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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 118: Seal

Chapter 118: Seal

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

As soon as the Baoze vanguard team arrived, two middle-aged people rushed down the sloping hillside. It was as if they were walking on flat ground on the steep mountain. They descended steadily from the hillside, that was dozens of meters high in an instant.

The two men were donned in loose sportswear, wearing tight combat uniforms underneath. They had Baoze Group staff cards hanging around their necks. They are from the Changsha branch.

“Yo, you haven’t been killed yet.” A member of the vanguard whose superpower is fire manipulation quipped.

“Although no one has attacked us yet, but it was dangerous. Over the whole day, we were threatened by the gazes of countless people.” One of the Changsha Branch staff wiped a handful of sweat guiltily.

“I’m relieved to see that you have arrived.” Another middle-aged employee heaved a sigh of relief.

In this matter, Baoze Group was undoubtedly the party that received the most hostile attention. After all, the organization’s strength was strong. Scattered cultivators and family forces were very wary. As a result, Lightning King arranged 99 operation staff to prevent scattered allies from besieging Baoze.

These two employees of the Changsha Branch had been worried and scared for the whole day. They were sent here to be spies, so their own strength must be very strong. However, there were also many formidable scattered cultivators. They had a myriad of abilities, so if they wanted to launch a sneak attack, they could not be prevented at all.

Fortunately, over the years, Baoze became more and more powerful in the demon descendants community. They carried out their missions decisively, and in full view of the public. Thus, no one dared to strike at the both of them. If the attackers were sold out by the scattered cultivators’ enemies or nosy guys, the murderers would be wanted all over the country.

“How’s it going?” the God of Apes asked.

“The exact location of the treasure has been found, but the entrance has been sealed by a powerful seal. No one can break the seal for the time being.” The Changsha colleagues raised their arms and pointed at a place a distance away.

There was a steep wall ahead, and there was a large rock protruding, on which stood a woman standing above sea level. She was holding two narrow knives. She looked down at the cave behind the rock, with her back to the crowd.

At the mouth of the cave stood a thin man, dressed in a windbreaker, his back as strong and straight as a bamboo stalk. Not far away, there were two children, a boy and a girl, sitting on the trunk of a fallen tree. They looked innocent, kicking their feet happily, and a smile bloomed on their fair little faces.

The four were closest to the cave, and the others kept their distance from them.

“The treasure of the Demonic Priest is in the cave. Unsurprisingly, it was also the base of the anti-Japanese resistance army at that time. For decades, no one could find it because there is a layer of magic outside the cave. Over the years, ordinary people could not find the old site of the anti-Japanese resistance team. Only mental power awakeners can tell at one look and break the illusory array. However, they are unable to enter the cave, because the mouth of the cave is sealed.”

Li Xianyu noted that the cave should have been obscured by vegetation, because there are clear traces of cutting and clearing the hole. It means that the cave itself is very secretive, even without illusions and prohibitions.

“What kind of seal?” the God of Apes asked calmly.

“It is not the Supreme Seal of Taoism, nor is it a sinister and strange seal, but the most common seal.”

“A most common seal?”

“Yes, but it has one characteristic: Qi! A great deal of qi, a steady stream of qi, endless qi.” The Changsha colleagues said incredulously, “It’s just the most common seal, but because of the almost inexhaustible qi, it becomes indestructible and can’t be shaken.”

“With the most common seal, the method of solving is the simplest, just break it using force. But the simplest seal has become the most difficult because of the endless, constant qi.” The God of Ape pursed his thick and wide lips and narrowed his eyes towards the direction of the cave. “Interesting. Have the earthen power awakeners ever tried to enter the cave from inside the mountain?”

“I tried, but I also came across the seal. It is so large that there is no room to sneak into,” a colleague from the Changsha division said.

The Taoist and Buddhist seal method emerged one after another endlessly. Some advanced seal needed the specific mental cultivation methods, and the correct spell formula. If one was not proficient in these methods, it was absolutely unable to break the seal. It was very simple to break a simple seal, that was using brute force to cause damage. However, it was also because of this that caused the current stalemate.

Everyone discovered a very embarrassing fact, that no one could break the seal with brute force.

“This is impossible. How can there be so much qi? Is there a Gokudo master in the cave who is maintaining the seal?” Thunderbolt Battle Lady was puzzled.

“We cannot underestimate anything that is related to the Demonic Priest,” the God of Apes stated.

“King Jiji, what shall we do?” Li Xianyu pretended that he was a newbie, and when he called out the nickname, he regretted it. He felt that he would be hammered to death. Looking at the God of Ape’s physique, he was either a tank or a soldier. His combat power was certainly much higher than that of San Wu. When he saw the God of Ape’s face, he would think of the monkey in Boonie Bears. The resemblance was uncanny.

“King Jiji... I like this name, which reminds me of the time when I was King in E’mei.” The God of Ape’s big furry hand patted him on the shoulder. “But what does Jiji mean?”

Li Xianyu still has a strong desire to survive, and responded wittily. “It means lucky. I hope you can bring luck to our team.”

The God of Apes was very satisfied with this answer, and his tone was much kinder. “If your great-grandma can still show her strength used at Lianghua Temple now, it will not be difficult to break the seal.”

This was obviously directed towards Great-grandma, and King Jiji glanced at Great-Grandma.

But the Unparalleled War Spirit merely gnawed on melon seeds expressionlessly, as if she didn’t hear his hint. The God of Apes sighed but did not insist on it.

Li Xianyu knew that Great-Grandma was actually embarrassed. The qi borrowed from Buddha Head had run out. Her combat power had plummeted and could not break the seal at all. Of course, if she were to use her unparalleled war spirit physique, she could break the seal using her head to hammer at it until tomorrow morning...

“Fu Shan, Chen Yu, and those two old monsters have tried?” the God of Apes asked.

“They didn’t manage to break the seal even when they worked together. They were very close to breaking it though. I think they’ll come and look for you to join in,” a colleague from Changsha Branch said.

Just in time, as his voice fell, the two children in the distance spoke. The girl giggled, and her voice was as crisp as the silver bell. “The Great Sage has come, the Great Sage has come.”

The tall woman with twin broadswords on her waist turned around and said, “God of Apes, the five of us could join forces to break the seal. How about that?”

“I have the same sentiment.” The God of Apes nodded and walked towards the cave. Where he passed, the crowd automatically dispersed and made way.

Li Xianyu remembered the information about those people in his mind. The woman with twin narrow broadswords was called Fu Shan. She was ranked 28th on the demon descendants list. She was a scattered cultivator, and her mentor was a reputable family that specialized in broadsword technique. This person was ordinary in terms of superpowers, but she was a prodigy in broadsword techniques.

Phantom Hand Flying Sword Chen Yu, a member of the Chen family, among the seven major families. He was ranked 42th on the demon descendants list. The Chen family’s superpower was wind-based. This man found a new path. Others used qi to manipulate their swords but he used wind to do so. At his peak, he could manipulate 108 flying swords.

Golden Boy and Jade Girl were ranked 50th on the demon descendants list. They were twin brother and sister who will never grow up, also known as never-aging monsters. They were very ordinary mental power awakeners, but the two had outstanding talent in qi practice. They possessed special combined attack skills, and could fight with the top 30 masters.

Li Xianyu broke out in cold sweat. The Demonic Priests was really the peak figure in these two hundred years. In just one day, there were so many powerful freaks who have gathered here. If you add the God of War, the Blood Devil and Li Peiyun who has not yet appeared, and were behind the scenes... If they really wanted to besiege Baoze, Baoze had no advantage at all.

“What the hell, there are four top 50 experts in the demon descendants list. When are super experts so common?” The corners of Li Xianyu’s mouth twitched.

“In fact, the real challenge is not them. These super experts are at least visible, just avoid their attacks. Our real threat is the scattered cultivators,” Thunderbolt Battle Lady whispered.

“The scattered cultivators have a variety of superpowers, and their level of strength is not the same. Remember the bugs we met when we came? If it was from the grand master of witchcraft, it would be very troublesome. When it comes to fighting in the mountains and jungle, witchcraft masters will be one of the most difficult opponents. In my opinion, they are far more terrible than those great masters. For example, if we go into a cave, we must be more wary of earthen power awakeners. The cave is their territory and their threat is even higher than that of the God of War.”

Li Xianyu listened patiently. He knew that this was Battle Lady giving him exposition. Li Xianyu’s experience in all aspects was too shallow and it was easy to suffer a big loss. At the same time, Thunderbolt Battle Lady was also sending him an important message that the real world was unlike online games, and rank (combat power) does not represent everything.

He should not underestimate those at the bottom of the ranking, or scattered cultivators that did not appear on the demon descendants list. Just because they were not on the list does not mean that their strength was not strong. There were quite a lot of demon descendants in the country. It doesn’t mean that those who were not ranked within the 100th ranks were weak.

Some awakened members were even scarier than the masters on the demon descendants list if they occupy the right place at the right time.

“Yo, cousin, why didn’t you stay in Shanghai? Why did you come to Hunan? Fate. This is fate.” A frivolous laugh rang.

Hearing the laughter, Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s face changed.

Li Xianyu looked towards the direction of the voice and saw a well-dressed young man, leading a wave of his men, swaggering over.

The young man’s appearance was handsome, and his features were rather defined. It seemed that he had a decent status. However, his gaze made Li Xianyu feel very uncomfortable. It was frivolous, presumptuous and very disrespectful.

Cousin? Li Xianyu looked back in astonishment and whispered, “Battle Lady, he is your brother?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady clenched her fists and glared at the young man.

“I haven’t seen you for a few years. Cousin is getting prettier and prettier.” The young man tsk-ed, and appraised Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s tall slender figure. His gaze finally fell on her face. “I like that look in your eyes, ferocious.”

Li Xianyu recognized something was amiss. Judging from Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s expression and the young man’s tone, they were obviously not ordinary cousins.

“Who is your cousin? I have nothing to do with your Wu family.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady replied coldly. She took a deep breath and suppressed her anger.

“B****, you are like your elder sister, who is also a b****. Your sister killed my big brother. I’ll get this debt back from you.” The young man’s attitude turned ugly. He was previously frivolous and flirting, the next moment gloomy and venomous.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady spat out three words: “Asking for death.”

“Oh, cousin, are you going to hit me? I’m not your opponent. Why don’t we try it in bed?” The young man took a step back and turned his head. He ordered the two powerful middle-aged men to his left and right, “Uncle Yang, Uncle Zhu, you have to protect me.”

The young man continued, “Cousin, you have to consider this clearly. You represent Baoze. We haven’t even begun to vie for this treasure. If I shout “Baoze attacked us!”, what do you think the people present would think? I’m a good person so I will not attack you. The others might not be so kind. Maybe scattered cultivators would form an alliance and back-stab you. You would drag your teammates down.”

What he said did makes sense. Thunderbolt Battle Lady clenched her fists as she trembled with anger, gritting her teeth.

“At least you belong to the bloodline of my Wu family. Let’s talk about family affairs. Ask your colleagues not to glare so fiercely. It’s none of their business.”

The young man spoke in a grating way, and even insulted Thunderbolt Battle Lady. You Mengyu, Xia Xiaoxue, and Liu Kongchao were furious. Even a few of the relatively calm middle-aged members in the team could not help frowning.

“Yo, I was wondering who the formidable character was. It turned out to be the Wu family. How great.” Xia Xiaoxue mocked.

Having said that, the Wu family, was one of the major seven families after all. They were not ordinary scattered cultivators nor small families. The Baoze Group could not lord it over them, except if they were in Shanghai headquarters.

“A******, you are courting death.” You Mengyu frowned.

“This young lady wants to beat me up? Come on, do it quickly.” The young man of the Wu family went closer, offering his face. “I remember Baoze had a rule. Violence against demon descendants who did not commit crimes was not allowed. Would you like to try the law, young lady?”

You Mengyu bit her lips and stopped talking. She found that the man’s words were very sharp, but she could not retort him.

Liu Kongchao said cryptically, “Brother, I appreciate you, you are the most powerful man in terms of mockery I have ever met. Usually, you must have a lot of actual combat experience.”

It seemed like nothing, but with Liu Kongchao’s expression and tone, it appeared to be have a meaningful connotation.

The young man glanced darkly at him, as if he did not bother to waste his breath with a nobody, “Cousin, I have missed you for many years. Although your status as an illegitimate child is disgraceful, but it is not impossible to acknowledge your family. We have been past five generations, and you can marry back to the family, just like your sister!”

In his last sentence, he enunciated the words particularly strongly, with mockery and disdain in his tone and expression.

Blood rushed to Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s face in an instant, as she was trembling all over with anger.

Illegitimate daughter! Elder sister... Marry back to the Wu family!

The news was a little shocking, and You Mengyu and others glanced at Thunderbolt Battle Lady in surprise.

Li Xianyu was also surprised. He felt that he was already familiar with Thunderbolt Battle Lady. They were not only familiar, but their relationship was also a little ambiguous, but he never heard Thunderbolt Battle Lady mention her background. She didn’t say it despite him asking her. She revealed nothing about her past.

Because of this, it was more than humiliating for her past to be revealed in front of everyone.

This was an insult.

Li Xianyu whispered to Liu Kongchao. He glanced around and silently walked aside. He then picked up a stone, and hit himself on the head.


A dull thud rang, and it sounded painful, as warm blood trickled down his face.

The two parties who were at loggerheads looked over together.

“What are you doing?” Great-Grandma frowned.

“Yo, are you putting up a show of cracking a rock with your head? Unfortunately, your dense brain is not hard enough.” The young man of the Wu family could not help but laugh.

The group of entourage behind him laughed boldly.

Li Xianyu looked frightened. “Great-Grandma, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“I can’t control myself!” ge shouted and hit his head with a stone again.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 118: Seal