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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 24: This Object Had Been Baptized By National Fortune

Chapter 24: This Object Had Been Baptized By National Fortune

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This girl made Li Xianyu a little worried, it wasn’t that she was not strong enough to fight. In fact, cold-blooded killers trained from childhood have an absolute combat power of 999. But her state caused Li Xianyu to feel a lack of sense of security. How to put it, yes, it was unreliable.

The advantage of a machine was to execute commands strictly and efficiently, but it didn’t care about things other than commands.

In contrast, it seemed that Great-Grandma was more reliable.

The trio went out of the building, and walked along the shops on both sides for 10 minutes. After they arrived at Shaxian Hotel, it was nearly dinner time. The doors were closed tightly, and the boss’s family lives upstairs. It was for both commercial and residential use, the first floor as the store, the second floor above was where they lived.

The mission information attached the boss’s address. Taking the elevator in the building, they knocked on Shaxian boss’s door on the sixth floor.

The one who opened the door was the boss’s wife. She was slightly plump, and her features were still considered delicate. She asked blankly, “Who are you looking for?”

In fact, Li Xianyu will visit the Shaxian Hotel every now and then, but the boss’s wife obviously did not recognize him. But that was also normal, she received countless guests every day, of course, she cannot remember him.

Li Xianyu took out his identity card. “I’m the attending doctor in charge of the case, from the Third mental hospital.”

Joy bloomed on the boss’s wife’s face. She made way, and led Li Xianyu and the two into the room. “Please come in. I’m sorry to have to make you come all the way here. Now the hospital has door-to-door consultation services.”

It was clear that she had received a notification from the hospital, and was not surprised at the trio’s visit. Baoze Group was powerful and had associations with legitimate organisations, paving the way.

This time, Li Xianyu came to investigate the situation. If there were vengeful spirits in this family, he will let San Wu resolve it on the spot. If the vengeful spirit was not here, Li Xianyu will inquire about some more detailed information, and then think about the solution.

After all, the details in the mission information were not comprehensive, he had to find out how the spirit came about, and why haunt the boss of Shaxian Hotel.

In the same neighborhood, the structure and layout of the house was exactly the same as that of Li Xianyu’s house. There was a boy sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Li Xianyu thought in sympathy, Children now were very sad, what kind of nonsense were they watching? In the 1990s, it was the pinnacle of Japanese animation, and brilliant animation emerged endlessly. Local animation were also full of ingenuity. Unlike today’s children, their childhoods were really monotonous and uninteresting.

The young child suddenly got up and pulled a black alloy shell out of the cabinet, a futuristic technology-like helmet, and said, “Mom, I want to play a game.”

The boss’s wife did not have time to pay attention to the child and replied with a ‘Mm’.

Li Xianyu was speechless.

He recognized the helmet as Dongfeng Technology’s latest VR game helmet, which costs 18,888 dollars. It went on the market at the end of last year. Li Xianyu had been eyeing it for a long time, but he could not afford to purchase it, living on 3,000 dollars a month.

Children were really fortunate nowadays. During the 1990s, after buying infrared light toy guns, their heart would hurt for a long time. In order to collect Pokémon cards, they dared to take risks, stealing their parents’ spare change.

It is indeed easy to make money by opening a restaurant..

The boss’s wife led them into the bedroom, where the lights were bright. There were chandeliers overhead, desk lamps, and the bedside lights were all switched on, as if to disperse something.

The owner of Shaxian Hotel sat on the head of the bed, covered with thin quilts. The man’s complexion looked very ashen and tired. His eyes were bloodshot, and his eyes turned aimlessly and scanned back and forth in the room.

It was a natural reaction in a state of tension. It was like watching a horror film at night. When one would go to the toilet, one would turn on all the lights in one’s house, check every corner, and make sure there was nothing strange, so one can go in peace.

“Old Gu, the doctor has come to see you,” the boss’s wife said.

Li Xianyu gave a simple self-introduction, claiming that he would take over the boss’s case, because the hospital carried out door-to-door consultation activities. Thus, he specially came to have a look.

There were many loopholes in his words, but the hospital had given advanced notice, and the boss and his wife had no doubts.

The man nodded to Li Xianyu and reluctantly squeezed out a smile.

“There are some things you may have said, but I’d like to ask you again, I hope it won’t bring you unpleasant memories.” Li Xianyu had a serious expression, to add authority to his young and delicate face as much as possible.

A twenty year old young man, still had traces of childish youth on his face, especially children in the city. Fortunately, Li Xianyu lived alone for a few years, and leaving his parents’ wings was the best way to grow up. He was also good at making friends with others, and was no longer a boy but a grown man.

“When did you start having nightmares?” Li Xianyu asked.

“A week ago.” The boss’s voice revealed his fatigue.

“Did anything happen during that time?” Li Xianyu asked again.

The boss shook his head.

The boss’s wife interrupted, “No, those days he was not feeling very comfortable. Obviously the weather was very hot, but he was always inexplicably cold, and his sleep quality was not good.”

A thought flashed in Li Xianyu’s heart. “So what have you been through during this period?”

The boss and his wife shook their heads and obviously didn’t remember the details.

“By the way, seven days after my mother’s death, I began to feel ill. Do you think...” The boss’s face changed slightly.

The boss’s wife scolded, “What nonsense, if there is a disease, you cure it. Don’t believe in feudal superstition.”

You might not know, your mother has been following you... Li Xianyu murmured silently in his heart.

“How’s your family relationship like?”

The couple were silent about his question and just nodded.

Li Xianyu turned to look at the two brats at the door and said, “Y’all go out first, the room should be quiet.”

Li Xianyu glanced at Great-Grandma and suggested for her to go around the house to see if there were ghosts.

Great-Grandma nodded subtly and responded with her gaze: “Leave it to Great-Grandma.”

San Wu clearly did not have this chemistry, and was ignorant the whole time.

The door was closed and Li Xianyu continued, “Describe the dream.”

The boss looked frightened. “I dreamt of a man who kept chasing me and saying he was going to break my leg. I tried hard to escape, but he kept chasing me all the time. I was caught by him every time, as he grabbed my foot tightly...When I woke up in the morning, my feet had a ring of bruises.” He lifted the quilt and showed Li Xianyu his left leg, where there were many bruises.

The fear on the boss’s face intensified. “Doctor, I really am haunted by a ghost. Really, you have to believe me.”

Strange man! Break his legs! These were the two biggest clues in the dream. Li Xianyu frowned deeply, the boss was definitely haunted by his dead mother. He saw it with his own eyes. Great-Grandma said that the old woman’s face was pale and her eyes were bloodshot. This was a sign of resentment. After death, she entangled her son, her son was unfilial, and his parents had resentment towards him.

But why did he see a man, and not his elderly mother in his dreams? The boss may have lied. After all, it was not a glamorous thing to be a filial son. In fact, it was not a man who wanted to break his leg in a dream, but his dead mother, so he insisted that he had encountered a ghost...

But he dreamt of a man.... Unless it was his Dad. What vendetta and grudges did they have, for a husband and wife to work together against their son?

Li Xianyu asked, “Do you remember what that man looks like?”

The boss shook his head.

“What else did he do to you besides breaking your leg?”

“Nothing, he just wanted to break my leg.”

“Is your dad still alive?”

“No, he’s not.”

When the mother came back seven days after her death, she blew a chilling wind around her son’s neck, which meant to blow out his vital energy. A strange man suspected to be the boss’s father threatened to break his legs..

Something flashed in Li Xianyu’s mind and he felt that he had discovered the truth. “Do you have a younger sister?”

The boss was a little confused. “Yes.”

Li Xianyu could not help looking at the boss’s wife, his gaze suspicious.

This was probably the case. The boss and his wife did not encounter strange events. According to what Li Xianyu saw that day, he should have been haunted by his dead mother or father.

In the living room, Great-Grandma was wearing a helmet to play games, the LCD TV showed the game screen, it was a 5 versus 5 competitive game.

Great-Grandma was slaying at the game, dominating it. The young child stood beside, his expression could be described in three words: “Su-go-i!”

San Wu sat on the sofa in a daze.

Li Xianyu, who walked out of the bedroom, saw the scene and the corners of his mouth twitched.

How did you take control of a game from a primary school student who has the mentality of “Gaming is my life” and “I’ll kill anyone who snatches my game”? Do you still remember your mission?

Li Xianyu pulled San Wu and sneaked into the kitchen and whispered in a low voice. “Did you find anything out there?”

Upon hearing this, San Wu shook her head.

“What do you mean by shaking your head?” Li Xianyu raged. One brat was playing a game, and another one had a perpetual poker face. “Is there no vengeful spirit, or you can’t see it?”

San Wu said seriously, “I can’t see it, but witty me suddenly came up with a good idea.”

“What idea?”

San Wu took out her wallet, and took out a dim old national emblem.

“This object was baptized by the national fortune and worn by a general who had gone to the battlefield all year round. It has absorbed both his positive and murderous energy and is able to restrain evil. Take it and go around the house. If the national emblem becomes hot, there are vengeful spirits hidden in the house.”

“This thing... works?” Li Xianyu’s worldly views were crumbling again.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 24: This Object Had Been Baptized By National Fortune