stuff, the most basic expenses per month are more than 200,000 dollars.”

What kind of life do you live? Two hundred thousand dollars worth of expenses per month? Isn’t it enough for everyone to eat food from Shaxian Hotel together?

“By the way, Salted Fish, you would be paid soon.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s eyes lit up. “Lend me a hundred thousand.”

“I only earn fifty thousand.”

“But you have a lot of points.”

“I can’t afford to lend you...”

“Stingy.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady pursed her mouth.

“If you need to ask someone to lend you money, Lady Killer is richer than I am.” Li Xianyu dumped the hot potato to the playboy beside him.

The playboy shook his head. “Day after day, I would lack money once the days pass. I’m also broke at the end of the month. I will not lend money to someone like Battle Lady who is burdened with credit card fees and online debts Instead, you don’t spend much money since you live in the company these days. You don’t look like a person with extravagant expenses. Fifty thousand dollars is a huge sum of money for a college student, you can lend it.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady looked at him with sparkling eyes.

“I can’t afford to lend you...” Li Xianyu shook his head.

Although I don’t spend much money, my great-grandma is an extremely extravagant spend-thrift. My great-grandma is what you may know as a professional spendthrift.

“Salted Fish Li!” The cry of a foreign accent came from behind.

Li Xianyu looked back and saw Ryder, donned in patient garb and walking step by step in plaster. The guy looked like he had to rest for ten days or half a month. For confidentiality, Lightning King did not ask Li Xianyu to donate blood.

If news of his miraculous blood spreads, it will also be very troublesome; although he has long been coveted by all parties of the demon descendants community.

“Do you dare to fight again?” The chiseled American young man looked focusedly at Li Xianyu with his sea blue eyes.

“What?” Li Xianyu’s expression was blank and asked, “Are you sure?”

“I want to have another fight with you at the Taoist Conference organized by the Buddhist society.” Ryder supported himself with one hand on the table and looked down at Li Xianyu.

Li Xianyu looked away and saw Victoria, not far away, smiling bitterly at him. She pointed to her brother, clasping her hands together, and quietly making a gesture of request.

Li Xianyu glanced away and looked directly at Ryder’s aggressive gaze. “Alright, we’ll have a duel during the Taoist Conference. Although y’all white people have a natural advantage, I won’t lose.”

Ryder left with great ambition.

One of the female colleagues at the same table asked, “Li Xianyu, you agreed to his request just like that?”

Another female colleague said, “Yes, Ryder suffered an unexpected defeat last time. He would definitely be prepared next time. He is better than you in all aspects.”

“What strong,” Thunderbolt Battle Lady turned her head and spat at them. “It’s as if you know Li Xianyu’s abilities very well. Give me a month to train Li Xianyu and he’ll defeat ten in a matter of minutes.”

“We were just discussing in a matter of fact manner.”

“Battle Lady, why are you so angry, what has this got to do with you...”

The two female colleagues whispered.

Taoist Conference... Li Xianyu thought, I have Krypton equipment and have nothing to fear.

After dinner, Li Xianyu carried out his gym exercise as usual. His training schedule almost changed everyday. King Kong carrying a whip and stared attentively, waiting to find a chance to whip Li Xianyu.

When Li Xianyu came out from the gym, he dragged his tired body and came to the training room to find Thunderbolt Battle Lady.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady had not had a mission recently, and slaying Li Xianyu everyday had become a few pleasures in her cultivation days.

“Battle Lady, I want to sleep for half an hour first,” Li Xianyu said.

Now that the two had a close relationship, Li Xianyu flopped onto the ground and gasped. “King Kong that ass, he changes methods everyday to mess with me.”

“That’s how you grow.”

“Well, let me sleep for half an hour. I’m a little weak...”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady smiled and said, “Do you want me to lend my thighs to you?”

She patted her firm and supple thighs.

“Battle Lady is the best.” Li Xianyu crawled over and happily put his head on the Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s thighs.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady slapped him.


Li Xianyu’s neck seemed to be broken... 𝚒𝓷𝚗𝚛𝚎𝙖𝐝. 𝒄૦𝓂


The two’s mobile phones rang at the same time, and a message was sent onto their phones.

“There’s a mission, Lightning King wants me to go to his office,” Thunderbolt Battle Lady said.

“I got it too.” Li Xianyu rubbed his neck and sat up.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 95: New Mission