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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 92: Demonic Priest

Chapter 92: Demonic Priest

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Huang Yicong was so frightened that he could not speak. His childhood nightmares shrouded him again after many years. Li Xianyu can understand his roommate’s fear, just as he secretly rummaged through his sister’s underwear in the wardrobe and was caught on the spot by his sister. Li Xianyu, who was still in primary school at that time, had a similar level of fear with what Huang Yicong was experiencing now.

His friend died on the third night and his body was found on the fourth morning, the internal organs were almost eaten away. There was little concept of soundproof in the rural villages, so the parents in the next room did not hear anything.

The events were creepy, and seemed to be listed as one of Chongming’s bizarre deaths.

Huang Yicong, who knew part of the truth, did not reveal to anyone. He buried the true connection with fear and studied hard, trying to suppress the creepiness through the magnificent values built by the core values of socialism. Who thought that more than a decade later, that thing had found him.

Li Xianyu gave the ring back to Huang Yicong. However, he shrank back like he was electrocuted, his face pale. He shook his head, absolutely unwilling to take the ring.

He had to keep the ring for the time being. He fiddled with it and looked at it carefully. If the events transpired from it, then it must be a treasure, at least not as ordinary as it looked.

Li Xianyu opened the ancient demon chat application and told the story about the appearance of the water monkey and Huang Yicong in detail in the group.

God of Fire: “Hey, with this vivid description, I should know this kind of thing.”

The first to reply to him was the very experienced God of Fire.

Li Bai: “I am so lost, what kind of monster is this? Is there only a text description? Salted fish, do you want to draw a simple picture on the computer?”

Walking Pile Driver: “...I don’t know anything about that kind of thing, and I can’t even make it up with my imagination.”

Li Bai: “Useless, you might as well hang yourself on a branch facing the south-east.”

Walking Pile Driver: “@Li Bai, you want to have a poetry duel with me?”

Li Bai: “Farewell.”

Just then, the God of Fire sent a [startled] expression: “Kappa, it’s the kappa, I remember now.”

Walking Pile Driver: “What is a Kappa, is it fierce?”

God of Fire: “A kappa is a relatively docile demon descendant of another clan, mainly found in the Yellow River in China, the Yangtze River Basin, and the coastal areas of Japan. When I was young, kappas were still very common. They are a prototype of water monkey spread among the people. Twenty years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, I do not know why this spread in the demon descendants community, but there’s a saying that eating kappas can make one more beautiful and more virile. In a short period of more than ten years, the kappas in our country have become extinct. The last time I saw a kappa was thirty years ago.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “I, as a member of the younger generation has never seen such a thing as a kappa.”

Li Bai: “+1.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “Really, is it true? Can kappas make one look more beautiful? [desire]”

Walking Pile Driver: “Can it really replenish the kidney and strengthen virility?”

System Notification: Walking Pile Driver withdrew a message.

Walking Pile Driver: “Battle Lady, don’t divert the topic. @God of Fire, is the kappa ferocious?”

God of Fire: “Kappas are docile and omnivorous. They often pull children swimming alone and drown them, but that is because of their playful habits, and are not deliberately committing murder. Usually it doesn’t eat people, but in your friend’s story, it even climbs to the shore to eat people... If I’m right, the kappa should be raised at home, and not wild.”

God of Food: “God of Fire means that after the extinction of wild kappas, they have been shamefully converted to domestic breeding? I can’t wait. [drooling] ”

God of Fire: “No, in fact, this is not good news. Wild kappas are docile and are different from those raised domestically. No one wants to raise these things to eat them but if they are raised, it must have a certain purpose I heard that some families in Japan are raising kappas and turning them into shikigami.”

King Kong: “Isn’t shikigami a mean to manipulate vengeful spirits?”

[File Administrator] Mo Fei: “King Kong, you really have to read more. Is your understanding of Japan limited to porn?”

King Kong: “To be frank, I don’t know Japanese women if they wear clothes.”

Walking Pile Driver: “+1.”

God of Fire: “Shikigamis uses a talisman to control vengeful spirits, as well as living creatures as vessels. Kappas are a common Shikigami in Japan.”

[File Administrator] Mo Fei: “I just checked the information in the archives. Chongming did have such an unknown creature cannibalism that happened in 2007. The victim was a child, and was only 10 years old at that time. The internal organs of the body were eaten up, but there was no painful expression on his face, but very serene. The police judged that it was caused by an unknown creature and filed it as a strange event.”

“At that time, the law enforcer was from the Buddhist Society, and a monk in Jingxin Temple in Shanghai was responsible for investigating the case. He immediately determined that the unknown creature was a kappa. He spent two days in Chongming, and followed the river and searched for a week, but found no trace of the kappa. It’s determined to be passing by here by accident, and committed the crime in a fit of impulse. There was no follow-up to the case after that.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “Now it seems that this is obviously not out of so-called impulse. After many years, the kappa appeared again. What does he want with Salted Fish’s friend? The kappas in our country have been eaten and gone extinct. The kappa in the story is more like a shikigami, does it mean that it has something to do with the Japanese people?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “@Walking Pile Driver, in the story, the kappa gave the child something. That thing is still there, right? Can you take a picture and send it in the group?”

Li Xianyu’s gaze fell on the jade ring and a thought suddenly flashed in his heart. This thing, was probably a spiritual device. It could even be a valuable treasure from Japan.

As long as one input spiritual power, every spiritual device will change. Thinking of this, Li Xianyu quietly input a trace of spiritual power into the ring, but there were no changes.

It isn’t a spiritual device?

The ring was obviously someone’s accessory. If it was not a spiritual device, it may be a token or something.

Li Xianyu imagined that someone had worn it and used it as a token to rule the world... Oh no, rule Japan and dominate all. Somehow, he felt compelled and wore the ring on his thumb.


The moment he put on the ring, there seemed to be a thunderous noise in his mind, followed by a sudden dizziness. It was kind of like squatting for too long, suddenly getting up so he felt disoriented.

His five senses seemed to be far away and Li Xianyu felt that his soul seemed to have been pulled out of his body and sunk into boundless darkness. 𝑖𝐧𝓷𝓇𝙚𝙖d. c𝚘𝐦

But then there was a light reflected in his eyes.

“Senior, Senior, you are slacking again.” A clear voice as crisp as an oriole sounded in his ear.

Li Xianyu opened his eyes on a warm afternoon. He looked around, and found himself in a strange environment. Overhead was a towering hundred years old pine tree and a massive boulder. A young handsome Taoist priest was lying on the stone, as a girl in a blue robe and a black wood hairpin in her hair stood.

He stood on the stone, beside the young Taoist priest. Looking at the scene, the mountains and rivers were beautiful, and the atmosphere was magnificent. A green bricked Taoist Hall was hidden in the silhouettes of trees. The sun was bright, and the birds chirped cheerfully.

“Junior sister, life is short and big dreams are boundless. Don’t disturb your handsome senior from sleeping.” The young man turned over lazily.

“Senior, it’s alright when you are lazy in your usual martial arts practise. Today is the gathering day for us disciples to go down the mountain. In half an hour, Master will gather all the seniors. If he finds out that you slipped outside to sleep, be careful he will break your legs.”

The young girl’s hands were on her waist as she lamented, “In the past, we were forced to avoid worldly affairs and focus on our cultivation, and we didn’t participate in the war below the mountains. Today, the Chinese people have joined forces to fight Japan, and 40,000 people have been committed to this endeavor. It is time for us Taoist disciples to join the people.”

“Monks should not ask about worldly affairs, and live in seclusion in the mountains and forests. Only by understanding nature, can one forget his feelings and unite heaven and man.” The young man was indifferent. “Even if Master were here, I would say that.”

“Well, then...” The girl stomped her feet and said, “Then I’ll tell master about you hiding porn under your bed.”

“I lent it to Senior Yuan Qing last month. Feel free to report me.”

“Hah, you peeked at Senior Sister Tai Su when she took a bath last year. Fragrant skin as snow, spring light shone as she unrobed, her fragrant elegant body mesmerizing, how charming. Tut, Sister Tai Su must not have known that Senior Wangchen has such an extraordinary flair for writing.”

“Junior sister, life is too short to be wasted in dreams.”

“Hmph, it’s too late.”

“Hey, come back, give me another chance.”

The two chased after each other, and the figures and voices drifted further away.

Li Xianyu stood under the green pine, only feeling that the words “Wangchen” sounded familiar, but could not remember for a moment.

He had experienced this strange memory once, because of his further blending with Great-Grandma, so he saw some scenes that happened in the past. The scene in front of him was also in Great-Grandma’s memory?

Armies were in a scuffle, as the Kuomintang and the Communist Party fought against Japan, this should be the period of the Republic of China.

If it’s Great-Grandma’s memory, isn’t this young Taoist priest his ancestor?

But Li Xianyu soon realized that it was wrong. First of all, he did not see Great-Grandma. Obviously, it could not be her memory. Secondly, according to the timeline, the Li family of this life should be the pinnacle character.

That’s right. He was either having sex with women, or on the way to having sex with women.

That ancestor was incredibly busy, how could he have time to become a Taoist priest?

Quanzhen, Wangchen.

Quanzhen, Wangchen...

During the period of the Republic of China...

A flash of lightning crossed Li Xianyu’s mind. Demonic Priest Wangchen!

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 92: Demonic Priest