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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 117: Elder Female Cousin

Chapter 117: Elder Female Cousin

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Li Xianyu’s first impression of Hunan: Chairman Mao’s hometown. Second impression: mango. Third impression: mountains. The last impression came from his ice-cold sister. Li Xianyu had never been to Hunan before and did not like to travel, but his elder sister liked traveling very much. After graduation, she didn’t work a single day. Whenever she picked up her bag, she would jet off to other locations. She seldom used chat software, but she regularly sent out some pictures of herself and updated her family that she was doing very well.

One of the stops was Hunan. Whatever photos she sent about that place seemed to be all about mountain-related attractions. It was precipitous and heroic. Li Xianyu, who did not like to travel, could not help but think of the prospect whereby he was able to pick up a pretty young lady there. It was satisfying!

His parents’ combined salary was only enough for one person to live comfortably. With another freeloader, his adoptive father would not be able to survive.

His sister had a high face value and is very photogenic. However, she appeared too cold and arrogant, so she never smiled in a lively manner. Henceforth, her travel photos lacked sunshine and vitality. Every time Li Xianyu saw her selfies, Li Xianyu felt the urge to Photoshop the words “I came, I conquered” on every single one.

He had not seen her for half a year, nor did he know her whereabouts. According to her pace, she would tour the whole country in no time. Then, she would travel around the world.

His foster family would not be able to support her financially one day. Maybe, she would find and marry a local rich man on her journeys, to support her hobby of traveling around the world.

His sister, like Great-Grandma, were a disgrace to the family.

As they arrived at the airport, Baoze’s frontline team departed via the special passageway and took a special bus arranged by Changsha Branch towards their destination.

Changsha Branch had no S-level employees, so this task was led by Chongqing Branch. Changsha Branch was responsible for logistics and crisis support.

Xu Village was an incredibly ordinary village. Most of the residential buildings were old foreign houses made by bare red bricks in disorder. The widest road in the village could accommodate two cars side by side. This was because Xu Village happened to be along the provincial highway that the government built a few years ago. It was only because of this that a decent road existed outside the village.

It was close to the mountains and far from the towns. There were no special products and resources. Simply put, it lacked development value.

A few years ago, the counties gathered investors to pool money into development zones. Several villages in that cluster of counties became more affluent as a result. However, as Xu Village was in an isolated location, it did not receive any welfare.

Since yesterday, many strange people had visited Xu Village. There were all kinds of good cars on the road outside the village. The villagers engaged in curious discussions, guessing whether the neighbouring village had set up a stage performance. When nearby villages set up stage performances, crowds of people would gather together. Private cars would flock from other towns and villages.

Baoze Group’s high-end business car passed through Xu Village. A sand-paved road outside the village led directly to the deep mountains. At this time, all kinds of cars were parked by the road. Cars could not drive inside. People had a hard time walking in as well.

In just one day, many demon descendants had gathered here.

The car put the frontline team by the roadside and drove away. By this time, it was late. There was only a golden silhouette left by the sunset; night would soon come.

“Xianyu, put this on.” Great-Grandma pulled out a piece of matching sportswear and a black T-shirt from her purse.

Li Xianyu received it as he thought to himself, Great-Grandma, that little demoness, wants to wear a couple tee with me. Oh, I’m so charming.

He unveiled the black T-shirt, which was exactly the same as Great-grandma’s T-shirt, except that her shirt had big white letters: “Grandson!” And his big white characters: “Call me Daddy!”

Li Xianyu: was speechless. Where does Grandma get these things? It’s alright. She’s only above me by one generation. I won’t call her Great-grandma in future. I’ll call her Mom.

Li Xianyu put on his T-shirt with three big characters on his chest. Everyone, including the God of Apes, looked at him, perplexed.

Shit, the hatred had spread to my family. Li Xianyu quickly put on his sportswear.

The entourage stretched across the entire length of the road. The cars were mostly empty. There were a few people listening to music in their cars, or smoking as they wind down their windows. As they saw people pass by, they sat up and observed them vigilantly.

“Tsk, Baoze’s people have come to join in the fun.”

“Fuck, is this War Spirit Wushuang? It seems that the news is true. The Gokudo Path’s treasure is really here.

“The leader is the God of Apes. War Spirit Wushuang is here. Baoze is bound to acquire the treasure.”

“Hey, there are a lot of weird spirits this time. They have various powers. Baoze may not be able to take advantage.”

“Let’s just observe outside.”

Listening to their tone of voice, even those that were here to watch the show sounded hostile towards Baoze.

After a distance, the cars got lesser while the roads got narrower. The mountains loomed. As they passed by a forest, buzzing sounds started to get louder. A greenish cloud rushed out and made its way towards the group of people.

Li Xianyu looked at it and deduced that it was a group of flying insects, similar to mosquitoes. They had ferocious stingers.

Liu Kongcao freaked out. Without saying a word, he opened the chain of Xia Xiaoxue’s shoulder bag, huddled himself into a ball and crept in. He did not forget to zip up the bag once he had entered her bag.

A member of the frontline team stepped forward a few steps and took a deep breath. The next moment, his mouth was like a flame ejector. The hot heat engulfed the insects and burnt the green clouds into carbon dust.

This person’s power was similar to that of Fire Child. Li Xianyu grabbed Liu Kongcao out of Xia Xiaoxue’s shoulder bag. He had really turned into a “basketball.” The quality would not change, but he felt very elastic. Li Xianyu’s stuck two fingers into Liu Kongcao’s body fiercely, leaving two deep marks which were only flattened after a few seconds.

Li Xianyu whispered, “Old Liu, in fact, your ability can be developed in many ways.”

Liu Kongcao’s body sprung out as it restored to its original state. After landing, he asked, “How?”

Li Xianyu did not reply as he motioned for him to perform his powers. He pulled out a piece of flesh and drew a hole in the middle. “As a man, you should understand now.”

Liu Kongcao looked at him in a daze. “I can’t look at my power in the same way again.”

Xia Xiaoxue’s eyes lit up. “Now that he’s said it, I also have a bold idea.”

Liu Kongcao’s face turned white. “I don’t want to listen, please don’t say it.”

Xia Xiaoxue said, “Men will want to hear it, you won’t regret.”

“Then say it?”

“Like rubber mud, the greatest advantage of your power is that you can change shape, size and length,” Xia Xiaoxue whispered. “You don’t need to envy him at all. Being congenitally deficient, you can fix this problem with your power.”

She gestured to Li Xianyu with her mouth.

The colour on Liu Kongcao’s face drained. “You... are you two devils?”

How could I look at my powers the same way again in the future? Just a few sentences. It destroyed me.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady looked at the God of Apes discreetly, and found that the S-class god had looked bothered the entire journey. He probably had not been the leader of such a team before.

Maybe he’s been flipping tables inside his heart already.

After half an hour’s journey, they had already been attacked six times. However, the scale of the attack wasn’t big, and no attackers appeared. On the way, they saw several bodies. The traps laid out were not aimed at them. It was more like a test left by the first wave of people who had visited this place. If one were to pass, one would be eligible to fight for the treasure with them. If one were to fail, one would leave one’s life here.

There was also the intention of eliminating competitors. Those who had ascended the mountains were more than willing to leave booby traps for the incoming visitors.

Several of these attacks were settled by Li Xianyu. As they passed a cliff, some crossbow arrows concealed on the arm of the cliff suddenly shot out. They appeared especially penetrative. Li Xianyu had to spit out 12 mouthfuls of saliva before he managed to shoot them all down.

You Mengyu took out her cell phone and looked at the map. She pointed to the low mountain in front of her, and crisply said, “After that mountain, we’ll get to our destination.”

The crowd successfully navigated across the low mountain and did not encounter any more attacks. However, what they saw was another eye-opener.

In front of them was a valley. The meandering stream divided the valley into two parts. There were no less than 200 demon descendants gathered in the valley. There were many blood descendants scattered on both sides of the steep cliff. They stood high and looked at the new people entering the valley.

They were still significant figures. No one knew how many other experts were camped in the trees, as nighttime had fallen and the forest was dense.

“As we expected, we won’t be able to enter the site of the treasure for a while,” one team member said.

“This was why he revealed the location of the treasure to the public?” another team member added.

After seeing that the newcomers belonged to Baoze Group, the expressions of most of the demon descendants in the valley changed to that of disgust.

“Gee, here comes these bastards.”

“They’re so rich and have countless weapons. Yet, they want to come here and fight with us.”

“It’s so despicable of them.”

“What the fuck... War Spirit Wushuang is here too.”

“Interesting. There seems to be a lot of experts here this time.”

Someone in a small group suddenly said, “Master Lun, look who that is.”

The young man known as Master Lun turned his head and saw the God of Apes in front. He frowned with fear. Then, he saw the delicate and lovely girls on record in every big family, causing his pupils to shrink further. But, when he saw the long-legged beauty beside Li Xianyu, a flirtatious and eccentric smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“Pfft, cousin.”

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 117: Elder Female Cousin