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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 101: Such Delicious Blood

Chapter 101: Such Delicious Blood

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Members from both Baoze and the Ancient Gods Clan were terrified. They all had a clear understanding of San Wu’s powers. As long as the objects she had thrown out had locked onto their target, even if one escaped to the ends of the earth, it will follow you.

The Blood Devil and the coquettish lady felt chills run down their spine and their hair stood on end. They were not tanks and thus it was a fatal situation being targeted by anti-tank grenades.

Li Xianyu, on the other hand, was simply afraid of being affected. San Wu’s ability was indiscriminate. While it could hurt the opponent, it could also hurt teammates. He had learned this lesson the hard way. At the moment of seeing San Wu pulling out her hot weapons, Li Xianyu had a new understanding of her ability.

From another point of view, San Wu’s powers were like a pure bug. The killing power of bricks were not strong, but if replaced with a powerful hot weapon...

But the question was, was Baoze not afraid that things would blow up? This was not a big city, but there were also a large number of people in the countryside. Now that four anti-tank grenades were hurled out without a word, were they not afraid that the news would spread like wildfire the next day?

Thinking about this, this might also be the reason why San Wu’s exclusive weapon were bricks rather than grenades. Baoze’s job is to maintain stability, and they definitely would not allow San Wu to toss grenades without a word.

As Li Xianyu pounced on Liu Kongchao and Xia Xiaoxue to get them down, he looked up at this time. San Wu’s exquisite face as always lacked of vivid expression, but a demonic flash of bloodlust flickered in her eye.

Raging Demonic Blood?! Li Xianyu’s heart froze. San Wu had gone on a rampage!

Rumble! The deafening sound reverberated in their ears, ringing in their eardrums. The four anti-tank grenades tore the old house apart, and the crackling sound of things falling and exploding intertwined.

In the midst of chaos, he vaguely heard Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s frustrated voice. “Hey, you used the secret weapon too early.”

Li Xianyu staggered up, as his ears continued to ring. He took a good moment to recover.

“Number Three, my good girl, you still hate Dad so much.” In the smoke, the gaze in two scarlet eyes penetrated through the dust. The anti-tank grenades finally caused damage to the Ancient Gods Clan’s trump killer. The hand grenade had caused the God of War’s clothes to be torn and tattered. Many places in the exposed skin were burned, but the grenade tore through his protective barrier, but did not tear his body.

His body was horrifyingly strong.

God of War, who was like a mobile fortress of war, appeared in front of San Wu. The two’s fists collided, and at the moment where a massive fist clashed with a fair and delicate fist, the qi exploded. The impact caused the black and green tiles to fly and scatter around.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady and You Mengyu flew backwards due to the qi impact.

On the other hand, the dust slowly settled. The unknown young man with a sword at the back proudly stood in the ruins. A heavy sword was pierced into the ground before him, as it emanated a spherical qi barrier. It had helped to withstand the hand grenade for the Blood Devil and the coquettish young lady at the critical moment.

The sword of essence was unparalleled in thickness.

“What the hell? They are not dead even after this?” Liu Kongchao was stunned.

“Cut the crap and get ready for the team battle.” Li Xianyu saw the eyes of the three Ancient Gods Clan members light up with a bloody light at the same time and shouted, “Battle Lady, do we separate or just fight together?!”

In the demon descendants world, if anyone’s eyes turned red, it means they wanted to engage in a life or death battle.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady said, “I’ll deal with the young man with the sword. You Mengyu will deal with the Blood Devil. The three of you handle that coquettish bitch. Remember, our task is to delay and buy time.”

“No problem.” Li Xianyu put his fingers together and dragged it across his eyes. The black in his pupils faded as a red light emerged. He declared gravely, “Red eyes, are a man’s romance.”

“Oh shit, you can act badass like this?” Liu Kongchao felt that he had learned, and followed by dragged his fingers across his eyes, “Red eyes, are a man’s romance.”

The two men then looked at Xia Xiaoxue together.

Xia Xiaoxue took a step back. “This is not a woman’s romance. Go ahead.”

Liu Kongchao was stunned. “What about you?”

Xia Xiaoxue said, “I was hurt by that guy’s sword aura. I can’t fight, but I can help you find support.”

“How are you going to do that?”

Xia Xiaoxue took out her mobile phone and opened an APP software. It was a live broadcast app. She skilfully logged in to her host number and entered the name of the broadcast room: “I was hunted down by the scourge of the Ancient Gods Clan, please save me.”

“I am a popular female anchor in the demon descendants community, with 50,000 fans and no less than 100,000 viewers in the live broadcast room every day.” Xia Xiaoxue raised her mobile phone.

The number of demon descendants could not compare to ordinary people. One hundred thousand fans meant that she was considered a big shot.

Li Xianyu and Liu Kongchao looked at each other. “Is this reliable?”

“Of course,” Xia Xiaoxue replied. “The Ancient Gods Clan have a lot of enemies. When I broadcast this live broadcast, their position would be exposed. In case a formidable character in the neighborhood passes by, we will be saved. Even if there wasn’t, I can exert psychological pressure on them through our live broadcast.”

“But we are on a mission. The mission must not be leaked to non-company personnel for any reason, this is the rule.” Li Xianyu had read the staff manual well.

“You are talking to me about rules when we are about to die?” Xia Xiaoxue glared. “I really thought they could last half an hour.”

As she spoke, her figure slowly vanished and became one with the air.

Boom! A sword aura landed where Xia Xiaoxue disappeared and cut out a deep sword mark.

Li Peiyun frowned. The woman seemed to disappear out of thin air silently. He could no longer capture the slightest aura of her existence.

Suddenly there was a sound of something whistling through the air behind him. Without looking back, he carried the heavy sword on his shoulder. The assailant immediately disappeared seeing that the attack did not land.

The long-legged beauty appeared ten meters away. She frowned and had a slight spasm in her right foot.

Li Peiyun flicked his heavy sword as it made a loud clang. “Even the God of War can’t break my Sword of Essence. I’ll repay you with a strike.”

The narrow sword roared out on his back, as if shuttling through time and space. The next moment, it was right behind Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s head. The narrow sword pierced through Thunderbolt Battle Lady, but only through her afterimages.

“Sword of Essence?” Li Xianyu felt that the name was inexplicably familiar, as if he had heard it. Before he had time to think much about it, the coquettish lady Bai Jie’er, smiled at the two men and pouted. “Two little brothers, won’t you play with me? Which one of you is good at kung fu? He will go first.”

Her voice was soft and pleasant, as if a couple saying saccharine things towards each other, causing the other party to turn boneless. Li Xianyu was fine, but Liu Kongchao’s gaze turned empty and his expression appeared dull.

At this time, Bai Jie’er took out a pistol with a silencer and shot at Li Xianyu and Liu Kongchao. Bullets flew through the air with a whoosh.

Gun?! That’s a foul. How can a demon descendant fight with a gun?

Li Xianyu kicked Liu Kongchao away and used his body to block the bullet. Two masses of blood fog erupted at his abdomen and stomach.

Bai Jie’er smirked and said, “One down.”

“Oh shit, brother, what are you doing?” Liu Kongchao reacted and saw Li Xianyu, whose upper body was drenched with blood. He was moved by a man for the first time in his life.

“Why did you sacrifice yourself for me? We didn’t even have time to cultivate the pure friendship between men.”

Li Xianyu pushed him away. “Cheng Yaojin is not going to die. You have to be careful. I can save you once. I may not be able to save you again.”

The cells healed rapidly, as it squeezed the bullet out of the wound. The bullet jingled and fell to the ground.

Liu Kongchao grinned. “What ability does this woman have?”

“Similar to charisma and seduction, she can seduce a man by influencing his wits and desires.” Li Xianyu had seen Bai Jie’er’s information.

“Then why are you unaffected?” Liu Kongchao looked at him in surprise and suspicion.

Li Xianyu froze and then reacted suddenly. Oh right, why am I unaffected?

He looked complex and looked down at his waist with a sad glance.

“Either incompetent or gay.” Liu Kongchao took a step back to the side in silence..

“What’s this smell? What’s this smell...?” The Blood Devil’s nose twitched, and gradually, he showed a twisted expression of excitement. “I smell fresh blood, the fragrance has never been seductive, ah~ My pores are open all over.”

“Uncle, I taste delicious too.” You Mengyu held a lightsaber and descended from the sky.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 101: Such Delicious Blood