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780 The Li family has a daughter

Unparalleled war spirit, how long can you hold this in? ”

In the dark deep sea, under the control of Dolf, it was as if the power of the entire ocean was pressing on great-grandma.

Even if he was at the peak of Gokudo path, he still had to bear the attack of a master of the same realm under such terrible pressure. Even the gods could not reverse the situation.

Duo erqian stepped on great-grandma’s feet on the seabed that was filled with mud. He held her left arm, growled deeply, and tore it with force.

The little hand that had been held by li Xianyu countless times had left its owner.

The blood mixed with the muddy water.

Great-grandma’s eyes widened, and her muddled consciousness became clearer.

With a wave of Qi, duo erqu was shaken away.

Compared with Dolf’s three-meter tall body, great-grandma, who was 1.6 meters tall, was petite enough. But it was such a petite body that she stood up against the heavy pressure of the ocean and straightened her back inch by inch.

Great-grandma’s seven orifices were bleeding, and the flesh and blood of the wounds were unable to move. They seemed to be exhausted and difficult to heal.

the demon descendants ‘community has been around for 150 years, saying that you are an unparalleled war spirit. But who knows that you are just the product of my experiment? ” Duo erqu walked over slowly on the sea.

“We’re both at the peak of extreme grade, how can you fight me?”

how can you fight with me in this vast ocean? unparalleled war spirit, arrogance and blind are your fatal flaws.

The two of them got into a fighting stance at the same time and raised their fists.

Bang! Bang!

The White and beautiful fist pierced through duo erqian’s chest, and the big fist covered with scales also penetrated great-grandma’s chest.

They retreated at the same time and raised their fists.

They pierced through each other’s bodies again.

“How is it? Unprecedented?” Not caring about his injuries at all, duo erqu laughed contemptuously, ” The so-called unparalleled war spirit is just a product of my inspiration.

I sent you to the peak of Gokudo path. You should be grateful, but you don’t want to repay my kindness with enmity. You even want to take revenge for the execution of your entire family.

“Who Do You Think You Are? do you really think you’re a Big Shot?”

Great-grandma’s beautiful face turned ferocious. She dragged her tired body and took the initiative to wave her fist.

Unexpectedly, this time, duo erqu did not exchange blows with her.

Pfft ...

The muffled sound of a sword piercing into a chest.

A sword that was neither iron nor Jade pierced great-grandma’s chest.

The poison spread, and the wound was quickly dyed purple.

Unparalleled war spirit, the outcome has been decided. Duo er sneered. It was much easier to deal with this woman than the undying bird. He had to be careful when fighting the undying bird and couldn’t expose his trump cards.

For the unparalleled war spirit, it was easy to find an opportunity.

“Tsk, actually, even if I don’t use my Kusanagi sword, you won’t be able to leave the bottom of the sea. However, killing you without any hesitation would be letting you off easy.”

I’m going to kill you with the Kusanagi sword and enjoy the pain before your death. It’ll be a beautiful memory that I’ll remember for many years ... Duo Erjie frowned and stared at the wound corroded by the poison.

“You don’t feel pain?”

Great-grandma’s face was calm from the beginning to the end. If it weren’t for the murderous look in her eyes, duoerqian would have thought that she was dead.

“Back then, I volunteered to become the unparalleled war spirit, but in exchange, my entire family was executed. When I wake up, the Qing Dynasty will be over.” Great-grandma said in a low voice, ”

“Do you know how long I’ve been holding this in?”

“So?” Dohre gripped the hilt of his sword and twisted it.

Great-grandma frowned and took the initiative to hold the sword. duo erqian, everyone in the world knows about the unparalleled war spirit. Do you know ...

“The Li family’s first wife’s daughter, Li Jun!”


Amid the clear and loud sound, dohre’s pupils rapidly expanded. Kusanagi sword ... It shattered.

It was crushed by the unparalleled war spirit with one hand.

In the dark ocean, the Scarlet pupils pierced through the layers of water, the surface of the sea, and the clouds.

An indescribable force was born from this body that was riddled with holes. It seemed to have appeared out of thin air, but it also seemed to have been suppressed for more than a hundred years and could finally be released without any restraint.

The sound of thunder rang out. This time, it was not a volcanic eruption, nor was it the high heat boiling the sea water. Instead, it was the air that was steaming the vast ocean.

Dolf’s connection with the ocean was suddenly cut off, and his surroundings became a vacuum.

This woman had used her Qi to repel the seawater.

Great-grandma held duo erqu’s neck with one arm, and her pupils had turned into pure blood light.

“If I wanted to kill you, why would I need the sword of Qi?”

It was like the eruption of lava that had been compressed in the earth’s crust for tens of millions of years, and the power beyond the peak of Gokudo path gushed out.

Duo erqu’s body melted like a snowball. His head and body were melted, and the ancient demon’s body was turned into ashes by this power that surpassed the peak of Gokudo path.

The surface of the sea!


It was as if a nuclear bomb had exploded at the bottom of the sea, blasting tens of millions of tons of seawater into the sky. New city, which was shrouded in smoke, began to rain.


The tsunami occurred again, turning the coastal areas of the city into a vast ocean.


Heavy rain poured down, and the waves surged.

Li Xianyu walked on the waves and was drenched.

He walked in the dark, surging waves for a long time until a girl with a broken arm emerged from the boiling sea somewhere.

She was also drenched, and her hair stuck to her cheeks.

She looked around anxiously on the sea, and when she saw li Xianyu, she was no longer in a panic.

He staggered forward.

Li Xianyu was a little dazed. At this moment, it was as if time had gone back and he saw the pretty girl who had woken up from the black water spirit Pearl.

“Dohre is dead, it’s settled!” Great-grandma smiled and pursed her lips. Her eyes were bright, like a little girl asking for praise.

“So powerful.” He said.


Great-grandma’s eyes smiled into crescent moons and nodded. I, great-grandma, have never had such a good fight in my life. It’s so satisfying, hahaha.

She staggered, as if she had lost her strength, and fell into li Xianyu’s arms.

His red lips lost all color and his body trembled. Li Xianyu, hug me, hug me ...

“Yes.” Li Xianyu hugged her tightly. I’m sorry. I’m late. he apologized.

Great-grandma shook her head. in the past, I thought life was really boring. I don’t know when this annoying guardian spirit life will end. Unfortunately, I’m invincible, and no one can kill me.

“After that, I met you. I don’t want to die anymore. I want to stay by your side forever ... Fate likes to play tricks on people.”

Salted fish, hug me tightly. I’m so cold ... Thank you, thank you for helping me find the meaning of my life.”

“I, I ...” “I love you,” she mustered her courage and said.

A gust of night wind blew over, and her body disintegrated in the wind. Like a crumbling dust, she was carried far away by the wind, to another world.

Li Xianyu’s clenched left hand slowly loosened, and the black powder drifted away with the wind.

The Dragon Pearl had always been a Dharma artifact that confined her and stabilized her.


Li Xianyu:

By the time you read this letter, I might have already died. I’m no stranger to death. Over the long years, I’ve long gotten used to sleeping and waking up.

“This time, it might be different. Someone will replace me. But it was just an even longer sleep.

I’ve been born in the ancient times and I’ve long been tired of the boring life. Longevity was a beautiful Curse. It represented eternal loneliness. They would either become cold and detached in their loneliness, or they would destroy themselves in their loneliness.

I believe that the unparalleled war spirit can more or less understand me.

Don’t you find it strange that I was able to kill eight chief sovereigns despite being a chief sovereign as well? my power clearly wasn’t that ridiculous.

Yes, because I’m the same as you. I used the power of the fruit to turn back time.

I forcibly changed my fate, changed my fate of being surrounded and attacked by the eight chief sovereigns. But I still didn’t kill them. After a long time, they escaped from the great deities Palace and launched a plan against the fruit and me.

I met with an accident when I was devouring the fruit and died once. I had no choice but to reincarnate.

I’ve racked my brains to fight for the fruit and desired to transcend. However, after countless years, I’m still me and the fruit is still the ruler’s goal. I still became the target of public criticism.

I understood that those who play with fate will also be played by fate.

This is my destiny.

In addition, the fruit could not change orders, let alone resurrect the creatures that had fallen in the river of time. Its true use was to transcend time and this world, bringing you to a higher dimension.

Turning back time was only one of its uses.

I’m sorry, I lied to you because of my selfishness.

Even though I know that fate can not be changed, I still want to give it my all. I want to defeat the enemy and share the fruit with you, to transcend together.

So, in order to prevent you from going back in time and for the sake of the overall victory, I lied to you and said that the fruit can save them.

I know you won’t forgive me. The final outcome is you abandoning me, and I still can’t transcend.

And when you opened this letter and found out the truth, it proved that I had already fallen.

Everything had its destiny. This was fate.

When you step into Gokudo path, that’s when the fruit ripens. You will transcend and leave this world. We will never meet again in this life.”

“Li Yihan, final stroke!”

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