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So I Am A Demon Descendent!
Chapter 100: Precision Strike

Chapter 100: Precision Strike

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The moment when the God of War appeared, ten thousand alpacas galloped across Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s heart and she was stunned. She was one of the first demon descendants to join Baoze. In a few years, there have been dozens of tasks, large and small, and of course there will be unexpected situations in every process. Every year, colleagues will die. For example, Li Bai recently. Had it not been for Li Xianyu’s blood with its self-healing ability, Li Bai would have been on the death list this year.

But Thunderbolt Battle Lady had never encountered a situation with such a big twist. Even if there were accidents in previous missions, it was still within control. It was very rare for an almost invincible opponent to pop up like what happened today.

The long-legged beauty dumped the responsibility to Li Xianyu for the first time. This guy hadn’t join Baoze for a long time, but he encountered many situations. He completed three supernatural tasks, two of which was one he actively triggered, and there was a trip to Long Aotian’s virtual world, just because he said he wanted to gain experience. In the end, they encountered a Long Aotian who had improved vastly in his cultivation and they were nearly screwed over. How can it be so coincidental?

Today, their team was strong enough to deal with a lot of unexpected situations. Thunderbolt Battle Lady alone can take on the Blood Devil, not to mention San Wu and two reserve members of good strength. According to logic, such a group should be stable, but unfortunately...

Was it truly like what Lady Killer said, it was because Li Xianyu has a strange constitution? He often leads matters to uncontrollable depths and the difficulty increases.

“Keep steady, we have a second plan. Before I arrived, I had contacted the head of the Chungking branch, and they would soon be here for support.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s voice was not loud, but was not deliberately repressed. Not only did their own side hear, but the people of the Ancient Gods Clan could hear it clearly.

“San Wu is responsible for entangling with the God of War, and I allow you to you’re your secret weapons in times of crisis. I’ll deal with the Blood Devil. As for the person carrying the sword and Bai Jie’er, the four of you can assign it amongst yourselves.” Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s logic was clear, and did not panic in the face of danger. “Hang in there for half an hour, and then wait for branch support.”

Li Xianyu’s heart calmed down, Baoze Group was not a scattered group, nor were they any ordinary demon descendants family. They had branches in the entire country so they did not need to worry about having no support.

“That...’” Xia Xiaoxue looked up and said softly, “Senior Battle Lady, I have a new piece of information here. The man with the sword is stronger than the Blood Devil.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady was shocked.

Xia Xiaoxue said, “He hurt me just with his sword aura. According to rough estimates, he is a S-class expert.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady’s eyes widened, as she glanced at Li Xianyu with a complicated look: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Li Xianyu was confused.

Did I do something wrong? Battle Lady looked at me strangely.

“I’ll deal with the Blood Devil,” You Mengyu said.

“You?” Thunderbolt Battle Lady opened her eyes slightly, and looked at her in surprise. “The Blood Devil is extremely murderous, can you deal with him?”

“The Blood Devil has committed such heinous crimes that everyone wants him dead. Leave it to me, leave it to me!” You Mengyu’s expression was vastly opposed to her determined tone. She had an expression brimming with excitement and anticipation.

Li Xianyu was very familiar with this expression. Every time he managed to date with a pretty lady online, he had the exact expression of excitement.

You Mengyu is beyond saving.

“Can all of you big guys hear my opinions?” At this time, Liu Kongchao who was the main character of this incident, who was already ignored by the party, spoke up. He looked at the people of the Ancient Gods Clan and looked at the people of Baoze Group. He swallowed and asked, “You should be here for my treasure map?”

The big guys of the Ancient Gods Clan glanced at him.

The enchanting young woman giggled and said, “Handsome boy, you are innocent. But you hold something we want, which is your sin. If you want to live...”

She had not finished speaking yet, only to see Liu Kongchao charge a few steps forward, and knelt in front of the enchanting young woman. “All the treasures are nothing, take them, take them. I just ask that you spare my life.”

Liu Kongchao took out two crumpled pieces of cloth from his trousers pocket and presented them with both hands.

I can’t believe he’s such a coward. The enchanting young woman was stunned and smiled, “You know how to act in such times.”

She stretched out her left hand to take it, and her right hand quietly condensed with zhenqi.

Li Xianyu was stunned. This guy named Liu Kengchao was more cowardly than I am.

The Blood Devil suddenly raised his eyebrows. “Be careful!”

As his voice fell, Liu Kongchao who was still being a coward earlier suddenly surged up, a dagger appearing in his palm. He pierced it into the enchanting young woman’s core.

Bai Jie’er’s face changed, her right palm that was going to land the killing blow landed swiftly on Liu Kongchao’s head. She wanted to besiege Wei to rescue Zhao. [attack first to save herself]. Who knew Liu Kongchao’s head suddenly rolled down from his neck?

His neck was as if it turned into soft rubber and could not bear the weight of his head, so his head fell off. His slender rubber neck connected his head to his body.


The dagger was pierced into Bai Jie’er’s core but was blocked by a layer of black halo light. Dense cracks appeared on the bell in the enchanting young woman’s hands and exploded with a bang.

At the same time, Liu Kongchao was as long as a rubber man, and his knee was still there, but his head was in front of Li Xianyu. He reached out to grab Li Xianyu’s foot and used it as a support to pull his lower body back.

The whole process took less than a second.

Li Xianyu was stunned by his skills. “Luffy?”

“Aren’t I handsome? When I was in junior high school, I awakened this ability, and I thought that I was Luffy’s reincarnation. I was ready to run away from home, take a boat out to sea to become the Pirate King.” Liu Kongchao said proudly.

“Then why didn’t you go?”

“Then my grandfather stretched his head on the table in front of me, and I wondered whether I was Luffy’s reincarnation or whether his grandson’s reincarnation.” Liu Kongchao shrugged and lamented. “I didn’t manage to kill one, such a pity.”

“At least you destroyed her spiritual device. You can still tell the difference between right and wrong.”

“What right or wrong? I just don’t believe in the integrity of outlaws.”

As the two chatted, San Wu on the roof had already struck. She hurled bricks out at a speed of ten shots per second, and the God of War was the only target she was attacking. They could not even see the shadows of the brick, but could only hear the sound of the brick whistling through the air, as well as the sound of the bricks exploding and shattering.

The God of War stood still and let the bricks rain down on his body. The fragments were dense but he did not trigger protective zhenqi, and endured the attacks with his flesh.

“Shit, can these gravel fragments turn in direction? It hurts so much.” Liu Kongchao who was under the eaves shouted and hugged his head to avoid the brick fragments.

“You can’t dodge them, these gravel fragments have its own navigation function, you have to withstand it,” Li Xianyu said.

What terrible ability did San Wu have? She even rained friendly fire.

The Blood Devil sneered and said, “Even grenades can’t hurt Boss, let alone bricks. When encountering a strong defensive opponent, the effect of No. 3’s ability will be greatly reduced.”

The enchanting young woman sighed. “Boss, you cannot let No. 3 go this time. She is no longer one of us. Two years ago... Shit, run.”

Li Xianyu looked up at the roof suddenly. San Wu was holding two anti-tank grenades each with her small hands and bit the pin open with her teeth...

“Shit, run!” Li Xianyu exclaimed in horror.

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So I Am A Demon Descendent! Chapter 100: Precision Strike