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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 107: The Duel Outcome Determines Everyone’s Fate

Chapter 107: The Duel Outcome Determines Everyone’s Fate

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Li Xianyu rolled like a ball as startling trails of blood smeared across the ground. He rolled all the way beside Thunderbolt Battle Lady and the others. His injuries were already severe. With this jostling roll, he felt that the bones in his body had shattered and his internal organs rearranged themselves.

He curled up, trembling with pain. He had an impulse to curse. You Mingyu must have done this deliberately. She dragged him back with a lash of her whip and threw him out with another, as if playing with a top.

“Self-healing!” You Mingyu descended lightly in front of the crowd. The haggard face of the 80-year-old woman showed a look of appreciation. “I like your ability.”

Li Xianyu said, “I don’t like your personality.”

He bowed his head slightly to avoid You Mingyu’s gaze. He was not afraid to look at her, but her current image was too unaesthetic. She reminded him of anorexic zombie girls he had seen online. They were stick-thin and suffered from muscular atrophy, with only a few ounces of meat on them.

You Mingyu’s legs were so slender that flesh and muscle could not been seen. She was slender and bony all over. Her delicate face was now the picture of nightmares as her cheeks were sunken, her eyeballs protruding. Her appearance looked like a dry corpse.

This scene was breathtaking like a picture and he could not bear to look at it.

“He won!” after a moment of shell-shock, Xia Xiaoxue screamed. She clenched both fists, as if a fan who had seen her idol, screaming elatedly.

Liu Kongchao silently rose from the ground. His legs elongated, as if walking on stilts of 2.5 meters. With his hands at his waist, he looked down condescendingly at Blood Devil and Li Peiyun.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady covered her chest with her hand, as blood flowed between her fingers. She leaned against the crumbling wall behind her, slowly wilting on the ground, exhaling with relief.

Live broadcast room:

“What did I see, what did I just witness?” 𝘪𝓷𝘯𝙧ℯ𝗮𝘥. 𝗰૦m

“Oh my God, where did this boy hail from? He defeated the Demonic Priest’s inheritor, and the whole process took less than ten seconds...”

“Am I the only one who thinks the Demonic Priest’s inheritor is an actor?”

“You are not alone. The Demonic Priest’s inheritor lost too soon, defeating him is that simple? I don’t understand at all. Can a big boss explain?”

Taoist Xu Zi: “It’s a little strange. Even if his core was wounded, one won’t lose your combat effectiveness in an instant, isn’t it?” Did you see what happened just now? That the young man’s goal was very clear and aimed straight for the Demonic Priest’s inheritor’s core. He did not hesitate to strike and before the Demonic Priest’s inheritor could react, it was too late.”

Baby Doesn’t Allow Poisoning: “Mmhmm, look at how stunned the Demonic Priest’s inheritor is. He probably lost without knowing the reason why.”

Chang’an Old Boy: “Elder Xu Zi, didn’t you hide in cultivation? So you have been peeping at the screen.”

Broken Bridge Residual Snow: “Is it possible that the Demonic Priest’s inheritor’s Achilles heel is in his core, and this young man has long known about this. That’s why as soon as he approached, he used his ability of self-healing and did a suicidal attack to get close to the Demonic Priest. Although he did get cut by the sword, he managed to injure his core. If so, it makes sense.”

Taoist Xu Zi: “There is no flaw in the Tri-Elements Sword Technique. If there is such an obvious flaw, how can the Demonic Priest be invincible in the world at that time?” And, even if there is a flaw, how does the boy know?”

Lin Zichu: “Then again, who exactly is he? A secret weapon trained by Baoze? I’ve never heard of him.”

“I’m here to watch the Demonic Priest’s inheritor, and you are telling me he was defeated?”

“A Gokudo Path Inheritor... What just happened?”

“Who is that young man? Do you have any information about him?”

“Whoever he is, well done. Destroy the Ancient Gods Clan.”

At this point, the number of people in the live broadcast room has risen to 50,000. After the Demonic Priest’s inheritor was recognized, the audience in the broadcast room called their friends and people around them to come and watch.

The Demonic Priest was too famous, and was a milestone-esque character in the demon descendants community. He symbolized the invincibility of an era.

The Demonic Priest himself had something to do with the Great Deities Nation. The emergence of his inheritor was enough to make tomorrow’s headlines in the demon descendants community.

The audience had not had time to witness how powerful the Demonic Priest’s inheritor, an utter twist had happened in the battle. A Gokudo Path Inheritor was defeated by a more mysterious, unnamed young man.

This live broadcast had more ups and downs, twists and turns than the television series. Viewers began to make phone calls madly to say: “Oh shit, the Demonic Priest’s inheritor has emerged, hurry up and come to the XXXX live broadcast.” And then they said, “Oh shit, the Demonic Priest’s inheritor had been KO-ed by a mysterious young man, come to the XXXX live broadcast quickly.”

In this live broadcast, the news of the Demonic Priest’s inheritor will spread all over the demon descendants community. But at the same time, a small fry was destined to attract public attention and become famous.

Li Xianyu did not know that he had been watched and appraised by tens of thousands of pairs of eyes, not to mention that someone had asked for his personal data and background information through their respective information channels.

He didn’t even have the strength to move his finger now. He listened to Xia Xiaoxue’s orderly screams behind him and thought, You bunch of unobservant people, come help me up. Battle Lady, I was the man behind you at least once, but you are heartless enough to not ask about me when I’m half dead. So you are such a woman.

The zhenqi borrowed from Xia Xiaoxue and others has begun to fade, and the reverse backlash of his vitality due to the real man in five seconds has also appeared. In addition to the continuous injuries, he was severely wounded and exhausted.

His body was like a machine running to the limit. At this time, even if someone were to use urine to spray at him, Li Xianyu would not be able to fight back.

“B-Battle Lady,” Li Xianyu called weakly.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady finally reacted and staggered over. She helped Li Xianyu up, as the two people weakly leaned against the crumbling wall. Thunderbolt Battle Lady found a few bottles of oral solution that could nourish nutrition and physical strength from Li Xianyu’s wallet. She and Li Xianyu poured the medicine down their mouths, then took a few healing pills.

These were standard operating procedures after being injured, but the next thing she did caused Liu Kongchao and Xia Xiaoxue to look confused.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady took out a bag of seafood and packed it in a one-time fresh-keeping disposable bag. It contained braised abalone, sea cucumbers, and de-shelled Australian lobsters. Then it was potato beef stew, spaghetti, fried eggs, braised chicken pieces...

In the blink of an eye, the food in front of her and Li Xianyu could be pieced into a rich meal.

These things were packed from the company’s restaurant when Li Xianyu went out for missions. For ease of carrying, they were packed in a disposable fresh-keeping bag.

Li Xianyu said, “I can’t move, feed me.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady struggled to wear plastic gloves. “Oh.”

“Wait a minute.” Li Xianyu shakily pointed to his trouser pocket. “I have to take two pills before the meal.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady found a box of medicine in his pocket and looked at it. They were capsules. She fed Li Xianyu two capsules.

“Hey hey, are you here for a picnic? How can you do this?” Liu Kongchao swallowed his saliva and asked, “Can I join?”

Xia Xiaoxue gulped at the same time. “I want to eat too.”

At this point in the battle, everyone was exhausted and was in urgent need of food to replenish their strength. The four sat down around the food, and Thunderbolt Battle Lady carefully distributed disposable plastic gloves.

Xia Xiaoxue waved. “You Mingyu, come and eat?”

Li Xianyu panted and laughed. “She can’t come. She has to confront the Blood Devil.”

Liu Kongchao ate what he was missing and specially picked abalone to eat. “Only the both of them are able to fight now.”

Li Xianyu nodded and chewed the tender and slippery shrimp meat. “The Demonic Priest’s inheritor has been taken out of the battle and is unable to fight in a short period of time. Battle Lady is also seriously injured and needs time to recover. I’m in worse shape, the worst of everyone here. But as long as I have enough food, I can recover quickly, so I will be the fastest to recover. However, it will still take a long time...”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady looked into the distance. The fight was still as intense. “We can only wait for them to determine the outcome of the battle.”

Both parties were in a state of balance for the time being. The Blood Devil had to protect Li Peiyun, and You Mingyu had to protect two wounded people and two weak chickens.

Everyone knew clearly, that no matter if it was life or death, victory or loss, it all depended on who was superior amongst the two former Class A masters from the Ancient Gods Clan.

Li Xianyu wolfed down the food and leaned weakly against the wall, looking at the distant battlefield.

The battlefield was constantly shifting but did not leave the array. The two parties had a tacit understanding to limit the venue of the battle inside the array. The two guys were like fierce bulls and where they passed, the buildings collapsed and a deafening sound rumbled.

This area was where the old houses in the village were, but that did not mean there was no one. The poor villagers had probably died in their dreams by two Gods of Death just because they were affected by the battle.

Maybe the signs of fighting here will be erased in the next day, but the dead would be troublesome enough for the Chungking branch to have a headache.

Perhaps tomorrow’s Chungking’s morning news would be about a massive collapse of old houses in Sanliban Village, killing and injuring dozens of people.

The village chief and the village party secretary will cry tomorrow.

From time to time, the sound of highly explosive hand grenades roared in the air. It should be San Wu that was using hot weapons. This is not a good sign. The fact that San Wu was forced to use melee weapons in close combat proved how powerful the God of War from Ancient Gods Clan was.

To make matters worse, anti-tank grenades could not kill the monster. Such an existence was more than enough to take on a well-equipped infantry company.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady took an abalone and stuffed it into his mouth. The long-legged beauty whispered, “The Chungking branch has helicopters, it would take 15 minutes from downtown to here. Ten minutes have passed since I sent a distress signal.”

“But we can’t ignore the personnel transfer and preparation time before the helicopter takes off,” Li Xianyu said. “That is to say, we have to last for at least ten minutes.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady nodded, looked anxiously into the distance and forced herself not to think about it. She changed the subject. “How did you do that?”

Li Xianyu asked despite knowing what she was referring to, “What?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady did not answer and turned to look at Li Peiyun who was recuperating.

Li Xianyu chuckled and flirted out of instinct. “Give me a kiss and I will tell you.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady raised her eyebrows and feigned anger. “Your wings have hardened enough, have they?”

In the years of Li Xianyu’s unruly love of freedom, he frequently went to hotel rooms with young ladies to discuss the philosophy of life. He was definitely not a dull introverted boy. In fact, he was very good at flirting with the ladies. However, he just entered the demon descendants community and knew he was still incredibly weak and had low powers, so he has been low-key.

The big dick meme had been viral due to being overused by the big guys in the company. There were smiles on his face but curses in his heart.

After all, he was a weak chicken newcomer. Since he was a new arrival, it was better to keep a low profile.

After awakening, with the increase of strength, he gradually found his strength and confidence. After defeating Ryder, that pushed his confidence to a peak. Today, he severely injured Li Peiyun with a few moves. Li Xianyu’s confidence and aura has skyrocketed like never before.

Before that, he would never dare to flirt with Battle Lady.

“Look at how scared you are. What are you nervous about? You are making me nervous too.” Xia Xiaoxue herself was very nervous. Seeing that Liu Kongchao was also the same, she pushed the blame on him.

Liu Kongchao did not speak, as he held the laser sword handle given to him by Li Xianyu in his right hand tightly. He did not let go even when he was eating.

Like an alert rabbit, he gnawed at the grass, and looked up at the Blood Devil; gnawed at the grass, and watched the war in the distance.

Xia Xiaoxue coughed, as she coughed up a mouthful of blood. She wiped it away nonchalantly as if nothing had happened and her voice pretended to be relaxed. “I will sing you children’s songs.”

No one wanted to hear it, but knew she was nervous and wanted to find a way to vent and distract her attention.

“Honey bunny be good, open the door. Open it quickly. I want to come in...” Xia Xiaoxue’s voice was melodious and sweet, and people unconsciously relaxed after hearing it.

Li Xianyu thought that she deserved to be an anchor. Her voice was gentle and she was beautiful, characteristics of a good seedling. He leaned against the wall, listening to children’s songs to relax.

“Bitter gourd bitter gourd is really strange, full of small pimples. Its long body hung on branches, the baby frowned when he saw it, but the mother was overjoyed when she saw it...”

Hmm? Li Xianyu froze. Why does this song sound strange? Are you sure that’s how it’s sung? But he looked at Xia Xiaoxue who was singing with a straight face. Her face was still a little nervous, singing intently.

Li Xianyu felt that it was overthinking on his part.


There was another highly explosive blast, and then a figure flew out, accompanied by flying pieces of earth and gravel.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s face changed and without even thinking about it, pounced on Li Xianyu and yelled, “Dodge!”

As gravel rained down, it hit Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s body, hit the food and hit Liu Kongchao and Xia Xiaoxue’s bodies. The melodious children’s song immediately turned into screaming.

The voice rang over the heads of the crowd and smashed through a distant yellow mud house. The entire yellow mud house collapsed, as dust swept all over the sky.

Li Xianyu pushed Thunderbolt Battle Lady with much effort and stared at the ruins.

Has victory been determined?

Everyone’s movements were the same as those of Li Xianyu, subconsciously looking at the collapsed house. But the next moment, they reacted again, turning their heads violently and looking in the direction of the winner.

In the night, heavy steps trudged through the ruins of chaos and crushed the tiles.

The moonlight shone on the two-meter-high massive body. He was as fierce as a malicious god, with a cruel smile on his masculine face. His scarlet blood pupils flickered.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 107: The Duel Outcome Determines Everyone’s Fate