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The night passed rather quickly and the sun showed its face again, smiling with a golden radiance. Jake was inside, already up and checking his points on the messy bed.

Behind him, Elena slept soundly. She was extremely tired and probably wouldn’t wake up until afternoon.

[Evil Points: 5,580]

This was his current amount and he hadn’t used it. Jake was planning to stack 10,000 points and unlock another sin. For that, he would need at least three other preys.

Right now, he should go outside and eat something. Today, the western merchants would come and he planned to visit the Rustfall town.

However, just as he opened the door, he saw maise standing there who looked like she had been crying earlier. 𝗶n𝐧𝘳ea𝙙. 𝘤𝑜𝚖

“Ello.” Jake waved and casually walked past her. It took her a second to comprehend just what the hell was happening.

“Johnny, how are… you…” She was still processing that. Jake didn’t even glance back and walked downstairs, leaving her dumbfounded.

She quickly went inside the decorated room and sucked in long breaths seeing the condition inside.

‘He…he… did it with Elena? Then where is Yahul?’ Maise felt her head spin. She was shocked to the core. However, she also felt somewhat happy inside.

Then guilt covered her face as she leaned on the wall.

The moment Jake came to another lobby, he could hear Yahul’s mother merrily cooking food for her son. He must be hungry after such a long night, she thought.

However, her son was still locked inside the storeroom and as anyone barely went there, no one knew. Maybe if he called for help from inside, they would notice. If Yahul even had a shred of pride as man, he wouldn’t tell anyone about what happened yesterday.

Jake didn’t care. There were two reasons why he went out of his dungeon. First, to collect enough points, and second to explore the surrounding area. His primary objective was to arm his dungeon and level himself up. After all, he had made a goal to be the strongest and take everything this world has to offer.

‘I’m wasting my time here, there are many other villages and towns as well…’ Jake thought as he went outside the house.

People were walking about, doing their own job early in the morning. However, when they saw him coming out of Yahul’s house, they all looked at him with a strange expression.

“Hey lad, what were doing there?”

Someone asked but Jake basically ignored him, heading back to the Inn. On the way, he heard some commotion and suddenly smirked. He changed his direction and went towards the abandoned storeroom.

Muttering to each other, people were gathered around the door which was smashed open. He pushed them and came to the front. Yahul was being helped by two boys.

“It’s okay, she won’t get mad.”

“You two have many nights ahead of you.”

They consoled and Yahul nodded listlessly. But when he saw Jake, he abruptly stood up, and shouted while staggering forward.

“Johnny! You, why did you do that?!”

He held Jake’s collar and looked at him with bloodshot eyes. Yesterday was his night! Although he may have been fucked by his sister, his heart was still fixated on Elena.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the conscience to marry her after committing incest. After his consummation with Elena, he could forget about what happened between him and Maise. However, with this Johnny’s actions yesterday, he missed that important night. He kept Elena alone. Ah, she must be crying…

Yahul felt guilty and his anger flared up when he saw this adventurer’s smile. However, when Jake opened his mouth, he suddenly lost all strength.

“Your new wife sucked the cum out of my cock yesterday. Her pussy was the tightest I’ve ever felt.” Jake whispered into his ear.

Yahul felt like he was struck by thunder. He stumbled backwards and fell on his butt. No! He didn’t want to think about it, didn’t want to imagine it. However, he just couldn’t stop himself from running to his home.

Everyone looked confusedly as the boy pushed himself up and left so abruptly. Jake wasn’t interested in seeing what he would do, so he went to the inn.

At the afternoon, the sun was high up above the clouds, shining while emmiting passionate heat. The smell of cattle was in the air and people were taking care of yesterday’s marriage ceremony and parties.

Yahul and his friends were searching for Jake to take revenge. However, they didn’t know that he was in the stable, among the horses, rolling in hay with none other than Vin.

“Annhh~ Ah~ Ah~”

He was having fun smacking her meaty cunt as she rode him in cowgirl position. She was one energetic woman with powerful thighs.

“Ah fuck…!”

Squeezing Vin’s breasts, Jake cummed inside her and harvested 1100 points. The system gave out more points when he cummed inside. The profit outweighed the loss of buying a contraceptive.

After letting her suck some more milk out of his cock, he finished this sex on a reverse cowgirl position. Now his Evil Points reached 6950 with this.

“I didn’t know you were so good at pleasing, Johnny. If you ever want to fuck, you can always find me.” Vin winked. She was a promiscuous woman.

“Sure,” Jake said as he dressed up. It didn’t feel all that new to have sex now. Fucking was still a great feeling and it would never go away. But the desperate thirst he had as a virgin now vanished. Jake had matured in this aspect.

Leaving the stable, Jake and Vin headed to the village square after hearing that the merchants were here. All the villagers had left their daily work to barter and buy necessities. Things like salt, wool, spices…

“I need to pack things. You’re also leaving, right, Johnny?” Vin asked.

Jake nodded. Just before she turned around, he lightly spanked her asses, making her giggle.

After Vin left the village square, Jake neared the brown tents erected by the merchants. There were various stalls as well. He planned to buy some things here.

At this moment, however, he suddenly heard a loud voice call him.

“You, stop!”

He turned around and saw that Yahul was in his full-body armor, wielding a naked longsword sword.

Beside him, maise held her brother’s arm while trying to convince him to not do this.

“I’ll kill you!” Yahul’s statement drew everyone’s attention. He hadn’t told anyone about what had happened. This was a matter of pride and it could only be sloved when one of them died!

“Kill me?” Jake narrowed his eyes. Up until now, he hadn’t done anything to these mere villagers. That was because he didn’t want any kind of high-level kingdom knights or adventurers coming to him.

That didn’t mean he wouldn’t deal with someone who offended him.

“Johnny, he’s mad. You shouldn’t stay here!” Maise shouted. She didn’t want to see a fight happen. But she couldn’t stop her brother with her strength.

“Haaaa!” Yahul ran forward with all his might.

Seeing the incoming figure, Jake calmly walked forward and stretched out his palm. It was about time he showed some of his powers. If they asked, he could just tell them that he was a mage.

[Demonic Grasp]

His target wasn’t Yahul, but his sister.

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