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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 116: The Meme Returns

Chapter 116: The Meme Returns

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The supposed “Management Regulations of Demon Descendants Members” was the law of the demon descendants community. After the establishment of the Baoze Group, the rules of the original demon descendants community were customized to improve the law. In the era where the Buddhist Society served as the law-enforcer, people did everything based on “morals”. For example, if one were to see a beautiful lady and had salacious intentions towards her, this was not moral, and the Buddhist Society would send disciples down the mountain to capture such criminals.

But there were also a lot of things that were morally unclear, so during the years when the Buddhist Society was a law enforcer, the demon descendants community did not see a lot of bloodshed, but it was very chaotic. One can’t expect monks to make laws, after all, they were not in the right profession to do so.

After Baoze Group took over the demon descendants community, there was a set of strict and normative laws. On the premise of not affecting social stability and the normal life of ordinary people, Baoze Group cannot send troops on a large scale, which is the result of consultation between the demon descendants community and Baoze.

The treasure of the Demonic Priest belongs to the demon descendants community itself, and did not affect the ordinary people.

According to his own memory, Li Xianyu copied the map of the hidden treasure and looked at it several times to verify it. Liu Kongchao approached to take a look at it. First, he felt that the map looked familiar. Then, he was stunned, and immediately his eyes widened.

Isn’t this the map passed down generations of my family?

How does he know...?

Without waiting for him to voice his query, Li Xianyu knocked on the table and said, “I have the map here.”

The managers, who gradually turned from heated discussion to quarrelling, stopped and looked at Li Xianyu at the same time. One manager frowned. “What are you talking about?”

Li Xianyu closed his notebook and pushed it out. He pushed it from the end of the table to the start of the table. It skidded over the long table, and slid in front of the God of Apes.

God of Apes opened the notebook, looked intently, and said in bewilderment, “Twelve Ways of Domination?”

Li Xianyu said, “Huh?”

You Mengyu who was beside him suddenly screamed, and blushed profusely, trembling, “M-Minister... Don’t say it. I want to save face too.”

Li Xianyu glanced at her trembling calves and bright eyes, thinking, What were you so excited about?

The God of Apes turned the pages and finally turned to the page with the map. He tore it off, and pushed the notebook in front of You Mengyu. He turned his head and looked at Lightning King, where the latter nodded.

The assistant left with the paper.

The crowd in the conference room looked at each other and did not understand the situation.

The Li family descendant suddenly said he had a map, and the head office minister believed it? He asked someone to verify the goods?

The crowd’s confusion lasted for five minutes until the assistant came in with the paper and whispered a few words to the God of Apes.

The God of Apes nodded and announced crisply, “According to the results of the scan, there is no problem with the address of the treasure. As Li Peiyun said, the Demonic Priest’s treasure is most likely in Hunan...”

“Boss.” A manager asked, “Can you elaborate about the accuracy of the map’s source?”

Several managers glanced at Li Xianyu, both intentionally or unintentionally.

“All I can tell you is that the map is accurate, don’t ask anything else.” Without waiting for the God of Apes to speak, Lightning King spoke first. After that, he motioned for the God of Apes to continue.

“Assuming that the Demonic Priest’s successor gave the correct address, we contacted the Hunan Division, which gave us the results of the investigation.” The God of Apes said, “Poison Eye, come and share with everyone.”

A middle-aged man with grayish-white pupils nodded and took over, “The mountain itself is normal, but there is a village ten kilometers from the mountains. The village once organized anti-Japanese resistance teams and fought guerrilla battles with the Japanese in the mountains. This is the only useful information. There has been poverty and lack of development, and the village once wanted to use the name of the old anti-Japanese hero site to develop tourism. But they never found the old site left behind by the anti-Japanese resistance team in that year, and there was no fruitful conclusion.”

Lightning King said, “Liu Kongchao, with your mission report, your ancestor has participated in the anti-Japanese resistance, right?”

Liu Kongchao nodded. “My grandfather told me.”

A thought flashed in Li Xianyu’s mind, Was your ancestor who was an anti-Japanese hero, named Liu Ming?

Liu Kongchao looked at him and was stunned again. “Why do you freaking know everything?”

Lightning King stared at Li Xianyu, “What do you want to say?”

“No, nothing, go on.” Li Xianyu waved his hands. He thought that it was true indeed, Liu Kongchao was the descendant of Liu Ming. Liu Ming divided the map into two and took it as one of their heirlooms. The other man, Chen Ye, changed his surname to Lu. A few years ago, his family was annihilated by the Blood Devil, who took away the map.

How did the Demonic Priest know the two men? Didn’t he work for the Japanese?

And according to the memory fragments, the two were clearly the Demonic Priest’s lackeys. Linking it to the current information held by the company, it was not difficult to guess that the grottoes he saw in the memory fragments were the old site of the anti-Japanese resistance team.

There was the Demonic Priest’s sword of qi sealed in there. No, it should be said that the Demonic Priest’s sword of qi sealed a terrible thing. It was the Demonic Priest’s life-long enemy, something he racked his brains to get rid of.

The Demonic Priest later worked for the Japanese, was it that thing that was influencing him? Li Xianyu looked uncertain and did not dare to say it in public. He cannot say it, even to members of Baoze, he must keep his mouth shut.

He dared not bet his life on character. At most he would just act according to circumstances but it was not the time to disclose the information now.


After the meeting, the company gave only half an hour to prepare. The God of Apes took the pioneer team straight to Yucheng Airport and flew to Changsha on the Gulfstream under Baoze’s name. All the team members who had been ambushed by the Ancient Gods Clan in Sanliban Village were in the pioneer team. San Wu was still unconscious. Thus, they left her temporarily in Yucheng branch.

If it was other people, Li Xianyu could understand. After all, although You Mengyu’s strength was mediocre, her sadistic sister was incredibly ferocious. Xia Xiaoxue’s ability was suitable for stealth and investigation. Thunderbolt Battle Lady was also rather powerful. But why was Liu Kongchao, this kind of weak chicken also in the team? It seems that Yucheng Branch does intend to cultivate him.

Li Xianyu had become more arrogant. In fact, if he fought with Liu Kongchao, he would lose to him instead. Liu Kongchao’s qi cultivation was not bad, and his superpowers could resist Li Xianyu. All he had to do was turn into a rubber man and tie Li Xianyu into a bundle, and he would be powerless.

But in terms of the battlefield of life and death, Li Xianyu was much fiercer than Liu Liu Kongchao. Salted Fish’s ability was very suitable for a battle to wear the opponent out.

Inside the spacious and luxurious Gulfstream, the God of Apes sat in his exclusive seat and closed his eyes to rest his mind.

You Mengyu and Xia Xiaoxue were bored and scrolling on their mobile phones. Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s long legs were curled up, and she was wearing headphones to watch the movie. The mobile phone’s light reflected in her eyes, like gleaming pearls.

Liu Kongchao was also watching a movie, sneakily covering it with his hands and wearing earphones. It was Hongkong porn videos that Li Xianyu copied over for him. Most of the Hongkong goddesses that people born after the 90’s were familiar with, could be found in the U-disk collected by Li Xianyu. It was as if Liu Kongchao had received a precious treasure, and he wanted to worship Li Xianyu as a big brother on the spot.

Li Xianyu’s films were out of print and could not be found on the Internet. The reason why he had them was that his adoptive father had been a pirated CD seller in the past. His adoptive father was an uncouth gangster, and was not a hipster. He just had an eccentric habit of collecting things. When he it came to pirated CDs that he thought were good, he would basically keep one copy and hide it in the storage room at home.

Li Xianyu who was in his adolescence secretly broke into his adoptive father’s forbidden place and stole some CDs, to watch them at his friend’s house.

The sexual enlightenment of the teenagers began at that time. The innocent children then were not proficient in the Five Dragons Holding the Pillar Technique, and their genitals became hard. However, they could not vent and felt discomfort all over.

Later, the disks went out of trend and left the stage of history. Li Xianyu then found someone from computing to convert the disks in his house into the U-disk. He then stored his valuable treasure away.

He intended to pass on the contents in the U-disk as heirlooms. His adoptive father had passed it to him, and he would pass them on to his son. It would then pass from generation to generation. If he gives birth to a daughter in the future, he will pass it on to his grandson.

“What are you watching?” Li Xianyu approached Thunderbolt Battle Lady.

She was watching an old American film called “Shutter Island”.

“I can’t understand...” Thunderbolt Battle Lady looked at him gently, her tone unconsciously soft.

“What is there not to understand? I’ll watch it with you and explain it to you later.” Li Xianyu took the opportunity to lean closer to her.

They were already in the middle of the film. Two police officers went to an island where mental patients were held to investigate a case of disappearance of mental patients. The film was interspersed with a large number of illusions and assumptions of the protagonists. The movie felt very messy and fragmented.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady asked him if the protagonist was a psychopath. Li Xianyu replied, “I think so.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady asked him whether it was brainwashing or the hero was already a psychopath.

Li Xianyu replied, “How do I know, I don’t understand either.”

Next, he was despised by the long-legged beauty, as she rolled her eyes.

You Mengyu suggested, “Let’s take a picture together. We wanted to take a picture last time in Sanliban Village.”

Li Xianyu said, “This can be done, and I have a better idea.”

He pulled out the champagne from the freezer, poured himself a glass, and borrowed a cigar from the God of Apes with a sheepish expression. The God of Apes gave it to him, to give face to the Unparalleled War Spirit.

Li Xianyu casually sat on the sofa and let Great-grandma and Thunderbolt Battle Lady sit beside him. He said, “If you can, please put your little heads on my shoulder.”

As soon as Thunderbolt Battle Lady heard it, she subconsciously wanted to refuse. She replied, “I’m alright, but beware that your great-grandma will whack you on the head.”

As soon as she had finished, Great-Grandma had put her head on her great-grandson’s shoulder.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady thought, Since Great-grandma didn’t mind, then I have nothing to care about.

Li Xianyu sat in the middle, holding a glass of champagne in his right hand, a cigar in his left hand, and his legs were crossed. Thunderbolt Battle Lady and Great-Grandma were on his left and right, looking demure and lovable. Behind him were two beautiful girls, Xia Xiaoxue and You Mengyu.

The camera clicked and the photo was taken.

It was then Liu Kongchao’s turn. Virgin Liu said “I want it, too. If the ladies don’t mind, please maintain your original poses.”

With that, four women narrowed their eyes at him.

Liu Kongchao cowered and said, “I’m kidding.”

He also took a picture with the four beauties, and although he did not hug or put his arms around them, he was satisfied. The Unparalleled War Spirit in the photo alone was enough for him to brag.

Li Xianyu asked the photo crew to send the photo to him. “I want to send it to the demon descendants in the headquarters to show off.”

I’ll let the big guys in the headquarters see my posturing demeanor. Anyway, his Li family descendant identity had been exposed, the existence of Great-Grandma no longer needed to be kept a secret.

As he was recovering in the Yucheng branch the past few days, the headquarters demon descendants chat had erupted, as the big guys never thought that Li Xianyu, this meme-newcomer, was the Li family descendant.

He edited the photo and added the words: The Life of a Big Guy.

Send! Li Xianyu looked forward to the reaction of his colleagues in the group and expected them to shout, “Awesome” like the day before yesterday.

A moment later, Lady Killer sent a picture captioned: “Are you going to compare your dick with me?”

King Kong sent a picture, captioned: “There’s no end to you pretending to be badass.”

Tentacle Monster sent a picture, captioned: “Are you as cocky as me?”

Li Bai sent a picture, captioned: “Who is afraid of whom?”

The group’s favorite’s meme, which has not been used for a long time, suddenly spammed the screen again.

Shit! I forgot about this meme. The headquarters demon descendants chat has not sent this picture for a long time, everyone’s enthusiasm for using memes has obviously subsided.

The corners of Li Xianyu’s mouth twitched as he switched off the mobile phone screen. He suddenly found that there was a strange atmosphere around him.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady looked at him, speechless. She didn’t feel anything before, but now she suddenly felt very uncomfortable. This coquettish guy knew that he had a dark history, but he didn’t keep a low profile. He kept trying to be badass, but got roasted instead.

Great-Grandma’s eyes were full of surprise. It was the first time she had seen the second son of the Li family, in his “full glory”.

Xia Xiaoxue and You Mengyu secretly peeked at his lower body.

Liu Kongchao did not believe it and remarked, “It’s photoshopped, right?”

Li Xianyu stayed quiet.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 116: The Meme Returns