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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 31: Get Out!

Chapter 31: Get Out!

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Great-Grandma was obviously not cut out for studying since young. In that era, it was okay for females to have no talent. They just needed to listen to their husbands. However, since she was born into a family with demonic roots, she had to possess more knowledge than the ordinary female. When Great-Grandma was four years old, she took private lessons all the way until she was twelve. However, she did not learn much because she slept through most of the lessons. Over her hundred or so years of life, her knowledge was probably less than that of an average university student, other than her insights regarding the demon descendants community.

Whenever she stepped into a classroom, she would fall into a deep slumber. The reason why she had lasted half an hour was because of the novelty: she had not seen a modern-day classroom.

For the academically hopeless students, their greatest fears was to be pinpointed out by their teachers. Rows upon rows of eyes landed on the beauty with a mole on her left eye.

“I’m, I’m not your student.” Great-Grandma tried to deflect the attention away by explaining herself.

Professor Qin did not seem to mind as he laughed. “Since you’re in the classroom now, you’re my student. Go ahead and answer. No need to be scared of mistakes.”

Great-Grandma thought to herself, All teachers are this evil after all.

When she was young, her teacher had hit her palm often to vent his frustrations. Despite being dead for over a hundred years, she still could not escape this.

Great-Grandma boldly reached out her hand and asked, “Sir, I don’t know this question. Will I get spanked?”

The other classmates laughed as they found the way Great-Grandma spoke interesting.

Professor Qin was stunned. “There’s no right or wrong to this question. You can just express your views.”

“I have no views, please just spank me.”

“You can ask your classmates beside you for help.”

“No, please just whack me.”

“You...” Professor Qin replied helplessly, “Just sit down then. Don’t talk anymore.”

“Oh,” Great-Grandma answered crisply and sat down.

Professor Qin searched for another student to answer his question. He set his sights on San Wu before saying, “The girl wearing a black short-sleeved T-shirt, can you answer this question?”

San Wu stood up and replied sincerely, “I don’t know how to.”

Professor Qin frowned and said, “I won’t spank anyone. You can speak your mind.”

San Wu said in a genuine manner, “I don’t know how to, but I recommend that you change a question.”

Professor Qin asked, “What question?”

San Wu: “If every drop of water represents a blessing, then I’ll give you an ocean. You can ask me to construct a similar sentence.”

Professor Qin could not manage to comprehend her intentions, suspecting that she had another motive behind this. The professor, on the other hand, liked students who were opinionated. He laughed and asked, “Okay then, if every drop of water represents a blessing, then I’ll give you an ocean. Can you construct a similar sentence?”

San Wu looked down at the book on the table, then looked up and answered in a serious manner, “If every flower represents a blessing, then I’ll give you a wreath!”

Everyone in the class fell into silence.

She herself appeared happy, having noticed this too.

The environment was getting suffocating at this moment. Li Xianyu looked at the book on her table and saw the last sentence which read, “Xiao Ming, get out.”

Li Xianyu rolled his eyes.


“San Wu, let me tell you seriously. You can’t speak like that. You’ll get beaten up.”

Li Xianyu complained to her as he walked along the staircase. “I’m probably going to fail his module now. Luckily, I earn $50,000 a month now. I don’t care about my results anymore. Otherwise, I’m dead.”

It was of no surprise that they had been chased out of the class. Professor Qin had pointed at the door angrily and said, “Get out.”

San Wu replied confidently, “I managed to get such an emotional reaction from him the first time we met. This shows that my method of socialising is good. The book you gave me is good indeed, the guy with the big penis.”

“Don’t call me ‘the guy with the big penis.’” Li Xianyu flew into a rage. “Call me Li Xianyu, or nothing at all. It was my fault giving you this book. Don’t read it anymore. If not, you won’t have any friends. The whole world will only hate you, do you know that?”

San Wu was obviously confounded. “Why?”

Li Xianyu replied, “The correct method of socializing is to make the other party feel happy, pleasant, and comfortable. It’s not to provoke them.”

San Wu replied, “But the big-breasted Great-Grandma said that this book was comical and made her feel happy.”

How was he going to explain this?

Li Xianyu felt confused himself. He thought for a while before replying, “Great-Grandma derives her happiness from a third person’s perspective. She finds it funny from a third person view. However, you’re the main person in the story. You won’t find it funny.”

San Wu went into deep thought.

Li Xianyu looked at her and asked, “Do you understand?”

San Wu opened the book and recited, “You’re making a fool of me.”

Great-Grandma could barely contain her laughter.

Li Xianyu was speechless.

He rubbed his forehead in despair. Forget it, I’m lazy. I don’t care anymore. I’m not a teacher. Let her be.

Human feelings was the one topic that could not be taught, nor needed to. It was only acquired through accumulated experience. Some people were able to grasp this concept within a few short years, excelling in this field, while others were unable to do so all their lives. It wasn’t about whether they understood or not, or whether they were stubborn. Ultimately, they had a lifetime’s worth of experiences as foundation.

San Wu did not have this luxury. From the earliest point in her life that she remembered, she had been trained as a killer. She only started to live life like a normal human only after she joined Baoze a few years ago.

Perhaps, she had been trying hard to change herself into a normal human being. However, there was no better way to do so other than letting things proceed naturally with time.

Li Xianyu did not intend to attend his two lessons in the afternoon. He was already earning $50,000 per month, hence he considered his degree useless. The old Li Xianyu was dead. Now, he was Niohuru “Demon Descendant” Li Xianyu.

On his way out of school, Li Xianyu requested the two ladies to walk beside him while holding his arm, maintaining the perfect facade. If things proceeded as expected, given the gossipy nature of the university’s students, he would be the talk of the town.

He was free in the afternoon. He brought Great-Grandma and San Wu to shop, while spending San Wu’s money on some daily necessities and clothes. Yes, living off women was great.

Great-Grandma swiped San Wu’s credit card at free will, buying her great-grandson three air purifiers as she told him, “This stuff is expensive. Don’t waste it. You must practice your qi properly.”

Li Xianyu remembered his childhood, where his mother told him the same words upon buying assessment books for him.

Li Xianyu and the two of them took the metro back to their residential area as the sun set, avoiding the peak hour traffic. The peak hour traffic was miserable, as both men and women had to squeeze with each other, causing their private parts to ache.

Li Xianyu did not want Great-Grandma and San Wu to be squeezed by other men, hence he avoided the peak hour traffic. Having lived in Shanghai for 20 years, he had never seen a woman with looks of 8 out of 10 or above board the train during the peak hours. Evidently, the beauties avoided these periods as well.

Shaxian Delicacies had resumed business as per normal. As he passed by the door, he looked inside and saw the boss frying vermicelli. Zhang Chen, having passed on, no longer bothered him anymore. His nightmares had probably disappeared as well.

Great-Grandma was right. There was karma in this world. What went around came around.

He looked around, but did not see the Samoyed dog. Suddenly, he felt that something was amiss.

The three of them ordered chicken stew and pork rib rice. Li Xianyu asked the lady boss, “Where’s the dog?”

The lady boss still remembered Li Xianyu because of San Wu and Great-Grandma’s high value. She replied, “Dead.”

A thunderbolt seemed to strike at Li Xianyu’s heart. “Dead?!”

The old auntie said, “Yes, it was found dead this morning under the tree. The town council has taken care of the corpse. This dog is finally dead. It was such a pain in the ass. So smelly, and disturbing my customers by wandering in here every time.”

Li Xianyu had only felt slightly regretful upon witnessing what went on between the dog and its owner last night. However, at this instant, he felt an incomprehensible sense of sorrow surging up his body.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 31: Get Out!