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779 God will forgive you

Creak ... Bang ...

The huge patrol ship could withstand the bombardment of missiles, but at this time, it fell apart in the battle between the two Gokudo Masters. The hull was full of dents and cracks. Finally, the bottom of the ship cracked under the attack of the unparalleled war spirit that duo Erjie once again sent into the cabin.

The sea water poured in, and the huge ship slowly sank, swallowed by the sea water.

No one fled, no one cried out in alarm.

It was because everyone on the ship had died in the aftermath of the battle between duo Erdi and the unparalleled war spirit.

The Dragonman duo Erdi swooped down from the sky and crashed into the ocean. His vertical pupils expanded and captured the faint light in the ocean. He immediately captured the figure of the unparalleled war spirit.

The sea water automatically protected him and pushed him forward, hitting the unparalleled war spirit.

“Her strength suddenly declined, and she has fallen below Gokudo path. This means that li Xianyu has lost, or at least he is seriously injured and unable to fight again.”

in other words, the victory is already set for Beck reedrall. I have to end this as soon as possible, or else the fruit will be taken by him.

Through the feedback of the unparalleled war spirit, Dolf quickly judged the changes in the battle situation in New York City.

This time, duo Erjie manipulated the water to increase the power of his fist. With the power of the peak of Gokudo path and the mighty power of the ocean, his target was her head. He intended to kill the unparalleled war spirit with one punch.

There was no time to waste.

Sensing the powerful attack, the unparalleled war spirit raised her hand and tried to resist.

Duo Erjie sneered disdainfully. At the bottom of the sea, even the undying bird’s brute force was slightly inferior to his.

Of course, he didn’t let his guard down. He kept the Kusanagi sword in his mouth, ready to spit it out at any time to replicate the death of the undying bird.

Bang! Bang!

The fist and palm collided, and they were actually evenly matched.

The sea water spread out in all directions, and huge waves tens of meters high rose on the surface of the sea. It felt like the entire sea was shaking.

Duo Erjie felt that his finger bones were cracking, and the pain was clear.

“The peak of Gokudo path ...” He widened his eyes in disbelief.

At the same time, the aura of the unparalleled war spirit skyrocketed. One moment, she was like a lamp on the verge of dying. The next moment, her divine power was unparalleled.

She opened her bright eyes, and the Scarlet light in her pupils cut through the dark bottom of the sea like lightning.

you’ve returned to the peak of extreme grade?!

The truth was right in front of him, but he still couldn’t believe it.

The unparalleled war spirit had returned to the peak of Gokudo path, which meant that the inheritor of the war spirit, li Xianyu, had entered Gokudo path.

How was that possible?

Duo Erjie had fought with li Xianyu many times and knew the boy’s situation like the back of his hand.

Because of the two shedding, in the process of strengthening the Qi and body, the initial half-step Gokudo path could be comparable to the peak of Gokudo path. However, mental power was his weakness. His strength and Qi were the best among half-step Gokudo paths, while mental power was the weak.

How could he step into Gokudo path?

Dohre’s eyes flickered. He quickly calmed down and focused on fighting the enemy.

Since li Xianyu had become a Gokudo master, no matter what the reason was, the battle over there would not end for a while. He needed to deal with the unparalleled war spirit first.

Having gone through so much, duo erqian would not lose his temper just because the enemy suddenly became stronger and returned to the peak of Gokudo path. His mentality had long been as stable as an old dog.

so what if I’ve returned to the peak of Gokudo path? this is my home field, my world. Duo Erjie tried to use words to weaken the unparalleled war Spirit’s fighting spirit.

Great-grandma did not seem to be happy about returning to the peak of Gokudo path, and there was a faint sadness in her eyes.

Under duo erqu’s control, every drop of seawater around her was exerting pressure on her and squeezing her physical body.

The deeper he went, the greater the pressure.

It was as if the whole world was Dolphus’s men, while she was alone and attacked from all sides.

At the peak of Gokudo path, Daoist techniques and Buddhist Dharma were not very useful. Ordinary Gokudo path unique skills were not very useful either. Only the unique unique unique skills like the Tri-elements sword technique could effectively suppress the enemy.

Neither duoerqian nor great-grandma knew the Tri-elements sword technique. They fought in the most primitive way, punching each other, fist, elbow, knee, and even head ... Every part of his body could be a weapon.

In terms of tankiness and strength, he blocked all fancy spells and used pure strength to defeat his opponent.

There was no sea breeze, but the sea off the new city’s coast set off layers of waves. The waves pushed against each other, eventually forming a large tsunami.

The pier was crushed, the beach was crushed, the buildings by the sea were submerged, and the sea water poured into the streets. The battle between the two peak Gokudo Masters had set off a natural disaster.


I’ve entered the Gokudo path?

Both Qin ze and Beckley were stunned at the same time. For a moment, they could not understand the meaning of this sentence.

The Gokudo path was not something that could be stepped into just because one wanted to.

Don’t even think about it when your teammates worship the heavens. Gokudo path doesn’t rely on burning yourself, explosion, enlightenment, but grinding.

The accumulation of days and months of polishing, little by little.

Throughout the ages, it was not that no one had broken through and stepped into the Gokudo path.

However, those geniuses all had a strong foundation and were only one step away from the door.

How far was li Xianyu from half-step Gokudo path? Not to mention 108000 miles, there were still a few hundred miles.

If he wanted to step into Gokudo path, the only way was to cultivate in peace, temper his mental power, and achieve the integration of essence, Qi, and spirit.

Of course, li Xianyu didn’t rely on his outburst. He didn’t sacrifice his teammates, but his mother.


Hua Yang took the initiative.

Fallen angels were pure spiritual energy congealed bodies. They had no physical bodies, no roots, and were fundamentally different from spirits. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was a great tonic for mental energy.

This was the reason why the Pope had refined the fallen angel back then.

Very few people knew about this secret. Pais of the church was the only one who knew about this secret.

After the two fallen angels contacted each other in Japan, mother Hua Yang also knew about it.

Hua Yang didn’t want to take this path of self-sacrifice, but the situation was like this.

Li Xianyu’s hot tears rolled down, and the words of mother Hua Yang when she sacrificed echoed in his ears.

“I’m already a dead man. I lived in this world for revenge, and now for you. Wuxiang only has one son, you, I have to watch over you. I’m looking at you, don’t take the wrong path. ”

you’re a child with a bitter life. Fate isn’t gentle to you.

“It’s a pity that there’s no reincarnation in this world. Otherwise, I would be able to meet your father in the netherworld.”

Song ... A loud sound wave was heard in the air, as if someone had slapped him.


In a flash, li Xianyu disappeared, and then, Beck Hudson disappeared as well.

Li Xianyu pressed down on Beck Richard’s forehead and pushed out dozens of kilometers in one breath. The Qi in his body was like a flood, constantly hitting the area between Beck Richard’s eyebrows.

It shook Yi’s primordial spirit.

Everything in the city was like paper, collapsing and collapsing.

Beck richadson sent li Xianyu flying with a knee strike. The two fought in the air, on the ground, and underground.

The human eye couldn’t capture their figures, and only the sound of muffled Thunder could be heard. Every explosion caused a ring of shock waves.

They gradually moved away from the Urban area, and the battlefield kept shifting. Everywhere they passed, the city turned into ruins.

The two human-shaped nuclear bombs tore each other’s bodies apart, and the blood that splashed out was evaporated by the Qi.

Tear, heal, tear, heal ... They were like two perpetual motion machines that would never get tired.

The more Beck richadson fought, the more shocked he was. Li Xianyu was by no means an ordinary Gokudo master. To be precise, he was also a ruler at the extreme grade.

The injuries to his body were also meaningless to him. He had the power of the immortal Bird, so he could not die.

It turned out that li Xianyu’s promotion to Gokudo path was such a terrible thing.

What was born was not Gokudo path, but a ruler.

The one-armed Beck richadson was gradually losing. The number of wounds on his body continued to increase, burning with pale white sword aura to curb the self-healing of his cells.

“Damn it, if only I had the Kusanagi sword, I definitely wouldn’t lose to him.”

“Dohre tried to harm me, you shameless old thief.”

Bang! Bang!

With a kick to his chest, Beck Richard’s head crashed through one skyscraper after another, and his decline was brought to a halt in the bright light.

The bright light was the xenon light on the armored vehicles. They had unknowingly hit the military blockade line.

Beck richadson pointed at li Xianyu, who was flying through the air, and roared, ” “Fire, fire!”

Da da da da ... The machine gun spat out bullets, which converged into a metal screen.

The grenade left a trail of smoke.

A huge explosion enveloped Beckley.

He became the target of the Army’s firepower.

Even though he wouldn’t be severely injured, it would still be very painful.

It suddenly dawned on Baker that he was no longer a human.

No one would help him. Even if he said that he was president Beck, the head of the Association of superpowered beings, no one would believe him.

Li Xianyu descended from the sky and punched.


The two fists collided, as if a missile had been thrown into the Army.

The xenon lamp exploded, several armored vehicles toppled, and the soldiers inside and outside the vehicles died almost at the same time.

Both of Beck richadson’s feet were stuck in the ground, and his left hand was broken.

Li Xianyu raised his hand and cut off his head. He dodged, but cut off his other arm.

Pfft! Pfft!

His two legs were broken.

The broken arm and two legs suddenly crawled up on their own and ran away madly.

The next moment, it was crushed by the sword net that followed.

Beck richadson was cut into a stick. His cells tried their best to divide, but he couldn’t regrow his limbs.

In the same realm, whoever could master the weapon to kill the other party would win.

Lying on the ground, Beckley could smell the scent of death. He screamed in fear, ” li Xianyu, you can’t kill me. I’ve finally become a ruler. I should be immortal ...

“Please, please don’t kill me. You can’t destroy me.”

For the fruit, he had put in so much effort and bore such great pressure.

Now that he had stolen the sovereign’s authority with great difficulty and possessed the characteristic of immortality, he would be immortal from now on. It was beyond the scope of human lifespan.

This was a great fortune.

He couldn’t just die like this.

I’ll help you kill duo erqian. I don’t want the fruit anymore. Li Xianyu, you have to give me a chance. You have to give me a chance.

“Please forgive me, please forgive me.”

God said that we must forgive those who know how to turn back.

So you can lose your composure in the face of death, President Beck!

Li Xianyu was expressionless. He raised the sword of Qi and said softly, ” “It’s God’s business to forgive you, and my mission is to send you to him.”

The sword of air slashed down, cutting Beck richadson in half.

The second, third, and fourth sword ... The sword net enveloped the three-meter-tall humanoid creature, dismembering it into pieces.

The fragment burned with a faint white light and burned to ashes.

It was Beck richadson, the president of the Association of superpowered beings.

He had fallen!

There was no more Army destroyer in the world!

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