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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 115: The Demonic Path’s Treasure

Chapter 115: The Demonic Path’s Treasure

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Thunderbolt Battle Lady pushed open the door of Li Xianyu’s ward frantically. The morning sun penetrated the windows and lit up the room.

In the hospital bed near the window, the beautiful Great-Grandma sat at the head of the bed, holding a book in her hand, as her great-grandson rested his head on her thighs. Beside them was a bag of potato chips. Great-Grandma ate two slices and fed one to her great-grandson.

How romantic.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady, who looked frantic, was shocked.

Great-Grandma heard her voice and looked at her lightly, as she continued to read books and eat chips. Back then, she did not read books with educational value either. It was Xia Xiaoxue’s fashion magazine. Beauty was part of a woman’s nature. Grandma was also a woman. She also wanted to wear beautiful skirts.

Coincidentally, her great-grandson had received his salary today. Great-Grandma came over to ask for money as she prepared to go shopping in the afternoon with You Mengyu and Xia Xiaoxue, to buy nice clothes.

Li Xianyu could not handle his old ancestor. He thought that since he would break the bank anyway, he might as well take the opportunity to earn some interest. He complained about the pillow, and requested to use Great-Grandma’s round and slender thighs as a pillow. Otherwise, he would not be able to sleep.

Great-Grandma treated her current grandson differently. She was not biased nor did she value him highly. Compared to her previous great-grandson, he was more outstanding and talented.

It was because this great-grandson was different from the rest. The others all knew their place and status.

Six generations ago, her great-grandchild was full of discipline. He respected her as his ancestor, and also as a master of martial arts. The next generation treated her more like a teacher and mother. After all, she had raised him up from young, even though he still complained about her spending habits in private.

For Li Xianyu’s generation, it suddenly felt that morality was lost. This great-grandson always had bold ideas. His logical thinking far exceeded previous generations, and he had no sense of belonging to any clan. Hence, he did not respect her as much.

With him, it was no use acting as his great-grandmother. Sucking away his sperm as a threat was better.

The way the two of them interacted was as if they were of the same generation. When he was in danger, he would recall, Oh, I have an invincible great-grandma.

Also, when Great-Grandma wanted to go shopping, she would think, Oh, this is my great-grandson. Filial piety is a given. I’ll take money from him.

“Battle Lady, potato chips?” Li Xianyu lay on Great-Grandma’s thigh and picked up a pack of potato chips, offering it to her.

Great-Grandma grabbed the potato chips back without expression.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady rolled her eyes. “The God of Apes is back. Let’s go to the conference room. There was a new mission sent to the headquarters this morning.”

“Mission again?” Li Xianyu sat up, took off his hospital clothes, went to the wardrobe and looked for his clothes.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s eyes stared at his bare and strong upper body. “I’ll step back.”

Li Xianyu changed his clothes and went out with his great-grandmother. Thunderbolt Battle Lady stood outside and waited for them. She then led them towards the conference room.

The largest conference room in the branch building could accommodate 50 people for a single meeting. At this time, there were only about 10 people in the huge conference room.

Liu Kongcao and two preparatory members sat at the end of the table. He whispered to a beautiful girl beside him, “I’m just an intern. Why am I participating in such high-end meetings?”

“Because you are excellent.”

“Because you are suitable to save the world.”

The two preparatory members replied.

“Pfft, I hate women like you the most. Full of nonsense, with no decency,” Liu Kongcao was really annoyed with them. He hated it the most when people talked nonsense when he talked about serious things. Such a person, regardless of men and women, made people insecure. He gave off the vibe that people could not rely on him. The descendant of the Li family was more dependable instead. Although he talked nonsense a lot too, he was able to do things seriously when it was time to be serious. For example, they had collaborated together to kill Bai Jie’er.

“So you know why you’re single.” Xia Xiaoxue scorned in disdain and continued, “You will have to live the life of an empty nester in the future.”

Liu Kongcao mumbled, “What? What kind of life?

You Mengyu said, “Don’t talk nonsense. This task is still related to Ancient Gods Clan. We accepted this mission. We have to continue, else we will lose points in vain.”

Liu Kongcao subconsciously looked down. “I just want to live well. I am just an intern, I want to apply for withdrawal.”

You Mengyu said, “Don’t think about it. This is the company’s arrangement.”

Liu Kongcao said, “Ha? Is the company out of its mind? Why do they want an intern to do such a dangerous task? I just want to kill ghosts in Chongqing and earn 50,000 dollars a month.”

Xia Xiaoxue hated his words. “Goddamn it. You and Li Xianyu worked together to kill Bai Jie’er and earned some credit. The company intends to groom you. You awakened in junior high school and practiced qi for more than ten years. The company has assessed your strength. Killing ghosts are for novices.”

When the door of the conference room opened, Li Xianyu took the lead, with Thunderbolt Battle Lady and Great-Grandma on both sides.

Everyone’s eyes looked towards Great-Grandma in awe with excitement. Being able to see War Spirit Wushuang close up was a very rare experience. People could brag about it for a while. Furthermore, the people present were not of low authority as well.

Li Xianyu’s attention was captured by a big, burly man. He was very boorish. His facial features were not exquisite, even a little ugly. His arms were long and his hair was thick, which was comparable to the men in Europe and America.

Li Xianyu looked at his face, and a vivid image popped out of his mind. He said subconsciously, “King Jiji?”

“Are you calling me?” The God of Apes looked at the descendant of the Li family. His voice was thick and full of energy. “What does King Jiji mean?”

Li Xianyu then continued, “Nothing, I just saw you sitting here, as majestic as a king.”

When the God of Apes heard this, his face suddenly broke out in a smile. ” A little interesting.”

The people who understood looked perplexed, but no one spoke. They all remained silent.

“Now that all the people are here, let’s start the meeting...Oh, Elder Li, I’ll give you my place?” the God of Apes looked at War Spirit Wushuang.

Great-Grandma waved her hand and followed her great-grandson to the last seat. She took out many snacks from her wallet: spicy cracker strips, potato chips, nuts, chocolate bars... only for her great-grandson, not for anyone else.

Li Xianyu gorged on potato chips and searched for information about the God of Apes.

S-level employees were Baoze’s strongest fighting force, at least on paper. Every S-level employee could be ranked in the top 30 of the demon descendants’ list. Although San Wu was defeated in the hands of God of War, it did not mean that S level was not strong. San Wu’s special ability was not able to be fully harnessed in close combat. If one were to give her a basket of high explosive grenades to try, one would know. Or give her a Barrett XM109.

Baoze’s top ten S-level employees were known as Baoze’s Ten Gods in the demon descendants community. Other than San Wu, the one with personality problems, the elderly Fire God, who did not like to meddle in company affairs, and Food God, who wandered around the world in search of good food, the other seven S-level employees were scattered in branches all over the country.

The God of Apes was the only non-human among the S-level staff. It was said that it was originally a white ape in Emei. After more than ten years of listening to the sutra, he opened his mind. Later, a Taoist monk who traveled around Emei passed by and saw that his wisdom roots had been established. He caressed his head with his hand and helped him open “the passageway to heaven”. With another 100 years of practice, he ended up as a demon and then transformed to a human being.

The assistant opened the 3D holographic projection. A blue beam projected down, revealing man with well-developed chest muscles, ready to burst out of his shirt at any time.

Director of the Law Enforcement Department, Lightning King!

“Good day, Director!” the people in the conference room echoed in unison.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I already know about the battle in Sanliban Village. Very thrilling battle. I’m glad that none of our members did not die in the battle, everyone is good... Ahem. Elder Li, can you not poke me? This is a holographic projection. I am in Shanghai.” Lightning King said awkwardly, “You’re making it impossible for me to go on talking like that.”

Great-Grandma’s mouth opened slightly as she maintained her awed expression. She said, “How cool, just like real people.” She was surprised as she saw a holographic projection for the first time.

Li Xianyu covered his face, smiled apologetically at everyone and pulled his ancestor back.

“Missions are always like this, full of crises and accidents, no one has God’s perspective.” After sighing, Lightning King said, “The emergence of the Demonic Path Inheritor caught the company by surprise. You saw the message this morning.”

The God of Apes cooperated with the projection and proceeded to play a video – Li Peiyun’s selfie-style video. He declared that he had found the location of the Demonic Path’s treasure, and that he had extended an invitation to everyone to search for it with him.

“He must have a motive for releasing such a high-profile video. No matter him, or something that the Demonic Path has left behind, Baoze cannot just sit back and watch. According to Article 32 of Chapter 5 of the Demon Descendants Management Act, if a demon descendant has not violated any laws and regulations, Baoze is not allowed to send more than 100 people to deal with this figure, apart from cults and alien organisations.” 𝑖𝑛𝐧𝓻e𝒶𝗱. c𝚘𝙢

“So, this time, the group will consist of 99 people. The Ape God will be the leader. The first task is to obtain the treasure. The second task will be to capture the Demonic Path Inheritor. The third task is to eradicate the remnants of Ancient Gods Clan. I allow you to carry a certain number of thermal weapons, in accordance with the criteria of Article 10 of Chapter 2 of the Weapons Management Act.”

“We can’t not doubt the reliability of the treasure’s location,” a demon descendant manager said. “Do you believe that Li Peiyun will really share where the treasure is?”

“But if it is false, what is the significance of his announcement of the location of the treasure? Is he playing a prank on everyone?”

“Is he misleading us while he finds the real treasure for himself? Maybe he thinks that we have located the treasure. After all, we have half a map too.”

The assistant cooperated with the switching of light frames, as two hand-drawn maps appeared on the screen along with Lightning King’s image. Everyone looked at the projection screen together.

God of Apes shook his head. “The reference value of the picture is too low.”

“In all likelihood, the location of treasure is false.”

“Even if it’s fake, we have no choice.”

“Who says so? We have been making comparisons starting from Chongqing and spreading out to the whole country. We have found three possible locations. With a bit more time, we can possibly find the right place.”

The managers started to argue amongst each other.

“This is what I drew.” Liu Kongcao grinned proudly.

“You can draw a map?” Li Xianyu was quite surprised.

“Nonsense, I also had the dream of looking for antique treasures. Although Grandpa has always warned me that I wasn’t allowed to find them, I didn’t care. What era is this already? The treasure is the most important thing.” Liu Kongcao said, “I remember it very clearly. It’s not a problem to copy it.”

“Why didn’t you look for it?” asked Li Xianyu.

“Because it was too vague, the two maps are incomplete and different. Later, in junior high school, I knew that the person who drew the map had never learned geography. They were hastily scribbled. Without the whole picture, you can’t see where it is.”

I’ve seen this map, too. Pfft, thinking about it, it should be able to be restored. The memory of demon descendants was very strong. Li Xianyu recalled seeing the whole picture in his memory.

He took You Mengyu’s notebook, bit on the stylus, and started to restore the map based on what he remembered.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 115: The Demonic Path’s Treasure