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778 Extreme path

After discovering that the demon descendants could not bring a turn for the better and win, the military decisively opened fire. Missiles, bombers, tanks, and dense firepower were launched towards the area dominated by foreign demon descendants.

This was the government’s last resort against demon descendants.

There was a tacit understanding between the demon descendants community and the government. The matters of the demon descendants community should stop at the demon descendants community. They could not cause large-scale destruction and could not involve too many ordinary people.

And the government held a cold attitude towards the grievances between the demon descendants community.

One World, two sets of rules.

The demon descendants community and the government of various countries had such a tacit understanding because they were afraid of each other.

The more powerful a demon descendant was, the less afraid they were of hot weapons, because they had nothing to fear. You can kill me, but you must also be prepared to wipe out the city.

Of course, the government would not do that, and the powerful demon descendants would not want to die for no reason.

Under such a background, a balanced system was formed.

But now, the balance had been broken. A large-scale armed melee no longer cared about the agreement. If it continued to develop like this, the entire city would definitely be reduced to ruins.

The military had taken measures to prevent the situation from worsening.

This was fatal to ordinary people, and it was the same for demon descendants. Except for Gokudo path and half-step Gokudo path, even the top S-Class could not guarantee that they could survive the dense fire.

Therefore, retreating was the best choice.


In the process of li Xianyu’s devouring of Qi, the core battlefield.

Beck richadson showed off his might and beat up this group of little brothers until they lost their bearings.

As a Gokudo master, Qin ze bore most of the pressure. Even with the help of eight half-step Gokudo Masters, he was still unable to compete with the peak of Gokudo master, Beck Reedson. Unlike Gu Yao, President Beck was a master of combat.

Hand-to-hand combat was his strength.

Qin ze, who did not have any superpowers, was also proficient in fighting, Daoist Arts, and Buddhist Dharma, but the difference in strength and speed was like heaven and earth, which could not be made up for with skills.

It was like no matter how powerful an ordinary person’s fighting technique was, he would still be a piece of cake if he were to face a Tiger with a bite force of 470kg with his bare hands.


At this time, a missile hit the crowd nearby, setting off a strong blast and flame.

Even someone as strong as Beck richadson staggered from the push.

“Heh, that’s good too.” “Save me the trouble,” President Beck said with a cold smile.

He had an immortal body and was not afraid of missile bombardment, but these guys did not.

He had the geographical advantage.


Dozens of meters behind dan chenzi, another missile exploded.

Dan chenzi, who had an average physical strength, vomited blood and was dizzy from the shock.

Beck richadson aimed at the gap. The ground sank, and he pounced on dan chenzi like a dark blue lightning.

After dealing with this kid, the joint attack of li Xianyu and the other two ended. Even if he came back, it would be of no help.

At that time, li Xianyu’s voice came from the air, ” “Xiu ‘er, dan chenzi, form the formation!”

A powerful aura descended from the sky, bringing with it an unstoppable force.

Taking into account that the other party had the sword of Qi and was not an ordinary master, Beck Richard didn’t dare to ignore li Xianyu. He stopped his attack on dan chenzi, stopped, and waited for him.

Dan chenzi got a chance to breathe and calm his surging blood Qi. He and Li peiyun jumped up at the same time. The three of them formed a joint attack in mid-air, and their breath condensed into one.

Li Xianyu fell upside down, like a swooping Eagle. When he approached Beck richadson, he suddenly pointed his finger.

The indestructible slime.

Vajra finger.

His pitch-black fingers were dyed with a rich golden light.


The golden light grew even stronger.

Secret art of street stall-God of War’s blessing.

The golden light became even more dazzling.

The Qi of hundreds of demon descendants exploded at this moment, and the Qi of the three people’s joint attack technique was enhanced, overlapping with various means.

It was like the morning sun falling into the human world.

At this moment, li Xianyu’s Vajra finger had surpassed the founder’s.

The peak of extreme grade!

At the same time, Qin ze, the Dragon Knight, and the Blood Knight shook their chests at the same time, breathing in and out a huge amount of oxygen. Their strength was increased, and they attacked Beck Reedson from different angles.

The heavens and the earth were filled with killing intent.

There was no way to avoid it, no way to retreat.

Beck richadson finally felt the pressure, and the premonition of danger in his heart broke through the peak.

In just ten minutes, he had actually gathered such a powerful force. It was the shed skin of his left hand ... President Beck lowered his waist and punched upward, while the other fist carried Qi to resist Qin ze’s sword of Qi.



The entire world went silent, and a moment later, terrifying energy fluctuations radiated out from everyone.

Blowing out fire, flattening buildings, flattening vegetation, stirring up dust, sand, and stones.

The terrifying storm swept across a radius of more than ten kilometers, destroying all life along the way, humans, demon descendants, animals ... Life force was extinguished.

The ground sank a few meters, and a round pit with a diameter of 100 meters appeared.

A few minutes later.

“Cough cough ...” Qin ze got up with a dusty face and looked around in the dust.

Then, li Xianyu’s cough was heard.

The two divided their work and found li peiyun and dan chenzi, who were seriously injured and dying. They found the Blood Knight whose entire arm had exploded, and the Dragon Knight whose calf had been blown off and whose face was badly mutilated. He found Jie se, who was unconscious and unable to maintain the violent giant.

He found Leonard, who was on his last breath.

Li Xianyu heaved a sigh of relief and knew that the blood medicine in his body had been exhausted, but he was fine. As long as he had one breath left, he could be saved.

brother, brother, you have to hang in there. I’ll give you an injection.


Li Xianyu said so, but considering that his life was like a candle in the wind, extinguished at any time, and there was no time to find a needle to draw blood, everyone’s wallets were damaged.

He cut his wrist, and a thin stream of blood flowed into his dry lips.

The Chairman’s mouth moved instinctively, licking the blood from the corner of his mouth.

After a few seconds, he regained consciousness and his face gradually turned red. The first thing he said was, ” “Did you win?”

“That’s for sure ... But it’s not completely dead yet. Hurry up and recover so that I can go and finish it off.” Li Xianyu said that, in fact, Beck richadson did not die. He sank to the ground, but he did not die.

“That’s good.”

Their English was about the same, one with a Chinese accent and the other with a Russian accent.

Leonard coughed and said weakly, ” “Friend, this medicine of yours is not very effective ...”

Li Xianyu was exhausted. The move just now had drained all his energy. His blood medicine lost its self-healing ability, or rather, its effect was minimal.

“. ‘m sorry ...” Thank you, ” li Xianyu whispered.

“Friends, I should be the one thanking you.” Leonard moved his dry lips and said, ” “I’ve finally gotten my revenge. When my teacher died, I swore to avenge him.”

“But I can’t beat Beck Reedson. Even if I advance into Gokudo path, I’m not his match. The belobrg?m Palace is no match for the Association of superpowered beings.”

you gave me hope. I decided to come here, so I’m prepared to sacrifice myself.

“I’m going to tell the Association of superpowered beings that I’m going to take their lives ...”

The light in the Chairman’s eyes quickly dimmed and disappeared, leaving behind a deathly silence.

Li Xianyu put down his body and closed his eyes.

He and Qin ze stood back to back, each holding a sword of Qi with a dim Halo. Behind them were li peiyun and the others, who were wounded and on the verge of death.

A few seconds later, a tall and burly dark green figure emerged. His right arm was gone, and the wound on his shoulder was burning with a faint white light.

There was a penetrating wound on his chest, which destroyed his heart. The burning sword energy prevented the wound from healing.

The wound on her chest was caused by Qin ze.

The right arm was li Xianyu’s credit. He played a trick in the fight. The king Kong’s finger was just an appearance. It seemed to have a great aura, but it was actually empty inside.

The real killing move was the sword of Qi that was contained but not released.

“He’s fallen!” “Although it’s only temporary,” Qin ze said.

Li Xianyu nodded.

Qin ze smiled bitterly,”but killing the two of us is more than enough to make a mistake ..” No, perhaps justice will descend from the heavens in the next moment and blow us up into charcoal.”

I’m sorry, ” li Xianyu said. in fact, it’s all my fault. This all started because of me.

nonsense, everything is caused by the cause and effect. Human civilization has developed to this point with great difficulty. How can it be gone just like that? ”

“Do you have any last words?”

“I don’t have any last words. I just feel a little sorry for my dad.”

Qin ze thought for a while and laughed bitterly. I have four women. One can’t have children, and one can’t. Fortunately, the other two gave birth to a son and a daughter for me. My life is still considered happy. I’m just a little sorry to my dad.”

“.....”If it wasn’t for the bad timing, li Xianyu wanted to pull li peiyun and blood Knight up and cup his hands to the big boss.

Beck richadson’s eyes were ice cold. The artillery fire around him was loud, but he stood still, like a cold King.

duo Erjie hasn’t dealt with the unparalleled war spirit yet. Very good, the fruit is mine.

Li Xianyu, I can give you a chance. Hand over the fruit and you can live.

Without duo erqian, li Xianyu was already a fish on the chopping board. What he wanted now was not to kill the two people who caused him to fall, but to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the fruit.

Everyone knew that the fruit was in li Xianyu’s body, but they did not know how to take it out.

Both po Jun and duo erqu had the same idea. The former would eat the fruit directly, while the latter would carve a formation to see if the fruit could be separated.

Beck richadson was not proficient in arrays, so he could only eat. But he was afraid that he would not be able to get the fruit this way, and instead, it would let li Xianyu go back in time because of death.

That would be a waste of this once-in-a-thousand-years opportunity.

“If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t have dared to kill me, right?” Li Xianyu asked.

“No, I will still devour you.” Said Beck richadson.

That was to say, li Xianyu had no room for bargaining. If he didn’t say it, he would eat him.

“As long as you hand over the fruit, I’ll let you go. I don’t care about the life and death of ants.” President Beck did not even look at Qin ze.

He only cared about the fruits. These people’s lives were of no value to him, so there was naturally no hatred.

If you could control time, you would be invincible in your eyes.

“Ants?” Li Xianyu laughed out loud. He laughed so hard that tears rolled down his face.

As she laughed, she couldn’t tell if she was crying or laughing.

He looked straight at Beck richadson, his tears falling like rain.

“I’ve entered the Gokudo path!”

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