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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 2: Ancient Demon

Chapter 2: Ancient Demon

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

My name is Li Xianyu, and in this era where time travel and rebirth has become incredibly common, I inherited my father’s inheritance: a great grandmother!

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As spring’s warm sunlight shone into the living room, the goddess, or rather, Great Grandmother sat on my large sofa in a white blouse. She sat on her knees in a relaxed posture. Sitting opposite her, was Li Xianyu who was trying very hard to come to terms with what had happened.

First of all, it is safe to say that Great Grandmother was not a normal person. As for what or who she was exactly, Li Xianyu did not understand for the time being, and did not dare to ask.

Either way, she was something that could not be explained by science.

Li Xianyu, who grew up inhaling haze and eating preservatives, also fantasized about hitting his head on the corner of the bed and came up with a system or something – anything.

But when he saw with his own eyes, that his great-grandmother emerged from his stomach, or rather from his father’s will, it was difficult to process for a moment.

Where did my worldly views go?

Where are the worldly views that I’ve cultivated in the nine years of compulsory education?

They are gone with the wind!


In the past, I only knew that fairy tales were lies, but now, even textbooks are also deceptive.

“You are a descendant of the Li family, and I am your ancestor, so according to seniority, I am your great-grandma. There is nothing wrong with it. That’s what your father calls me,” Great Grandmother stated confidently, puffing her chest.

My dad’s great-grandma is not my great-grandma.

If I call you great-grandma, doesn’t that make me Dad’s brother?

“But you look younger than me. It’s not like I’m retarded.” Li Xianyu sipped at his tea and tried his best to reason.

“Hmm,” Great Grandmother nodded. “I died when I was 18 years old.”

Spurt! Li Xianyu spat out his tea on Great Grandmother’s chest.

Great Grandmother frowned and wiped off the tea stains on her chest. In view of the fact that the great-grandchildren of this generation, unlike previous generations, were not educated from an early age, they were inevitably surprised to hear the bizarre truth. Thus, she was not angry.

Li Xianyu took a deep breath and opened his father’s second letter. “When you open the second letter, it means that great-grandma has shakened your worldview. Haha, calm down. Having your worldview shakened is the first step to your growth.”

“The world you see is just the tip of the iceberg. All fathers in the world should personally open the door to the new world for their sons. Ordinary fathers can only teach their sons how to reproduce, but I will teach you how to see the real world. You are not an ordinary person but a descendent of ancient demons. When you and great-grandma achieve your integration of flesh and spirit, you will wake up the power of the bloodline. Don’t touch the real world until you’ve summoned your bloodline. In addition, Great-Grandma is a very powerful war spirit, and at the same time an energy-sapping demon, so you have to develop her well.” The will ended here.

How in the world am I going to develop Great-Grandma? Hello? Make yourself clear.

Also, what the hell is a descendent of ancient demons?

Li Xianyu was utterly bewildered, this asshole of a dad didn’t even explain himself clearly, only stating vague things.

“Great...Grandma, what does the will mean?” Li Xianyu handed over his father’s will and could only hope that Great-Grandma could explain all this to him. Had it not been for his father’s will, he could not have calmly sat here and spoke to a beautiful girl who claimed to be his Great-Grandma.

Great-Grandma took it, glanced at it and replied, “The literal meaning.”

“I don’t understand what it means. Great-Grandma, do you mind clarifying for me?”

Great-grandma tilted her head and said seriously, “Of course, no problem. First, give me a bottle of Ugly Dolls.”

“What?” Li Xianyu froze.

What the hell is Ugly Dolls?

“Do you have chocolate coins?”


“I’m sure you must have pop rocks?”


“How about watermelon bubble gum?”


Great-Grandma pouted as she raised her eyebrows, looking young and ignorant. “What is this? Why are there no nice snacks?”

Li Xianyu finally realized. “We no longer sell those snacks from... more than 20 years ago.”

Great-Grandma seemed to have been hit hard, as she put a hand to her chest, and lamented, “Li Wuxiang, you asshole, you lived such a short life, causing me to be in slumber for 20 years. The world after 20 years is really boring, how am I going to live?!”

As she spoke, the woman lay on the sofa and rolled around in a tantrum, looking anxious and angry.

Great-Grandma’s charisma vanished instantly.

Li Xianyu was stunned and finally said, “Umm, there are still snacks, I’ll go buy them for you?”

There was a convenience store right downstairs. Li Xianyu took the elevator down, walked around in the store and finally bought a bag of spicy cracker strips that cost three dollars, and potato chips that cost six dollars.

Back home, Great-Grandma stood by the window looking at the city. Li Xianyu walked into the living room and heard her murmuring. “Things have changed so much, there weren’t such tall buildings before.”

Knowing that Great-Grandma would not hurt him, Li Xianyu was a little relieved. Otherwise he would not return, and would have ran to find his adoptive father and ask to be adopted again.

“After all, it has been twenty years. Our country is still developing very fast,” Li Xianyu commented.

“What year is it?”


“It has been almost 150 years,” she said, her clear eyes looking into the distance, gradually losing her focus. Her voice also became ethereal. “Every time I fall asleep and wake up to a whole new world. It never stops changing. And I will always be like this. The laws of time have lost its rules on me.”

150 years...

Li Xianyu almost peed out of shock.

Great-Grandma suddenly turned, and her charisma as an otherworldly figure vanished again. She was like a spoiled young lady as she glared and demanded, “Where are my snacks? If they aren’t good, I’ll hit you.”

Li Xianyu immediately handed the spicy cracker strips and potato chips over obediently.

“Sss... Sss... Delicious... Sss, how are they so good... I like this era... Sss, so spicy.” Great-Grandma munched on the spicy cracker strips as she fanned herself, tears in her eyes due to the spice.

Watching as his great-grandma fell in love with this era, a sentence popped up in Li Xianyu’s mind: “Even if it was a man with dignity, he would sell his country for a bowl of fried rice if he was hungry,.”

“Of course.” Li Xianyu gave her a thumbs-up. “Weilong Brand’s spicy cracker strips are an important part of my childhood.”

Li Xianyu watched her happily finish the bag of spicy cracker strips, drink two glasses of water, and then devour the potato chips as well. She patted her belly and lounged lazily on the sofa, and said sweetly, “Let’s talk. Before your father resealed me, he did entrust me as your life mentor.”

“Alright, Great-Grandma.” Li Xianyu sat straight. It finally started. He couldn’t wait to figure out everything.

It was silent in the living room. A few minutes later, Li Xianyu asked, “Great-Grandma?” i𝑛𝗻rℯ𝒂𝒅. 𝓬o𝘮

Great-Grandma rolled her eyes and remarked exasperatedly, “What?”

“You can start now.”

“I didn’t read much, I need to organize my thoughts. Just give me some time to think and don’t disturb me.”

A few minutes later, she adjusted her position, cradling her chest in her left hand and held her chin in her right hand. “Do you know about the existence of ancient demons?”

Li Xianyu shook his head in cooperation, “No.”

“They were powerful creatures that existed in ancient times. Before human beings had learned to record history, or even before human beings were born into the world yet, ancient demons dominated this world and were the rulers of this planet.”

“The overlords of ancient times should have been dinosaurs.”

“There are many buried unknown secrets throughout the hundreds of thousands of years of Earth’s history. Dinosaurs were just creatures that existed during a certain period of time in the past.”

“It’s billions of years, Great-Grandma,” Li Xianyu corrected.

“...” Upset, great-grandma was frustrated. “Ok, you talk.”

Give me some face.

“... Okay, I shouldn’t have interrupted. Please continue.”

Looks like you truly aren’t very educated.

Great-Grandma said seriously, “Human beings are not the only intelligent creatures from ancient times to the present. As early as ancient times, there were creatures with both wisdom and power. They were favorited by nature and were born with unparalleled power. It is not just from some myth when we say they could move mountains and fill the sea.”

Li Xianyu mocked, “That’s unbelievable. Why don’t you say they can soar into the heavens and become immortals?”

“Everything in the world has its unique talent, and some animals’ abilities are deemed as superpowers by human beings. It’s not that superpowers do not exist, but human beings do not have them. So subconsciously they will reject the idea and think that it is absurd and ridiculous. In fact, this is the ability given by nature. The same is true of ancient demons. In fact, human beings’ vision of ascending into immortality is not fantastical. They just haven’t seen such scenes borne of superpowers. The ancient demons are powerful and terrible creatures, but after all, they cannot resist time and were submerged into history.”

“Wait. Since the ancient demons have perished in history, are we their descendants?” Li Xianyu remembered the contents of the will.

“Although the ancient demons are extinct, their genes are not. According to the theory of evolution put forward by Yang Yi, any species on Earth can find common ground in their genes. We have the ancient demon genes in our human body and so do animals and plants, as they can exist in humans and dogs.”

“Continue, I’ll hold down Darwin’s coffin for you, before he jumps up in rage,” Li Xianyu replied.

“Descendents of ancient demons are not uncommonly seen throughout human history. They possess power beyond human comprehension, and they are exceptionally strong. They are known for their high-profile footprint in history, except that incumbents would almost always reduce their existence on purpose until modern times when they have completely faded in the shadow of human history,” said Great-Grandma.

“If so, wouldn’t the world become a mess?” Li Xianyu was struggling to defend his worldly views. “If I have the ability to fly or cling to walls, I will certainly be a pervert, and be a groom every night, so I can change brides every day.”

He had always felt that the good and evil of human nature coexisted, and that with great power comes great responsibility. Logically, with great power, comes great destruction.

“Shame on you.” Great-Grandma mocked, “Ever since ancient times, ancient demons had used violence to challenge the rules. Most powerful families worked for the imperial court. Our Li family was a powerful family of great reputation. In 1949, the Buddhist Association officially became the enforcer of the demon community and managed the world’s demons. It’s a big mistake to think that demons can break the rules without consequences. It’s true that descendants of ancient demons believe in the law of the jungle, where the weak would become prey by the strong, provided that social stability is not disturbed.”

Li Xianyu asked, “Then Dad’s death...”

When my biological father died, he should have been in his prime. Descendants of ancient demons are so powerful. Don’t tell me he died of cancer or a car accident.

“He died for a worthy cause. It was an honorable death,” Great-Grandma said.

“How did he die?” Li Xianyu probed.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 2: Ancient Demon