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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 109: End

Chapter 109: End

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Li Xianyu’s face was ferocious at this time, with hatred and murderous intent surging in his eyes.

This was the first time in his life that he felt raging murderous intent. He wanted to personally rip the enemy in front of him into pieces. Of course, it was the same if Great-Grandma had done the ripping.

Compared with the Chungking Village encounter, the previous handling of a few vengeful spirits, American young man Ryder and Long Aotian’s virtual world, and the Japanese kappa, it could not be compared to tonight’s battle to the death.

He was already overwhelmed with a desire to kill.

Li Xianyu knew for a long time that Great-Grandma would come. Before she took the flight to Yucheng, Great-Grandma called and said that things were settled, so she would go back to Shanghai. Li Xianyu was just about to go out on a mission, so both of them decided to meet in Yucheng.

Thus, the one Li Xianyu had been waiting for from beginning to end, were it not for reinforcements from the branch office, but his gran.

When the God of War appeared and the mission had gone south, Li Xianyu quietly sent a distress text message to Great-Grandma and shared the address. Although Great-Grandma was a spendthrift and liked to cheat, and was as upright and stubborn as Big Guy Wang, she was never vague and extremely reliable when it comes to major events.

He just didn’t know why she came by the branch office’s helicopter.

“So the God of Apes from your Baoze is such a lovely girl,” Liu Kongchao whispered. “I suddenly want to fall in love.”

“Of course not.” Xia Xiaoxue also whispered, “She is not the God of Apes. Nor is she from our branch office.”

“Who is she then? Can she defeat the God of War and save us?” Liu Kongchao asked.

No one could answer his questions, whether it was regarding her identity or her strength.

“Fools!” You Mingyu coughed up a mouthful of blood and was deeply worried about the intelligence quotient of the two. “Didn’t you hear what Li Xianyu just said? You may be a Gokudo Path Inheritor but I am a Gokudo Path Inheritor too. How many Gokudo Path Inheritors are there in the world?”

Xia Xiaoxue and Thunderbolt Battle Lady shook at the same time.

Liu Kongchao was a wild demon descendant and asked in confusion, “How many?”

“Excluding the Taoist sect and Buddhist sect, there have only been two in the last two hundred years.” Xia Xiaoxue gulped. “A few days ago, a major event happened in Lianghua Temple. The ancestor of the Li family started a massacre in front of the Buddha, and subdued the major families alone.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady said incredulously, “What Salted Fish just shouted was...”

“Great-Grandma.” You Mingyu’s strength seemed to drain away, as she lay down on her back. She exhaled a long breath of relief. “We are safe now.”

“Unparalleled War Spirit!” The God of War roared out in disbelief.

As a character who was of the same generation as Li Wuxiang, he naturally recognized the ultimate creation, which had been around for 200 years in this demon descendants community. She had always been a hot topic all these years.

The Unparalleled War Spirit was not an ordinary demon descendant. As an artificial creation, she had been at the peak from her birth, but it was also her end. She was practically immortal and had perpetual youth and longevity. After more than a hundred years, her vitality and blood were still exuberant, and her beauty did not wither away at all. Like the Demonic Priest, she stood at the pinnacle of the Gokudo.

With the God of War’s roar, comments bombarded covered the entire phone screen.

The comments were all the same: “Unparalleled War Spirit!”

This live broadcast was incredible and the whole process was exhilarating. There were twists and reversals one after another that shocked them utterly.

In just 20 minutes, they saw the God of War, the Demonic Priest’s inheritor, saw the mysterious young man easily defeat the Demonic Priest’s inheritor, and finally, saw the Unparalleled War Spirit descend from the sky and KO-ed the Blood Devil in one move.

Next, it was time for the Unparalleled War Spirit to rip the God of War apart with her bare hands.

The brilliance of another person on the scene that could not be overlooked was the unknown young man.

Not long ago, someone was going to start collecting information about Li Xianyu to look up on this young man who seemed to have great potential. But now, they no longer had to.

It turned out that he was the legendary descendant of the Li family — Li Wuxiang’s son.

Rumor had it that the Li family descendent had just emerged and was inexperienced, while the Unparalleled War Spirit’s terrifyingly power of cultivation was sealed. The God of War thought these rumors were bullshit.

If the young man was a descendant of the Li family, the fact that he could beat Li Peiyun, who had not yet succeeded in mastering the Tri-Elements Sword Technique meant that he was at least at the top of Baoze’s senior staff.

When Li Wuxiang had this level of power in those days, how much combat power did the Unparalleled War Spirit possess?

The God of War, who had never dealt with Li Wuxiang, was not clear, but he knew that just a few days ago, the Unparalleled War Spirit had started a massacre at Lianghua Temple. It was said that she had also wounded Buddha Head.

Buddha Head, an extremely formidable master whose presence loomed over the elites in the demon descendants community, who lived in seclusion in E’mei had declared, “This woman is absolutely terrifying!”

She was at least half a step into Gokudo and may have a secret method to step into the Gokudo stage in a short period of time.

She could defeat even Buddha Head. She... Cold sweat ran down the God of War’s back.

“You know the rules,” Great-Grandma said.

“Yes!” Li Xianyu grit out in fury, “During the period of Great-grandma’s departure, I have been ready all the time, just for this moment.”

“I am ready to give my all to you.”

Great-Grandma kicked off the canvas shoes that were torn apart when she landed. She opened the zip of her sweatshirt without expression, and threw her coat in the wind.

Great-Grandma’s curvaceous figure appeared at once. Of course, this was not the main focus. She wore a black form-fitting T-shirt inside her sportswear, and the black T-shirt was embellished with big white characters: “Grandson!”

Great-Grandma put her hands at her waist, stood straight with her chest out, and gazed coldly at the God of War.

“Elder, I didn’t know he was your descendant. No offense. Excuse me. Farewell.”

Through these two words, the God of War seemed to see the Unparalleled War Spirit’s raging murderous intent. He immediately made up his mind and picked up Li Peiyun. The ground under his feet shattered with a bang, as he shot up into the sky like a cannonball.

“It’s not that easy to leave after you tried to end my great-grandson.”

The ground crumbled again, and Great-Grandma also soared to the sky like a cannonball. She left later but reached first, as she clenched her fists together and hit something out, like playing baseball.

Li Xianyu vaguely saw the God of War block it. However, he was still hit by a great force and plummeted straight down.

Great-Grandma swooped down, like a hunting eagle. The two of them exchanged blows in the process of falling. The God of War was utterly on the losing end, passively defending himself against concentrated attacks of fists, elbows, knees, and so on.

The invincible physique he had been so proud of was as fragile as paper paste in front of the Li family’s war spirit.

Li Peiyun fell from a high altitude and fell not far away from Baoze. At this time, no one paid attention to him. Everyone looked up and watched Great-Grandma wreck the God of War.

The two were getting closer and closer to the ground, and the qi from their blows erupted into a strong wind. The crowd could not open their eyes under the blow.

Great-Grandma grabbed one of the God of War’s arms, and stepped between his ribs. Growling daintily, she straightened up and stretched her waist violently. The God of War’s left arm was torn off and his ribs were broken.

Red blood splashed, as the God of War landed on the ground heavily and the blood spurted wildly. The moment he fell to the ground, he immediately jumped up and roared like a caged beast. The blood at his broken arm turned into a dense blood fog, enveloping him and Li Peiyun. The two men turned into a blood light and escaped.

Whir whir whir...

The helicopter shot out a huge xenon light column, chasing after the blood fog

Great-Grandma fell to the ground steadily, helped the faint Li Xianyu. She looked at her great-grandson who had turned haggard overnight. “I suddenly have a strange feeling that you are my grandfather.”

Seeing that there was also a withered old lady, Great-Grandma asked in bewilderment, “Did you get married?”

“Chase. Chase and kill him,” Li Xianyu was indignant, pulling tightly at Great-grandma’s arm. “Why didn’t you chase after them?”

“I can’t kill them,” Great-grandma muttered, as soft as a mosquito. “The qi I borrowed from Buddha Head has run out. With your present state, I dare not draw too much energy.”

Li Xianyu was unwilling to let it go, but could only be realistic. At least the Blood Devil was dead.

“Where is the Blood Devil?” Xia Xiaoxue shrieked in shock. “Why is the Blood Devil gone?”

Li Xianyu suddenly turned around. Where the Blood Devil’s body should be was empty.

Realization dawned on Great-Grandma as she stuck out her little tongue. “I forgot that he just sucked your blood. Tsk, these mice in the gutter know the best way to save their lives.”

Great-Grandma had broken his neck, but even if he was strong enough to not die, he should lie still and not be able to move. But Li Xianyu’s blood had the ability to heal itself, in which kidney blood was the essence.

Although he was repeatedly severely injured and his self-healing ability was reaching its limit, it did not negate the fact that Blood Devil had sucked a significant amount of blood.

He must have slipped away while everyone’s attention was focused in the air.

Li Xianyu was speechless. He spurted blood on Great-Grandma’s chest, rolled his eyes, and fell unconscious.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 109: End