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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 94: The First Battle Of Life And Death

Chapter 94: The First Battle Of Life And Death

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

It’s here!

In the dark, Li Xianyu’s body tensed, but his heartbeat gradually slowed. He imitated the heartbeat and breathing of normal people when they slept, and at the same time squinted and secretly looked towards the balcony.

The window of the balcony was pushed open, and in the night, a head popped out of the window. Its head was smaller than that of an adult, and almost the size of a teenager. The moment when the window was pushed open, the night wind blew into the room, and Li Xianyu smelled a salty odor and saw a pair of red eyes.

At the same time, a strange sound wave almost destroyed his consciousness, and the soul seemed to be punched out of the body in an instant. His consciousness blurred.

It has the ability to disrupt the mind indeed.

A kappa’s ability was more psychological. In Japanese folklore, there were monsters who appear in various images. People will die of bizarre causes at night as long as these monsters call their names.

In fact, the archetypes of those monsters were kappas, or, on the basis of kappas, and spread as legends, where the truth was distorted in the process of imagination.

Li Xianyu remembered the story told by Huang Yicong. His young friend died from a bizarre cause, but the parents in the next room, separated by a wall did not hear any movement. This made sense, as their consciousness was destroyed by the kappa. When it entered the house, they had already lost consciousness.


The kappa jumped over the window and came in. It bent down, and slowly approached Huang Yicong’s bed. He groped around on his body for a while. A moment later, it seemed that the kappa made a grumpy low roar because it could not find anything.

It was furious.

Next, it’s going to eat Huang Yicong...

Just as Li Xianyu was ready to attack, the kappa suddenly quieted, and the sound of a hasty inhale rang in the dark. It’s nose twitched, and turned to focus on Li Xianyu.

Li Xianyu did not open his eyes, but he knew that the kappa had approached his bed. The stench immediately followed, and two warm breaths spurted on his face, which was the kappa looking at him at close range.

“Gaga!” The low cry was faint with joy.

The next moment, Li Xianyu felt that his right hand was pulled out of the blanket. The kappa’s claws were hard and cold, its skin was rough, sticky, and had thick flippers.

The ring on his thumb was pulled at. The kappa didn’t succeed and pulled at it again, but it failed again.

“Ga?”‘ The kappa seems to be a little confused. It looked at Li Xianyu, then looked at the ring, as it grabbed Li Xianyu’s hand and was about to stuff it in its mouth.

This was the moment he was waiting for!

Li Xianyu opened his eyes, clenched his right hand and hit the kappa’s scaly face. His left hand grabbed the laser handle under the pillow, as he gathered all the spiritual energy and activated the blade.

He could finally see what the thing in front of him looked like. A short height due to its bent figure, its ugly face with two small, flashing red eyes. It was bald, with a bird-like beak. Its back seems to have a tortoise shell, covered with scales.

It was the first time he used the spiritual device and he was particularly excited. Waving a laser sword to cut off demons, just thinking about it was particularly badass.


The light blade flashed out from the laser sword handle, as the faint light illuminated the dormitory. Li Xianyu looked at the short light blade, his face shook.

Three centimeters?! I can’t be so short.

The thought flashed in his mind, but he did not pause. The sword pierced the kappa’s chest, as the light blade tore the scales. Its flesh and blood were torn apart, its blood was scorching, and a pungent odor spread.

The kappa roared in pain and struck at Li Xianyu with a claw.

Ding! The defense spiritual device activated,as a golden light flashed in the dark. Li Xianyu flew backwards due to the impact but was not hurt.

He had just stood up, and the kappa pounced, the sharp tip of its beak pecked on his face.

Li Xianyu shunned its attack and tensed his muscles and bones. He lunged from the side and retaliated with the Metal Mountain Lean attack taught by King Kong.

The kappa quickly turned around, as Li Xianyu hit the tortoise shell. Both man and beast cried in pain.

They fought fiercely in the narrow dormitory, and the kappa was abnormally strong but fought on instinct. Li Xianyu had the protection of the spiritual devices, and was in an invincible position. Thus, he tried his best to experiment with what he had learned on the kappa.

For example, Kato Eagle’s fingering techniques, Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s hand-to-hand combat skills, King Kong’s Metal Mountain Lean, and Lightning King’s lighter shock attack.

The most lethal move was Li Bai’s Exhale Qi as a Sword , but that move exhausted too much zhenqi. Thus, Li Xianyu did not use it, and regarded it as his killing move.

A few minutes later, the kappa admitted defeat. His low intelligence urged him to run, as the enemy in front of him had a thicker defense than his tortoise shell, and a sharper attack than his claws

Once again, after throwing off Li Xianyu, it wriggled its short lower limbs, as its flippers flapped and made a dull noise on the ground. It rushed to the balcony desperately, and was about to leap out of the window.

“Take this, Ultra-Laser.” Behind him rang Li Xianyu’s roar: “Shuwatch!”

A bright arc flickered and hit the kappa on the windowsill. It’s body that was holding onto the windowsill froze, and it flopped over.

Li Xianyu carefully approached it, and without saying a word, first condensed his three centimeters of light blade. He then stabbed the kappa twice in the throat, and three knives in its heart, to put an end to the possibility of its resurrection or faking death.

At the end, he sat down by the bed with relief, and his heart was pounding. The battle, technique and intensity-wise, was not as good as that of his duels with Thunderbolt Battle Lady, but in terms of mentality, it was the most exciting battle he had ever fought. Regardless of victory, it was only a matter of life and death.

Li Xianyu, who entered the demon descendants community for just a month, enjoyed the heat of life and death for the first time in his life.

A figure fell from upstairs, palms bracing on the window, as the figure jumped into the dormitory.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady was tall and sexy, clad in denim shorts and a black T-shirt. She looked at Li Xianyu to make sure he was alright, and was obviously relieved. She then looked at the kappa’s corpse on the ground, and remarked in disdain, “Eww, this thing stinks. Can it really make people look better?”

Li Xianyu turned his gaze from her legs to her face. “Battle Lady, you’re born beautiful, there’s no need to beautify yourself.”

“I completed my task effortlessly. How about you?” he asked.

“I looked around, and there was no sign of the Japanese.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady shook her head.

They had not known each other for a long time, but they had been together day and night in the virtual world for three months, and in reality they “fought” every day. Unwittingly, they fostered a tacit understanding. Thunderbolt Battle Lady easily understood the meaning of Li Xianyu’s words.

The kappa was not a terrifying monster. Li Xianyu has a self-healing ability and three spiritual devices, there was no need for Thunderbolt Battle Lady to protect him in secret. Her real task was to deal with the Japanese who may be hiding around.

Although they did not understand why the kappa gave the ring to a child, let alone locate Huang Yicong through these means after many years but since it was a shikigami, there must be a master behind it.

“No Japanese?” Li Xianyu was stunned and bowed his head. He looked at the kappa’s corpse and asked, “Then what’s going on with it?”

“Maybe the Japanese discovered me and were afraid to come forward. Or maybe its master is dead. Don’t you think it’s strange that the kappa came all the way to China, gave a thing to the local child, and came back on the third day to find something? Then, it couldn’t find it, and ate someone. Why?”

“It’s running away from being pursued!” Li Xianyu guessed.

“Well, that’s the most likely.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady crossed her arms in front of her B-cup chest, something that Li Xianyu lamented over. “The demonic priest had an affair with a Japanese in the past, and it’s normal for him to leave his relic in Japan. As long as it has something to do with the Great Deities Palace, there will be a storm of chaos and massacre everywhere. Is it possible that the holder of the ring was hunted down and fled all the way to Chongming Island off the coast of China, where the kappa escaped with the ringand took control of a local child and asked him to hide the ring itself.”

“But in that case, why did it find my roommate at this time after so many years?” Li Xianyu frowned.

“I don’t know.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady said in rumination, “Maybe it’s because the Great Deities Palace is about to open? Forget it, we don’t have to care about such matters that require brain power. Report it to the company, and some people will ponder over it.”

I thought you had to have big boobs to be brainless, but your breasts aren’t big either. Li Xianyu complained silently in his heart.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady was someone who did not like to use her brain, and this woman was sometimes adorably stupid.

In the past, in the virtual world, two perverts, Lady Killer and Li Xianyu were chatting about indecent topics. Lady Killer asked, “How much do you college students pay for a sexual exchange?”

Li Xianyu replied, “High school is tight, college is loose. High school is better, college is loose and expensive.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady War was dissatisfied and remarked, “I was very tight in college, and I didn’t have enough time every day. Fortunately, I finished my master’s degree a year ahead of schedule.”

Li Xianyu asked, “Are you tight now?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady replied, “Very loose, there are no tasks so I have a lot of time.”

The two perverts almost fell to the bottom of the table laughing, and Thunderbolt Battle Lady grinned foolishly and asked them why they were laughing.

Li Xianyu is now afraid of how Thunderbolt Battle Lady will react if she were to understand what he actually meant...

“What about the corpse?” Li Xianyu was thinking about the clean-up.

“Throw it in your wallet and bring it back to Baoze to complete the assignment.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady said, “Then clean up the scene.”

She frowned and pushed the window open so that the fresh air could come in, as the room smelled of a scorching, smelly and disgusting stench.

Li Xianyu put up with his nausea and threw the kappa’s body in. He wiped the blood and sticky liquid from the ground with a mop and rags, returned the overturned chair to its original position, and put the scattered books back on the table.

After everything was done, he jumped out of the window with Thunderbolt Battle Lady and returned to Baoze.

After they left, in the sewer where the manhole cover was lifted, a woman in a black battle suit and mask squirmed out. She placed her left hand on her waist and held a heavy sniper gun in her right hand. “Lowly creatures, they only know how to hide in dark and dirty places.”

Looking to her left and right, she soon locked onto Li Xianyu’s bedroom window. She carried a sniper gun, jumped more than a dozen meters high and stepped on the wall, and safely jumped into the open window.

The room was clean and tidy, and even the scorched marks on the windowsill were wiped off, but she could still smell the unique salty smell of the kappa, as well as a faint smell of blood.

There was a battle here and it did not take long, because there were no serious signs of damage to the tables and chairs.

She dragged the sniper gun to the bed to observe the lone sleeping figure.

“He sustained a psychological shock, so it should be the kappa’s ability, he does not have the ring...” She murmured to herself, with a pleasant voice and a sweet voice comparable to that of voice actors.”

She tracked the kappa, but bought a piece of cake on the way, but she was too late. The kappa was clearly disposed of, and after its master was taken care of, it was the only one to know where the ring was.

“I’m too late, is it Baoze’s staff? I didn’t manage to kill the descendant of the Li family nor did I find the ring, I will be punished by the old guys when I get back.”

“I really want to spend the summer in China. Chinese watermelons are extremely cheap.”


She sighed and shook open a piece of black cloth to block her curvaceous figure. When the black cloth fell to the ground, the figure disappeared.


After handing over the task, Li Xianyu was taken to the training room by Thunderbolt Battle Lady in the middle of the night to duel. After the long-legged lady derived joy from it, she was contented and led him back to the rest area, but did not sleep. She wore skimpy pajamas and came to visit the door with a face mask on her face.

She and Li Xianyu’s room were not far away, and occasionally came to visit at night, to teach him some fighting theory and common knowledge of the demon descendants community. She also came by to gossip about the company’s colleagues

Once, Li Xianyu told her about her evaluation of her colleagues in the company. For a moment, words slipped out of his mouth, “There is no normal person in this goddamn company.”

After that, he regretted it and felt like he was going to get beaten up by Battle Lady.

Who knew that she felt the same way, and said she had the same sentiments when she first joined Baoze?

Due to its short time of establishment, the membership of Baoze was very complex. As long as one was not a heinous criminal , Baoze will not refuse them. As a result, there was a phenomenon of eclectic profiles of members everywhere.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady also gossiped with Li Xianyu that in fact, before meeting the big boss, Lightning King was an ordinary disciple with ordinary qualifications under the Taoist Clan, and was often teased by his fellow clansmen. Who would have thought that such a person would one day become one of Baoze’s most powerful people?

For example, Tentacle Monster, before joining Baoze was a burglar. Lady Killer who had slept with a mob boss’s lover was pursued and had no choice but to join Baoze.

Kato Eagle used to be a tomb raider. God of Food was a lone ranger, killing demon descendants fugitives for barbecue.

God of Fire’s grandson was missing so he joined Baoze to find his grandson through Baoze’s channels.

Li Xianyu asked, “What’s your backstory then?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady replied, “I am an ordinary woman, and I was troubled when my bloodline awakened. Joining Baoze is like coming home.”

Li Xianyu, however, did not believe that. He had come to Baoze for a while. Baoze Group Building had a special rest area for employees, just like a hotel, and this whole floor was full of suites. But under normal circumstances, other people will not stay in Baoze except for the demon descendants who had to be on duty. Everyone had a home, parents, wives and children. Who lived in the company all day long?

Thunderbolt Battle Lady was the second person he knew who lived in the company.

The first was San Wu, as she had no home, no relatives, and no friends.

So what about her?

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 94: The First Battle Of Life And Death