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Jake slept for two hours after getting to his chambers. He was tired after fighting and spending mana. The two females he caught today were kept in the same abandoned chamber. But they weren’t chained, as Jake was sure they wouldn’t be able to leave the dungeon.

After he woke up, Jake called Lena for the report on the water source. Inside a well-lit chamber on the 7th floor, Jake sat with his three servants on a comfortable couch. Perry took the left side and Yunna took the right. As Erin had reached the first floor and assisted Jake, she got to sit on his lap.

Of course, Jake was passively collecting 1-2 points while massaging Yunna and Perry’s breasts while they recounted their find. Erin was smiling while feeding Jake the grapes she had quite literally stolen from a nearby village.

”Master, there is a volcanic mountain behind our dungeon. There are also two rivers flowing on both sides of the valley. They come from a mountain range right north of this dungeon,” Perry calmly said. She wasn’t bothered by Jake squeezing her breasts. Actually, it was pleasant and made her feel sleepy.

”The excess water runs through the underground channels and gets collected below our dungeon. The heat from the mountain’s volcano makes it a hot spring. Yunna first found it when she was going to the back chamber. There is a small stream leaking, and the water is hot.”

”I see… your research is very thorough.” Jake pinched Perry’s nipple through her clothing.

[Ding! You have committed a lustful sin. You gain 4 Evil Points!]

”Thank you for your praise m-master~”

”Hmm.” Jake stretched his legs on the table and Erin did the same. He quite liked her boldness.

”Tell me about the monsters which came after I left.” Jake turned to Yunna and slipped his hand down. He started stroking her thighs as she passed him a parchment. Various types of monster names were written in demonic language.

Jake stopped squeezing Perry and caught the parchment. Opening his mouth, he ate the grape Erin fed him and started reading.

”A minotaur, a new kobold tribe, some direwolfs, a nekismis python… Oh, a three-eyed hound, and even a mutated slime. That’s great! However, none of these have the required intelligence for communication, except that minotaur.”

Jake put the parchment down and patted Erin’s ass. She got off of him and he stood up.

Jake had already placed his Soul Mark on the minotaur before descending. However, he hadn’t dealt with the three-eyed hound. As for others, they weren’t that strong, so he didn’t need to worry.

‘Hah, I need to level up my dungeon as well…’ Jake sighed.

Dungeons were categorized into five tiers. And his dungeon wasn’t even a tier one. Jake wasn’t sure how many mana crystals were required to elevate his dungeon to the 1st tier. He would just have to feed the mana core until it leveled up.

On the fifth floor, the 2nd Circle three-eyed hound was sleeping soundly. Previously, the orcs were the rulers of this place. However, they were troubled ever since this hound arrived.

Whenever it woke up, it would attack their tribe’s warriors. After three days, it had eaten two warriors already. Thankfully, it mostly fed on the dungeon’s mana, or they would have been dead by now.

Today, it awoke a bit early. Was there something wrong? Indeed, it had sensed some creatures coming towards it. This mana… the hound instinctively felt danger. It opened all 3 eyes and gazed at these two-legged beings. Ah, it knew their kind. Humans, they were its favorite.


”Be careful, master. This one is hostile and dangerous,” Yunna warned. Her succubi powers didn’t work on this hound. She would need to reach the higher ranks and get powerful combat skills or spells to fight against it.

”It’s just a dog.” Jake wasn’t deterred. As a demon, how could a hound scare him?

Jake directly walked towards it, and the hound pounced on him. It didn’t recognize the dungeon master.

”Let’s burn your face.” Jake calmly used Dark Fire, targeting the hound’s snout.

”Ouwwooo…!” The creature cried in pain, but it didn’t stop. This hound was resistant to Jake’s fire.

”Now that’s the pet I want!” Jake took out his scythe and began fighting this monster. It was the first time he was fighting a magical beast, actually. The experience was way different from how he fought humans.

In a sense, it was easier against monsters if you knew their weak spots. Here, Jake exactly knew that he should target the eyes of the hound, but he didn’t. Jake wanted it alive and capable of battle. He didn’t think of hindering its combat potential.

Jake used his skills and greater intelligence to tire it out. After the hound was out of breath, he went forward and tried using Marking. However, he was met with a strong resistance.

‘So I have to beat you into submission, huh…’ Jake started cutting the monster’s skin with his scythe.

It had great agility, but whenever Jake used Demonic Grasp, that advantage was rendered useless. As time passed, Jake injured it more and more until the hound could no longer put up a fight.

Jake once again used Marking and succeeded this time.

”Let me give you a name…” Jake patted its head. Stroking its fur, he continued, “Hmm… Bark? Ark? Lark, yeah. From now on, you’re Lark. My personal pet.”

The three-eyed hound released a miserable cry.

”Congratulations, master.” Yunna clapped. She hadn’t come to help him because Jake had ordered not to.

Leaving the monster to recover, Jake told Yunna she could go downstairs, and headed to the tribe of orcs. He had ordered them to keep that mage with them.


In a small chamber on the fifth floor, Jake was sitting on a chair while holding a large empty mug. Before him, Alex was tied to a chair, his face wet because of the water splashed on him.

Alex saw a hazy figure in front of him. His sight was still blurry, and he hadn’t yet recovered from the mana backlash. This place looked unfamiliar to him, smelled like blood. Where was he… ah, that demon! The fight!

”Diana!” He shouted as he came to full consciousness. However, he got no answer. Alex struggled, realizing that his hands were tied behind the chair’s backrest. As his vision restored, he saw the same face which he wanted to blast with unending fireballs.

”Remember me? I have a deal for you…” a deep voice echoed in the chamber.

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