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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 105: You Mingyu

Chapter 105: You Mingyu

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“My brain hurts, my brain hurts, my brain hurts when I think of shoveling shit...”

The sudden ringtone destroyed the desolate and solemn atmosphere as the mobile phone in Li Xianyu’s pocket buzzed. Great-Grandma had set this ringtone for him. Some time ago, Great-Grandma was fascinated by an earworm. When she was free, she knocked on Li Xianyu’s head and hummed that song. It was not enough that she set the ringtone of her mobile phone to that song. She even insisted that Li Xianyu’s ringtone was bad, and they should have the same taste.

Taking out his mobile phone, he saw that Xia Xiaoxue had called and was slightly disappointed. He answered and Xia Xiaoxue’s hasty voice rang, “Li Xianyu, I know you are not dead, your ability is self-healing right.”

“What are you trying to say?” Li Xianyu coughed out blood.

“Is Battle Lady dead...?” Xia Xiaoxue said hurriedly, “You Mengyu is dying. I have a plan. Listen to me...”

Xia Xiaoxue’s ability was Concealment and her plan was very simple. She hoped that Li Xianyu could entangle with the Blood Devil and mysterious young man and buy time. He only needed to fight for 20 seconds and Xia Xiaoxue was confident she could save You Mengyu and Thunderbolt Battle Lady.

“You overestimate me. Even if I can entangle with the Blood Devil...” Li Xianyu looked at the mysterious young man who was taking his time. He did not seem to be in a hurry to kill him and Thunderbolt Battle Lady. After injuring both of them with one strike of his sword, he had been paying attention to the God of War and San Wu.

“This guy’s flying sword is weird. Are you sure you can save Battle Lady and You Mengyu under his nose? Then what happens after you rescue them? They are both seriously injured. Even if you covered up their aura, you cannot cover up their blood trails.”

“This is the only way. We have to try no matter what.” Xia Xiaoxue murmured, “If it succeeds, we can leave together.”

“If it fails, you will die too,” Li Xianyu added.

Xia Xiaoxue was silent, and a moment later, she grit her teeth. There was utter despair in her voice. “You have no idea who you are facing. He is the Demonic Priest’s inheritor. Even Battle Lady can’t beat him, let alone you. We have to run for our lives.”

The Demonic Priest’s inheritor! Li Xianyu was shocked.

“He has inherited the Demonic Priest’s techniques. Have you heard of the Tri-Elements Sword Technique... You won’t know. You’re just a small fry. How would you know how powerful the Tri-Elements Sword Technique is? The Demonic Priest cast his essence, qi and spirit into a divine weapon, secretly integrating the three elements. At that time, he was relying on this divine skill to dominate the world and reach the peak of Gokudo,” Xia Xiaoxue spoke very fast.

Tri-Elements Sword Technique... Li Xianyu remembered that on the way, he has witnessed the birth of the “sword of qi” in the Demonic Priest’s memories. As it emerged, white light surged into the sky, and it was a very significant vision.

The flying sword was strange and unpredictable and the heavy sword can attack and defend. These two swords on the young man should be the sword of essence and the sword of spirit.

Li Xianyu felt that his Four Pillars of Destiny not only clashed with the Great Deities Palace, it also clashed with the Demonic Priest. The first time he went out on a mission, he was wrecked by his inheritor.

Oh right, what did the Demonic Priest say? If the Tri-Elements Swords are not one, the fatal flaw was in the core?!

“Li Xianyu, this is the only way.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady gasped weakly.

Senior staff were seen as formidable masters in the demon descendants community. Although the sword aura shattered half of her heart, Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s vitality has not been cut off entirely. The long-legged beauty grasped his hand tightly, her eyes shining. “You have to escape...”

She could still have such a clear mind even after bleeding profusely. This could probably only be described as the momentary recovery of consciousness just before death.

“Don’t say anything and kiss me.” Li Xianyu held her face and gave an aggressive French kiss.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s eyes widened, a shell-shocked expression was frozen on her face, letting the man’s tongue slip into her mouth.

Then she felt something strange went into her mouth, it was a lot...

On the other hand, the Blood Devil sucked You Mengyu’s blood gleefully. The youthful beauty was wrinkled and withered like a bag of milk being sucked clean.

Her pretty face full of collagen was withered like an 80-year-old lady at the moment. At this time, her closed eyes suddenly opened, and two scarlet lights lit up on her withered face.

In this withered and dying body, there was no warning of the sudden explosion of majestic qi. The Blood Devil’s hair stood on end as warning bells rang in his heart. He backed away decisively.


The qi formed a tornado, and charged into the sky, enveloping gravel with it.

Li Peiyun’s eyebrows twitched and looked at the side.

Xia Xiaoxue, who was running, suddenly stopped in a hurry. She looked at her best friend You Mengyu in amazement.

In the raging qi. dragon tornado, You Mengyu’s figure was blurred. Only a pair of scarlet blood pupils burned brightly. She held the sword handle in her hand, and scoffed. As she turned it back into a weapon, a three-meter-long whip took form.

“Useless sister. You were screwed over so badly again.” You Mengyu’s voice was low, and hoarse. As she stared at the Blood Devil with her blood red eyes, she mocked, “You lowly ant, you are not worthy to even lick my boots.”

“Two souls in a body?!” The Blood Devil had the impulse to curse. After fighting for so long, it turns out that the original real opponent was another person.

No wonder the little girl was fearless in provoking him and enjoyed the pleasure of being abused. She had no fear, for when she was on the verge of death, the wild beast in her body would awaken. Her appearance was still haggard, and her injuries had not recovered, but in this overwhelmed state, there was a surge of increasingly powerful qi.

“Scum!” You Mengyu sneered and the whip cracked, lashing through the air.

“What the hell, what is your friend even?” Li Xianyu was stunned.

“You... You Mingyu?” Xia Xiaoxue replied in shock, “I remember now. Mengyu said that she had a sister named You Mingyu, but she actually has no sister. She is an only child in the family.”

“Split personality?”

“I don’t know, this is the first time I’m seeing her too.”

“It looks like an unexpected good news.” Li Xianyu pulled out the narrow sword as Thunderbolt Battle Lady and him both groaned. The narrow sword buzzed, flew out of his hand and returned to Li Peiyun.

“How many percentage have you recovered by?” he asked.

“Forty percent.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s expression was awkward. “It’s a little disgusting.”

“You’ll get used to it after getting married in the future.” Li Xianyu took her hand and said, “Transfer your zhenqi to me... Xia Xiaoxue, are you nearby?”

Xia Xiaoxue’s voice rang beside his ear and was close at hand. “Why?”

“Transfer your zhenqi to me.”

The perverted little girl was stunned. “What are you going to do?”

Without answering her, Li Xianyu shouted to the distance, “Virgin, if you haven’t escaped, come out!”

Liu Kongchao crawled on the ground and his body was soft all over. He squirmed over like a caterpillar. “What’s up? Let’s escape now.”

“Your aesthetic is very unique...” Li Xianyu’s face twitched.

“This position is relatively low-key, I’ll just wriggle away later.” He climbed over with an arch of his body.

“Transfer your zhenqi to me.” Li Xianyu stretched out his other hand.

Xia Xiaoxue hesitated.

Liu Kongchao did not hesitate, as his arm elongated to hold Li Xianyu’s hand. Zhenqi transferred into Li Xianyu’s body as Liu Kongchao said, “Although I do not know what you are going to do, but we are depending on you, brother.”

After their previous cooperation, Liu Kongchao had a trust of a comrade that had been through life and death together towards Li Xianyu.

Xia Xiaoxue grit her teeth and put her hand on Li Xianyu’s hand.

“What are you going to do?” Thunderbolt Battle Lady transferred the recovered zhenqi, and her delicate face was as white as paper.

Li Xianyu saw her appearance, gathered blood foam in his mouth, and wanted to kiss her again.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady looked horrified, and said with a cry, “Do it again and I will end you.”

“You ungrateful woman,” Li Xianyu muttered. At this time, Liu Kongchao and Xia Xiaoxue had also finished transferring their zhenqi. He was now surging with strong and invincible power and had unprecedented confidence.

“Xia Xiaoxue, your method won’t work. There’s a 90% chance of failing. Our safest choice now is to wait for support.”

You Mengyu’s transformation was an unexpected joy. Her demeanor was as aggressive as a ferocious tiger as her whip cracked. She was actually on par with Blood Devil. Indeed, sadistic sisters were the kings, just like Ice Shards in his family.

In this way, the whole situation will have a turn for the better as long as he can deal with Li Peiyun. At the very least, he had to deal a heavy blow towards him.

No matter how powerful the enemy was, they were not invincible once they had a loophole. This was something the major families had taught Li Xianyu as they had used such method to suppress Great-Grandma.

If one wanted to mobilize a thousand kilogrammes, one had to have 800 grams.

“Like I said to my ancestor, I will not be weak forever. Battle Lady, now I want to say this to you. You have already fought your battle. I will complete the journey for you.” Li Xianyu took a bottle of medicine from his wallet, bit open the wooden plug, and poured it into his mouth.

“When it comes to risking their lives, let men do it.”

“I’ll go meet the Demonic Priest’s inheritor.”

The name of the medicine was Real Man for Five Seconds!

His eyes turned scarlet as blood.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady froze.

Xia Xiaoxue froze.

Liu Kongchao froze.

There was an unprecedented determination emanating from the boy. It gave them the illusion that they could win.

The audience could only see the ground due to the angle in the live broadcast room, but they could hear everything word for word.

By this time, there were already 30,000 viewers in the studio, and countless people wondered if they had misheard them.

“Who is it? Who spoke just now?”

“Does it matter which one it is? It’s one of the two weak chickens, he actually wants to challenge the Demonic Priest’s inheritor. ”

“Even Thunderbolt Battle Lady can’t defeat him, let alone him? A Gokudo Path Inheritor is not so easy to deal with, let alone the Demonic Priest’s inheritor.”

“This boy’s bravery is commendable, but the distance between ordinary demon descendants and a Gokudo Path Inheritor is as far as the distance between losers and tall, handsome and rich men. You can never catch up in this life.”

“I guess a cornered beast will do something desperate.”

“Rest in peace, brother.”

“Hey, anchor, film the video properly. We want to see it live.”

Comments of “RIP” floated through the screen.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 105: You Mingyu