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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 114: An Object That Can Subvert The World

Chapter 114: An Object That Can Subvert The World

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“The company’s support team arrived the next morning but only San Wu survived. She cradled the heads of her teammates, sitting on the grass covered in blood. There were blue skies and white clouds overhead, and she was surrounded by unmanaged cattle and sheep. We don’t know why the God of War didn’t kill her. Maybe they thought she’s dead. By the time the rescue team found her, she was on the verge of death, but she survived with her strong willpower.”

“After San Wu woke up, the task of pursuing the Ancient Gods Clan was over, and after that war, she became the original her. Lonely and unsociable, she trained alone, ate alone, and stared into space alone. This may be her normal state of life. She gained the first precious friendship in her life at the training camp. In the blink of an eye, the Ancient Gods Clan deprived her of the right to be a normal girl.”

“When she was most isolated, you couldn’t see her for most of the month, and when you spend time with her, you would find that she was a doll without feelings at all. If you said it, she did it. There would be no more superfluous interaction. She may have realized that this could not go on for long, and over the years she began to try to communicate with others and try to integrate herself into the big family.”

“It’s not that no employee wants to accept her, everyone actually pities her. But she didn’t expect that she could no longer accept anyone’s friendship. Once someone tried to get into her life, she would close the door mercilessly.”

“So all these years, people have been keeping their distance from her, a distance that makes her feel comfortable.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady finished and sighed gently.

The crowd was moved, and they all felt pity for her.

The life of this S-class senior was an utter tragedy. She had been cultivated as a killer by the Ancient Gods Clan ever since she was young. She may have gotten tired of life as a weapon and betrayed the Ancient Gods Clan and joined Baoze Group. She finally had companions after so much hardship, and they were all dead.

Li Xianyu gazed at the girl lying quietly in the hospital bed. The so-called safe distance is that we know each other, but we can’t be friends. If we are not friends, I won’t suffer because of your death.

I know you, so I won’t feel lonely either.

Such a distance was really good.

Li Xianyu scratched his head. But even if they were killed by the God of War that night, San Wu should not be so triggered and traumatized until now, that she had not awakened. Something suddenly occurred to him, and he found San Wu’s wallet in the wardrobe at the corner of the wall. He opened it, and a picture was reflected in his eyes. In the center was an apple-faced girl with a ponytail, twin sister and brother were standing on the left and right, and a tall and thin young man was standing behind her.

Smiles bloomed on the four faces, and standing beside them, separated from them, San Wu faced the camera lens expressionlessly. She seemed a little nervous, the muscles of her face were tense, but light shone subtly in her awkward gaze.

Li Xianyu thought, Sure enough.

The younger brother of the twins was a handsome sissy, who belongs to the same type of handsome guy as him.

No wonder San Wu was so triggered. She probably saw his delicate face and it reminded her of the night many years ago that she didn’t want to recall.

No wonder she treated me a little differently. It seemed that San Wu liked his face a little more.

You Mengyu leaned in and exclaimed, “Wow, is this Team 21?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady took a look at it and confirmed. “Mm-hmm.”

“Alright, okay, let’s go back.” Li Xianyu drove them out of the ward and stuffed the wallet back into the clothes’ pocket. He stood in the quiet ward, as sunlight shone outside into the window, illuminating the girl’s face brightly. She slept peacefully, but you can’t judge her mood according to her face, because the girl has never had any expression.

She used to be Ancient Gods Clan’s knife, and now she was Baoze’s knife.

The difference was that she now had the freedom to make friends, but she had a psychological trauma over friendship.

Li Xianyu remembered that at the time of the virtual world, Thunderbolt Battle Lady inadvertently said that San Wu also had a knot in her heart. He did not pay attention at that time but now he understood what San Wu’s knot was.

“Get a good night’s sleep.” He turned and left the ward.

You Mengyu and Xia Xiaoxue strongly recommended Liu Kongchao to join Baoze Yucheng Branch. The reason given was that Liu Kongchao ability was not bad and was a talented person. He should join Baoze to protect the peace of the world.

But Li Xianyu knew that if one recommended casual or newly awakened demon descendant to join Baoze, the person who referred the new member will have a reward of 10 points.

The two girls were going for the points.

Liu Kongchao was unwilling at first, as he had been terrified after going through the battle with Ancient Gods Clan. It had destroyed a young man’s remnant courage.

Xia Xiaoxue saw that soft persuasion did not work, and decided to use the forceful way. She grabbed the virgin’s collar and said, “You are still a virgin at 23 years old, don’t you feel ashamed? You eat preservatives and wear cheap clothes from roadside stalls, don’t you feel ashamed? Your salary card balance only has four digits all year round, even Ruhua is not willing to be your girlfriend, don’t you feel ashamed?”

You Mengyu added, “In Baoze Group’s Demon Descendants Department, internship staff earns 50,000 dollars a month.” Sure enough, Liu Kongchao was sold.

When he returned to the ward in the evening, Li Xianyu heard Virgin Liu wiping his tears bitterly...

Rong City!

The demon descendants’ power was all over the world, their tentacles to earn money extended to a variety of industries. It was likely that there will be a demon descendant behind a business everyone knew well. Maybe if one were to walk past a clubhouse, there were enchanting and lovely ladies picking up guests crazily. They had long tails, adorable beast ears, and pupils of different colors.

The fragrance of rose dew fluttered in the private room, and several fox girls stood in the shining pool, splashing water as their laughter rang like silver bells.

They were wrapped in a thin, light silk robes, which revealed their curvaceous figures vaguely. They were very thin and beautiful, and the water flowed along their smooth milk-like skin.

On the two massage beds at the edge of the pool, Li Peiyun was lying down with his eyes closed. He enjoyed the fox girl’s soft hands on his back as she applied essential oil, giving him a massage with his small hands.

“The Aoki family in Japan contacted me not long ago,” said the other man on the massage bed.

He has an incredibly handsome face, the kind that even men would feel charmed. His eyes were always smiling, giving people a demeanor of kindness, tenderness and was easy to get along with. If he had been born in ancient times, he must have been a renowned actor.

“So?” Li Peiyun didn’t even open his eyes.

“They said they wanted to work with you. The Aoki family had connections with the Demonic Priest then, and are not unfamiliar. During World War II, their family paid a lot of money and manpower in the search for the Great Deities Palace. I want to know what they’re looking for.” The man smiled and his voice was warm and mellow. There was a natural coquettish charm to him despite being male.

Li Peiyun did not answer, and the man was not in a hurry, but smiled and looked at him.

“Although I inherited the Tri-Elements Sword Technique, I do not know information about the Great Deities Palace.” Li Peiyun opened his eyes.

The man with smiley eyes remarked gently, “You can pretend to know.”

“Alright, bring me 100 courtesans from the Aoki family,” Li Peiyun said.

“Tut, if you want women. I have so many of them here.”

“No, I just want Japanese women.”

“Why are so obsessive about Japanese beauties?” The man was puzzled.

“When my great-grandfather was young, he had a childhood sweetheart, who was despoiled by the Japanese.” Li Peiyun said, “I have to avenge him.”

The man with smiley eyes laughed it off and said solemnly, “We are talking about business.”

Li Peiyun also replied solemnly, “The business is: scram.”

Seeing that he was so determined, the man with smiley eyes stopped talking about it, and asked, “Have your injuries healed? If my information is correct, the Li family descendant has just awakened. How could he defeat you?”

Li Peiyun rolled his eyes. “That boy is very cryptic. I still don’t understand how he knows my Achilles’ heel. How is he?”

“His hostility is not deep, if you want to use his father’s feud to lead him into the gang, I’m afraid it is difficult.” Li Peiyun said, “I am not the same. I receive favors from others and complete tasks for others. You can use me as much as you like.”

“All you have to do is follow my plan and it will be smooth sailing.” The man said.

“Ah, it’s good to have a villainous adviser. You guessed it, we were tracked by the God of Apes on the way back, but it’s a good thing we were prepared and led him to Spring City.” Li Peiyun suddenly remembered something. “There’s still one thing, the descendant of this generation’s Li family is a little odd.”

The man raised his brows, “What’s the matter?”

“Self-healing, his ability is self-healing. When we fought, I did not feel his enhanced ability, but he had a terrifying self-healing ability instead. I had met the same type of demon descendants who had his ability, but they could not compare to him at all.”

Li Peiyun said, patting the bed, “There is one more strange thing.”

“Say what you want in one go.”

“The God of War’s arm has been restored.”



An hour ago, in a private room in the clubhouse, the God of War sat cross-legged on the bed, and an obvious paleness could be seen on his dark, rugged face.

Blood Devil Chu Hanliang pushed open the door of the private room and rushed inside excitedly.

“What are you doing here instead of resting?” The God of War opened his tired eyes. If he knew that there was the Li family descendant in Baoze’s team, he would have cancelled the ambush, or end the battle quickly to take the treasure map and leave. There were always all kinds of accidents in the world that no one can control.

Now he had lost the bait along with the fish. Although the treasure map could be obtained, he broke an arm.

“Boss, I have a way to restore your arm.” Blood Devil went straight to the point.

“What did you say?” The God of War’s eyes lit up.

“Didn’t you ask me why I didn’t die?” The Blood Devil grinned and replied, “I wasn’t sure at first, but now I got it. After the Unparalleled War Spirit snapped my neck, I thought I was dead for sure. When I was in despair, I suddenly felt hot all over, and a force of recovery surged in my body, and restored my body.”

“Force of recovery?” The God of War was bewildered .

“That’s right,” the Blood Devil stretched out his right arm, and the sharp nails of his left index finger pierced the skin and scratched a bloody scar. In a few seconds, the wound healed at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The God of War was shell-shocked. “Do you have the power to heal yourself? What’s going on?”

The Blood Devil lamented, “I don’t possess self-healing power, this force is constantly weakening, and I think it will disappear soon. Boss, do you remember who has self-healing powers among the people we fought against?”

“The Li Family descendant...”

“Yes, and I devoured a lot of his blood. A normal self-healing ability can only act on itself, but he can restore other injured people.” The Blood Devil was so excited that his face twisted, “I suspect he has an immortal body.”

The God of War’s gaze flickered, as he strangled the Blood Devil’s neck and bit through his throat. The hot pungent blood poured into the mouth, and he swallowed it into his stomach.


“The God of War’s arm is restored, an amputated limb is restored... Strange to say, I’ve never heard of such a power.” Li Peiyun said. He had just visited the weak Blood Devil who lay in bed, his face covered with a rag stained with blood. Half of his face that was revealed was twisted in madness, as he kept murmuring, “Rare precious medicine, rare precious medicine...”

“What interesting information, it’s also an important clue.” The man smiled.

“Looks like my guess is right. The item that Li Wuxiang brought out from the Great Deities Palace then was the Immortal Body!” Li Peiyun stated gravely.

“Tut, I’m sorry to say you’re stupid.” The man with smiley eyes shook his head. “It’s not that simple, think about it. If it’s an immortal body, why did Li Wuxiang die then? There is also an important message that you ignored. The ancestral power of the Li family is strengthening, and that the power of the descendant is self-healing. Superpowers are branded in the genes, and it is impossible for genes to change, so how do we explain the self-healing ability of the Li family descendant?”

“What are you trying to say?” Li Peiyun was shocked.

“I have a terrifying guess,” the man with smiley eyes said lowly. “Wasn’t it spread that what Li Wuxiang brought out of the Great Deities Palace was enough to subvert the world?”

Li Peiyun frowned and pondered.

“The most troublesome part of the Li family, is that the Unparalleled War Spirit follows the descendant closely. That thing is so terrible that we don’t have to take the initiative to provoke it. After all, there are too many people who want to provoke the Li family.”

The man with smiley eyes continued, “Let’s not talk about this, what you should think about is another question. Tri-Elements Sword Technique is the Demonic Priest’s signature move that he relied on to dominate the demon descendants community. But according to the older generation, he entered the Great Deities Palace before he surged in reputation.”

“What did he rely on initially? And what did he bring out?”

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 114: An Object That Can Subvert The World