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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 104: Do You Like Me?

Chapter 104: Do You Like Me?

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Thunderbolt Battle Lady had never encountered such a difficult enemy. Even amongst the S-class, the young man who was fighting with her did not have the best combat power, but was definitely the most persistent type.

His narrow sword and heavy sword were impeccable together, as one attacked and the other defended.

The heavy sword would wound someone once they made contact, and would kill someone if they were struck with it. It was indestructible as a form of defense. As for that narrow sword, it reminded Thunderbolt Battle Lady of Taoist swordsmanship, but there were differences, as Taoist swordsmanship was not so strange and unpredictable.

This strength can be classified amongst the top 50 in the Demon Descendants List, or even higher, but Baoze Group unexpectedly did not have any relevant information or files about such a young master.

There were only two possibilities. This mysterious young man was either a newly awakened demon descendant cor a killing weapon secretly cultivated by certain forces.

The Ancient Gods Clan was good at cultivating killers, and San Wu was one of their creations. If the mysterious young man was a new generation of Class A killers, it seems to make sense.

You Mengyu’s screams attracted Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s attention. She turned her head in haste and her expression changed. “You Mengyu...”

The next moment, the sword followed and seized the opportunity. It pierced Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s heart and nailed her to the wall behind her.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s first reaction was incredulous disbelief, startled at the other’s surging sword skills improving without warning.

However, she soon realized that it was not the opponent who became stronger, but she had become weaker.

The cold sword pierced her vital parts and smashed her into the wall behind her. Sadness bloomed in the long-legged beauty’s heart, and she thought she was finished this time. When one often walked by the river, their shoes would get wet. All of the employees of the Baoze Group have accepted their fate.

When they kill one demon descendant criminal after another and kill in the name of justice, one day, a bigger evil will tear them apart.

Recalling her 25 years of life, she felt that there was still a lot of perfection waiting for her, but she also felt that living life to the present, there were more bitter than sweet, more sadness than happiness, so it was good that this was the end.

The majestic aura condensed on the flying sword, and if it were to hit the wall, it was an opportunity for the qi to erupt. That was when she would perish.


Something seemed to have hit her. It was soft, and then Thunderbolt Battle Lady felt a pair of arms cradling her slender waist.

The sword pierced through the unknown reckless man and the two hit the wall.

There was another explosion but the sound was dull. The qi erupted as the walls fell apart immediately. Thunderbolt Battle Lady heard the painful humming of the man behind her.

She was surprised, as she was familiar with the voice, and it was a familiar smell. She looked back and shouted his name, “Li Xianyu?!”


The Blood Devil strangled You Mengyu’s petite frame and held her in mid-air. The masochistic young lady had been completely damaged, her beautiful little face drenched red with blood. Her arms lay limply by her sides, and both of her knees were completely shattered.

There was no area intact on her body, and even her skull was cracked. She was clearly not an iron-headed girl.

“Very strong vitality, your blood is very delicious.” The Blood Devil said, “Your Outrage ability is very unique, but your strength is too low. Who gave you the courage to challenge me?”

“It’s Fish Leong, Uncle.” You Mengyu was dying but still stubbornly lifted her trembling left hand. With a “crack”, she hit the sword handle that could no longer condense the light sword on Blood Devil’s head.

Chu Hanliang’s eyes twitched, as he exerted force with his five fingers. You Mengyu was strangled to suffocation, her bloody face turned into a purplish-black pallor.

The Blood Devil enjoyed the feeling of playing with prey, and if killing was just harvesting life, it’s no fun.

“Pain is right. You will taste despair in pain, and I will taste the greatest pleasure in your despair.” Chu Hanliang smiled cruelly.

The little girl moved her lips as if she wanted to say something, but could not speak.

“Do you want to beg for mercy?” Chu Hanliang loosened his grip.

You Mengyu coughed loudly, spattering blood foam. The masochistic little girl took a breath and gave a twisted deranged smile,

“Mm~ it’s so good.”

Blood Devil was shocked.

There was a ferocious red light in Blood Devil’s eyes, his two fangs protruding. He gave up tasting the despair of the psychopathic woman. There were always some freaks in the world who could not use common sense. He was lucky to meet one today.

The fangs bit at and tore the little girl’s fair neck apart, like a ferocious wolf tearing open the tender neck of a lamb. The Blood Devil sucked at the fragrant blood thirstily, as if a drug addict consuming drugs.

“I’m going to die, I’m dying...” You Mengyu’s skin turned dry at the speed visible to the naked eye, as her skin lost luster and contracted. It will not be long before she will be sucked into a dry corpse. Her voice gradually lowered,

“Sis, Elder sister... Help...”


“You Mengyu!!” Xia Xiaoxue’s voice was crying and trembling.

By this time, the number of people in the broadcast room had exceeded 20,000, and 20,000 demon descendants from all over the world watched the bloody battle through the screen. The comments on the screen fluttered by like snowflakes, and the number of people was increasing, but the soaring virality was not what Xia Xiaoxue wanted. She opened the live broadcast room as she intended to summon the help of the righteous.

But Xia Xiaoxue clearly overestimated this group of demon descendants keyboard warriors. They were interested in discussing whether which of the new and old generation of Class A killers of Ancient Gods Clan were better.

A few guys even opened a gamble, betting on who will win between San Wu and God of War. Most people did not support San Wu, as the god of war was a certain rank 15, and Baoze S-level employees can theoretically rank in the top 30, but no one knows exactly which rank it is.

A small number of people were still enjoying Li Xianyu and Liu Kongchao’s fight and subsequent victory over the Ancient Gods Clan’s demonic girl, claiming it was a David VS Goliath battle that was worth learning from. They asked Xia Xiaoxue who the two boys were.

Xia Xiaoxue, of course, will not answer these boring questions. In fact, of the two weak chickens, one was a pure newcomer and the other was a wild demon descendant. There was nothing worth to say. Liu Kongchao’s ancestral treasure, was a mission’s secret, and was more inconvenient to disclose.

“Wow, the Baoze team is already screwed.”

“Why did the boy court death by lunging over? Is he a couple with Thunderbolt Battle Lady?”

“Scram. Battle Lady doesn’t have a boyfriend, and she would rather die than...”

“Well, Thunderbolt Battle Lady is really likely to die this time. Among Baoze’s senior staff, she is a rare beauty.”

“The Blood Devil has won the battle, and the little girl seems to have been sucked into a dry corpse?”

“It was a completely one-sided battle, and although Bai Jie’er died and the number of Ancient Gods Clan members was lesser, their superior combat power crushed Baoze’s team. With the exception of San Wu and Thunderbolt Battle Lady, none of them stood a chance. I estimate that the battle will be over in five minutes and they won’t be able to wait for the support of the branch.”

Baby Doesn’t Allow Poisoning: “That young man wielding double swords is very powerful, if he was in Sichuan, I would teach him a lesson in minutes, but he is unfortunately out of reach.”

Taoist Xu Zi: “Shit shit shit f***.”

Taoist Xu Zi suddenly spammed comments on the screen.

“Tri-Elements Sword Technique, Demonic Priest Wang Chen’s Tri-Elements Sword Technique, oh my God! !”

His statement made the whole room to fall briefly silent, and the next moment, the comments on the screen were spammed frantically.

When Xia Xiaoxue heard Demonic Priest Wangchen’s title, she did not react for a moment. When she realized which Demonic Priest Wangchen Taoist Xu Zi was speaking of, the young girl who liked to say dirty jokes shivered all over and banned everyone from commenting.

“Everyone shut up. Elder Taoist Xu Zi, the Demonic Priest... Is that the one 80 years ago? What’s Tri-Elements Sword Technique, what does this young man have to do with the Demonic Priest?”

Taoist Xu Zi: “No wonder I felt that it was familiar. There is no mistake, the Demonic Priest’s signature move: Tri-Elements Sword Technique.”

“With this secret technique, he had dominated the world, and it was his invincible killing move. Eighty years later, the Demonic Priest’s successor has emerged.”

Xia Xiaoxue said in reverence: “Elder Taoist Xu Zi, did you take part in the battle to encircle and suppress the Demonic Priest in the past?”

Taoist Xu Zi: “When I was young, my master took me to watch the battle from a distance and I was responsible for shouting ‘awesome!’”

Taoist Xu Zi: “The Great Deities Palace is about to open. At this time, the Demonic Priest’s successor has emerged. In addition, a few days ago, there were rumors that the Unparalleled War Spirit appeared at Lianghua Temple, killing and causing bloodshed before Buddha... It always feels like the demon descendants community is going to be in chaos. I’m prepared to isolate myself to cultivate my practice.”

With that, Xia Xiaoxue saw the old man, who liked to watch live broadcast, leave the room.

She lifted the comment ban, as the screen was instantly covered with comments.

Gokudo Path Inheritors were well-deserved celebrities in the demon descendants community, and 80 years ago, the Demonic Priest was very special among the Gokudo masters.

In the history of more than 200 years in modern times, there were few legends who subverted an era like the Demonic Priest.

The news of the emergence of the Demonic Priest’s successor would certainly cause a huge wave in the demon descendants community, so Xia Xiaoxue could understand the excited reactions from the audience.

If the occasion was not so disastrous, she may also scream, “Ah ah~ The Demonic Priest’s successor is born, the young man is so handsome, little brother saikou!”

And now, she just wanted to say, “Young man, have mercy.”

The stronger the enemy, the more trouble Baoze would be in.

Xia Xiaoxue’s heart sank to rock bottom.


Thunderbolt Battle Lady saw the face of the man behind her and was surprised and furious. “What are you doing here, do you think you are a hero saving a beauty?”

The corners of Li Xianyu’s mouth twitched. “If I didn’t come over, you would be dead now after that blow.”

“You should have escaped. You should have run away after you killed Bai Jie’er.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady sighed.

“What will happen to y’all if I escape? You Mengyu seems to be screwed too.” Li Xianyu smiled bitterly.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady was irate. “This is not a battle you can intervene in.”

She was rarely so frustrated and infuriated, her eyes burning like an enraged lioness.

“Forget it, it’s too late anyway.” She leaned wearily into Li Xianyu’s arms, the light in her eyes gradually dimmed. Half of her remaining heart struggled to beat, as the sword aura devoured her vitality.

“Hey, Li Xianyu, let me ask you something,” Thunderbolt Battle Lady said in a whisper.


“Do you like me?” She asked.

“Have I f***** you?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady sighed and whispered, “Sometimes you can be really annoying.”

The light in her eyes gradually disappeared, and her voice was so soft that it could not be heard.

She leaned weakly in Li Xianyu’s arms, as Li Xianyu cradled her. A sword pierced through them and strung them together, the scene desolate and tragic.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 104: Do You Like Me?