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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 120: What Did You Poke Me With?

Chapter 120: What Did You Poke Me With?

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This guy is teaching me how to flirt? I, a pervert who has been through countless battles, is now despised by a virgin?

Virgins are like this. It’s because he had never flirted with a woman, so he thought it is very simple to move a woman by doing something for her.

He likes to act as a domineering CEO, likes to pretend to be cold and solemn. He probably read too much typical novels or movies but lacks experience, so there was a misconception.

To give the simplest example, before Li Xianyu had to take care of Great-Grandma, Li Xianyu made an appointment with a beautiful lady of good quality. He spent thousands of dollars on her, racked his brains to flirt with her. When the beautiful lady received a gift from him, she looked incredibly touched. After they had sex, she said seductively and blushed, “Husband, I can’t leave you anymore.”

But so what? She never contacted him again.

If he were to think a woman would be smitten just by making her feel touched and casually flirting, that was too silly.

For a woman like Thunderbolt Battle Lady, first of all, she grew up to 25 years old and not fall for men, showed that she was not an infatuated woman who was easy to conquer. Otherwise, with her slender waist, long legs, pert buttocks, and mixed-blood looks, there would already have been a handsome boyfriend around her. Connecting it with what Wu Lun had revealed, her background was rather tragic. She might have a psychological trauma on men or marriage.

Using cheesy pick-up lines to flirt as soon as you approach was an inferior method. Pretending to be cold, arrogant and solemn was a worse method.

The real superb means of flirting was to do it subtly. One cannot rush it but slowly achieve one’s goals. One didn’t have to display one’s charm deliberately, she’ll feel it herself. She would be moved if one didn’t do things to move her deliberately.

Everyone knew that he was standing up for Thunderbolt Battle Lady but Li Xianyu did not admit it. This was much smarter than saying cheesy pick-up lines. The long-legged beauty would think that Li Xianyu was afraid that she has a psychological burden, and perhaps she might be moved.

It’s counterproductive to be too explicit towards someone like Thunderbolt Battle Lady, who was clearly resilient to love.

Battle Lady was a very difficult type to flirt with. At best, she had some feelings for him. With Liu Kongchao’s skills, he clearly could not tell.

“Are you dumb? Why are you wasting such a good opportunity?” Liu Kongchao remarked exasperatedly, “You deserve to be a virgin. I just don’t have such a chance. If I had, I would have hooked up with the girl long ago.”

“Look at how beautiful Thunderbolt Battle Lady is, her long legs, slender waist, her face, mixed-blood beauties are rare.” Liu Kongchao spurned, “You will not have a girlfriend in the future if you are like this.”

The supreme king was criticized and educated by the nonsense king... Something feels strange. Li Xianyu glanced at him and his face was full with regret, “Big Boss is right. Oh, if only you could transmit your advice to me, I wouldn’t have missed my chance then. I deserve to be single.”

“It’s good that you know. Pay attention next time. Don’t be silly.” Liu Kongchao said and froze, “Why are you side-eyeing me?”

“I didn’t side-eye you.”

“You did.”

“My eyes are not feeling well.”


Great-Grandma did not say a word, as her gaze flickered. She looked at her great-grandson, and the long-legged beauty, and frowned slightly.

In the distance, the mountains were lush with vegetation, and several leaders of the Ancient Gods Clan overlooked the valley, using the grass and wood to conceal themselves.

The Blood Devil looked at the Baoze vanguard, as if he smelled the tantalizing smell of blood again. He licked his dry lips hungrily. “Why didn’t I take advantage of the chaos just now and kidnapped the descendant of the Li family?”

The man in a white robe chuckled hoarsely. “Fool, are sure you can steal the Unparalleled War Spirit’s descendant right under her nose?”

The Blood Devil’s expression, which resembled a drug addict showed a mouthwatering thirst. “If Earth Traveler Sun is willing to help, I am confident.”

Behind them, a patch of earth bulged, as a head popped out. Earth Traveler Sun was incredibly ugly. He had two bright small eyes, a sharp mouth, and smiled pointedly. “The Blood Devil’s IQ plummeted the moment he smells blood. Didn’t you see that the Unparalleled War Spirit did not do her best? She always pays attention to her own descendant. I do not want to be hammered to death in the ground by the Unparalleled War Spirit.”

“By the way, Master lost to this boy? He doesn’t look impressive.”

Li Peiyun said nonchalantly, “He’s pretending to be weak. His reputation became resounding when he defeated me in the past. The Unparalleled War Spirit is by his side now, and he would be feared by many. The worse he behaved, the eyes that pretended to inadvertently pay attention to him will then look away.”

“The Li family descendant of this generation is scheming. That night in Sanliban village, he was pretending to be weak at first. It was not until the end that he revealed his true strength and defeated me swiftly. If it had not been for the God of War, it would be hard to say what the outcome of that night would be.”

The man in the white robe was silent for a moment. “He is a rising star who is hard to deal with.”

A light sound of someone stepping on branches approached, and a figure in a white robe swept out. She was damp and her curvaceous figure could not be concealed under her robe.

The God of War, who had not spoken, asked, “Have you found it?”

The lady in the white robe replied sweetly, “There is a secret hole at the bottom of the pool, but the seal is still present. I cannot go in.”

The God of War crossed his arms in front of his chest, his posture was authoritative as he laughed. “No hurry, someone will clear the way for us.”

A clear howl suddenly rang in the valley. The God of Apes charged swiftly as he leaped high. Swinging his right fist, he smashed at the seal.

At the same time, Fu Shan’s narrow broadswords flew out of the sheath with a clang. After accumulating force, it suddenly surged out, two pure sword qi cut through the dark, illuminating the valley.

Chen Yu shook open the wallet that had the Baoze Group logo emblazoned on it. Refined steel swords flew out, like a flock of pigeons flying out of a cage. They were connected at the beginning and tail, and converged into a line.

The pair who looked like primary school students, but had actually lived for around sixty years or more, were playing a game.

As they were patting each other’s hands, after they struck each other’s palms, they struck with their palms towards the cave. Two streams of qi roared out, intertwined with each other, with a thunderous burst of air.

In the distance, Li Xianyu was stunned to see this scene. To date, the peak battle he had seen had been a decisive battle between San Wu and the God of War, but the fighting between the two were physical combat. They had concealed their superpowers and a rookie like him could not see how terrifying it was.

But in front of these powerful master’s move, it was dazzling and badass. Fu Shan’s tangible sword light, Chen Yu’s sword manipulation technique, the two old monster’s qi transforming into dragons.

This was the style of aesthetic he has always dreamed of. By contrast, his nanny-like superpower looked incredibly low-grade.

But these fantasy martial arts special effects were supported by qi cultivation. Li Xianyu was immediately discouraged at the thought of practicing qi...

Fu Shan’s tangible sword light, the two old monsters’ magnificent qi, and even Chen Yu’s wind manipulation power could also be manipulated by qi. However, Li Xianyu’s talent for practicing qi was too poor. Great-Grandma said that with his talent for practicing qi, it would take more than ten or twenty years to see significant progress.

At that time, Li Xianyu would be an old uncle. Would there still be a point in showing a fantasy martial arts aesthetic?

If a man did not pretend to be badass when he was a teenager, then there was no point.

The attack of the five super masters, bombarded the seal at the cave’s opening at the same time. There was no earth-shaking loud noise but a dazzling white light surged at the cave’s opening. As the seal was broken, the majestic qi erupted into a tumultuous airflow. The whole valley was like it had experienced a typhoon, as rocks and trees fell.. 𝒊𝓷𝐧𝗿𝚎𝘢𝒅. Com

Like a sleeping volcano that finally erupted, accumulated decades of majestic qi resulted in chaos. Sand and stone flew everywhere, as hundreds of people in the valley swayed under the tremors.

The air waves blew on the chest, and it was just like one was being pushed. Li Xianyu staggered back a few steps and happened to crash into the arms of Liu Kongchao. Liu Kongchao quickly supported him.

As he was just about to say. “Thank you”, terror suddenly surged on Li Xianyu’s face.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 120: What Did You Poke Me With?