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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 110: The Li Family Successor At His Peak

Chapter 110: The Li Family Successor At His Peak

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“Let go, let go of me, you scum...”

“I would rather die with honor instead to live with disgrace. Kill me. I’m not going to live like this again.”

The man’s screaming and cursing rang in the small room.

Who is it, it’s so noisy, are you letting anyone sleep?

Li Xianyu woke up and saw the scene in front of him. He was stunned, and the first reaction was that he had gone into the Demonic Priest’s memories again.

He appeared in a very ancient house, from furniture to decoration, it had a sense that it was out of time. First of all, the bed, was the very popular Western-designed bed that had been popular 20 years ago. There was no Simmons mattress at that time. Secondly was the aesthetic of the furniture, the pure wood furniture was brand new and tidy, but the style was ancient. Finally, there were several black and white photos hanging on the wall. The beauty in the picture was dressed in the female students school uniform of the Republic of China. A green mandarin coat top and black skirt, with two ponytails hanging in front of her chest.

Li Xianyu nodded to himself, looking at this era, that’s right, it’s the Demonic Priest’s era.

But what was with this naked man in bed? His hands and feet were shackled to the bed, and his handsome face was ferocious, roaring and struggling.

Did Demonic Priest prefer men in those days?

Li Xianyu heard the sound of someone opening the door behind him and turned to look. A beauty in a cheongsam sashayed in, and she had a curvaceous figure.

“Master Li.” The cheongsam beauty bowed in greeting, her voice gentle and sweet, causing people to be mesmerized.

This accent... Chungking accent.

Li Xianyu could figure it out because of the Chungking accent in You Mengyu’s Putonghua pronunciation.

“Which family are you from again?” The man glared at her.

“The Shen family, Shen Rou.” The young woman’s tone was soft, and she sighed. “Don’t be angry. Since matters are already like this, why do this to yourself? You can’t get rid of Qianyuan handcuffs.”

“Shameless!” The man roared, “You b****** humiliate my innocence, ruin my name, imprison me here, and have your share all day long. I am a scholar. How can I be humiliated by this?”

“Even if I have to die by biting my tongue, I won’t do anything shameful with you.”

He chattered on and on, his expression in pain.

The cheongsam beauty sighed, and lit a black incense stick. Green smoke curled in the air, and a sweet fragrance emanated in the room.

A few minutes later, the man’s cursing became softer and turned into gasps, his face flushed and his eyes dazed.

Li Xianyu was confused.

His heart sensed that there was something wrong. Where’s the Demonic Priest? Where did the Demonic Priest go?

I haven’t seen this scene, but why is there a strong sense of déjà vu?

The cheongsam beauty slowly undressed and sat by the bed. “What does Master Li want?”

The man’s eyes were bloodshot as he said hoarsely, “Women! I want women!”

Spring bloomed in the room.

Li Xianyu was enjoying the show, when a tide of weakness washed over him. He sat up and looked around the ward. There was no one in the room.

There should be a patient on the bed beside him. The quilt was a mess and the person was nowhere to be found.

The sound of the toilet flushing rang, and then the door opened. Liu Kongchao, dressed in patient garb walked out, his face flushed.

Li Xianyu smelled a scorching smell and asked, “What did you burn in the toilet?”

“Burning tissue paper.”

“Why are you burning tissue paper?”

“Cremation is prescribed in our country.”


Was this guy influenced by Xia Xiaoxue? Li Xianyu didn’t bother to care. “Where are we?”

“Baoze’s Chungking Branch building.” Liu Kongchao answered, “You finally woke up, you slept for two days. Tsk, should I call you brother, or should I call you Old Master Li?”

Li Xianyu touched his face, and it was dry and withered. It still has not restored?

After learning that Li Xianyu woke up, everyone came to visit. The first person that ran over was Thunderbolt Battle Lady. She had the advantage of long legs indeed. She was dressed in patient garb and her face was pale. After seeing that Li Xianyu was truly fine, the mixed-race beauty was finally relieved.

Then Xia Xiaoxue and You Mengyu ran in. “Wow, Gokudo Path Inheritor, you’re awake,” they remarked.

They were both dressed in patient garb and there were bandages all over their bodies. They looked rather miserable.

Great-Grandma had the demeanor of a master, potato chip crumbs around her mouth, as she patted her great-grandson on the shoulder. “In these days I had left, your progress has impressed me.”

She took the chance to wipe the potato chip crumbs on her fingers on Li Xianyu’s clothes.

All of a sudden, the ward was surrounded by beauties, and the other man in addition to himself looked very unsightly.

“Where’s San Wu?” Li Xianyu was anxious without seeing the humanoid mockery machine.

“She is still unconscious and lying in bed,” Thunderbolt Battle Lady said. “But her life is not in danger. Don’t worry.”

“I was in a coma for two days?” Li Xianyu laid down, feeling very weak and powerless. This does not make sense. With his self-healing ability, even if he dies once, he will wake up after a night’s sleep and walk out of bed within 24 hours. Although his injury is a little serious this time, but no matter how severe it is, it could not be as severe as death.

“It makes sense for Battle Lady, at least I fed her with my blood artificially, so why is You Mengyu jumping around so energetically? Also, what happened to her face?” Li Xianyu said.

You Mengyu turned into a cute, weak and beautiful girl again, with a face full of collagen. Her face was fair and she exuded a delicate feeling of a sick beauty in her patient garb.

Li Xianyu thought that this did not make sense. Why was he still like an 80-year-old man?

The few ladies looked left and right guiltily, or faltered, as they reacted strangely.

Liu Kongchao showed exactly why he was single for 22 years and remarked, “When you were in a coma, they took a few tubes of blood from you. Strangely enough, every time they finished pumping blood from, you quickly turned old again, when you had already recovered...”

Four women glared at him with a murderous gaze.

Liu Kongchao shrank back, squirmed back onto the hospital bed, and pulled on the quilt to cover his head.

Li Xianyu was shocked.

“Well...” You Mengyu said in a soft tone, “Such a ferocious gaze, I’m shuddering.”

“We didn’t your blood for nothing. I traded imported snacks with your great-grandma,” Xia Xiaoxue explained.

Great-Grandma glared at the honest little girl and took out a piece of imported chocolate. “I’ll give you a share, too.”

Li Xianyu: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Li Xianyu did not take the chocolate and whined. “You’re not my gran. Go away.”

Great-Grandma rubbed his skull hard, frowned and coaxed the child, saying, “I’ll give you half.”

The others looked at grandparent-grandchild duo in amazement, always feeling that their way of getting along was a little strange.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady coughed. “I don’t think your little secret is a secret anymore because since yesterday, the news that you are a member of the Li family has spread all across the demon descendants community. In the past two days, you and Li Peiyun took turns to appear in the headlines of the demon descendants community.”

“Li Peiyun is the successor of the Demonic Priest. His identity was dug up and he turned out to be the direct descendant of a small family in the south of the Yangtze River, but was expelled from the family ten years ago.”

Great-Grandma continued, “And I’ve subdued the families, and they won’t bother you easily until the Great Deities Palace is open And those who want to deal with you no matter what, I can’t stop them either. Your identity is a secret to most people, but not a secret to a small number of people.”

Li Xianyu remembered the life where he had been watched and protected for the past 20 years.

Great-Grandma gently cradled his head. “Your progress has made me very glad. Although you started late, you are still an intelligent child.”

Li Xianyu’s head enjoyed a great deal of welfare. It was soft and warm to the touch, and he did not dare to tell others about what he was thinking.

Great-Grandma is fiercer than Battle Lady. “Have you caught up with the remnant evils of the Ancient Gods Clan?” Li Xianyu asked.

“The God of Apes is tracking them down,” You Mengyu replied.

“Great-Grandma, why didn’t you kill him?” Li Xianyu raised his head and looked at his great-grandma.

His warm breath tight huffed on her chest, separated by a thin layer of T-shirt. A layer of goosebumps raised on the back of Great-grandma’s hand, as she quietly pushed away Li Xianyu’s head.

“That junior was very formidable. Don’t see how he kept getting beaten up by me but the fact that he is ranked 15th on the demon descendants list, which means he has his ways to protect his life. It’s easy to hurt him, but hard to kill him,” Great-Grandma explained.

As she spoke, Great-Grandma glanced at the girls. “All of you go back, don’t disturb my grandson’s rest.”

You Mengyu said, “Let me stay a little longer. There are two annoying guys in my ward, let me hide here.”

“Annoying guys?”

Xia Xiaoxue explained, “They are her two suitors, both of whom are from famous demon descendant families in Chungking.”

The first Family of Chungking was the Shen family, which ranked among the seven main surnames. No matter how famous the other families were, they were only provincial, and once they were out of their own territory, their popularity and prestige will plummeted.

You Mengyu sighed. “It is not easy for my father to establish this family business and he intends to let me marry for an alliance. Although I don’t want to but I am unable to disobey my father. As a daughter, even if I yearn for freedom in my heart, but I cannot really do it in action.”

Li Xianyu was deeply suspicious. He speculated that You Mengyu was enjoying the unfortunate experience of forced marriage by her father. A masochist can always find a sharp point of ascension in rough times in life.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady commented, “Then just choose one. You don’t care anyway.”

You Mengyu replied half-heartedly, “They are both very good, I don’t know how to choose.”

Xia Xiaoxue suggested, “I think we should consider carefully before making a decision.”

Li Xianyu looked at this intelligent girl and thought, What consider carefully before making a decision.

As Thunderbolt Battle Lady was chatting with the two little girls, he took Great-Grandma by the hand and motioned to her to bend down so he could whisper into her ear, “Great-Grandma, I think I saw your third grandson.”

Yes, the ancestor who did not know how to appreciate the happy life he enjoyed.

Great-Grandma was stunned, and then a look of understanding surfaced. There was a complex expression on her face that one could not decipher if she was sad or angry. “I was talking to this little girl just now, and I reminisced about the past when I heard that she was a member of the Shen family.”

Li Xianyu occasionally can see his great-grandmother’s past memories because of the spirit bead. This was the proof between the ancestor and grandson’s blending of flesh and spirit.

“You Mengyu is a member of the Shen family?” He glared angrily at the masochistic girl.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 110: The Li Family Successor At His Peak