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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 781-END

781 The shifting stars

The dark sky bloomed with divine light, as if God was guiding the people to heaven.

It was not a door opened by God, but by the fruit. When the fruit ripened, it would return to its original world.

This door did not allow any living being from this world to pass through. The immortal Bird had once wanted to bring the fruit into the world behind the door, but the world had rejected her.

He closed his eyes and used his Yin spirit to reverse time.

The world seemed to be reversed, the waves reversed, the flying ashes receded, and great-grandma’s appearance was re-condensed.

“I love you too!” He lowered his head and kissed great-grandma’s face.

They were so close, but they seemed to be separated by two worlds.

He left the coastal waters and returned to new city. He found cui Hua in the chaotic battlefield and watched her fight with two top S-Class members and die.

In order not to distract him, she didn’t ask him for help until she died of exhaustion. He didn’t run away either, because he had said that this battle was very important. He had to win.

Then, a missile landed and turned everything into ashes.

“No wonder I couldn’t find you.” Li Xianyu said softly.

After reading Ice Shard’s letter, he knew that he could not escape his fate. The reason why he started the decisive battle in new city was to prevent more people from dying.

Because the dead would eventually be taken away by fate.

Only by ending the disaster as soon as possible could the people who were not dead be saved.

That was what he had thought before, but now he had a different idea.

Li Xianyu walked and stopped. The scene changed and he left the battlefield in new city. Time went back to the end of last year, at baoze’s headquarters.

He floated like a lonely ghost at the top of baoze’s building and saw a silver-gray Audi A9, which was newly launched in 2020, coming at lightning speed. He was the one driving, and his milk and his cat were in the car.

The silver-gray Audi A9 entered the underground parking lot and he followed.

The car door was pushed open, and the two of them got out of the car, hand in hand. They looked like a couple.

Looking at them holding hands as they entered the elevator, li Xianyu smiled sincerely. It felt like many years later, when he looked at the yellowed photos, the woman was not there, and the people had changed. However, the mellow fragrance that had been brewing over the years would be renewed with time.

If it wasn’t for my brain spasming and saying the wrong thing, great-grandma wouldn’t have had a Cold War with me for so long. I couldn’t get a girl if I was anxious, and I couldn’t get great-grandma either.

Li Xianyu sighed at the thought of this.

Last year’s Li Xianyu had just stepped out of the elevator. He seemed to have felt something and looked around in a daze.

Yin God li Xianyu left and went back in time to Shangqing sect. It happened that li Xianyu went on board to pick up the nanny.

At that time, li Xianyu and dan chenzi were just sitting on the steps and talking. Li Xianyu said, ” you don’t know, li peiyun, that stupid b * stard, was fascinated by me in Europe.

Then, he burst into laughter.

Dan chenzi also laughed all over the ground. li peiyun also has such a day. It’s so interesting. It’s so interesting. I’m going to call jiese.

‘Two idiots ... Yin God li Xianyu smiled, and then, he bowed deeply. “Senior,” he said.

The old Daoist ignored him.


“If you have something to say, then say it.” “I told you I won’t do anything. I’ll only do it when it’s time,” the old Daoist said.

“I’m not here to beg you. The matter has been resolved.” Li Xianyu said.

“You came later?” The old Daoist came to a realization.

“I only ask senior to help me pass two words to this idiot.” Li Xianyu pointed to a certain person who was dressed in women’s clothing to hook up with the enemy, making herself look very impressive and powerful.

“Speak,” he said.

“First, fate can not be changed. Second, in this life ... I’d rather be alone.”


“I just want to try.”

“Alright, you can go away.”

“Thank you, senior.” After li Xianyu thanked her, he crossed 20 years and came to the great deities Palace.

In the mist, the stone statues of the Lizardmen stood in the great deities Palace, like guards protecting the palace.

The three young men walked out of the thick mist and came to the depths of the great deities Palace.

The one in the middle was handsome, with a gap on his left eyebrow. He was wearing sweatpants and a black coat for easy movement. Although he did not wear a coquettish bell-bottomed shirt and flowery shirt, li Xianyu also recognized that this was his biological father.

On the left was the younger version of his adoptive father. There was nothing to say about his facial features. After all, he had seen this face for twenty years.

The young man on the right looked somewhat similar to dan Yunzi, but his eyes were sharper and more determined, and there was a shadow between his eyebrows that could not be removed.

The three sworn brothers from back then.

Li Wuxiang gave a few instructions and entered the real great deities Palace alone. Li Xianyu followed him in, and it felt like watching a 3D movie.

The inside of the great deities Palace was also shrouded in fog. Li Wuxiang listened to the sound of his footsteps echoing in the quiet and empty space, as if he was facing a great enemy, and did not dare to relax for a moment.

He was afraid that a terrible monster would pounce out of the thick fog and bite off his head.

After walking for a while, as the temperature rose, the thick fog became thinner, and their vision became much clearer.

He finally walked out of the thick fog, but he was shocked by the scene in front of him. He exclaimed, ” “What is it?”

Li Wuxiang’s failure was not to be blamed. Li Xianyu was also shocked. What he saw in front of him was a humanoid creature. The blood vessels and muscles outlined a human figure, as if he had been skinned.

Moreover, it was actually alive.


Two round eyes rolled and looked at li Wuxiang.

This was the scene I saw in my dream, and at that time, my angle happened to be its angle ... Li Xianyu’s heart sank, and an ominous premonition filled him.

you are the first living being to come to this world. It said.

To be precise, it didn’t open its mouth, but just transmitted its spiritual will to li Wuxiang.

“You, you ... The master of the great deities Palace?” Li Wuxiang was scared out of his wits and trembled in fear.

“If you’re referring to that Bird, Richard is sleeping in the pool behind me. But he’s about to wake up.” It said.

“Then, then you are ...” Li Wuxiang was shocked and suspicious, suspecting that this monster was fooling him.

“I don’t know what I am, but we call me fruit.” It said.

It was the fruit. This half-finished creature was the fruit, and it had a consciousness!

Li Xianyu took a deep breath, and his ominous feeling intensified.

Therefore, it told li Wuxiang about the battle that happened countless years ago. It was very simple. It answered all questions, did not hide anything, and did not play tricks.


Li Wuxiang had heard of what had happened back then, and Qing Shi had told him about it.

come with me. If you leave the master of the great deities Palace, I will destroy the world.

“Destroy the world ...” It thought for a moment and replied, ” we just want to get me and occupy my authority. I don’t belong to this world. I still want to go back. If the people of this world obtain me, we won’t be able to enter the higher world. Other than going back in time, we won’t be able to do anything else.”

“Turning back time?”

yes, the person behind you probably wants to get me and go back to the ancient times.

Going back to the ancient era ... Li Wuxiang swallowed his saliva with difficulty. “Qing Shi won’t.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” It seemed very confused.

Li Wuxiang did not answer and was silent for a long time.

After a long time, he laughed bitterly and said,”I’m finished.”

“What do you mean I’m finished?” Guo Zi asked, confused.

“I didn’t mean anything else.” Li Wuxiang waved his hand. The creature in front of him, who called itself a fruit, was too naive and simple, like a newborn baby.

He looked at the mural behind the fruit and thought, ” “You painted these murals? The ones outside as well?”

The fruit admitted. I’ve been awake for a long time. I can’t get out of here. So, I recorded what happened in the past.

Soul painter, so it was you!

“Then, how can you leave this world? There’s someone out there who wants you.”

The fruit pondered for a long time. this creature called the Phoenix devoured me and used my power. She tried to leave this world through me, but she failed ...

“..... After suppressing the other eight creatures, Hui fell into a deep sleep. I gradually awakened in her body and separated from her. ”

“My body is not complete. My bones are very strong, and the nutrients I can absorb from my bones are limited.”

This was the reason why ice shards had fallen ... Li Xianyu smiled bitterly.

The fruit continued, ” in this world, I can’t continue to parasitize others. Otherwise, my power will be squandered. I need a body of my own. I hope you can help me. ”

“How can I help you?”

“I want to obtain your genes to complete myself. Let me transform into a complete life form. When I evolve into a complete form, hmm, I should be at the top of this world’s combat power, then I’ll be mature. I have to go back.”

before that, I only need to parasitize you for a while. Your life level is not high, so I can get your genes very soon.

I’m afraid I can’t protect you alone. Even if you have my genes, you will attract a lot of attention. I have to find you a shield.

“What’s a shield?”

“It’s to help you attract attention.”

“Undying bird.” her fate has already been tied into a dead knot, ” the fruit said. she will no longer threaten me.

Li Wuxiang promised it to let the fruit live on his body. In order to hide it, he broke the eggshell and took away the shed skin of the immortal Bird.

Li Xianyu’s mind rumbled, and he could not feel anything.

All the clues were.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 781-END