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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 6: Juicer

Chapter 6: Juicer

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It was 12:00 AM at Fudan Affiliated Hospital.

Li Xianyu lay in the temporary ward, his face ashen with a needle in the back of his hand, undergoing infusions. There were few hospital staff at this time. The corridor was quiet and sometimes a few nurses or patients passed by.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like I’m dying.” Li Xianyu’s voice was still hoarse and coughed violently from time to time.

Great-Grandma sat by the bed and frowned, perplexed. “Impossible, your circulation of qi is right, breathing was correct, I opened your father’s Tianmen in the past, I didn’t think there would be a problem with you.”

Li Xianyu sighed. “It’s not your fault, it’s the world’s fault.”

He looked at Great-Grandma beside him, his heart warm. To be accompanied by someone when he was sick was the best comfort. Without Great-Grandma, he would have been afraid to stay in the hospital, and wouldn’t have been able to sleep well because he had to keep an eye on the transfusion bottle.

After being forced to stop the circulation of qi, symptoms such as dizziness, coughing, fever and others occurred. He was so afraid and thought his energy had run amok. Indeed, spiritual cultivation wasn’t that simple. In martial arts novels, young heroes who were too anxious all ended up having their energies run amok.

Then, there was an opportunity for female heroes to sacrifice themselves, and exchange yin and yang energies through copulation. After the young hero had recovered, they would then become a couple and live happily ever after.

He didn’t have a female hero, only Great-Grandma. He could only book a cab and ask the driver to send him to the nearest Fudan Affiliated Hospital as an emergency case.

After the doctor looked at the symptoms, he concluded, “Haze poisoning!”

“Huh?” Li Xianyu felt that his worldly views collapsed again, and hurriedly said, “Doctor, I want a blood test. If I can, I better do a sonogram. I may have a big problem with my body, such as broken meridians, broken solar plexus or something.”

The doctor said, “A sore throat and a dry cough. An increase in nasal secretions, dry eyeballs, and accompanied by a high fever. Other than that, there is no other pain or abnormality in the body. This is haze poisoning. I also want to ask you, although there was a red haze warning today, it’s not severe haze poisoning. Did you take apart your air purifier at home and lick it or something?”

Li Xianyu didn’t believe it and insisted on a blood test, so the doctor let him be.

After the results of the blood test was reported, there were no other problems.

It was really haze poisoning.

It really wasn’t Great-Grandma’s fault, but the world’s fault.

This time, the world wasn’t wrongly accused.

Li Xianyu murmured, “Great-Grandma, you slept for 20 years. When you woke up, the world has changed a lot, perhaps, we are in an era of decline?”

The mouth was not an air purifier, and cannot automatically filter the toxic gas in the air. With the intake of spiritual energy, one also inhaled the toxic substances in the air, which was dozens of times as much as usual.

Cultivating reiki until he got haze poisoning, one might wonder how other practitioners would think of this?

It was definitely sad-dharma-vipralopa.

Great-Grandma said, “Miasma has existed ever since ancient times. Let’s change to an area with better feng shui tomorrow.”

Li Xianyu silently covered his face, “You don’t understand, haze has spread all over the country.”

As soon as my dream of cultivation began, it was aborted.

Damn it!

Great-Grandma frowned and said, “Is that so? Oh, I slept for too long this time. I’ve never slept so long before. When I woke up, the world has changed a lot.”

Li Xianyu asked, “You didn’t sleep like that before?”

Great-grandma replied, “After a great-grandson dies, I will go into a deep sleep for as short as a few months or as long as several months. My great-grandchildren will give me a little energy before they die. I usually wake up by myself and then go to the descendants of the Li family. This time I was sealed, and it was not until the beads entered your body that I was awakened by your blood.”

I thought you were naked every time you emerged.

So it isn’t the case, I earned it.

Great-Grandma continued, “But sometimes I can’t sleep. I’m responsible for educating the next great-grandson. I didn’t sleep in your father’s case. Your grandfather died early. I began to train your father when he was very young. He had great respect for me.”

Li Xianyu was speechless.

That is to say, my father had a weak kidney from a young age?!

“What are the beads?”

“The host of my war spirit has been integrated with your body. You can only take it out through a mystical method, or you will die.” Great-grandma motivated, “You have to master the cultivation of qi as fast as possible, so that you can use the Spirit Cultivation Bead as an offering. Once you can attain spirit and flesh integration, you can awaken the bloodline.”

“Huh?” Li Xianyu froze, so that’s what the spirit and flesh integration referred to in the will?

Spiritual Bead + Physical Body = Spirit and Flesh integration?!

What the hell, Dad? Did your sex-ed teacher ever teach you the proper words?


At 2:30 AM, he took a taxi and returned to his residence. Li Xianyu’s fever had subsided, but he was physically and mentally exhausted and went straight to bed.

When he woke up the next day, the pain in his kidney was accompanied by discomfort in his throat. His entire body was uncomfortable. He called in sick and didn’t go to class.

As soon as his teacher heard his weak tone as if he had been drained, he immediately agreed and told him to rest and remember to see a doctor.

Throughout the afternoon, Li Xianyu, in addition to teaching Great-Grandma how to use her mobile phone and play games, he just lay at home to rest.

“Sss, Great-Grandma, my kidney hurts a lot. It hurts to even sit for a bit. You went too far.” Li Xianyu lay on the sofa, as Great-Grandma sat beside him, her head bowed to play with her cell phone.

When he got up this morning, his eye bags were dark, as if he had exerted himself too much.

She remarked casually, “You’ll be better soon. If you want to nourish your kidneys, keep practicing qi.”

“Come on, I still have an itchy throat due to haze poisoning.” As he spoke, he coughed a few times and asked, “Will my kidney stop hurting if I practice qi? I see. As long as I have reiki to supply you, you don’t have to draw on my energy.”

“Wrong.” Great-Grandma flicked her fingers on Li Xianyu’s forehead, “Practicing qi will make your body recover faster.”

Li Xianyu had an ominous foreboding in his heart. “Why?”

Great-Grandma looked at him and paused before she slowly uttered, “I said that cultivating qi and the demon bloodline superpowers are two systems. The basis of the contract between me and you is the bloodline of the Li family, which belongs to the demon bloodline system. Today I, like this mobile phone, have a variety of functions, but because of the lack of power, I will shut down and all functions cannot be used.”

“How can I turn it on?”

“After you awaken.”

“Well, then your power...” The ominous foreboding grew even heavier.

“Yes, it’s not reiki, it’s your essence, and the kidneys is the place for the essence. Of course you first have to bear the brunt of it. So, that’s why you got up today and felt your kidney ache and yourself exhausted. After you can control your qi training, you can greatly alleviate this kind of physical and mental fatigue, but the deficit in the body is irreversible, because my power consumption is much faster than your reiki cultivation. For example, I am like a computer, but the charger is not the original match. Instead it is a mobile phone charger. Thus, my great-grandchildren can never make ends meet. Every great-grandson of mine inevitably suffers from weak kidneys and mental weakness.”

“Hereditary... weak kidneys?” Li Xianyu’s face went pale.

That’s why they all died early?

No wonder my annoying dad said in his will that he might never have children in his life.

At this moment, he had a deeper understanding of the phrase: “Great-Grandma is an energy-sapping demon.”

“Great-Grandma, you’re gonna lose me like this.” The corners of Li Xianyu’s mouth twitched, “I really am blessed to be born.”

He didn’t know which point to start mocking sarcastically. He first sympathized with his mother, his grandmother, and then the earlier generations.

Great-Grandma scratched her head and said frustratedly, “Now that you’ve said it, it’s my fault that my Li family doesn’t have many descendants.”

Li Xianyu cried on the sofa. “Great-Grandma, I’m still a child, I haven’t made enough friends. I don’t want to have weak kidneys.”

Great-Grandma comforted him. “Then give up women.”

Li Xianyu: “...”

No way, my fair ladies.

He suddenly understood why his biological father cried for three days and three nights as stated in the will. With such an ancestor, it was difficult not to cry.

In that case, why did my ancestors inherit Great-Grandma over and over again?

Great-Grandma who lived for at least a hundred decades, easily looked through Li Xianyu’s thoughts, and remarked sadly, “When you have great power, you won’t mind weak kidneys.”

Li Xianyu also remarked sadly, “Can I return the goods? I don’t know if Fedex has an underworld express delivery business. Or do you mind sleeping for another ten years and I try to give birth to a son to inherit you?”

As soon as Great-Grandma heard this, she pounced and grabbed Li Xianyu’s collar. “No, I don’t want to be sealed. Now that you’ve awakened me, you have to be responsible for me,” Great-Grandma said angrily.

Li Xianyu said, “Then there has to be a way to treat weak kidneys. Although modern medicine is very developed, but it cannot be relied on when it comes to this matter. Is there any panacea in the ancient demon community?”

“Don’t always think that ancient things are good. The times have been developing, haven’t they?” Great-Grandma thought about it, her index finger against her lower lip, as she tried to recall. “I remember your father used to take some kind of medicine for weak kidneys, called ‘Jiang Kun Yin Dao Weng’ capsule. You can go to the drugstore to look for it, it should work well.”

Li Xianyu was overjoyed and took some cash from the drawer and went downstairs.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 6: Juicer