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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 103: Decline In The Overall Situation

Chapter 103: Decline In The Overall Situation

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Li Xianyu and Liu Kongchao were forced to avoid the bullets of the coquettish young woman by hiding everywhere. Fortunately, this was an area with many old houses. The road was narrow, and there were many rooms. Most of the yellow mud houses were dangerous houses that would collapse and were empty. These uninhabited houses were the ones that saved their dog lives.

Li Xianyu found that there was a bug with his defense spiritual device. He had previously blocked the bullet for Liu Kongchao, and he did so because he had an inverse dragon scale that protected him. As a result, the bullet hit the body, but the spiritual device was not triggered.

He speculated that the defense spiritual device had shortcomings and was used to defend against attacks by qi and demon descendants. Otherwise, this phenomenon could not be explained.

“Oh my god, a supernatural battle battle has been turned into a gun battle by us.” Liu Kongchao hugged his head to avoid but did not forget to lament.

“That’s because you are too weak that you can’t even catch bullets.” Li Xianyu snarked while avoiding bullets.

“Oh please, the pot calling the kettle black. You are all members of Baoze. Why are the other players so strong, but you are so weak?” Liu Kongchao shot back.

“I’m different. I’ve only awakened for half a month,” Li Xianyu replied.

“Then you are really better than me. I awakened in junior high school and practiced with my grandfather from an early age.”

“I’m actually not afraid of bullets,” Liu Kongchao said. “But I’m afraid of that woman’s powers. I feel like she can cause me to let my guard down with her eyes and I would develop feelings for her.”

The coquettish young woman chased them slowly and shot at them. Her superpower was not adept at fighting, so she carried a hot weapon with her. In fact, the two boys were very cunning. Knowing that they will be affected by her abilities if they fight her head-on, they avoided fighting.

They were seemingly embarrassed and unable to fight back but in fact, they were very stable. Perhaps they would retaliate after waiting for her to run out of bullets.

“It should be a power such as seduction or hypnosis.” Li Xianyu said, “However, this proves that she is not good at combat, at least in the eyes of a master.”

“Let’s play guerrilla first and see if we can seize the opportunity to retaliate. As for her powers, just ignore her abilities. She’s just a woman, not a fairy.”

“I can tell from your words that you are an amateur.”


“Because you haven’t tasted the sweetness of a woman yet.”

“Brother, sounds like you’re a playboy?” Li Xianyu was surprised and did not expect to meet a fellow man.

“No, I haven’t touched a woman either. Isn’t it the norm for men in our early twenties to be virgins?”

Li Xianyu suddenly could not bear to tell the truth. He decided to give him some face and nodded reluctantly, “Yes, we are all virgins.”

“Then why aren’t you affected?”

“Maybe I masturbated too much last night.” Just after Li Xianyu had just finished, he was shot in the leg and hissed in pain. “No, we have to fight back. We can’t drag it on like this anymore.”

The woman seemed to have endless bullets, changing clips six times during the period. They might face a GG before she has even exhausted her bullets.

“What can we use to counterattack?”

“Your ancestors were at least reputable in the past. Did they not pass down spiritual devices to you?”

“Yes, my grandfather left me a golden bowl, but it was just destroyed. Then there was only one dagger left, but that’s to eliminate evils. It’s attack ability is weak”

It was with that dagger that he broke Bai Jie’er’s spirits summoning bell. If the spirits summoning bell was still present, she could manipulate vengeful spirits to entangle with them. It would definitely not so easy for them like it was now.

“You are dirt poor, this is why you’re not the protagonist.” Li Xianyu took the Ultraman arm guard out of his wallet and put it on. He then handed Liu Kongchao the handle of the laser sword. “Use mine.” 𝒊𝘯𝑛𝐫ℯ𝒂d. 𝐜𝘰𝓂

“How do you use this thing?” Liu Kongchao has obviously never seen such a new style of spiritual devices and showed a face of ignorance.

“Infuse zhenqi into it.” Li Xianyu demonstrated once to him, as three centimeters of laser blade flashed out from the hilt.

Liu Kongchao could feel the burning temperature of the sword blade. He thought that although it was short, but at least it can be used. He took over the handle of the sword, and infused zhenqi into it. With a whoosh, the handle spurted out a meter-long laser blade.

The air was suddenly quiet.

Liu Kongchao: (¬_¬)

Li Xianyu was speechless.

As the saying goes, if you are one step late, you will be late by every step. People began to practice qi from an early age, and he was twenty years later than others.

“I have a plan!” Li Xianyu declared gravely.


Bai Jie’er shot three times in a row. Her aiming skills were good, as two bullets hit one of the young men. The other young man bent and twisted unbelievably with his waist and avoided the bullet. The two young men dodged and hid behind the wall together.

“Two handsome guys, don’t hide, you’re doomed tonight. I’m here to show you a clear way. My Ancient Gods Clan is in urgent need of a rising star. You two are talented and smart. If you give up and join my Ancient Gods Clan, I will ask the boss to keep you alive.”

“Pfft, and be your sex slave?” A man’s voice rang from behind the wall.

“We don’t lose out by being her sex slave. She’s a beauty.” Another voice said.

“What do you know, you can’t just look at a woman’s face.”

“Oh oh.”

Listening to the two banter frivolously, the tendons on Bai Jie’er’s forehead twitched in fury.

Just then, a roar rumbled behind the wall, “Demoness, take that!”

Something was thrown from behind the wall. Bai Jie’er was caught off guard and shot subconsciously. The object was torn by a bullet and turned out to be a shoe.

When Bai Jie’er shot at the shoes, a figure sprang out behind the wall pounced on her with the speed of a cheetah. He had crossed tens of meters in less than two seconds.

In the face of danger, she turned to shoot at the attacker. Bang bang! The bullets shot into his chest but the man’s momentum did not slow.

Self-healing ability! If I had known, I would have shot him in the head... Bai Jie’er’s eyelids twitched, and she pulled the trigger, once again but found that the clip was empty.

He is the only one... Bai Jie’er glanced at the wall. The other guy still chose to be a tortoise and did not rush out with him. They are still too young. If the two men were together, there may be some hope of both parties being injured. Their combat experience was obviously too shallow.

She threw away her pistol, pulled out the soft sword around her waist, and enchanted the man with seduction. Unaffected, the man rushed straight into her arms and committed a suicidal tackle by charging right at the soft sword.

“F*** her!” Li Xianyu roared.

This was the only chance they had at getting close, Li Xianyu knew he would fly backwards the next second due to the impact.

Who is he talking to? Bai Jie’er had doubts in her heart, and the next moment, realization dawned on her.

A lightsaber pierced the young man who charged into her arms. At the same time, it penetrated her heart, piercing both of them through their hearts.

Liu Kongchao emerged out from behind Li Xianyu. The young man had killed for the first time in his life, as he trembled and sang, “String your heart and my heart, string a lucky grass, string a concentric circle...”

“String your hell, draw your sword out. Son of a bitch, I’m going to die!” Li Xianyu yelled at him.

“Oh oh!” Liu Kongchao drew out his lightsaber but not much blood flowed out. Instead, a scorched and smelly odor emanated. His face turned pale. “I killed someone for the first time, let me sing to calm myself down.”

“You... When...” Bai Jie’er’s eyes widened and staggered a few steps. There was a feeling of fatigue in the depths of her body as she fell on her buttocks.

“Go down and ask King Yama.” Li Xianyu snatched the handle of the sword and triggered his three centimeters lightsaber. It pierced through her temple and destroyed her brain.

Xia Xiaoxue turned the camera lens and happened to film this scene.

An uproar erupted in the broadcast room.

“Bai Jie’er is dead?!”

“Although she is a demoness from the Ancient Gods Clans and has committed many evil deeds, I still feel that it’s wasteful.”

“Brother, don’t stand still man, do it while it’s hot.”

“The one who said do it while it’s hot, are you the devil?”

“Heh, my uncle was seduced head over heels by this demoness. After using him, he was killed by her. This is divine retribution, what goes around comes around.”

“A lot of men from major families have hooked up with this demoness. I didn’t expect her to end up like this.”

Li Xianyu had destroyed the grandeur of a demoness who had charmed men for more than ten years.

“Shit, who is this boy? He’s too vicious.”

“He’s too brutal. A suicide counterattack. He has to die, too, but this guy is worthy.”

“No, he’s not dead... Self-healing powers?”

“Exploiting his weakness to win against the strong. He made full use of the two’s abilities, as well as the accurate grasp of the opportunity. He’s strong, really good.”

“I don’t know why, I suddenly thought of this phrase: ‘This boy will become a great problem if he is not killed.’”

Li Xianyu sat down on his buttocks. The pain in his chest made him breathless. After he had been awakened so far, his life form was gradually changing.

Even such a fatal injury like getting his heart pierced through was not enough to kill him. As long as he protected his head, he could attack madly.

The wound caused by the lightsaber was caused by burns, and self-healing was relatively slow.

Liu Kongchao also sat next to him, gasping for breath. The battle was not fierce, but extraordinarily thrilling. He has been behind Li Xianyu the whole time, to be exact, on his back. Liu Kongchao curled up into a ball, firmly grabbing onto Li Xianyu’s back. He let him attack Bai Jie’er straight on as he could resist her mental seduction. He could then find the right opportunity to deal a fatal blow.

“We won. We turned the tide.” Liu Kongchao was incredibly surprised.

“It’s not over yet.” Li Xianyu calmed down and said, “Our victory has nothing to do with the big picture.”

His words were like a basin of cold water, putting out Liu Kongchao’s joy. As Li Xianyu said, after all, both of them were too weak. A partial victory could not turn the tides of the overall situation.

Li Xianyu took out his mobile phone and looked at the time. “Ten minutes, ten more minutes.”

Ten minutes? Oh right, we still have reinforcements.

Liu Kongchao perked up.

Xia Xiaoxue danced in surprise. Li Xianyu and Liu Kongchao’s reversal was undoubtedly a glittering segment of this hopeless war. They had brought back some hope for the disastrous situation.

I thought they were two losers. I didn’t expect them to be kings.

But her joy lasted for only a moment, as she saw that Thunderbolt Battle Lady who had been struggling could no longer hold on. The swift narrow sword pierced her heart and nailed her to the wall.

On the other hand, You Mengyu was in a fatal situation.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 103: Decline In The Overall Situation