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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 108: My Tag-On Service Has Arrived

Chapter 108: My Tag-On Service Has Arrived

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

A guy named Murphy once said, not the bespectacled-lady Mo Fei from Baoze but Edward Murphy had a famous saying: “If you are worried that something will happen, it will happen nine times out of ten.”

Therefore, anyone named Murphy, whether Mo Fei in China or Murphy in foreign countries, were both jinxes.

The moment the God of War appeared, the members of the Baoze team felt chills in their heart.

Liu Kongchao was squatting, but now he tumbled and sat on the ground. His hand holding the sword handle was trembling, as his lips also trembled.

Xia Xiaoxue’s face was deathly pale, and when the God of War’s scarlet eyes glanced over like the devil of hell, immense fear exploded in her heart. She subconsciously hid her figure and slipped away.

No one would blame her, but was gratified instead. It was better that more could escape.

Battle Lady was a woman who has seen howling winds and tumultuous waves. Apart from her slightly pale face, she remained calm, but Li Xianyu saw her little hand trembling persistently.

Salted Fish who showed sympathy for the beauty held her small hands with his own large warm hands, as the two pairs of hands then trembled together.

God of War’s gaze swept across the scene and first fell on Bai Jie’er’s corpse. After a slight pause, his gaze swept past everyone present, and everyone shivered slowly when they felt his gaze land on them.

Even a sadist like You Mingyu bit the inside of her cheeks tightly, that is if she still has them. Her fingers were as withered as thin as the five chicken claws, gripping the whip tightly, but she did not dare to move.

“Boss, you slowed down this time.” The Blood Devil was calm from beginning to end, as if he were certain that the God of War would defeat San Wu.

“I haven’t seen her for a long time, of course I have to catch up with my good girl.” The God of War’s voice was hoarse and sonorous.

The Blood Devil licked the blood on the corners of his mouth, showing a cruel smile. “I can’t wait to show my love to Number Three, hahahaha...”

What a terrible line! Li Xianyu thought.

The God of War saw Li Peiyun, who sat down and cultivated his breathing. He frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”

The Blood Devil, Chu Hanliang, pursed his lips and said, “Who knows, he was somehow defeated in the hands of a nobody and has disgraced the Demonic Priest.”

The God of War did not speak, but glanced at Li Peiyun.

At this time, Liu Kongchao became a traitor, as he knelt in front of the God of War, “Royal army, I am willing to lead the way, please show mercy...”

He suddenly surged up, exerting his powers, and his soft body wrapped around the God of War like a snake.

At the same time, You Mingyu grit her teeth, her face ferocious as she lashed out with her long whip. The whiplash struck in a straight line, and pierced towards the back of the God of War’s head.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady disappeared suddenly, with a dagger in her hand. The target was the God of War’s Baihui acupoint.

This move’s cooperation was as if they had practiced countless times and completed it at the same time in a second. This was the potential to break out at a time of life and death. Other than Li Xianyu, who had lost his ability to fight, the three made the final last stand.

The Blood Devil hugged his chest with his arms and watched the scene unfold with a smile.

The God of War smirked in disdain.

Clink... Clink...

Two shrill noises rang, as the whip and dagger hit the target, like piercing hard iron blocks. You Mingyu’s whip exploded and Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s dagger broke.

Li Xianyu closed his eyes in despair.

Boom! Qi erupted from the God of War’s body, as Liu Kongchao and Thunderbolt Battle Lady flew backwards from the massive impact. Liu Kongchao was smashed against the wall, curled up painfully into a shrimp.

The long-legged beauty hit Li Xianyu, as he once again became a support for the impact. Blood spurted out from Salted Fish’s mouth. His injuries worsened.

Effortlessly dealing with the two, the God of War turned around, and gripped You Mingyu’s head. He stepped out a dozen meters with a step, and bashed her against the wall violently.

You Mingyu gurgled and spat out tons of blood from her mouth. The scarred and severely wounded little girl’s life would extinguish at any time like a candle in the wind.

He didn’t kill us? Was he scared of Baoze?

Li Xianyu could not understand the God of War’s mind. In fact, the God of War could easily defeat Thunderbolt Battle Lady. Li Xianyu had been desperate. Unexpectedly, the God of War only severely wounded them but did not land the killing blow.

As soon as the God of War stepped under his feet, there was a deafening bang and the ground crumbled. He seemed to have shot out as if a cannonball.

A few seconds later, with a boom in the distance, the God of War shot back. He grasped a petite girl in his hand, her face full of despair and panic, with tears in her eyes.

Li Xianyu cradled the unconscious Thunderbolt Battle Lady in his arms and speculated the God of War’s intentions. Take them hostage and negotiate with Baoze? It can’t be that the God of War has obsessive-compulsive disorder and a team has to be complete?

“Live broadcast?” The God of War held a mobile phone in his large hands and looked at the screen with interest. The screen was filled with curses, cursing out all the 18 generations of women from the God of War’s ancestors.

“Interesting, just in time for an opportunity to become famous.” The burly man, who was two meters tall, smiled goofily at the screen.

“Hello everyone, I am the God of War. I am no stranger to you, I would like to introduce you to the handsome man behind me. Oh, it’s not Chu Hanliang, it’s the one sitting down. He’s the successor of the Demonic Priest, and he’s the new leader of the Ancient Gods Clan.”

“The Ancient Gods Clan is ready to make a comeback, and we need to recruit talent urgently. Bring funds and contact us, and you will be the next leader of the Ancient Gods Clan. On a first-come-first-served basis, don’t miss it.”

Chu Hanliang quietly face-palmed/ “Boss, your advertisement is very forced.”

The burly man scratched his head and said, “Bai Jie’er is dead. She does such things much better than me... Oh, by the way, the position of Ancient Gods Clan communications officer is vacant and needs to be filled by outstanding talents. The recruitment target is an unmarried woman under the age of 30. Candidates with a pretty face and good figure would be given priority in consideration. If you are selected, you will be given Heart Seducing Technique, the salary can be discussed during the interview.”

“Hmm...” The God of War’s gaze fell on Thunderbolt Battle Lady and was attracted by her hot figure. He walked over, his footsteps were silent. He squatted down, swept away the hair on Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s forehead, and nodded with satisfaction. “This woman is very suitable.”

“It’s a pity that she’s from Baoze.” The God of War shook his head with regret.

He carefully placed his cell phone on one side of the broken wall and pointed at the screen at the crowd. He then went to the distant ruins and dragged San Wu out of the ruins.

San Wu was in an extremely bad state. Her limbs have been broken, and there was a bloody hole in her abdomen, that was the core’s position. The God of War’s last kick destroyed her core. She was not yet dead, but relying on the resilience and vitality of a demon descendant to survive.

The God of War grabbed one of the San Wu’s legs and dragged her over, leaving a long trail of blood.

San Wu was thrown on the ground, and blood covered her face. Her empty eyes, at this time completely lost their light, unlike before, this time her eyes were void of life.

Rage surged in Li Xianyu’s heart, as he grit his teeth, tendons twitching on his jaw.

This girl who obviously had no ability to socialize, but strives to become well-liked, Baoze Group’s famous mobile mockery machine, had been tortured so much that she didn’t even look human anymore.

The God of War pulled San Wu’s hair and dragged her up. He stuck out his tongue and licked the blood on her face. “Don’t die, you haven’t played games with Dad yet,” he said in a chilling tone. Hearing two words “played games”, San Wu seemed to be triggered. Her body which was in shambles shivered and contorted violently.

The God of War gazed gently at San Wu. “Number Three, this time, who do you want to die first?”

He waved, and the Blood Devil smiled eerily. He dragged Liu Kongchao who was playing dead, the unconscious Thunderbolt Battle Lady and the immobile Li Xianyu, and lined them up in front of San Wu.

Li Xianyu and Thunderbolt Battle Lady were put together, Liu Kongchao and Xia Xiaoxue were put together. You Mingyu was also carried over, but alone.

The Blood Devil crouched beside Li Xianyu, a greedy desire on his face. “What a wonderful taste, an irresistible fragrance. Ah... This is a gift from God.”

Li Xianyu’s blood seemed to be deadly seductive to him. The Blood Devil stuck out his tongue and licked the blood on the side of his face, and the ferocious fellow showed a creepy longing as he salivated.

“Full of strength! Ah... There are actually such delicious men in the world.”

“How kind it is that fate let you and I meet here.”

Li Xianyu was horrified, for the first time in his life, a man said to him, “You are a delicious man...”

You f*** off. You are invading my personal space, you know?

“Let’s start with these two.” The God of War pointed to Li Xianyu and Thunderbolt Battle Lady. “They are your companions, right? I’m sure you have a bond with them, my daughter. You have always longed to be a normal girl, to have a group of friends? So, like what happened two years ago, you decide who dies and who lives.”

“Come and tell Dad which one is your best friend.”

San Wu was trembling all over. In this moment, tears rolled from that pair of empty eyes devoid of life, from this girl who did not understand much about emotion.

The past surged in her mind, as the scars engraved by time started to hurt again, as her memories became clearer.

“Tsk, still as stubborn as you were in the past. Since you won’t choose, then Dad will help you.” The God of War pointed at Li Xianyu and said, “Let’s start with this boy.”

The Blood Devil was so excited that his fangs protruded and his pupils glowed.

Li Xianyu’s heart sank rock bottom and Blood Devil’s panting was like the footsteps of death, so that his hair stood upright.

“Choose one out of the two, right?” Thunderbolt Battle Lady said directly to the God of War. “I choose to die.”

“Battle Lady?!” Li Xianyu opened his eyes wide.

“You’re my apprentice. There’s no master who will let their apprentice die before their eyes while they live.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady looked at him and whispered, “Live well, you’re still young, don’t you have a girlfriend? Then you have to go back, because someone at home is waiting for you. I have no one. After my elder sister died, I have always been alone all these years. Anyway, there is no one waiting for me at home, even if I’m dead, no one will be sad.”

Li Xianyu looked at her in a daze and thought, that’s really my great-grandmother, not my girlfriend.

His gaze silently swept across the faces of his companions, and there was only desperation written on their faces.

Was this the demon descendants community? Was this the law of the jungle?

Li Xianyu, who had just reached the age of 20, joined the demon descendants community for only a month. Suddenly, he felt that he had experienced a long history of life and death, suffering from vicissitudes of life and desolation.

No, I have to save myself. I have to find a way to save myself.

“Wait a minute!” Li Peiyun opened his eyes slowly. He stared at Li Xianyu. “There’s something I have to figure out. How do you know my Achilles’ heel?”

Li Xianyu was overjoyed. It was like someone who had sent pillows when you wanted to sleep. Isn’t it the best way to drag time by spouting cryptic things?

But he couldn’t talk about the Demonic Priest’s ring. He would be dead if he revealed it. Tens of thousands of eyes were watching behind him.

He thought about it and said solemnly, “Make a guess?”

Li Peiyun was shocked.

Li Xianyu hurriedly replied, “The Demonic Priest told me himself.”

The corners of Li Peiyun’s mouth twitched and simply closed his eyes.

Li Xianyu was shocked. What do you mean, why aren’t you asking why? I’m not lying.

His words to tempt him did not work at all on the young man with facial paralysis.

The God of War waved his large hand. “Kill him.”

Sharp fangs pierced Li Xianyu’s neck artery, as crimson red blood flowed along his neck. The Blood Devil devoured his blood hungrily.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady roared in anguish, as she surged up and lunged towards Blood Devil, but was thrown back by the latter.

“Don’t... Don’t kill him, don’t kill him...” San Wu roared, like a desperate caged beast.

“It’s too late!” The God of War patted her head.

Whir whir...

The noise of the propeller stirring in the air reverberated and a helicopter cut through the night sky.

The God of War looked up and an aura of qi emanated all over his body. “Is the God of Apes coming? It’s an S-class again. I can have a good time battling today.”

The Blood Devil bowed his head and was busy sucking blood, but he took time to give the boss a thumbs up.

The large force of Baoze Group didn’t arrive. If it was just an S-class, the boss could handle it by himself, and the chances of victory was big. It is said that the gathering of the ten gods of Baoze could kill a Gokudo Master, but a single God opponent was no threat to the boss.

A figure descended from the sky and jumped straight from a height of hundred meters, like a sharp knife that unreasonably pierced itself into the battlefield.


The earth shattered, as fragments of rubble flew everywhere, and the whole ground shook. The crowd looked sideways, but the one who arrived was not God of Apes, the head of the Chungking Branch, who had a reputation that shook the demon descendants community. But it was a lovely girl, who looked like a high school student. She was wearing an off-white sportswear, and had delicate features. Her distinguishing feature was a mole in the corner of her left eye.

At this time, Blood Devil who was relying on the support of the boss, was relentlessly sucking Li Xianyu into a dry corpse.

She glanced at her great-grandson who was in a desolate state, her beautiful face as cold as frost. She suddenly disappeared on the spot, and then appeared behind Blood Devil. Grasping him up by his neck, she snapped his neck like a twig and threw him to the side.

Everyone was shocked. The whole Live Broadcast Room was surprised.

That was the ferocious Blood Devil, not a random Tom, Dick or Harry, how can he die so dramatically?

“You’re not dead right!” Great-Grandma looked at her great-grandson.

“I’m not dead, but it’s hard to say if you were one step later.” Li Xianyu, now an 80-year-old man, slowly got up and looked at Li Peiyun, and spat his words out slowly, “You are a Gokudo Path Inheritor, and I am also a Gokudo Path Inheritor. You have a tag-on service which makes you powerful, but now, my tag-on service has arrived.”

He roared like an angry monarch, a wild beast. “Great-grandma, kill them all.”

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 108: My Tag-On Service Has Arrived