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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 112: San Wu’s Past (2)

Chapter 112: San Wu’s Past (2)

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“This should start with the demise of the Ancient Gods Clan. It is an organization with a long history and can be traced back to the end of the Ming Dynasty. The change of the dynasty was the most likely to breed cults, but although the original Ancient Gods Clan was characterized as a cult, its original intention was to oppose the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty.”

Before Thunderbolt Battle Lady could finish, Li Xianyu interrupted, “Society of the Heaven and the Earth?”

Great-Grandma was a figure from the late Qing Dynasty and was more familiar with history. She also interrupted, “Society of the Heaven and the Earth was only one of the folk associations. When foreign ethnic groups entered the customs, the regime of the court collapsed, and people spontaneously organized many resistance forces. The Ancient Gods Clan was one of them, but I have not heard of it. The original name of the association should not be called Ancient Gods Clan.”

“The real reputation of the Ancient Gods Clan was that during the warlord period, there was a master who was good at assassination. There were a lot of warlords who died in his hands, and countless experts in the demon descendants community were assassinated. At that time, the Ancient Gods Clan was in the limelight, killing all the major families and even members of the Taoist and Buddhist sects. The Ancient Gods Clan was transformed into an assassination organization and its members became assassins for hire.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady added, “Later, the Gokudo master mysteriously disappeared, and the Ancient Gods Clan slowly met its demise. This notorious organization has committed a lot of crimes, and the only redeeming factor is that it did not forget its original intention, even if they were incredibly arrogant, it did not work for the Japanese.”

“In the early stages of the creation of the Baoze Group, the big boss had just become reputable, and encountered several assassinations from the Ancient Gods Clan . Once, the assassin was San Wu. She used to be a Class A killer of the Ancient Gods Clan . The assassination had failed but the big boss didn’t kill her and brought her back to the company. She was sent to the training camp, when the headquarters of the demon descendants department then, which is the R&D department now. A year later, the Baoze Group officially replaced the Buddhist association. The first thing to do was to convene all the employees to destroy the Ancient Gods Clan.”

The arms department of Baoze Group was far away in the suburbs of Shanghai.

A few years ago, this was originally the headquarters of Baoze Demon Descendants Group, where the company bought a large development park as a training camp for demon descendants. Baoze Group at the time was not as rich as it is now, to buy a large development zone, almost drying up its finances. The original demon descendants department was built on the size of a military training camp, when senior staff were enough to serve as instructors for a hundred people.

When Thunderbolt Battle Lady joined Baoze Group, she was only junior staff level, but she could break through to senior staff in just a few years. The training camp played a big part in that.

“The big boss led the team himself and spent three months uprooting the Ancient Gods Clan. The rest of the ancient gods scourge scattered all over the country, hiding. San Wu and her pursuit team encountered the God of War in Inner Mongolia...”

Inner Mongolia!

The helicopter was slowly close to the ground, and the strong wind blowing up the rotor caused the grass to sway and blew up numerous grass debris.

In Team 21 of Class 4, five members slid down the rope. Captain Wang Xiaoping made an okay gesture into the sky. The helicopter suddenly soared and flew away.

“According to intelligence, a group of ancient gods scourge are mixed up with herdsmen ten kilometers away, trying to get through the inner Mongolia and escape from Maozi’s territory. These guys are cunning and deliberately mingled with herdsmen and are sure to take herdsmen hostage if necessary. The company’s order is to keep the hostages as safe as possible, but the ultimate goal is to kill the remaining of the ancient gods scourge,” Wang Xiaoping said solemnly.

“Let’s rest here first and wait for the evening to come before we strike. Same thing, San Wu will strike first, Zheng Kaiyan, Su Tong and Su Yin will serve as support, I will use sniper guns in the rear to complete the formation.”

Class 4, Team 21, was the trump card team in the new staff camp. They have repeatedly won war achievements in the task of destroying the Ancient Gods Clan, and the following pursuit tasks have also performed well. It was basically impossible for any remaining members of the Ancient Gods Clan, which were targeted by them to escape.

All these because there was an S-level member in the trump card team, Ancient Gods Clan’s Class A killer, code name: San Wu. Nickname: Facial Paralysis Girl.

Among the five members of the team, Captain Wang Xiaoping was the weakest, but he obtained full marks in his strategy and command course and his ability was exceptional hearing. He could hear any movement within a few hundred meters, and was the best candidate for being captain.

Su Tong and Su Yin were twin brother and sister. Their appearances were quite similar, but their personalities were very different. The younger brother was gentle , the elder sister was more strong-headed. The siblings awakened at the same time, and the ability was “dissolvement”. When they awakened, the floor in their house was broken down and they were regarded as monsters by their parents. Baoze agents found them and were willing to accept the two “monsters” and give their parents a lot of money to seal their mouths.

Zheng Kaiyan was tall and thin. He had a long face that resembled that of a horse. He was a street punk before awakening and did nothing in his life. He did some stealthy acts but never committed severe crimes. He had a reckless temperament but was very righteous.

Zheng Kaiyan sat on the grass, looked at the ethereal girl in the near distance, and quietly pulled out the red heart-shaped jewelry box from his trousers pocket. There was a pair of earrings inside. Every time Zheng Kaiyan got his salary every month, the first thing he did was to buy jewelry, sometimes earrings, sometimes necklaces, sometimes rings...

He maintained this habit for more than a year, and more and more jewelry piled up. He never gave it out.

“What did you buy this time? Let me see.” Su Tong stretched out his hand from behind.

“Mind your own business, brat.” Zheng Kaiyan slapped his palm away and glared at him.

“If you like her, give it to her. It’s no use hiding it in your heart. It’s worthless if you like someone but don’t tell her. Even I know that.” Su Tong pursed his mouth.

Zheng Kaiyan sighed and flopped on the grass. He gnawed at the stalk of grass and squinted at the blue sky.

The whole team knew that he likes San Wu. Only San Wu didn’t know anything. No, she might know it, but it didn’t matter as the girl didn’t even understand what love was.

When she first came to the camp, she followed the law enforcement minister silently, with a dull expression on her face, like a delicate, soulless doll.

Wang Xiaoping was the first person to talk to San Wu, and make friends with her. She had a habit, that was she never bathed with the girls. She always entered the public bathroom alone after everyone had finished washing. One night, two sneaky guys peeped through the ventilation pipe to peek into the bath, waiting for the opportunity to peek at her but were caught by Wang Xiaoping.

The two men who did not succeed were then punished. Zheng Kaiyan and Su Tong were San Wu’s second and third friends. Soon after she joined the camp, some rumors gradually spread in the class.

“I hear there’s something wrong with the new girl.”

“Yes, as long as you say you want to be friends with her, she will help you. It is said that she will do anything.”

“Really, so good?”

“Such a pity, such a beautiful girl.”

“It’s interesting because she’s beautiful.”

The rumors first started from the dorm of the female employees, and it was said that the girls in the same bedroom as San Wu had instructed her to do chores. It was from cleaning at first, and later went on to run errands, and then throwing their clothes, shoes and socks for her to wash.

Anyway, as long as they said, “We’re friends,” the silly girl would be in a hurry to do it.

Over time, other girls also have learnt and kept ordering San Wu around.

Up to now, the staff in the class knew that San Wu was a stupid girl with a mental problem, and recalled that when she had just been taken to the camp, the girl followed foolishly behind Lightning King, with a dull expression, like an emotionless doll.

After dinner, several men came to look for San Wu. “You want friends, don’t you?”

San Wu looked at them, eyes as empty as glass, reflecting the figures of the men, she nodded.

“Can you do anything? Come with us to the warehouse, and we’ll be friends with you.”

San Wu went to the warehouse with them. After dinner, there was no one here. No one would hear anything.

The men brought her into the warehouse and locked the door with a salacious smile on their faces.

“Well, as you said yourself, as long as we are friends, you can do anything.” A man was not assured and sounded her out, “For example, matters between men and women.”

San Wu tilted her head. “Matters between men and women?”

They were stunned and laughed.

“This stupid girl doesn’t even know this.”

“Is she a fool?”

“A fool is better. She can’t even say anything when we are done with her, we don’t have to worry.”

“The instructors won’t find out then.”

The men were excited, as they had been salivating for a long time. There were a lot of beautiful women in the camp, and girls who might be comparable to her were rare. The usually gentle mixed-blood girl who was particularly manic in a fight treat everyone nicely, but kept her distance from everyone.

“Are you really real men, doing this? Attempted rape is against the law.” A voice rang from the door.

The men’s faces changed dramatically. “Who?”

The lock of the warehouse door was melted by the heat, as a tall and thin man pushed open the door. He casually dumped the hot metal in his hand, and beside him, stood a beautiful boy.

“If you don’t want me to tell the instructor, get out of here.” The tall and thin man roared.

The men left unwillingly.

The tall and thin man walked up to San Wu and remarked exasperatedly, “Are you a fool?”

San Wu had a puzzled expression. “They just want to be friends with me.”

The tendons on the tall and thin man’s forehead jumped. “Bullshit, they covet your beauty.”

“It’s not interesting. I don’t understand.”

He took a deep breath. “If you want to make friends, let us be your friends.”

“Do we have make love?”

He face-palmed, “No, though I’d love to.”

Zheng Kaiyan was not a righteous man, he just could not see those people bullying a mentally retarded girl.

Meddling naturally comes at a price. In the next few days, he and Su Tong were beaten up in the dorm every day, training every day with a bruised face. The instructor turned a blind eye.

Baoze Group did not ban internal fighting, the original intention of the demon descendants group was to build a violent organization.

A few tragic days passed. San Wu, who had a slow reaction only realized the tragedy of the two friends after a while. She only asked about the situation and did not say much. But in the afternoon, Zheng Kaiyan heard terrible news.

San Wu wrecked a rather powerful small gang. More than a dozen people were pushed into the isolated intensive care unit for urgent rescue.

That little gang was the one who bullied them, and the one who wanted to bully San Wu.

There was a lot of trouble and the whole camp was talking about it. But the final outcome was anticlimactic. San Wu’s cultivation had not been scrapped and she also did not go to jail. Her penalty was only half a month of detention.

The four accomplices were also imprisoned and punished. At that time, Zheng Kaiyan, wanted to escape with San Wu. Wang Xiaoping listened to the movements and led the way. Su Yin and Su Tong were the most destructive, and when the instructor dared to rush up, they dissolved their waistbands and underpants.

On the first night of detention, the emotionless girl engraved the word “friend” on the wall by the bed, feeling a little happy.


“Brother Zheng, old rules, let’s watch one before the mission.” Su Tong’s voice pulled Zheng Kaiyan back from his memory.

“You can’t find videos to download on your own?”

“If I’m that good, would you still be my boss? It is the duty of the big brother to meet the requirements of the younger brother.”

“Alright, alright. I got a new one here. Campus romance.”

“Get out of here. I want to see EVA fan-made videos. I know you have it.” 𝒊𝓃𝗻𝘳𝘦𝐚𝐝 𝒄o𝓶

“Scram. No.”

The two discussed for a moment, each taking a step back. They watched a relatively pure one, something about a neighbor cuckolding.

Wearing headphones and lying on the grass, two adolescent boys began to immerse themselves in a beautiful world.

“Is it nice to watch?” someone asked next to them.

The happiness on the faces of the two boys faded away when they heard the voice.

Su Yin angrily hunted down her brother and Zheng Kaiyan. “Son of a b****, you show my brother this kind of thing again. I will cut you two today.”

Zheng Kaiyan fought back as he ran away. “Nonsense, your brother begged me. Besides, this is a necessary relaxation activity before the battle.”

“Relax?” Su Yin was even angrier. “You relax with porn?”

Zheng Kaiyan shrugged, the effects are definitely present. For example, just now Su Tong has actually got rid of the tension of the task and put all his heart and soul into the film content. But you can’t reason with women, especially angry women.

San Wu gnawed on the compressed biscuits, looking at her teammates chase after each other. Wang Xiaoping could see that her glass-like eyes were twinkling with a trace of joy.

Ordinary people could not see San Wu’s emotions in these nuances.

She was clearly more lively and human than a year ago.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 112: San Wu’s Past (2)