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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 119: Settle Him

Chapter 119: Settle Him

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Couldn’t control himself?

Li Xianyu’s reply shocked and confused everyone. Without waiting for their questions, Li Xianyu suddenly gave a strange cry. “Help!”

Then, he went berserk and hit his brain repeatedly with a stone. His self-mutilation did not seem to be intentional. He was holding his right wrist with his left hand as if he were fighting something. He tried hard to control his right hand; his expression was fierce. However, his right hand was still out of control because he was using it to hit himself.

This scene looked rather weird. It seemed like he had been possessed, just like in horror movies. However, the people present were not ordinary people. How would mere ghosts be able to control them?

At this time, Liu Kongcao shouted, “Okay! You dare to attack the staff of Baoze Group’s Law Enforcement Department. How audacious!”

His voice was shrill as it reverberated around the valley. In addition, Li Xianyu’s sudden madness had caused a stir. Even if everyone’s attention was on the entrance, a lot of them would turn towards the scene of the ruckus, unable to contain their curiosity.

After hearing Liu Kongcao’s scream, God of War stopped and looked back. At this point, those who were always looking at God of War saw what happened as well.

“Nonsense, what does him going crazy have to do with us?” Wu Lun’s expression changed slightly.

“Among all of you, some spiritual awakener is manipulating my brother to commit self-mutilation,” Liu Kungchao was filled with grief and indignation. “As soon as all of you appeared, you tried to dig for the whereabouts of the Great Deities Palace. When that didn’t work, you resorted to despicable tricks. How scheming. Do you want to force War Spirit Wushuang to strike out, thereby breaking her promise to all of you?”

“I did not. It was not me, you wronged me.” Wu Lun’s eyebrows twitched as he argued loudly. “Baoze Group is too domineering, the curse has not been dispelled, yet you want to eradicate the dissidents...”

“What’s the matter? The Wu family and Baoze are feuding?”

“Baoze is too domineering.”

“Oh... What happened to the descendant of the Li family? What’s up with his madness? Has he really been controlled by the Wu family?”

“Is he pretending?”

“Ah, help!” At this moment, Li Xianyu screamed as he suddenly threw away the stone and pulled out the light saber from his wallet. With a puff, the 3 cm-long blade shone brightly in the darkness.

Then, in front of everyone, he performed the famed stunt of the Guangu family: suicide by cutting open one’s belly!


A chilly bout of air descended on the valley.

“Fuck. It’s not pretense.”

“The Wu family is too reckless by dealing with the Lis in this way.” 𝓲𝚗𝑛r𝗲a𝒅. 𝓬𝗼m

“They are all talk and no substance. They can’t handle things properly. The younger people tend to be arrogant. I think they are going to run out of luck this time.”

“That’s good for us. They kill themselves. We profit from this.”

Liu Kongcao, with tears in his eyes, declared righteously, “You harmed someone from the law enforcement department of Baoze Group. You have violated the Demon Descendants Management Act. On behalf of Chongqing Branch, I will arrest all of you.”

“Take revenge for me!” Li Xianyu pulled out his blood-stained lightsaber, and climbed silently to the safety zone. Then, he grabbed a stone and threw it outwards.

“Settle him.”

Great-Grandma was the first one to rush up. She pressed her hands on the foreheads of the two middle-aged people, who were the strongest in the Wu family, and sent them flying tens of meters.

When the two middle-aged people flew out, they disappeared at the same time. Great-Grandma’s two spurts of air exploded on the ground, causing the rocks and earth to fly.

When they reappeared, they were already far away. Both of them were in a pathetic state, with blood flowing from their foreheads.

Li Xianyu was familiar with this power. This was Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s signature power: using extreme speeds to give out the impression that an object had been teleported.

It turned out that this was the Wu family’s inherited power: “teleportation”.

At the same time, the frontline members of Baoze rushed towards the Wu family. Besides Liu Kongcao and Xia Xiaoxue, the members were all experts. Even for the case of You Mengyu, she could be considered an expert as well, when she went berserk and summoned her sister, You Mingyu.

The You sisters had opposite personalities. Their names were very distinguishable as well. Their names differed by just a number of Chinese characters.

The Wu family’s powers meant that they were unable to hold their own in combat. Hence, they dispersed rapidly.

The frontline members were unfazed as they took out Desert Eagles and shot at the Wu family from a long distance. The loud gunfire reverberated around the valley.

Heat weapons could cause damage to demon descendants, although they were not lethal, unlike towards ordinary humans.

You Mengyu held a gun in one hand and a sword in the other. As she fired at one member of the Wu family who wasn’t far out, she used her sword to counter the assault of another. The little girl’s face was flushed with excitement as she commented, “How irksome. Striking a low blow on others.”

Liu Kongcao had received the lightsaber from Li Xianyu, making the length of the blade a meter long. This was his main weapon. The power of the pistol was debatable. Other than the military training in university, he had hardly touched a gun, much less honed his shooting skills.

Hence, amongst the frontline members, he was in the most pathetic state.

Only Great-Grandma and Thunderbolt Battle Lady pursued the members of the Wu family. Thunderbolt Battle Lady was the best out of the senior employees of Baoze. Even if the people from the Wu family were experts, no one, except the two people flung away by Great-Grandma, was her match.

As the long-legged beauty caught up with one person, she would snap off that person’s neck then pull out a pistol to shoot him in the heart. She seemed to have a big feud with the Wu family. When she killed them, she was decisive, vicious, and merciless.

Great-Grandma seemed to be having fun as she carried out her rampage, targeting the two experts from the Wu family.

The vast valley gave of the illusion that the size of the battlefield was sufficient. The other parties watched on as spectators, laughing at the Wus’ misfortune. However, when they saw War Spirit Wushuang rush towards them, their expressions would change instantly.

As War Spirit Wushuang killed the members of the Wu family, two of them were slow to react. As a result, they were smashed to smithereens by her.

Until now, her real capabilities had not surfaced. She was still in a party mood, rampaging around in an unrestrained manner. She did not show off her real self.

Wu Lun appeared behind Li Xianyu without warning. His handsome face was full of ferocity. Within a few minutes, he had lost half of the people and horses he brought from the Wu family. Before the fight for treasure began, he had already been written off.

The protagonist was the descendant of the Li family.

Wu Lun was not a greenhorn. He had many years of experience in the pugilistic world. Although he always had experts in his family to escort him, thereby lacking life and death experiences, he was also shrewd. He provoked and insulted Thunderbolt Battle Lady. This behaviour would have crossed the line normally, but at this moment, if Baoze Group dared to retaliate, it would incur the wrath of all the people present. That was why he took advantage of this situation, and verbally abused the illegitimate daughter of her family.

Given his noble background, he had seen many plots, be it orthodox or unorthodox. However, he had not witnessed many despicable tactics. After all, no one dared to treat the descendants of the Wu family in this manner.

He never expected that the Li family’s descendant could be so fierce and sinister, sacrificing himself to a great extent to wipe out their forces, in order to pin the blame on the Wu family. In this way, Baoze Group’s retaliation would be justified. The people present would not hold any hostilities towards them. Instead, they would mock him for his audacity to provoke the people from the law enforcement department.

Was it worthwhile for him to do so though? Crap, his power is self-regeneration!

Wu Lun finally responded to the fact that the Li family had a bright halo, which often led to people ignoring trivial details. At this time, he saw Li Xianyu suddenly raise his head as he cleared his throat. The next moment, a mouthful of phlegm spurted out of his mouth. Wu Lun retracted the knife in his hand and barely avoided it. His gloomy face appeared more than ten meters behind Li Xianyu.

“I guessed you’d come to me.” Li Xianyu grinned. “You protected and sheltered people are the most petty. You would definitely hold a grudge.”

Wu Lun said fiercely, “Do you dare to fight to the death?”

“Afraid of you? Watch out!” Li Xianyu threw something at him as Wu Lun dodged it. He realized that it was just a small pebble, and when he turned around, Li Xianyu had fled on his feet as he uttered shamelessly, “Battle Lady, Great-Grandma, help! The lad from the Wu family wants to kill me!”

Wu Lun had no sense of pride in “beating up” the Li family’s successor. Instead, his face was grim. Not far away, there was a loud bang, as War Spirit Wushuang and Thunderbolt Battle Lady rushed towards his aid.

Wu Lun no longer hesitated. He stared at Li Xianyu with hatred. “Retreat!”

He disappeared into thin air and reappeared in the distance. In another blink of an eye, he had disappeared across the mountains.

The surviving members of the Wu family immediately retreated. Several figures flashed in the mountains, forests, cliffs and other places, and quickly disappeared from the public eye.

The frontline team did a reorganization. Liu Kongcao, who had little to none combat experience, was slightly injured. You Mengyu, who had not summoned her sister, sustained a few superficial wounds, while the rest were largely unscathed. Xia Xiaoxue, who was not adept in combat, had disappeared from the battle once it erupted, only to reappear when it had ended.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady appeared swiftly beside Li Xianyu and lifted his clothes to check for injuries. She knew that he could nurse himself, but she still had to see it before she could rest assured.

The long-legged beauty stared at him with her beautiful eyes. “Nonsense.”

Li Xianyu retorted indignantly, “Not true. We profited a lot this time. We killed a lot of the Wus, chased away a rival. Most importantly, we vented your anger too.”

He gave Thunderbolt Battle Lady a flirtatious look.

The long-legged beauty stared at him. “Was it necessary?”

“Of course it’s necessary.” Li Xianyu maintained a rare stern expression. “I hate the young rich heirs. They are all the same. If I can exploit one, I’ll exploit one.”

“Idiot.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady turned around in order not to let him see her red eyes.

Liu Kongcao waited for Xia Xiaoxue to help him bandage the wound and signaled Li Xianyu to come over, so that they could have a private conversation.

“Brother, you were so blind just now.” Liu Kongcao put his arm around his shoulder and whispered, “Although we are all virgins, I am definitely more intuitive compared to you. You should have said, ‘If anyone dares to bully you, I’ll fight them with my life. For you, I can do anything.’”

“However, you ruined your chances with your shitty words,” he lamented.

“If you had said that, I promise that you could have won her heart. This girl’s legs are so long. Don’t you want to carry her home?”

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 119: Settle Him