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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 93: Misfortune Magnet

Chapter 93: Misfortune Magnet

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The scene came to a stop. After a brief blackout, Li Xianyu’s consciousness returned, and the scene before his eyes was still a bustling city filled with the noisy commotion of traffic.

“What happened to you?” Huang Yicong asked in concern and his expression was anxious.

Just now, Li Xianyu suddenly lost his soul and stood still.

Huang Yicong was particularly sensitive to the term “lost his soul”, which reminded him of bad childhood memories.

Li Xianyu looked down at the ring in silence.

The materials and information associated with the Demonic Priest, Wangchen flashed past his mind swiftly.

During the Republic of China, there was a young Taoist priest from Quanzhen Sect. In the process of going down the mountain to gain experience, he accidentally entered the Great Deities Palace by chance. He then opened a new chapter of the rise of a generation of demons.

He acquired a secret treasure from the Great Deities Palace and his hidden ambitions have expanded. The sect let them go down to the mountains to save the world, but the Demonic Priest chose to collude with the Japanese in a concerted effort to achieve great success.

Finally, the Buddhist Society joined with members from orthodox clans and worked together to kill him in Zhongnan Mountain in one of the Taoist caves.

The camp of justice paid dearly for this. Nearly all of the Elders and prodigies of the Taoist clans had been destroyed and has not recovered to this day. The Taoist Clan was more prosperous than the Buddhist Clan, and it was single-handedly destroyed by the Demonic Priest. Today, there was not a single Gokudo Master.

There were only a few simple lines in history about Demonic Priest Wangchen. But those who went down in history and were featured on their own, were not to be underestimated.

Lightning King once told him that his great-grandmother Li, had stood at the top of the Gokudo masters in the 200-year history of modern times. The Demonic Priest, Wangchen was also considered as a peak existence.

What was this concept? One had to know the purpose Great-Grandma was created for...

Perhaps “one man against the country” and “invincible” were phrases that could describe her.

If the ring was truly the Demonic Priest’s relic, that would be great.

In the Demonic Priest’s short history of life, the greatest sin of this man was collusion with the Japanese people. In the past, this evil behavior was unforgivable.

It would explain why the kappa had the ring if the Demonic Priest and the Japanese colluded together. But a question arose again. Why did the kappa come to an island off the coast of China and give the Demonic Priest’s ring to a child living in a rural village?

In the company’s Demon Descendants Chat Group.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “Salted Fish, Salted Fish, are you there?”

God of Fire: “Why did he suddenly stop replying?”

Li Bai: “Oh shit bro, did you get screwed over while chatting, like what happened to me last time?”

King Kong: “Don’t worry. Salted Fish’s superpower is self-healing. Ordinary folks can’t kill him.”

Li Xianyu glanced at his mobile phone and saw 3 missed calls. All of them were from Thunderbolt Battle Lady and the time indicated that the calls were made 5 minutes ago.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady is indeed the lady who fought with me the most, I’m so touched that I’m going to cry.

Li Xianyu: ?_?

“Someone called you on your mobile phone just now, but you didn’t react,” Huang Yicong said.

At this moment, King Kong said in the chat, “Don’t panic Battle Lady, let’s test if he’s safe.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “How do we test that?”

System Notification: King Kong sent a red packet in the group.

Li Xianyu’s eyes lit up and instinctively, he could not control his fingers and snatched the red packet.

He actually got 5 dollars and was in disbelief over getting such a huge sum.

King Kong’s image immediately soared in his heart.

In these years, the amount in red packets that exceed 5 dollars were people who had a conscience. Over 10 dollars were people who were compassionate. But most of it were black-hearted people who gave a few cents and pennies.

King Kong: “He’s still alive, verification complete.”

Li Bai: “@Walking Pile Driver, Battle Lady said she couldn’t get through to your phone and thought something happened to you.”

Walking Pile Driver: “Sigh, thank you Battle Lady. Something happened here, it’s hard to summarize.”

He opened the chat with Lightning King and said straight, “Lightning King, I found something related to the Demonic Priest, Wangchen.”

After the message was sent out for a few seconds, his mobile ringtone rang. Lightning King had called him straight.

“What does the object look like? How are you sure that it is related to the Demonic Priest? Is it a jagged metal shard that feels like a jade to the touch and glows with a subtle spiritual light?” Lightning King bombarded him with a barrage of questions.

Li Xianyu walked a few steps away and whispered, “It’s a piece of jade but not a metal shard. It doesn’t have a spiritual light either. I’m sure it is related to the Demonic Priest because I saw some scenes about him, like how I saw Great-grandma’s past. I guess it’s because I transmitted some spiritual energy into the ring.”

“Ring? ” Lightning King’s tone was somewhat confused. He had thought it was the key to the Great Deities palace, but listening to Li Xianyu’s description, it was obviously not the case.

“Don’t hang up. Take a picture of the ring and send it to me.”

“Hmm?” Li Xianyu was ready to take off the ring, but suddenly his face changed. The ring seemed to become a creature of his finger, that was firmly glued to his thumb. He tried to use more force, but felt a sharp pain in his thumb. Blood flowed between the finger and the gap between the finger and the ring. Although the wound healed the next minute, it really could not be removed unless he cut his thumb off.

“Lightning King, I can’t get it off.”

“Can’t get it off?” Lightning King was perplexed. “Just get it out the way you put it in.”

“No, it bleeds as soon as I pull at it, and it really hurts.”

“Then don’t pull it out, keep it that way and take pictures.”


Li Xianyu took the picture of the ring together with his finger and sent it. A moment later, Lightning King’s voice rang from the loudspeaker. “There is no such object in the Demonic Priest’s records. But since it has something to do with the Japanese, it means that this object must have a certain significance. Take care of it for the time being. Don’t let the news spread. You’re already troublesome enough. If you let others know that the Demonic Priest’s relic is with you...”

Li Xianyu felt that the Great Deities Palace and his Four Pillars of Destiny clashed with each other. His father died in the uproar of Great Deities Palace 20 years ago. He also died due to an accidental fall because of the Great Deities Palace. Now, the Demonic Priest’s relic has entangled with him after more than 80 years.

Lightning King sighed. “I always felt that recruiting you into the company was recruiting a misfortune magnet.”

Without giving Li Xianyu the opportunity to defend himself, Lightning King hung up the phone.

A few minutes later, Lightning King sent a mission announcement in the group. He handed the task to Li Xianyu to complete, and Thunderbolt Battle Lady would assist covertly.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “Wow, you are just giving away points. Lightning King, is Salted Fish your illegitimate son?”

Lady Killer: “Li Xianyu’s welfare is good. You even have Battle Lady to protect you covertly.”

Normally, newcomers would start dealing with ghosts. They would first be responsible for a few years of supernatural events and when they have gained experience, they would slowly be exposed to some of the tasks of the demon descendants. Many newcomers had been in office for several years and were still with Ning Caichen. Not only did Li Xianyu receive these major tasks, but he also “guardians” to secretly protect him. That was the kind of welfare descendants of major families received.

Lightning King: “Since he discovered this matter, he can just deal with it directly. The kappa is not a formidable demon. It can train the newcomer.”

Then, Li Xianyu received a private message from Lightning King. “Your great-grandma repeatedly asked me to hone your skills and train you. She boasted about you at the Lianghua Temple. Once the Great Deities Palace is opened, both of you will be grilled on an oil pan. If you deal with insignificant supernatural events all the time, you can’t grow up. Li Xianyu, go and see for yourself the happenings of the demon descendants community.”

Li Xianyu did not reply to him, and his expression was solemn.

In the group chat.

[Files Administrator] Mo Fei: “When I first entered the record files, I suddenly realized that Li Xianyu joined the company for a month and this is his fourth mission, including the Long Aotian incident. The company only took the initiative to release one mission to him. What does this say?”

Long Aotian emerged and commented: “He is a misfortune magnet.”

He immediately lurked in the chat after emerging. Recently, it is not suitable for him to increase his sense of existence in front of colleagues. After a while, when the aftereffects of his virtual world shenanigans completely disappeared, he would continue spamming the chat.

Lady Killer: “As a newcomer, four missions a month is really a little frequent.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “Is this any strange physique?” When I joined Baoze, I only took one mission in more than half a year.”

King Kong: “Since you mentioned this, it seems to be true. I remember, Long Aotian was alright before. When Salted Fish joined, his powers immediately grew and we were almost unable to get out.”

Li Xianyu thought, Are you going to pin the blame on me too?

[Files Administrator] Mo Fei: “Inspiration hit me suddenly. When he becomes a regular employee, his title can be “Misfortune Magnet”, how’s that?”

Shit, Mo Fei, think twice before you act.

Walking Pile Driver: “I think my title can be “Hours”. [wipes sweat]”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “Misfortune Magnet is a terrible name. I just researched on Baidu. His constitution should be called “Little Prince of Trouble”.

Battle Lady, are you serious? You are supposed to be the gentle figure of our group.

Li Bai: “Call him “An Iron rod to Fix the Sky.”

[Files Administrator] Mo Fei: “What does that mean?”

Li Bai did not come forward to explain. That was his and Li Xianyu’s shared secret in the toilet.

What the hell, guys? The corners of Li Xianyu’s mouth twitched. Every time the big guys in the group talked about him, the discussion would go haywire.

All this was because of Old Master’s Qin’s naked photo of him which kickstarted his career as the “group favorite.”

The old man rarely emerged in the group now. Perhaps he was old and not used to online chat tools. He certainly did not expect his one decision to cause Li Xianyu, a newcomer, to quickly become a group favorite.

Li Xianyu sent a message to Thunderbolt Battle Lady and shared some of his own views. He then asked her how to deal with the task.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady replied, “According to your guess, your classmate will die tonight. The kappa will come. We’ll just wait and catch it.”

Li Xianyu said worriedly, “There are too many people in the school, what happens if things blow up?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “Baoze will handle it. Don’t worry about it.”

After finalising the idea, Li Xianyu kept his mobile phone and looked at his roommate: “Whether what you say is true or not, you have to face it. I’ll be with you tonight.”

Huang Yicong hesitated and said, “Let’s call the police.”

Li Xianyu shrugged his shoulders, “So you’ll tell the police that you were haunted by a water monkey? Besides, that’s just your guess. Chongming is a few hours away from here, and the Huangpu River is more than ten kilometers from the school. Is the water monkey climbing all the way? Maybe you just think too much.”

He does make sense.

Huang Yicong grit his teeth and said, “Alright, should we ask Guangtai to go back together?”

“It’s the weekend, that fellow is definitely going to pull an all-nighter.”

Li Xianyu was right. Yang Guangtai refused to go back to his dorm to sleep. He turned his grief and indignation into strength and transferring his murderous aura of a single dog to the gaming world.

He also showed disdain towards Li Xianyu. He could sleep with the lady but he wanted to be a gentleman.

It was 11 P.M when they got back to the dorm. Li Xianyu and Huang Yicong took turns to wash up and switched off the lights to sleep.

Huang Yicong did not dare to sleep at first and chatted with Li Xianyu. However, he had a very regular biological clock. After midnight, he was slowly unable to hold up, and his voice got softer and softer. The frequency of his replies gradually reduced, and he unwittingly fell asleep.

When he fell asleep, Li Xianyu took out the krypton spiritual device from his wallet. The Ultraman laser launcher was bound to his left arm, and the laser sword handle was placed under the pillow. He then pasted the dragon’s inverse scale to his chest.

Before midnight, he received a message from Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “I’m here.”

Li Xianyu did not know where she was hiding, but he immediately had a lot of peace of mind. With Battle Lady here, she was equivalent to an extra layer of insurance.

By 2 A.M., Li Xianyu suddenly heard a subtle noise coming from the balcony. It was as if a sharp claw had scraped the wall, and something had climbed up the wall.

The sound got closer and finally stopped outside the balcony window.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 93: Misfortune Magnet