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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 4: I Like This Era

Chapter 4: I Like This Era

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“Great-Grandma, I suddenly couldn’t see the old lady.” Li Xianyu sat by the curb of the road, holding his waist. He had to slow down.

“I have temporarily sealed your spiritual eye. Remember, when you see vengeful spirits in the future, you must not make direct eye contact,” Great-Grandma said. “I used our Li family’s mystical arts of spiritual pupil, and borrowed your energy to open your eyes.”

Li Xianyu nodded as if he could understand.

The wind was cool and comfortable at night. The great-grandson cradled his waist and sat on the ground, frowning. Great-Grandma was beautiful, her black hair fluttering in the wind. She looked around, and the city lights lit up her big doe eyes, full of curiosity about the new world, as innocent as a newborn baby. In addition to the unimaginably tall buildings and beautiful lights, the most she saw were cars and electric bicycles.

The last time she made contact with the world was when she followed Li Wuxiang. Cars were rare in that time. Her previous great-grandson rode a Phoenix brand bicycle everyday and felt rather rich.

Although the times have changed, people did not necessarily develop. Her current great-grandson did not seem to even have a bicycle.

Pfft, my Li family is in shambles.

After sitting on the side of the road for about ten minutes, he felt that the pain in his waist had eased a lot. He stood up holding his waist and said, “Great-Grandma.”

Li Xianyu’s voice interrupted her imaginative thinking, as she turned her head, looked at her new great-grandson, and said, “What about it?”

“What kind of man was my father?”

“You know, just, a man.”

“What is he like exactly?”

“Well, not bad. He’s one of the best of my great-grandchildren, but could use more luck. His times were bad, and he passed away at an early age.” Great-Grandma held her chin and said, “If he were still alive, maybe I would have broken free from all the shackles by now.”

Would have broken free from all the shackles...

Li Xianyu remembered what his annoying father said in his will and blurted out, “It sounds like Dad was very powerful.”

Great-Grandma replied, “Your father was a rare prodigy. Give him another 20 years, and maybe I could have borrowed his power and broken free from all the shackles.”

I hope breaking free of shackles has nothing to do with sapping my essence...

Li Xianyu’s neck stiffened as he worried about his future. “What shackles?”

Great-Grandma did not answer him, but looked at the distant lights and smiled.

Her smile was so beautiful, but had many hidden stories. For the first time, Li Xianyu saw the weary vicissitudes of life in her eyes.

It was nothing like her teenage appearance when she rolled around on the sofa and whined for snacks.

As they passed by the convenience store, Great-Grandma shouted for snacks. Afraid that she would open the snacks in the shop at will, Li Xianyu told her to wait outside and ran in to buy them.

When he came out, he saw Great-Grandma outside the convenience store engaging a joyful chat with an old man with gray hair.

The old man, in his security uniform, smiled like an old chrysanthemum wrinkled together.

Li Xianyu knew him to be the community’s security guard, Old Qin.

He is a very coquettish old man with several girlfriends in the neighborhood.

At this time, Old Qin, bowed like a lackey, with a flattering smile on his face.

Oh shit, this old fogey wants to hit on my great-grandma.

“Hey, Old Qin, this is my girlfriend.” Li Xianyu strode out of the convenience store and pulled his beautiful great-grandma behind him.

“When did you have a girlfriend?” Old Qin and Li Xianyu had known each other for some time, “and such a pretty one even.”

Li Xianyu rolled his eyes and said, “That’s none of your business.”

Old Qin replied, “Young man, don’t be so wary. I’m not going to kidnap your girlfriend.”

Oh please, you are notorious for being a playboy.

Without a word, Li Xianyu led Great-Grandma into the building, holding her hand with his right, his left holding a bag of snacks.

Old Qin looked at the two’s backs, his smile unchanged, but his gaze dark.

In the elevator, he warned, “Great-Grandma, stay away from the coquettish old man.”

Great-Grandma blinked her bright eyes and asked, “Why?”

Li Xianyu replied, “That guy has several girlfriends in the neighborhood, he’s an utter playboy. He must have seen your beauty and has evil intentions in his heart.”

“He doesn’t look like it.”

“You don’t know the evils of men.”

“Bah, your Great-Grandma has lived for more than a hundred years, and you are teaching me lessons?”

“By the way, Great-Grandma, what’s your name? I can’t keep calling you Great-Grandma. It’s alright in private. I can’t call it out in front of outsiders.”

She knocked on Li Xianyu’s head, “It’s disrespectful to call your elder by name, okay?”

When he got home, Li Xianyu changed the sheets of the master bedroom. From today on, the room no longer belonged to him but to his Great-Grandma. He moved to a smaller guest bedroom, which was originally prepared for her, but she wandered around the two rooms, and chose the bigger master bedroom with better lighting. In Great-Grandma’s words, “No, I can’t stand that grievance.”

Today was Saturday, and usually around this time, Li Xianyu would turn on the computer to play PUBG, until late into the night.

In the living room, Li Xianyu manipulated the character to hide in the corner, which was the only to survive this game without playing on script.Behind him, Great-Grandma sat on the sofa and stared intently at the television. Sitting straight, her slender waist looked slimmer. Her eyes reflected the bright light of the television screen, her expression amused and happy. She found another advantage of this era. More than 20 years ago, she could only watch it from a small, black-and-white television that occasionally even had static. Now, the television was several times bigger than it used to be, and had color.

Great-Grandma switched between the channels and sighed, “I haven’t watched the news broadcast in 20 years. I missed it.”

At this time, she was wearing Li Xianyu’s pajamas. 𝘪𝐧𝓷𝘳e𝑎d. 𝒸𝒐𝑚

Li Xianyu clicked on the mouse and interrupted, “I haven’t seen the news broadcast in 20 years too.”

She ignored him, went on changing channels and said, “Oh, all the women of your time look the same.”

Li Xianyu’s character suffered a headshot from a distance, and he cursed. F***, I hid so well. He glanced at the LCD TV. She was watching a once hit costume drama series, “Empresses in the Palace”, produced by Tianfang Entertainment.

The beauties in that show all had oval-shaped faces, big eyes and Korean-style eyebrows. Foreigners would suffer from face blindness, and only be able to distinguish between male and female.

“Well, it’s all plastic surgery productions, just get used to it. This era has its pros and cons. For example, we have more money and resources now, so we don’t have to worry about famine. Traffic is also developed, travel is convenient, there are more entertainment programs, so life is no longer boring. It is no longer the age of parents being matchmakers, so you have the freedom to choose your own spouse.” Li Xianyu shrugged his shoulders.

“Then how many girlfriends have you had?” Great-Grandma sat cross-legged on the sofa, smiling, curious and concerned.

“Many, a lot,” Li Xianyu replied.

“Your father was more dedicated than you are. He was only in love with one Taoist priestess other than your mother.” Great-Grandma rolled her eyes cutely and murmured, “Why is this generation of descendants such playboys?”

Li Xianyu looked down.Iit was natural for ancestors to chide descendants, so he couldn’t retort back.

He decided to continue playing his game. As he played, he smelled a familiar fragrance because it was his own shampoo.

Turning his head, Great-Grandma stood behind him silently, watching him play.

“This thing is called a computer. You should have seen it, but it developed rapidly over the past twenty years and is vastly different now. There is a saying: the existence of flames began the era of human civilization, and computer began the era of advancement. For most people, however, it is a tool for watching movies and playing games. The game I play is a test of intelligence and operation. Most people can’t play it.”

“May I try?”

“You?” Li Xianyu opened his eyes and saw Great-Grandma’s interested face. “Well, let me tell you first, this is not a game for everybody. Just don’t smash the computer.”

He got up and gave up his seat. Great-Grandma sat down, her back straight, staring seriously at the computer, her expressions adorable.

Great-grandma is actually only eighteen years old. She just died early...

What exactly is a war spirit? She looks the same as ordinary people, but claimed to have been dead for long.

The plane flew over the sky and the character parachuted.

Li Xianyu was there to guide her, taught her how to pick up items and what each key is for.

Soon after, she said, “Hey, there’s dirt on the screen.”

Li Xianyu looked at it and said, “Oh, you’re poisoned. Run. Put down the gun. Press ‘shift’ to speed up. Find a car.”

Great-Grandma failed to escape and was poisoned alive.

“Huh? I’m dead already?” She threw the mouse, and pouted, “It wasn’t fun at all.”

When they started the second round, Li Xianyu patiently taught from the side.

“Don’t charge to fight when you see someone. You would die. You have to find a place to hide.”

“When you play a game, just play. Don’t swing from side to side.”

“Holy shit, Great-Grandma, how are you so good at shooting?”

Great-Grandma’s performance surprised Li Xianyu. She was undoubtedly an amateur, but she’s quick and accurate, making great shots with the rifle.

“This game is fun. I like this era.” Great-Grandma smiled.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 4: I Like This Era