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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 102: Live Broadcast

Chapter 102: Live Broadcast

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Naturally, the Blood Devil’s power was not something that You Mengyu could compete with. As You Mengyu’s voice rang, at the same time, Blood Devil dealt a roundhouse kick, shattering her light sword and kicking her slender waist.

You Mengyu’s petite frame was kicked out like a ball, and smashed into a wall, breaking it. The mud clattered and buried her.

Blood Devil sneered disdainfully. It was a short fight and he had judged the strength of the girl. She was probably Baoze’s intermediate staff. It was not easy to have such power at her young age, but she was facing an enemy like him. Such insignificant strength was far from sufficient.

His kick didn’t show mercy just now. The girl should not be able to get up.

He thought so but saw the mud roll off. The girl got up, a corner of her branded T-shirt was torn, showing fair skin and black shoulder straps.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts... I was treated so cruelly again.” The girl hummed as she groaned.

“Uncle, come play with me again.” Light condensed on the sword handle in You Mengyu’s hands, as she lunged over excitedly.

The Blood Devil avoided the head-on blow as the two fought aggressively. He wondered if it was an illusion, as he felt that the little girl had made a little progress in her power. In order to verify the speculation in his heart, he once again beat You Mengyu until she flew, and broke the little girl’s sternum.

“It’s broken, it’s broken.” The girl hummed again and stood up. “Uncle, more, fiercer.”

She was already seriously injured, but her face had a demented sense of excitement, her beautiful little face was twisted.

The Blood Devil’s fist collided with the little girl’s lightsword, as he felt a sharp pain in his fist, and his skin was sliced apart.

She really became more powerful? It’s not an illusion....

“Your ability is outrage?” The Blood Devil frowned at the wound on his fist.

Outrage was an incredibly rare ability amongst demon descendants. The main characteristic was that they would become more ferocious as they fought. The battle will stimulate the violent factors hidden in their blood. The more serious the injury, the more violent they would become, and their strength would skyrocket.

“Oh dear, you found out.” You Mengyu licked the blood that dripped from her forehead to her mouth, as her eyes flickered red. She looked increasingly deranged. “Come hit me, kill me, don’t show mercy.”

What the hell was wrong with her?!

The Blood Devil hummed coldly and charged out dozens of meters in one step. He pressed and held down You Mengyu’s head, and bashed it on the ground.

You Mengyu’s head smashed a hole in the ground and tons of blood spurted out from her mouth.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady appeared silently, and struck Blood Devil with a blow from her elbow to save You Mengyu. The long-legged beauty turned white and her breathing was labored, as she asked, “Are you alright?”

You Mengyu spit blood while coughing. “Super comfortable.”

The sword of meaning was in hot pursuit, as Thunderbolt Battle Lady disappeared in an instant. The narrow sword pierced through You Mengyu’s right shoulder and nailed her to the wall.

You Mengyu’s little face twisted in pain. “What the hell, what is this betrayal.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady appeared on the roof of a residence building in the distance, overlooking the battlefield with a grave expression. The most intense battle was San Wu and the God of War. There was little commotion, but if one punch falls on any of the bodies present, they will either die or be severely disabled. You Mengyu did not have a chance against Blood Devil at all. 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

Although the technique of Outrage was powerful, but if she was killed directly, they don’t even have a chance to fight back, so she has to be distracted and protect You Mengyu in crucial junctures.

As for herself, the young man with the sword, was freakishly powerful. When did such a powerful young man emerge in the demon descendants community? His heavy sword dealt large and powerful attacks, which was unstoppable. It was indestructible so defense could not work either. The narrow sword was strange and unpredictable, and the angle was hard to predict.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady has been in the situation of being beaten. She could only rely on her speed superpower to escape and wear him out, but could not compete head-on.

As for the two men... They were forced to hide by a silenced pistol. Forget it, it would be nice if they could stay alive.

The battle was fought entirely by women.

On the other hand, Xia Xiaoxue hid on the roof of an unnoticed building, and the camera captured the whole battlefield into the live broadcast room.

In two or three minutes, the number of people in the live broadcast room has reached two thousand.

Broken Bridge Residual Snow: “Baoze and the Ancient Gods Clan are having a showdown? Are they finally going to kill these psychopathic scum?”

Baby Doesn’t Allow Poisoning: “I’m feeling dizzy, anchorman. Can you have a stable hand when you film this? In addition, where is this?”

Chungking Small Motor: “Shit, God of War?” Blood Devil? What’s going on? Is Baoze going to thoroughly eliminate the remnant evil scourge of the Ancient Gods Clan?”

There were not many people, but the comments floated by on the screen. When they recognized the God of War and Blood Devil, the atmosphere was like oil boiling like a frying pan in the broadcast room.

Xia Xiaoxue lowered her voice. “It was not Baoze who eliminated the Ancient Gods Clan, but we were ambushed on a certain mission. We have only one S-class, one senior employee, one middle-level employee, and two novices.”

Frankenstein: “How about you, anchorman? Aren’t you ashamed by hiding behind?”

Xia Xiaoxue: “I am injured. There is a mysterious master here from the Ancient Gods Clan that is at least S-class. Have you seen this person?”

Xia Xiaoxue adjusted the lens and zoomed in. Others disappeared from the video but Li Peiyun’s figure became clear. It was a little far away, and his face was still a little blurry.

The audience in the broadcast room said they didn’t know him.

At this time, Taoist Xu Zi commented: “A heavy sword and a flying sword. It seems very familiar, I should have seen it but I can’t remember.”

Xia Xiaoxue: “Elder Xu Zi, please be more reliable. Besides, are any of you nearby? Hurry up and help.”

She repeated her location in the hopes that there would be a master nearby to help.

“That is the God of War, ah, a freak ranked 15th on the demon descendants’ list, we cannot afford to provoke him.”

“Where would there be a master in such dilapidated villages and countryside?”

“I am in the next village, but I dare not come over. The Blood Devil can tear me apart in minutes, not to mention the God of War.”

“The S-class that Baoze sent out was a Class A killer of the Ancient Gods Clan in the past, right? The senior employee was supposed to be Thunderbolt Battle Lady. Her abilities were very distinctive, but she was beaten up by the young man who uses the sword. Who is the girl who is fighting with the Blood Devil? She looks miserable. Wow. Bai Jie’er was also present, this woman’s famous for being coquettish. Who is she fighting with?”

“Two weak chickens, running around just because of a gun. I think this squad is screwed.”

Watching the audience in the broadcast room join the excitement, Xia Xiaoxue was extremely anxious.

The battle situation was very not ideal at all. Thunderbolt Battle Lady and You Mengyu were clearly on the losing end, especially the former, who was frequently using her superpower. As an onlooker, Xia Xiaoxue clearly felt that her speed was beginning to slow down. They might not even make it for 10 minutes, not to mention holding up for half an hour. The mysterious young master was not in a hurry, like a cat teasing a mouse, slowly wearing Thunderbolt Battle Lady down.

Once Thunderbolt Battle Lady was defeated, he would be able to free up his time to help the God of War, and by then everything would be irrevocable.

The village was more than an hour away from the Chungking branch, and it takes about half an hour to get there even if they rushed here. The task team would have been completely wiped out before people from the branch office arrived.

At this time, she saw “Baby Doesn’t Allow Poisoning: spamming comments on the screen. “Anchorman, don’t shake your hands. Look over there, look over there.”

Xia Xiaoxue subconsciously focused the camera on San Wu, where the battle situation was normal. San Wu and her “father” were in hot pursuit and fought ferociously, and each move was fatal. If you can take a clear picture of the battle and record it as a video, it will definitely be a textbook for hand-to-hand combat.

“It’s not her. It’s Bai Jie’er, Bai Jie’er.”

“Anchorman, move the camera over.”

“There’s something going on over there.”

Xia Xiaoxue was stunned and muttered in her heart, “I hope the two weak chickens are not killed.” She turned the camera over.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 102: Live Broadcast